Friday, September 26, 2008

Bailout Battle

After watching AC360 I have come to the conclusion that people are idiots. Here's a list that I jotted down while watching the program. I'm sure you'll be able to add more.

My list of idiots:
1. Senator Richard Shelby (R Alabama) for leaving the meeting early to deliver a preplanned attack on the bailout to the press. Don't spin it idiot, just fix it.

2. Republican leader John Boehner for suggesting that instead of a bailout the companies with bad debt should buy insurance so they don't stick taxpayers with the tab. And how do they afford this insurance if they are broke and just who is dumb enough to insure them?

3. President Bush for crying wolf and lying to the American people so many times that now there is a real crisis the American people (including House Republicans) aren't taking him serious.

4. 55% of the American public for not realizing that we are in deep trouble and that the taxpayers are the only ones who can come to the rescue.

5. President Bush for thinking that sending Dick Cheney to Capital Hill would convince anyone to vote for the bailout.

6. John McCain for sticking his nose into the bailout negotiations and politicalizing it.

7. Sarah Palin (did you see her interview with Katie? Nuff said.)

8. House Republicans for not realizing that financial institutions are going to fold like a house of cards if they don't do something now. How can WaMu's (the largest savings and loan in the country) failure not open their eyes?

I won't bore you with more. For those of you thinking I'm an idiot and don't know what I'm talking are probably right.

Believe it or not there were a few highlights in Thursday's AC360. First the look on Anderson Cooper's face after he aired the clip of the Palin interview. I don't think he understood a word she said

Then there was the webcam. Here's Tedi B's collage.Paul Begala on the intellegence of W was priceless. I ♥ Paul Begala!

The Shot was Anderson's first look at Sharon Osbourne's fervent wish (and most of our reader's wish too).

And finally I really needed something to cheer me up tonight so I went to the vault and found one of AC's first meetings with the Osbournes. Guess Erica Hill didn't know that AC and Sharon go way back?

Have a great weekend everyone. ~Phebe

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Anonymous said...

OK, apparently the smell thing is not new:)

I wonder if they're doing 360 tomorrow. I believe the debate is from 9-11 pm....and Anderson didn't say "see you tomorrow night."

Anonymous said...

"I don't think it's going to happen." Ouch.

Anonymous said...

Thursday's show had a lot of good reporting and good information about a lot of bad news

Thank you for highlighting the look on Anderson's face after that first clip of the airheaded babble about Russia/US airspace from Candidate Barbie. It was my FAVORITE part of the show. I didn't understand a word she said either.

I liked seeing Anderson's response to Sharon Osbourne's "I want to have sex with him" comment. Our Anderson appreciates the appreciation but he's not going to get all gooey about it... at least not on the air.

Thanks for the vintage 360 clip with both Osbournes. Ozzy smelled good. So this is how to get Anderson's attention. Next time I go to NYC, I'm going to put maximum effort in choosing just the right perfume, just in case I see Anderson on the subway and have to chance to walk by him nice and slow.


aries moon said...

Can't argue at all with that idiot list.

McCain did nothing of significance during the meeting in Washington (or "Warshington" as he likes to say) and I hope that the majority of the public can see it for the grandstanding b.s. that it is.

Can Palin BE any dumber? It's astounding that she might be second in command or God forbid, president, she seems confused and clueless about EVERYTHING. Ed Rollins and some of the panel were making excuses for her, but that's all crap. She's an idiot and a disaster and there's no way around that fact. I nearly died when I saw Anderson's perplexed face after Sarah FAILED on another response.

The Sharon Osbourne moment with Anderson was fantastic, I think my favorite thing about it was when Anderson said "it's not gonna happen" (meaning Sharon's fantasy). Someone's always making that poor boy blush.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it have been fun to be a fly on the studio wall tonight after the show wrapped. I'd be willing to bet the temperature dropped about 20 degrees.
My initial thought was that Erica was going to show the tongue stuff from WNN, and when it was the clip from Ellen, I thought, oh dear. While Anderson handled it in his gentlemanly way and gave no clue as to his real feelings other than the normal surprise. I am not going to speculate on the post-show reaction.
But having watched 360 since Day One, I would venture a guess. YIKES.
Good thing Erica has another gig. I'm just sayin'

ACAnderFan said...

I love your list of idiots Phebe. What the hell is up with Palin and her interview with Katie Couric??? AC did look confused like he didn't understand a word she said...who did. I don't even think she knew what she was talking about. It scares me that this women could potentially become president. She can't even speak coherently. I still don't know exactly what she was trying to say. When asked about foreign policy Palin should just respond with "I can see Russia from my house." At least people would understand that.

I kind of figured the shot of the day would be Sharon Osbourne...LOL!!!

ACAnderFan said...

Now that I think about it, the shot of the day was probably a bad idea. Anderson seemed really embarrassed and a little upset. Sometimes I think he gets picked on too much.

Phebe said...

@anonymous 10:31, I posted the press release on ATC the other night. AC is working tomorrow night with a special 1 1/2 hour review.

@those who think AC was actually surprised by 'The Shot', I'm not buying it. We all know AC will bend the truth on occasion.

Anonymous said...

I think Anderson knew about the shot. For one he was smirking to much at the break right before the shot. Two, he would know something was up when Erica suddenly wanted to do the shot, has she ever done that before.Three, he could read the teleprompter when she started. Four, doesn't Anderson write aod rewrite things for the show. I just think Anderson's hands are on more than what we think when it comes to what is and isn't on the show. Sorry for my rant.

Anonymous said...

This week's show seems to have gotten progressively more and more busy. Tonight's show seemed so rushed and was packed with info/interviews/clips. They could've definitely used the second hour. Seems like you can even feel the hectic-ness via Anderson.

Regarding The Shot - I got the feeling AC didn't even care in the least bit. He seemed like he really wanted to go back to talking about politics/upcoming debate/economy not because he was embarassed but because it was the pressing matter at hand. Besides, AC can be just as naughty as Sharon Osbourne herself ;)

I was curious - how many of you feel that AC is Democrat or Republican?

Kristien said...

Another very full and informative 360.

Phebe, I like you list of idiots, but I have one objection:
I would now totally vote for Palin, she obviously has enough foreign experience!
Really, if having a foreign country on the other side of your border doesn't give you all the experience you need, I don't know what will!

I seriously doubt that Anderson didn't know what The Shot was gonna be, he just didn't look all that surprised.
I still share Sharon's opinion, lol.

I guess the perfume thing goes back at least 3 years, huh?
Like Janzaa I'm buying myself a big bottle of strong perfume before I go to NYC!

Thanks, Phebe!

Anonymous said...

anon 10:31PM: Wolf, Campbell, and Anderson are the "panel" congregating in new York for the debate at 9. Not sure, but I am guess Wolf And Anderson will be on at 8.

Anonymous said...

The Shot with Sharon Osborne was inappropriate. I think Anderson felt the same way (and that he knew it was coming). I imagined that people were wondering if Erica wanted the same thing with Anderson - I'm not suggesting she does, but well, there are a lot of people out there.

It flopped.

QuotidianEditorialist said...

Anderson's face after the Palin clip was incredible; I am pleased that you capped it. I was wondering at first if his reaction was as major as I thought (as I was laughing so hard), and in seeing it again, yep, it was that bad. Anderson gave us the ultimate WT@? expression. Looked to me like she made his head hurt as badly as she did mine. Do we really need another person in power who cannot even speak intelligently? Hell no! I cannot listen to this mess. (Although it does have some comedic value - when is the last time we saw professional journalists make these faces, oh yeah, the last time "Skippy" addressed the nation. LOL).

As far as the clip from Ellen goes, I usually agree with Phebe, however, this time I agree with those of you who think it was not a great idea AND that he may have been more upset than he showed.

Viewer in VA, I am with you on this. I also felt that there may be fireworks when they went off the air, or more like Anderson saying "Jesus, guys, that was a bit much"! There was just something under the surface that pointed to a blow up to me too. Frankly, that was a little much to do to him. He is a professional and for someone famous to say they like him is all good, but to come out and blatantly say she wanted to bed him....yikes. (Not that I disagree with her - but to air that on HIS show to me was kinda mean - JMHO). I felt badly for him. It was tacky.

As far as Erica is concerned, I adore her, but for her to degrade him and play sidekick is demeaning to her, To Anderson and to the show. Yes, of course I love their funny banter most of the time, but lately it seems to have a weird slant to it. Maybe it is just me. I am happy that she got the CBS Morning gig, she is great at it. I feel that she is capable of so much more. I truly hope that CNN and 360 did not get her to NYC with empty promises. I have been there and it totally sucks.

Anonymous said...

I thought the expression on Anderson's face regarding the Palin clip said it all-it was priceless!!

Could she sound any more like a complete idiot, which seems to everytime she opens her mouth for these interviews?

If Anderson was a bit miffed at not getting an interview,I think last night's facial expression may have cured that,because IF IT HAD HAPPENED-well,I can see a MARY LANDRIEU type interview,part 2!

I agree that Sharon Osbourne expressed a lot of our naughty chair thoughts....

HOWEVER,that being said,I am NOT sure it should have been chosen as the SHOT by Erica.....and,I can't help wonder that,after the camera stopped rolling,what he REALLY thought......or said about it....

IMO,you should have left it alone,Erica,is all I am sayin'.....

AND,I find it hard to believe that someone at the office DID NOT tell Mr.Cooper about that ELLEN appearance,and that he HAD NOT heard or seen it...

Anonymous said...

phebe i agree with u and after we had our lil chat about that subject....its Anderson being modest.....anyone remember or has seen his work in details know that when it come to the subject matter of sex it always makes him blush.... and u know what its ok...i knew also that that was gonna be the shot when they told him it would make him talks gets him in an unconferable no pun intened....

snooks said...

Phebe - you have outdone yourself - your list of idiots was priceless, I can see the ad now

Gotta love Paul Begailia - Bush is a high functioning moron - I wish I had said that - As Anderson pointed out he was there but wasn't there -

I loved when Anderson did the blurb for the Palin interview by saying something to the effect that you had to see it to believe it -

Despite some trying to say nice things about her and be good little GOP soldiers, Barbie is pathetic and an embarassment - after 8 dreadful years of Bush/Cheney, I did not think it was humanly possible for anything worse - Palin is a disaster - Trying to listen to her explanation of her foreign policy experience, I almost felt sorry for her because she actually believes her crap ( I said almost)

I hope that McCain doesn't show up tonight for the debate and allows Obama the opportunity to have the entire country focus on him

If people can still support McCain after this week then I am a loss for words and they like McCain/Palin are beyond saving

Thanks for classic clip of the Osbornes and Anderson - watching that made me realize that Ozzie is more articulate than Barbie

Well, my bank WAMU was taken over yesterday but I am fortunate because JP Morgan Chase has bought them and it will be a seamless transition - being here in Florida this allows Chase a presence they didn't have before so that will be a good thing for the local economy

I for one am looking forward to tonight - After yesterday's chaotic events in Washington and McCain's looking like the village idiot in the photo op and then this mornings statement by the functioning moron meant to reassure us - I can hardly wait to see what the rest of the day brings

Anonymous said...

TV says CNN will have AC360 on at 10:30pm. I wonder what they will do if McCain doesn't show up? One thing I read was that they would turn it into a Town Hall Meeting for Obama if McAin boycotts.

I'm not sure if I believe that all the networks would carry that live & give Obama all the free airtime/publicity. I guess we wait and see, whatever happens it should be interesting.

Anonymous said...

Phebe, love your talking points. I have to agree with all of them.

I think McCain has shot himself in the foot with trying to pull out of this debate.

What is up with Palin and her interviews? I would love to see Anderson interview her, but you know if anyone is going to get it at CNN it will probably be Wolf.

I agree, I think Anderson knew about the Shot, he just didn't know how to respod, which is weird since he did know about it.

He did say "I don't think it's going to happen", but if you go to the trascript page it says "COOPER: I don't have time for that." Wonder why they changed it?

aries moon said...

how many of you feel that AC is Democrat or Republican?

I think he may have some conservative leanings, he's made some statements in the past and recently that lead me to believe he may have voted Republican in his life, but he might be fiscally conservative and a strong backer of law enforcement and the military, but perhaps not going along with the party when it comes to certain social issues.

We'll never know what actually went on with Anderson/Erica and the Sharon Osbourne clip, but I would guess that Erica knows him well enough not to put him TOTALLY on the spot or plan to do anything like that without running it by him first - I'm sure she wants to keep her job, in spite of how limited some people seem to think it is.

aries moon said...

Another reason I think he might be Republican is because of his generally lukewarm reaction to anything Obama does and what I perceive to be an inexplicably "praising" tone when it comes to McCain and Palin, although I think the scales may have come off his eyes regarding her last night. I'll never forget how he seemed to be so impressed with Palin's convention speech and how he responded to a question about what he thought of Obama's speech - he was fairly dismissive and curt. I might be completely wrong about Anderson's political leanings, but it's just something I've noticed over the years.

aries moon said...

He did say "I don't think it's going to happen", but if you go to the trascript page it says "COOPER: I don't have time for that." Wonder why they changed it?

Ok, I'm going to try to shut up after this post, but either the transcriber misheard AC or he or someone at CNN didn't want what he actually said to be out there. They've done that sort of thing before.

Anonymous said...

"He did say "I don't think it's going to happen", but if you go to the trascript page it says "COOPER: I don't have time for that." Wonder why they changed it?"

I think I know why they changed it - a topic which is "off limits" here, to do with the part of his personal life he will not discuss and the speculation of what people believe he is.

Em said...

I can't believe Palin. It embarasses me to think entire she is supposedly representing an accomplished American women to the entire world. If Bush didn't do enough to destroy our credibility in the world, this woman will clinch the deal. I agree about the look on Anderson's face. It's not only that she didn't make sense but her diction is terrible!

I just wanted to say even though I told you all about Sharon, I did not email anything about it to CNN. I thought it would be funny...guess that makes me "tacky" too. Personally, I love Erica's sense of humor. I think she could do more substantial reports but I am not going to apologize for enjoying her lighter side as well. Honestly there has been so much doom and gloom lately, I welcome the comic relief. People take themselves too seriously. Humor and being a good journalist are not mutually exclusive. Not everyone needs to be a Walter Cronkite.

I agree with Phebe, by Anderson's reaction I would guess he had heard about it and was not at all surprised. Maybe he just didn't find it that amusing, who knows. I might be wrong but I don't really see why everyone thinks he was all that embarassed or offended. For all his desire for personal privacy, Anderson hasn't exactly led a sheltered life. After all this is the man who had no problem going on Leno and comparing going gray to "you know what!" Anderson's articles for Details were generally hip and often a bit edgy and if you still think he is above a little inappropriate humor I suggest you listen to his interview on LoveLines IMHO it's probably not that big of deal to him.

@ 3:21 a.m. re your suggestion that Erica might be as interested in Anderson as Sharon or the "naughty bleacher" bums...I don't know where you got that at all. Sorry, to me that is really stretching things!

MargaretAnne said...

Debate is on. Just wondering is it just me or has anyone else noticed that a lot of McCain's male staffers have the first name of Tucker?

A lot going on on 360, but it is interesting to say the least. AC did looked confused by the Palin interview, but who, wasn't. Any ideas how she will fair in the debate against Biden?

Anonymous said...

Wealthy people are usually Republicans because the Republicans usually favor the wealthy (tax wise and so on). Even without any money he may or may not be receiving from his mother, he himself makes a lot of money (I don't think I'm saying anything here we don't already know).

Also, his mother is good friends with Nancy Reagan. Mrs. Reagan was at Carter's funeral.

Phebe said...

Well it looks like McCain blinked! He has a bit of egg on his face, imo, because of his flip flopping on the debates tonight.

I'm having a busy day so I don't have time to go through and answer each of you individually but I do want to say this. Erica does not put things on the air without running it by AC and/or Dave Doss. For those of you who think she caught AC off guard or embarrassed him, etc I totally disagree. I thought the moment was fabulously funny, I loved it. It was just the laugh I needed after all the crappy news coming out of Washington.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Phebe, McCain blinked. He thought Obama was going to not attend the debate as he suggested.

McCain realized how silly he will look with Obama walking out on the stage at the debate and McCain noticeably absent.

Yes, Erica has to run whatever she does by someone there, and if Doss and/or Anderson don't have time or aren't available, I would think it can be a Charlie Moore or another of the producers.

I am one of the ones not thrilled with the Shot last night, but probably a lot of it is Erica just the sidekick now and seeing what sort of a reaction they can get out of Anderson.

I guess she is only on 360 Monday through Thursday now?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sharon!!!! There isn't one of us who doesn't feel the same way: man, woman, animal vegetable or mineral - it's all Anderson, all the time in my heart too!

Anonymous said...

I do not think anything goes on the show without Anderson knowing about it. He and Erica have a similar sense of humor and I totally believe he wasn't upset by the clip. Anderson has a way of acting like he doesn't know things sometimes, like who Lindsey Lohan etc. I think it was funny and I'm sure he did. Just my opinion.

I do believe Anderson is a Democrat. It's been debated a lot in the past and from what I hear that is how he is registered.

Anonymous said...

I'll go out on a limb here and say that AC is an Independent with conservative leanings and after seeing the expression on his face after the Palin interview, whether he likes him or not, he'll vote for Obama.....just so he doesn't have to look at "idiot woman" embarrassing herself in front of foreign dignitaries for four years.
I also think we should replace Sarah Palin with Sharon Osbourne as McCain's running mate. One: She has good taste in men, well in anderson, two: She must smell good, and three: I bet she can see Mexico from her house if she lives in California.....and let's face it, she probably could give Katie Couric a much better interview.

Anonymous said...

tedi b.: I don't know where you heard he was registered as a Democrat, I'm not disputing you that it could well be true, but until I see it on a reliable source or hear from him, I'm not sure, because I have seen at other sites where he has contributed to Republican campaigns (the dollar amount he gave and to whom). There is a lot of information going around out there that is false.

But yes, I agree, that he seems like he is a Democrat.

Anonymous said...

Does it really matter if Anderson is a Democrat or Republican? He's Anderson and that's all that matters! Anderson would like folks to form their own opinions. There are a lot of people who will be influenced by who Anderson would vote for, right?...With respect to the Sharon Osbourne piece, he's a big boy at 41 so I don't believe he was offended. He actually thanked Sharon, didn't he? Sharon is not the only individual who feels that way and she is married to Ozzy, ok? Let's call a spade a spade. Sharon calls them as she sees them. And you know she wasn't wrong, was she!? Just my opinion.

Phebe said...

@anonymous 3:10, Here is the link to the Newsbuster's site that says AC is a registered Dem (along with a few other CNNers. Thanks to DAFan for sending this along.

I think someone mentioned that AC has donated funds to a Republican campaign too? From what I've read that was a long time ago and the candidate was a former Yale classmate.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you can tell from his tone of voice if Anderson´s a Republican or a Democrat, he might be actually impressed with someone, he might also be overcompensating his reaction in trying to be neutral. He seems to find it very important to be balanced and unbiased in what he says, which is not easy to do, it doesn't seem that strange (to me) if he'd try to have an appropriate tone of voice and expressions when he reports on something, regardless of how it will affect the candidate he'd like to win, to not give his own political position away. (Then again, I'm also a very paranoid person and I don't know if he is. :\)

I don't think you can judge from his background either, because that´s just going by general poll numbers. It could, but doesn't necessarily mean anything. To me, he seems too down to earth to vote Republican solely because he himself is rich. His mom´s friends with Mrs. Reagan, he´s friends with Kathy Griffin. Also, just going with the issues he seems to care most about, I think he's a Democrat.

Of course my wanting him to be a Democrat might cloud my judgment, but from what I do know I really do think he is.

I mostly lurk here, but I wanted thank you for the all the scans, recaps and all of the updates and videos on the site here. I live in Europe, so otherwise I’d miss a lot of the stuff you keep track of on here so wonderfully. :)

Anonymous said...

@9:33 AM, I can see how gossip sites can take the "I don't think it's going to happen" out of they did with the bear comment. When I heard him say it, my initial reaction was "ouch, poor Sharon." However, when I thought about, I knew Gawker, etc. would jump all over it.

Anonymous said...

Phebe: thank you for the link on who is registered Democrat. Didn't mean to sound cynical but you know how it goes - so much stuff out there turns out to be wrong.

Erica blogged tonight. I guess I was under the impression she was going to "off" from 360 on Friday nights, so either she really is and just blogged from home or she IS on and will be on after the debate, though I am thinking not because she really hasn't had much to do with the political coverage.

Anonymous said...

Phebe (or anyone): Does CNN and/or 360 do internet searches (or whatever, get alerts) to see comments being made about the program? Not referring to this place, but I get some google alerts and there are blogs that say a lot of negative things as well as the positive about the program.

No particular reason for asking - just curious how CNN finds out the the viewers are saying and feel aside from feedback that is sent in via their website (I'm not sure how many people really bother to do that, but they blog their complaints).

Phebe said...

@christine, I didn't post your comment(s) because you refer to a private site. It raises too many questions about what it is, what it means, etc. I've always been told (I belong there too) not to link or promote. If that philosophy has changed I'm sure someone will correct me.

@anonymous 7:00, I do think they rely heavily on feedback but I've been told they occasionally read blogs and comments. Most networks have focus groups that help them chart their positives and negatives. And then there are the ratings. I think that paints a pretty clear picture of how they are doing.

Anonymous said...

Yall are mentioning everything but what the republican analyst said that George Bush is a "A high-functioning moron" and Anderson responding that when he watch him talk he act as though he was there (physically) but not there mentally. Comparing it to when he was down in New Orlean after days after Hurricane Katrina hit.

She confused me, she can sound smart but she totally over doing it. Palin really ain't making herself look good.

Show was pretty good last night. On the shot funny, but Anderson need to start watching what he says.

Anonymous said...

Correct my comment it was a democratic anaylist Paul Bagala. Have no clue why I thought republican

Anonymous said...

anon 4:31 PM: and remember when Erica did the towel thing (with Anderson and Erica or Cooper on the towels) and Anderson said "clearly your husband has nothing to worry about" that was twisted around as well.

Anonymous said...

@Phebe: The expression on Anderson's face is priceless in reference to the Palin interview with Katie Couric. It is my favorite so far. I truly wonder what is going through his mind and how he can keep a straight face after listening to her "babble."
I also would like Katie's reaction if anyone has a clip.
Obama did very well in the debate. All the pundits acknowledged he more than held his own on foreign policy issues. I kept thinking every time I looked at McCain, who did look OLD, how could you stick us with such a moron as your running mate and say "Country First?"
If you're a Bill Maher fan, he also called Palin a moron.

Anonymous said...

McCain made a fool out of David Letterman and that is not a good thing. David never forgets and he will do his best to get even and that's "a good thing."

Anonymous said...

I saw the NewsBuster article naming Anderson and the other anchors supposed voter registration a few weeks back. And that is a lie.

For one, it is against the law to look at anyones voter registration. You can only access it through a government website or at the registrars office. Therefore you'd have to hack into the site. It's not something that you can just log into and look at. Or you would have to fool someone at the registrars office that you are that person, which would entail knowing that person's SS#, drivers license #, etc..

Secondly, NY allows you to check a box not naming your party at all. As much as Anderson wants to be private and unbiased I would assume that is what he did just to be safe.

So I don't believe for a second that the NewsBuster thing is true at all. Anyone can make up stuff and they have no proof on there that he is a democrat just that they saw it on his voter registration. If they have it then why didn't they have a screen shot of his registration on there? Because it isn't true...