Saturday, June 28, 2008

Taking Apples and Oranges to the Nth Degree

Update: The correct video should be playing now. Sorry for the delay! ~ Quitty

Ever since gas hit the $4 mark, I've seen more people walking or biking around town. I've also started changing a few habits that save a few nickels and dimes. I can't believe four years ago this month gas was just under $2/gallon and we thought that was high. Our Anderson Cooper talked about it and the high price of milk on AC360 in a June 2004 Nth Degree. Here is Apples and Oranges to the Nth Degree.

Tonight taking apples and oranges to "The Nth Degree." That of course is the standard figure of speech for things that cannot be compared, which oil and milk cannot be, to be sure. Still, consider, oil is at an all time high. Gas is going for just a hair under two bucks a gallon. As of today, the first decrease in five weeks. But milk is at an all-time high as well. It's twice as expensive as gas, over four bucks a gallon. And here's the point, this is without a cartel, without OMEC, the Organization of Milk Exporting Countries, the dairy equivalent of OPEC. There are no milkshakes for heaven's sake. No one is controlling the worldwide flow of milk, so let's hear it for American's dairy farmers, they got us over twice the barrel, those sultans of (UNINTELLIGIBLE) so devilish hard to roll our way. Really the pumpers of the Middle East ought to be ashamed of themselves compared to the pullers of the U.S. of A. By the way, the milk of human kindness is up too, but that is a scarcity problem.

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Kristien said...

Oops Quitty, you seem to have uploaded the same one as last week...

I love milk, I drink it every day, but there has been some milk-trouble overhere in Europe. Farmers were pouring the milk on the streets and fields because they want more money for it.
What a waste!!
And don't even get me started on gas, we pay way more than $4 a gallon!

Have a great Sunday everyone!!

ACAnderFan said...

The video is not working
for me :(

Is anyone else having this problem???

ACAnderFan said...

@kristien, I love milk too. Chocolate milk is the best. That is a total waste pouring the milk on the street. Tell the farmers they can bring it to your place instead of pouring it in the!

Anonymous said...

I went over and over the line "those sultans of (UNINTELLIGIBLE)" trying to figure out what Anderson was saying.
Is there a local New York dairy company who's name sounds anything like that? Around here we have Land'o'Lakes milk and Kemps milk.

Love seeing these old Nth Degrees. Thanks.