Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Wolfman Returns to 360

Wolf Blitzer was in for Anderson Cooper on Thursday's AC360. I'm still taking a mini blogging vacation so we'll just hit the high points and then move on to today's selection from the ATA Archives.

• Who dealt the race card first and was it justified?
Strategy Session was with Roland Martin, Tara Wall and David Gergen. Did anyone catch Roland anchoring Campbell's hour? He did a wonderful job. The more I watch Roland the more I appreciate him.

• The problem Obama still has with voters who believe that he is a Muslim. (Gary Tuchman reporting)

• Exxon Mobile's obscene profits

• The Florida Congressman who lives in Maryland, not Florida. (John Zarrella reporting)

• The Rockefeller abduction of his 7 year old daughter. (Erica Hill reporting...yea EH is in the house!)

•The Shot is all about Wolf. (thanks to Sapphire for clipping)

I did a fast read through of the Live Blog, from Thursday night, and found a comment posted by David Gergen very interesting. This is a smart man and I just wish someone in the Obama camp would take note. Here is the second paragraph of his entry, which is the one that caught my eye.
The only thing I would like to re-emphasize is this: if I were advising Obama, I would argue strenuously that he has to think seriously again about Hillary Clinton on the ticket. If she truly adds 6-8 points to his total — as one recent poll shows — that could make a crucial difference in a close election. It’s an old rule in politics that before you can become a statesman, you first have to win the election. So, I would say that whatever his personal preferences, he should take a hard, hard look (It is worth remembering that JFK had no love for LBJ — and Bobby really disliked him — but putting LBJ on the ticket was the key to victory.)

Tune into AC360 on Friday night for Anderson's special entitled Extreme Challenges: The Next Four Years. It airs at 10 PM (E). AC will be discussing, with David Gergen and Fareed Zakaria, what the next four years mean in terms of the war in Iraq and many other issues.

And here is our ATA Archive clip for today. It is another Segment 7 from Newsnight on July 28, 2002. Anderson was subbing for Aaron Brown on this night.

That's it for me this week. I assume since AC is guest hosting on 'Live with Regis and Kelly' on Tuesday that he'll be back in his anchor chair on Monday. Now that is something to look forward to. Have a great weekend everyone! ~Phebe

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ACAnderFan said...

Great AC clip Phebe. Very funny. I miss funny Anderson. Not that he isn't funny now. It was just different back then.

Whatever happened to carrott top??? It's been years since I've heard anything about him.

I really really really hope Anderson is back in his anchor chair monday nite.

Anonymous said...

Great Recap. You touched all the highlights superbly!

Can’t wait for Anderson’s special with David and Fareed. It was an excellent conversation held between three brilliant individuals. Reminds me of another similar special Anderson had, again between two brilliant minds – Michael Ware and Fareed Zakaria, and I can’t remember if David Gergen was in that on as well. It was insightful, wonderfully orchestrated and very educational.

Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Yes, I couldn’t agree with you more, Roland Martin was great. He has a great temperament for television and is always a voice of reason during every debate, discussion or conversation.
Can’t really say the same of Tara. Seems to me, she constantly want to hear the sound of her own voice. Drives me crazy!

Cyn said...

Anon @ 12:40, I *think* this is a repeat of the same show you're thinking of... it aired earlier this year. The "map-table" special that Anderson did with Michael Ware was "Hidden Wars" and aired last year.

I wish they would do more of these -- they can't be very expensive to produce, but they are just incredibly packed with knowledge and insight. Just the kind of thing we need in an election year!

Kristien said...

Thanks for another funny clip Phebe!

I haven't seen tonight's special before, so it should be quit interesting.

Manoel Queiroz said...

Good Morning,Blog Buddies..last night show was very,very good!! Wolf Blitzer suits very well in the AC360!!! About the news last night..Obama being a muslim..that ain't right..anyone with two eyes can see he isn't a Muslim. About the profits of Oil Companys in Six gained all that i can earn in one year. Later i'll blog again to say what i've thought about the rest of the show!! PS: Does anyone can suggest some site beside that i can read good quality news??

Anonymous said...

Wolf is a good sport. I like him.

Anonymous said...

Hey Phebe, think you could dig up the clip where Anderson again dons the sun hat and goes in search of the Loch Ness creature? It looked like he was in a boat, had on the same checkered shirt and an obviously fake sea monster reared up behind him.
It was pretty hilarious. Thanks for the Carrot Top clip!

Anonymous said...

Tonight is a taped special?

Anonymous said...

@ Cyn – 2:46 am – you’re right, it was “Hidden Wars” and yes, I’ve seen both Specials before. They are so captivating, so informative, and precise, the discussions target each issue or topic that our Countries face due to the “joint ventures” like the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Trade, Illegal Immigration, Health Care, etc, These issues were discussed meticulously.
Hats off to these folks, really, incredibly well thought-out and well-defined, in terms of their conversations!

BTW do you know if y’all at ATA or All Things CNN will be recapping this Special in its entirety, and do you all have the “Hidden Wars” Special on All Things Special site or ATA site?

I recall sending 360 Feedback after those Specials aired. I suggested the possibility of them actually sitting down with each Presidential Candidate separately and having each of them articulate their respective vision, discussing the issues as Anderson did with David Gergen, Fareed Zakaria and Michael Ware in a similar setting/environment (and I would throw in Peter Bergen for good measure). Can you imagine what candid and intellectual conversations/discussions those would be? WOW!!

Could you imagine what an impact that would have, watching Sen. Obama and Sen. McCain in that kind of conversational environment setting unlike the usual 15 minute – half hour back-and-forth Q & A type interviews we so accustomed to watching.

I would give anything to watch that kind of a conversation, and day of the week.

BTW, does anyone know what’s the deal with Michael Ware? He is nowhere to be seen for some time now? Is he still with CNN’s Bagdad Bureau?

Cyn said...

Anon @ 7:38, yes, tonight is taped. They have been doing that when Anderson takes off on Friday nights, although not usually pulling stuff out of the vaults -- maybe Ms. Phebe's trip down memory lane this week gave them an idea!

"Extreme Challenges" originally aired February 8th. (Link is to my post about it from back then.)

Anonymous said...

Maybe Michael Ware is taking a long-deserved break. The guy probably has enough time coming to him to take the entire summer off!

Cyn said...

anon @ 10:25, yes, Michael is on break. He said in early July that he would be off for a month, so he should be back within the next couple of weeks.

The "Hidden Wars" special is available on my MW site.

Anonymous said...

Phebe, I usually agree with David Gergen and find him the voice of reason, but as an Obama supporter, I disagree that Hillary would help the ticket. It is hard enough getting an Afro-American elected in "red states." A ticket that has both and Afro-American and a woman would be suicide. I am not the only one who feels this way. There is plenty of bias to go around in all fifty states.

aries moon said...

I saw Roland anchoring The Election Center - he did do a good job - I know he rubs some people the wrong way, but I think he's pretty sharp and usually on target and he's got a good sense of humor. It was a little curious that Tara Wall got elevated so quickly to a host-fill in slot from her usual pundit/guest status. Amy Holmes didn't even get that and she's been on longer, although not so much lately. I thought it was funny when Wolf was trying to get into the "fun" parts of the show - he's such a robot!

REALLY looking forward to Anderson's return.

Anonymous said...

Hi Phebe, not sure where to send this too, but you site isn't working with Internet Explorer. When I open it with IE I get a fatal error. I'm opening it on Firefox right now and it works. You might want to check it out.

(sorry for sending this in the comments, feel free to move it)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the clips this week. Perhaps ATA Archives could become a weekly feature.

I also caught Roland Martin on Election Center and he was really good. Hope CNN uses him more in this type of position.

BookAsylum said...

We appear to be having some technical difficulties with the site tonight. We're working on tracking the problem down and getting this back to "normal" ~BA

ACAnderFan said...

BA, thanks for mentioning that it's technical difficulties. I thought it was my laptop screwing up again.

Anonymous said...

Thanks BA - my computer had crashed earlier this week and I was like NOW what's wrong :-) Keep up the good work.

BookAsylum said...

I think things are back to normal... sorry for the glitch... nothing like a little bit of excitement on a Friday night!

Cyn said...

Just FYI, it wasn't just here. My website was doing the same thing, although my blog (hosted on WordPress, not Blogger) was not. Same IE message, and Firefox working on it.

Very weird. I wonder what it was all about...