Tuesday, September 30, 2008


This was a night we needed a drinking game for the program. Except it was no game...

Hard to believe that so much money could vaporize in a matter of a few hours...

Anderson started out, of course, with a recap of the days events: a vote that went very wrong, finger-pointing all around, politicians heading home for a holiday that the vast majority of them don't even recognize. Jessica Yellin reported on the vote; Ed Henry reported on the fallout.

Tonight's Pundit Panel was Ed Rollins, David Gergen, and Roland Martin. Although I don't think we needed pundits to tell us that our politicians are behaving like idiots these days. I do think it's a very valid point that the American people do not understand this bailout and so of course are screaming at their reps to vote against it. It sounds terrible, we have no reason to trust the government nor any of its representatives (and certainly not to want to hand over more no-oversight powers to anyone), and of course -- OF COURSE -- we want assurances that this will not be allowed to happen again.

Ali Velshi explained how this is all going to trickle down to the rest of us in very painful ways. You know, there's an email making the rounds that suggests that the 700 Billion Dollars suggested for the bailout be divided up and sent directly to everyone over 18, which would then be spent to pay down credit cards (money to the banks) or catch up mortgages (likewise) or spent on plasma TVs or whatever (boosting the economy)... I have to wonder whether it makes any sense to people who understand economics?

The 360 Bulletin was handled by Randi Kaye: Cadbury recalls chocolate made in China and possibly tainted; overseas markets ... well, you can guess; Bruce will play halftime at the SuperBowl. Seriously, I nearly clipped that Just. Because. It's. Bruce.

Suze Orman was on to tell us ... well, you can guess. Sadly, I suspect most people either are already in a position to weather this mess or will be hurting in big ways very soon. (I'm in the latter camp...*gulp*) There is light at the end of the tunnel, but it will likely be a very bumpy road for the next couple of years.

After that, it was all Palin time. Randi reported on the latest interview with Katie Couric (and Papa McCain), then Anderson and the Pundits were back to discuss that. (Hey, if Mike Huckabee can have a band...)

The Shot was another look at the Tina Fey skit this weekend... and it's just too painful to look at again. I'd be much happier if we could vote for Tina!

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Okay, I have to share some Michael Ware clips. I didn't get these done in time for my ATC post, but if you missed Roland Martin's excellent "What They Didn't Say in the Debate" program, well, here's what you missed, in two parts:

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Okay, I feel bad that there was so little fun Anderson tonight. But Suze did get a very sweet, albeit brief, smile so maybe it will make up for the lack of funness:

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

The former Jeopardy Champion is returning! This time Anderson will be providing the correct answers instead of the correct questions. Jeopardy is looking to CNN's Best Political Team on Television to help them out this Thursday. To see the promo that has been airing on CNN, check out my post at All Things CNN.

This week's 360 in :60 features three segments by Anderson Cooper and one segment with Erica Hill.

Anderson was seen signing autographs after his appearance on Conan. Thanks to Kristien and an anonymous tipster we have the short video clip for you.

As was requested, this week's puzzle is from one of the pictures taken at the TV Emmy's.

AndersonCooper New Jigsaw PuzzleAnderson Cooper New Jigsaw Puzzle

The August Cooper & Co. calendar will appear in the post immediately below this one.

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rules? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Rules!

As of this writing, there is no bailout plan. With the House Republicans acting like outsiders I can't decide if they are looking out for their constituents or are looking out for themselves since it is an election year. Somehow I think it is the later. Another example of the House Republicans doing their own thing is in this Nth from November 2004 where the House Republicans pulled a stunt to keep Tom Delay in his leadership position. Here is Fancy Footwork to the Nth Degree.

Tonight, taking fancy footwork to "The Nth Degree." Look-it, in politics as in life, you've got to stay loose. You've got to weave, you've got to bend, you've got to bob. Roll with the punches, go with the flow.

Want an example? Well, 10 years ago Dan Rostenkowski, a Democrat, was forced out of the chairmanship of the House Ways and Means Committee as a result of a rule change passed by Congressional Republicans. If you were indicted, which Rostenkowski had been on mail fraud charges, you couldn't keep a leadership position, said the new rule. OK, flash forward.

Today's House Republicans are a little worried that their majority leader, Tom DeLay, may be indicted back home in Texas, as three of his political associates have been on campaign financing charges. So what do they do? Are they unbending? Are they high- bound? Are they unwilling to revisit the issue, nope, they change the rule. Not a state indictment, that we didn't mean. Just a federal indictment.

There's a movement afoot to send Arnold Schwarzenegger to the White House if the rule against foreign-born presidents can be changed. And what about that no three terms provision, isn't that a little, you know, quaint?

How did the Mexican bandit with the gold hat put it in that great old movie, rules, we don't need no stinking rules.

Thanks to a tip from Mizzkel, Anderson was interviewed by Ryan Seacrest before the debate Friday night. Here is the clip.

If you have any problems listening to the interview you can also hear it HERE.

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Debate Night in America ~ Round 1

So we actually had the debate. Personally, I deep down had hoped McCain would not show up but that was for selfish reasons. The program was called Debate Night in America but I know that here in Canada they aired the debate on a Toronto 24 hour news channel. Tonight not only was America watching but literally the whole world was watching as well.

So what did we get from this debate. No real answer on how they would vote for the bailout (which is fine by me because without an actual bill to vote on I would not commit to a yes or no either.) We did not hear what projects would have to be put on hold (no surprise). We heard about Iraq, Iran, and Russia with no real new information for those of us who have been watching for the last 19 months. I do think that people who are just tuning in would see stark differences between McCain and Obama. All in all there were no major fumbles. I tried to watch this debate as someone who was not for any candidate but I found myself on several occasions scratching my head in confusion with what McCain was saying. Some of his wordings and expressions were just so over my head which was a turn off to me.

Was anyone at times paying more attention to the lines on the bottom of the screen? I find this technology to be so interesting. I found it interesting that McCain never got higher then 60-70% approval rating, even from the republicans.

So who do you think was the winner of Friday night’s first presidential debate???

After the debate, the best political team on television was in the Election Center full force. The studio sure was crowded tonight (can you imagine what it will be like on November 4th?) Anderson and Wolf anchored the special 360 and spoke with the different groups of correspondents and reporters.

Panel number one included Gloria Borger, David Gergen, Jeffrey Toobin, Campbell Brown, John King, Michael Ware (yea) and Christiane Amanpour.

Panel two consisted of Bill Bennett, Donna Brazile, Alex Castellanos, Paul Begala and Leslie Sanchez.

Dana Bash was in the McCain spin room and spoke with Nicole Wallace. Honestly listening to her I wondered if we watched the same debate but then again she was doing exactly what she is paid to do…..spin.

Wolf spoke with Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Joe Biden. CNN did request an interview with Sarah Palin but pigs would probably have to fly first.

Candy Crowley was also in Mississippi

Ted Rowlands was in Las Vegas at a GOP viewing party

Roland Martin was with the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation.

Soledad O’Brien was in Columbus, Ohio with the evenings’ focus group.

The consensus seemed to be that Obama held his own against McCain and McCain did not get a major home run (a point the Gerg hammer in throughout 360).

It was also mainly agreed that the economy portion of the debate seemed subdued due to the fact that this whole week has been this major production in the campaign world when it comes to this economic crisis. Another point was that if Friday’s debate topic was McCain strongest suit, where does he go from here because he did not blow Obama out of the water.
I don’t know about anyone else but I LOVED having Michael Ware and Christiane Amanpour on the panel. I clipped this exchange.

And tonight I end with our warmest wishes to our own Ms. Quitty who is celebrating her “21st” birthday on Saturday. Since it is the weekend we can all have an extra Anderblue martini in celebration of Ms. Quitty’s special day.

Have a great week everyone and see you all again next Friday ~ Sapphire
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Friday, September 26, 2008

Bailout Battle

After watching AC360 I have come to the conclusion that people are idiots. Here's a list that I jotted down while watching the program. I'm sure you'll be able to add more.

My list of idiots:
1. Senator Richard Shelby (R Alabama) for leaving the meeting early to deliver a preplanned attack on the bailout to the press. Don't spin it idiot, just fix it.

2. Republican leader John Boehner for suggesting that instead of a bailout the companies with bad debt should buy insurance so they don't stick taxpayers with the tab. And how do they afford this insurance if they are broke and just who is dumb enough to insure them?

3. President Bush for crying wolf and lying to the American people so many times that now there is a real crisis the American people (including House Republicans) aren't taking him serious.

4. 55% of the American public for not realizing that we are in deep trouble and that the taxpayers are the only ones who can come to the rescue.

5. President Bush for thinking that sending Dick Cheney to Capital Hill would convince anyone to vote for the bailout.

6. John McCain for sticking his nose into the bailout negotiations and politicalizing it.

7. Sarah Palin (did you see her interview with Katie? Nuff said.)

8. House Republicans for not realizing that financial institutions are going to fold like a house of cards if they don't do something now. How can WaMu's (the largest savings and loan in the country) failure not open their eyes?

I won't bore you with more. For those of you thinking I'm an idiot and don't know what I'm talking about.....you are probably right.

Believe it or not there were a few highlights in Thursday's AC360. First the look on Anderson Cooper's face after he aired the clip of the Palin interview. I don't think he understood a word she said

Then there was the webcam. Here's Tedi B's collage.Paul Begala on the intellegence of W was priceless. I ♥ Paul Begala!

The Shot was Anderson's first look at Sharon Osbourne's fervent wish (and most of our reader's wish too).

And finally I really needed something to cheer me up tonight so I went to the vault and found one of AC's first meetings with the Osbournes. Guess Erica Hill didn't know that AC and Sharon go way back?

Have a great weekend everyone. ~Phebe

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Deal Or No Deal?

Deal or no deal, debate or no debate? Those are the questions. Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or to take arms against a sea of troubles, and by opposing end them? -Shakespeare (Hamlet 3/1)

Sorry to go all Shakespeare on you but the soliloquy was rolling around in my head ever since Anderson said 'deal or no deal' on Wednesday's AC360. Where he referenced a 'cheesy game show' I was drawn to Hamlet. Go figure.

Wednesday's AC360? Tough program to blog. Most of the talk was about the President's address to the nation and McCain bailing on the debates. Here's the bullet points.
•Candy Crowley (in Clearwater, Florida) John King (in Helena, Montana) and David Gergen (in Boston, Mass.) discussed the McCain move to suspend his campaign and the Obama reaction. Also discussed was how Americans feel about the bailout the President is pushing (55% are against it).• Tom Foreman took a closer look at the bailout battle. The move to block bailout monies from going to CEO's and other executives seems to be gaining ground (thank God). But other details are still vague and seem to indicate that Congress will be writing a blank check, not stipulating much judicial review.• Jessica Yellin, Ali Velshi and David Brancaccio (PBS host of 'Now') broke down the bailout proposal and how it will proceed. If Brancaccio and the head of the Congressional Budget Office don't understand the bailout I don't have a prayer.• Wednesday's Strategy Session was with two of my favorites, Paul Begala and Bay Buchanan. Both stayed on their party's talking points, for the most part. Paul criticized McCain for suspending his campaign and Bay defended McCain.
After the break AC came back with the stats on who has missed the most votes in Congress this year. McCain has missed the most votes in the Senate (412), Tim Johnson is second (311 while he is recovering from a stroke) and Obama is third (295). McCain's last vote was April 8th and Obama's was July 11th.• John King took a look at the mood in Montana, including sharing a few words with the Governor. John and Candy also looked at how the States are trending with new polling results.• AC aired a snippet of Katie Couric's interview with Sarah Palin. Anderson seems a bit annoyed that Palin is being so stingy with the interviews. I think he'd love to have a shot at talking to her.

So there you have the Cliff Note version of Wednesday's AC360.

Now onto the good news of the day. One of our commenters yesterday tipped us off to a great moment on the Ellen Degeneres show on Wednesday. Seems Sharon Osborne has a thing for Anderson Cooper. Thanks to BA for the video and to Em for the tip.

More thanks to BA for getting the video and the audio to insync on the World News Now clip that I posted a tiny bit of yesterday. Here's the whole clip, including AC at a drag race.

I will leave you tonight with Tedi B's webcam collage from Wednesday's AC360 and hopes for better news tomorrow. ~Phebe

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