Friday, July 25, 2008

It's Been Awhile

Hello everyone. Feels like forever since I have blogged and who do I get as a sub for an AWOL (and possibly scuba diving - yes I am putting you right in the naughty chair first thing this weekend) Anderson, none other the “Mr. Chairman of the Board” John King who too has not been on 360 in what feels like ages. Tonight’s post is going to be quick but if I missed anything I am sure someone will bring it up in comments.

Friday in the political world John McCain was in Denver Colorado and Barack Obama was in France. Dana Bash covers the McCain campaigns vs. the Obama campaign. I would bet that the only person more excited other then the Obama girls that Obama will be home tomorrow is John McCain himself. Although today brought a sliver of hope to the McCain campaign. Obama did not visit troops at an army hospital. Different stories are circulating as to what happened in regards to going to the army hospital.

Obama sat with Candy Crowley for a one on one to discuss his global trip. Questions ranged from Iraq to visiting a mosque. Candy joined JK to discuss Iraq, Berlin and the balancing act Obama had to walk during this trip.

Obama met Nicolas Sarkosy and John McCain met the Dalai Lama on Friday. John McCain had a one on one with Wolf Blitzer during the Situation Room. I keep hearing the “surge has succeeded." I would agree but my problem with the whole issue is the end game keeps changing. What really defines “success” in Iraq?

JK was joined by Hilary Rosen and Kevin Madden to talk about Obama overseas and McCain at home.

JK spoke with Khalid Carter about the Black in America piece that air over the last two evenings.

Always cute banter between JK and Erica. I clipped tonight's Beat 360....Joey won his second time this week and his 102 time or something crazy like that LOL.

Tonight I end with some birthday wishes. A Happy Birthday to Kim H. who is celebrating on July 26th and belated birthday wishes to Junie C. who celebrated on July 12 but I was on holidays so I could not pass the information on. To both we wish you all the best and a slice of Andercake on us! ~ Sapphire

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ACAnderFan said...

This is going to be short and sweet since my fingers still ache.

360 was great last ntie, the best of the week and I was so happy to see John King in the anchor chair.

aries moon said...

It was nice to see John King subbing again - I haven't seen him on CNN for quite a while. John's got a warm, humorous personality and I appreciate how he always makes an effort to talk to the live bloggers.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it was terrific seeing John last night. Seems there is no question that everybody likes him. He knows his stuff and can go through a program with no teleprompter but can engage and challenge the guests based solely on his expertise and knowledge. I like that.

ACAnderFan said...

@aries moon, I agree completely with everything you said about John :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the summary/updates. It's a lot easier logging in to your website vs. fast-forwarding through the Tivo.

I think I'm getting a little strangely psychic...earlier this year I said to myself: "Cooper needs a green would go well with his eyes."

Next day, our boy is wearing a previously unseen green tie.

I decided to test the theory with something highly unlikely for a conservative kind of guy: polka-dots.

I formed this mental image of a polka-dot tie right before I went to bed.

Bingo. Within a week, a previously unseen polka-dot tie appears on Mr. Cooper's neck.

It's currently my favorite.

Now I notice your info on Mr. Cooper's upcoming print interview. I have often thought to myself, if I was going to ask Anderson one question, it would be: "What's in your fridge?"

You can tell a lot about a person by the contents of their fridge.

I'd already took a shot at guessing the answer: "I bet that man's fridge is empty except for a carton of take-out. Let me guess...Thai?....chicken curry?..."

cactuskid said...

I love me some John King! Ask,believe,receive! I've been missing him and where has he been?! And where have you been, John? I know you just got married, but, please..........!

And please say that you and ANDERSON will be attending John McCain's political rally next Friday in Panama City, Florida! Hope to see ya'll there covering it!

cactuskid said...

Have to add, if I get to go to that political rally for John McCain next Friday in Florida what would ya'll ask him if you could get up to the microphone? Don't know that I'll get to, but if I can I will. What burning questions would ya'll ask? I have several,personally, that I would ask. Alot about our economy and Iraq. I will be most interested to hear from ya'll. Ask,believe,receive. Thanks! I know you all are very smart people and I value your input.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the birthday good wishes. I have just lately been watching AC360. It is a pleasure to have an intelligent, competent, interesting show and host.

Kristien said...

Happy Birthday to Kim and Junie!

I couldn't watch the show, so I can't comment on that.

@Cactuskid: I can't come up with anything I would want to ask McCain, so I can't help you with that. Sorry. I hope you get to see John there!

Anonymous said...

@Cactuskid: If you get to ask John McCain anything, and I'm really serious about this, and I also mean it with the utmost respect: Why are you running when you are viewed by a good many Americans as "too old." I know it sounds calus, but there comes a time when you wonder whether he's really up to it. Some 72 year olds, like Mike Wallace, who is now near 90, was up to it. He does not seem like a Mike Wallace type to me. I will not vote for him because he reminds me of Bush and I don't believe he's a "youthful 72."

Anonymous said...

John King!!!Love him! I was so thrilled he was on, I even watched the recap of BIA, and recaps are silly. I just watched, why do I need a recap? But I was so happy to see him, I hated to waste my chance.

Anonymous said...

Isn't is great that John King and Dana Bash can be on the program like they were Friday night and be so professional that if one didn't know better you would have no clue they were married!

That is a true testament to the both of them.

Love them both.

John King totally rocks.

If he were the permanent sub, there would be no complaints. You always know what you are going to get when you get John.

Manoel Queiroz said...

Good Night, Blog Buddies..yesterday was on of the greatest shows i've seen since i began to watch AC 360. I didn't know who John King was until i saw the program last night. But one thing is a fact he's an amazing person and great journalist. He was very happy to host the show, you could see that in his bright eyes. I thought i could never say that but i start to think that John King deservers a diary show on CNN. And i surely miss Mr.Cooper..thanks god that for monday it'll be last than 48 hours. Good Night and Good Luck for everyone here in the blog!!

m.minkoff said...

@Cactuskid, I would ask John McCain to define "victory" in Iraq and to explain how he expects the U.S. military to achieve what is essentially a political problem of the Iraqis.

Anonymous said...