Saturday, September 27, 2008

Debate Night in America ~ Round 1

So we actually had the debate. Personally, I deep down had hoped McCain would not show up but that was for selfish reasons. The program was called Debate Night in America but I know that here in Canada they aired the debate on a Toronto 24 hour news channel. Tonight not only was America watching but literally the whole world was watching as well.

So what did we get from this debate. No real answer on how they would vote for the bailout (which is fine by me because without an actual bill to vote on I would not commit to a yes or no either.) We did not hear what projects would have to be put on hold (no surprise). We heard about Iraq, Iran, and Russia with no real new information for those of us who have been watching for the last 19 months. I do think that people who are just tuning in would see stark differences between McCain and Obama. All in all there were no major fumbles. I tried to watch this debate as someone who was not for any candidate but I found myself on several occasions scratching my head in confusion with what McCain was saying. Some of his wordings and expressions were just so over my head which was a turn off to me.

Was anyone at times paying more attention to the lines on the bottom of the screen? I find this technology to be so interesting. I found it interesting that McCain never got higher then 60-70% approval rating, even from the republicans.

So who do you think was the winner of Friday night’s first presidential debate???

After the debate, the best political team on television was in the Election Center full force. The studio sure was crowded tonight (can you imagine what it will be like on November 4th?) Anderson and Wolf anchored the special 360 and spoke with the different groups of correspondents and reporters.

Panel number one included Gloria Borger, David Gergen, Jeffrey Toobin, Campbell Brown, John King, Michael Ware (yea) and Christiane Amanpour.

Panel two consisted of Bill Bennett, Donna Brazile, Alex Castellanos, Paul Begala and Leslie Sanchez.

Dana Bash was in the McCain spin room and spoke with Nicole Wallace. Honestly listening to her I wondered if we watched the same debate but then again she was doing exactly what she is paid to do…..spin.

Wolf spoke with Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Joe Biden. CNN did request an interview with Sarah Palin but pigs would probably have to fly first.

Candy Crowley was also in Mississippi

Ted Rowlands was in Las Vegas at a GOP viewing party

Roland Martin was with the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation.

Soledad O’Brien was in Columbus, Ohio with the evenings’ focus group.

The consensus seemed to be that Obama held his own against McCain and McCain did not get a major home run (a point the Gerg hammer in throughout 360).

It was also mainly agreed that the economy portion of the debate seemed subdued due to the fact that this whole week has been this major production in the campaign world when it comes to this economic crisis. Another point was that if Friday’s debate topic was McCain strongest suit, where does he go from here because he did not blow Obama out of the water.
I don’t know about anyone else but I LOVED having Michael Ware and Christiane Amanpour on the panel. I clipped this exchange.

And tonight I end with our warmest wishes to our own Ms. Quitty who is celebrating her “21st” birthday on Saturday. Since it is the weekend we can all have an extra Anderblue martini in celebration of Ms. Quitty’s special day.

Have a great week everyone and see you all again next Friday ~ Sapphire
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Anonymous said...

Did AC get a hair cut? Looks a little tighter on the sides...

Anonymous said...

I'm an international viewer. One thing that I've noticed during the debate was how Mc Cain never even looked at Obama, not even once, as if there wasn't anybody there beside him on stage. As I've read through other websites many have observed the same thing and it was kind of weird for them too. I think it came off as rude to me.

Regarding the graph on real time reaction, I was glued to it. It was very interesting to see how the lines were moving while each candidate was talking, sometimes it becomes predictable. But the movement of the independent's line was very interesting to watch.

Anonymous said...

Miss Sapphire, I think the word you wanted was "consensus" not conscience. A consensus is a majority of people agreeing on an outcome, for example, the Team saying that Obama did the best in the debate.
A conscience is the little voice telling you not to steal the candy or take the cookie out of the jar.
I didn't watch the debate, knowing it would mostly be stuff we have already heard and since I've already decided who I'm voting for, why watch.
Anderson looked like he had a hairbuzz, er haircut.
Agree how wonderful to see Christiane and Mike Ware! Yay!

ACAnderFan said...

The debate was pretty good. It was better than I was ecpecting.

It was so great seeing Michale Ware and Christiane Amanpour in the studio. Personally I would have been happy if it were just Micahel, Christiane and John King talking about the debate and eveyone else went home. I think the three of them talking together would have been a fascinating discussion. But the discussions on the program were good.

Totally off topic, but it looks like Mr.Cooper got a haircut. He looks great!

ACAnderFan said...

Oops I forgot to mention that I think next weeks VP debate is going to be interesting. I can't wait to hear what answers Palin will give. I am sure they will make no sense at all.

Delie said...

Happy Birthday, Quitty! I wish you a wonderful day!

I more than love to have Christiane Amanpour and Michael Ware in the same panel. It's something we had on Fareed Zakaria GPS and we need more of this.

ACAnderFan said...

Happy Birthday Quitty!!! I hope you have a FANTASTIC day and are able to do something you enjoy :)

Anonymous said...

As for the viewer polling done (the numbers shown on the wall) showing an advantage to Obama, John King point out that CNN had a lot of democratic viwers so more "neutral" poling may tell a different story.

More cheating? Not fair again (in my opinion), CNN changed the name of the programming for AC360 after the debate when in fact the same people were still there as from before the debate. Were they calling Campbell Brown before then? If not, this is not right. CNN has done this before, I am assuming for ratings, it looks wrong and people notice.

Anonymous said...

Found the debate interesting; need to hear them debate some more; thought both held their ground; McCain is a calmer speaker; Worst thing about last night = Anderson's haircut - he needs to fire his barber; why did Wolf close Anderson's show? He's done it before - by midnight, I've had enough of Wolf; hope Christiane A and Michael W are at the next debate

Kristien said...

Happy "21st" Quitty !!!!!!! Have a great day and I'll drink a Adertini on you tonight!

I only saw the 20 first minutes of the "aftershow" (nothing from the debate itself). I wish I could have seen more, I thought the bit a saw was quit interesting.

Here the media is reporting that, according to a post debate CNN poll, Obama won the debate.

Great to see Michael and Chistiane! (thanks for the clip btw) At first I didn't know that is was Michael (the first shot showed him from behind) and I thought "OMG, there's a guy in a t-shirt at the table when all the others are in a suit" lol

OT, but did Anderson get his hair cut, or am I imagining things?

Thanks Sapphire!

snooks said...

Sapphire - great recap of last night's coverage of the debate -

My only problem with CNN last night was that with so many panelists there was not enough time to really hear from each of them other than a snippet here and there but I guess it would have taken four more hours to give everyone more speaking time (I for one would have watched because some of my favs were on)

I found it funny that McCain felt he had to say something about Palin be a good choice for VP - the panels seemed to think otherwise -found it interesting though not surprising that she did not appear at the end of the debate to answer questions as Joe Biden did (he appeared on all the networks during their debate recaps)

I hope that for those who are still undecided (which is still unbelievable to me) that they were able to see the differences between the candidates who clearly represent the past and the future

Happy Birthday Quitty - hope your "21" is great!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Quitty! Forgive me if this has been mentioned, but Anderson did a phone-in radio interview with Ryan Seacrest on KIISFM yesterday. You can listen to it on their website or find it on iTunes under On-Air with Ryan Seacrest.


Anonymous said...

Did Anderson get another haircut or am I going coo coo?

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, because of those lines on the bottom of the screen, I switched to another channel for the actual debate. One with less visual distraction.

ACAnderFan said...

@Kristien, you're not imagining things, Anderson cut his hair. Personally I think he looks wonderful.

@anonymous 5:57am, I don't think he needs to fire his! I think his barber does an excellent job. Then again I am in the minoirty since I like AC's hair real short.

Sapphire said...

@ veiwer in Virgina - thank you for correcting my spelling mistake. It has been corrected

Anonymous said...

Yes, CNN cheated again, and Nielson should call them out on it like they did the last time.

Changing the name to AC360 is totally wrong when they did NOT do it for Campbell.

Why do they do this? Anderson knows it is wrong and we know it is wrong. I know it is not his decision to do and that he probably has no input, but I wonder if he says anything or just eats the cake and takes the ratings.

Quitty said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes. I love the card. I'm so excited to be turning "21" ;). Blue Andermartinis for everyone!

Anonymous said...

@Pebbles: I agree with you. John McCain needs to learn to be more congenial. He kept saying, as though this was a point in his favor, that he would never win a "most congeniality test with his Republican friends." Even though Barrack looked directly at him, quite a few times, he never once, looked his way. He was rude. He also almost "lost it" a couple of times while Barrack remained as cool as he always is. McCain is a subborn old man who needs to "give it a rest."
Yes,Senator Obama stole the show and with that beautiful wide grin of his, he will keep on, keeping on.
I would also like to say that Alex C. Republican Strategist, was really very objective in his scoring. His rating card was very high for Obama. John King, on the other hand, might have been trying to be objective, but he seemed too hesitant in his ratings. It was almost as though he was afraid to show any favoritism what so ever.
Paul Begala really gave O, great marks and they were well deserved. Obama is a real gentleman with a wonderful demeanor. We couldn't ask for anything more.
John McCain did not appear "happy" when he walked off stage, and "that's a good thing."
Like anderson's hair short too.

Anonymous said...

I noticed also that it said AC360 on the show, but did anyone else noticed it was Wolf that signed off. What was up with that if it was Anderson's show??????

Happy Birthday Quitty. Hope you have a great day.

Kristien said...

@ACAnderfan: I really wasn't sure if it had been cut, but I knew you would be happy with a shorter cut!

@Quitty: Ad Fundum!

Anonymous said...

I actually enjoyed this 1st Presidential Debate. For the most part, Sen. Obama came out strong. He was prĂ©cised, concise and seemed to have a Plan a Vision for the Country moving forward. As for McCain, he came out sounding angry, frustrated and it seemed like he was speaking to a young lad, scolding him at times, & undermine his intelligence when he kept repeating “Senator Obama doesn’t understand”, & kept repeating it over & over, which did not faze Sen. Obama at all.

I understand why both these Candidates would not commit to what items they would not cut from their plans. Until this bailout package is fully disclosed, & agreed upon by both parties, they folks need to grasp what kind of a budget they are dealing with, before committing to anything else.

What I find most disturbing is Sen. McCain’s consistent stance on:

1. Continuing the War in Iraq, without articulating what Success really looks like and what his plans are for the Future of the War.
2. He also did not articulate what his plans are for the War in Afghanistan.
3. What’s most disturbing is everything, EVERYTHING about McCain spells WAR – at every juncture, and he would rather go to WAR, versus call for Diplomacy as a First resort, look at his stance on Russia. Yes they are a potential force of evil & they are rogue Nation as is Venezuela, Iran & N Korea, but each & every International Political scholar, every former American Secretary of State and person worth their salt on International Foreign Affairs, calls for Diplomacy first before resorting to war. McCain stands alone in his thinking, why does he not see that, not does he get it.

It just drives me nuts, there are in excess of 200,000 Troops currently fighting in these Wars and lives of these young men & women & their families would potentially be in his hands, yet he has no concrete plans/timelines to bring them home. How unbelievably irresponsible of Sen. McCain is that?

Let alone American Troops, as long as American Troops are still fighting these two Wars, there will continue to be International and NATO Troops as well, who have committed to these Wars. Their lives too, would be in this man’s hands. What a scary thought. American Voters have got to understand what’s at stake with these Elections and come to grips with the consequences if these Elections fall in the hands of the wrong Presidential and Vice-Presidential Team. I actually felt sad for Sen. McCain. He seemed so un-Presidential and out of place & like he really did not want to be there, talking with Sen. Obama. He would not even look Sen. Obama in the eye, not even once, even when he shook his hand at the onset or during the debate, despite the repeated attempts of the Moderator’s request. It was kind of sad. David Gergen was right. McCain should have hit this one out of the park, but did not.

I can’t wait for the VP Debate. I just love Sen. Biden. I think he’d be an AWESOME VP and he really deserves it. I wish we had eyes in the CNN Election Center, watching the reaction of the Reporters, Journalists & Anchors to Palin’s responses. As it is, the CNN Team was so confused by her responses during her interview with Katie Couric, it would be priceless to watch their reaction to the Debate “unfiltered” so-to-speak. Katie Couric herself had this baffled look on her face, as if to say, “what the hell are you going on about woman, try and make some sense, why don’t you”?

As for the Political Affiliation of the CNN Team (Journalists, Anchors & Reporters), it doesn’t matter to me anymore. So long as they don’t try to “BS” us, but rather offer us the facts & let us each decide on our own terms, I am happy with that. I would not change my opinion, based on any Journalist or Anchors preference or persuasion.

Anonymous said...

@ 5.00 am & @10.08 am – AC360 runs from 10.00 PM to midnight EST. It is but right of CNN to change the title from the Election Center to AC360 based on the Programming Alignment, even if the participants are the same through both programs. CNN did so during both Conventions as well, during the Post Convention Speech Coverage and even prior to the Speeches. When Campbell Brown Co-hosted her program with Wolf Blitzer during the Conventions between 8.00 PM & 10.00 & it was referred to the Election Center (even while the speeches were going on) and at 10.00 PM EST they changed it to AC360, when Anderson joined them at 10.00 PM. It was the right call to make.

Anonymous said...

I too say fire the barber!! AC looks like he has patches in the back of his head! What a terrible job the person did. I wonder if this means AC is travelling next week?

Anonymous said...

Birthday greetings Quitty! Wishing you all the Very Best, Always!! Health, Happiness and continued Success be yours Always!! Drinks are on you, my friend!!

Anonymous said...

I didn't watch the debate or the after-debate discussions on any of the channels so thanks for the recap and the quick clip of Christiane Amanpour and Michael Ware. I'm sorry I missed Michael; I love his voice and would have liked to hear all of his opinions on American politics.

I'm hoping Andeson didn't get his hair cut, it really wasn't that long. I'm one of those who likes the big wave of hair he had over his forehead in his early 20s.

Happy Birthday Quitty! I'm raising my Andermartini and toasting your big 21!


Anonymous said...

The debate last night was interesting, but it looks like the remainder of the time to election is going to be taken up by repeats of the debate, analysis, a VP debate, analysis of that debate, and as the King of Siam says etc, etc, etc.
Counting down days to this election is like counting down the days until Christmas, so here's hoping I get what I wish for a new party in power and a new, old 360.

Mila said...


Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that CNN is airing a new AC360 ad today and it no longer says #1. Coincidence or are they just waiting to gain the position back by playing the same game they played to get there to begin with.

Anonymous said...

CNN has a new commercial for Anderson. It is about honest reporting. I guess they changed it from #1 at 10:00 pm.

aries moon said...

Obama came off knowledgeable and presidential and McCain seemed angry and snide. McCain was supposed to have performed MUCH better considering how his campaign is in disarray and could use the boost, but as Gergen said, he didn't quite pull it off and the Biden-Palin debate isn't going to help matters. That woman is clueless even WITH notes - it's clear that she was reading some of her embarrassingly bad answers to Katie Couric during her interview.

Who knows why CNN continues to leave the AC360 mantle during the Election coverage, but Anderson's "regular" ratings were pretty spectacular on Thursday night - with over 2 million total viewers and over 1 million in the demo and beating Greta - it would be great if he could do that every night, but I don't expect it, but congrats anyhow.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:59 PM: Changing the name to AC360 is only right if they do it for the other anchors. They did NOT do it for Campbell. So either do it for all of them or none of them.

Nielsen (is it them) had a big meeting with CNN and others when CNN did this the last time with 360.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!! Quitty! enjoy your day!!!! I hope you have enjoy cake to whole!!!! LOL!!! Guys???Have a great weekend!!!! See you later!!!

Anonymous said...

@aires moon: I am in total agreement with you about who won the debate as well as your view on Palin. There is an Op Ed piece in the today's NYT entitled "Palin's Words Raise Red Flags," by Bob Herbert. In summation, he says that Palin indeed, should put Country First and resign from the ticket because she is completely out of her league. I can't agree more.
It is also obvious that Mac is a selfish, spoiled, old man who isn't putting HIS Country First as he so touted during the RNC.
If a lot of the National News Orgainizations called for Palin to resign it would happen. It is about time that CNN and every other outlet put Country first and called for her resignation. Don't leave it to the hockey moms to decide. It is so obvious she's a loser and every day we comply with McCain's choice is a day closer to having this dim wit as VP. Hasn't this Nation endured enough under George W.?

aries moon said...

Happy Birthday Quitty, have a good one. :)

Anonymous said...

You would think that Anderson would take greater care in getting a better haircut and not leave the place with so many bald spots.

His barber should be ashamed of himself knowing that he is cutting the hair of a famous person who is on tv every night and everyone can see how bad it is.

I don't know what Anderson pays for his haircuts, but he can afford them, and as they say, you get what you pay for. I guess he hasn't thought about switching because he frequently ends up mauled at by the barbar.

Anonymous said...

Michael Ware dresses up for nobody. Debate night: open necked shirt probably not even tucked in, same one (I think) he had on in the morning on AM. Didn't shave it appeared to me. Was he wearing jeans? Just shows up with his brains and knowledge. I was wondering what the others thought, especially Gergen and Gloria Borger, but I think everyone respects his knowledge and him.

ACAnderFan said...

@anonymous 7:40pm, I don't know why everyone thinks Anderson looks so bad after he's been to the barbebr. I think he looks absolutely fantastic. I really like when he gets his hair cut really short.

Anonymous said...

I like the new AC360 Ad. It's nice & simple; I'm surprised I haven't seen it before.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone catch the Special that John King hosted on Saturday night at 11.00 pm EST? It was great, and John had Michael Ware on several times too. They discussed Iraq, Iran & Afghanistan. It was great to hear from Michael & his thoughts on the American Elections for Middle-East Political point of view. Michael breaks it down real well. I believe CNN will re-air it on Sunday as well.

aries moon said...

If a lot of the National News Orgainizations called for Palin to resign it would happen. It is about time that CNN and every other outlet put Country first and called for her resignation. Don't leave it to the hockey moms to decide.

anon 4:28, all I can say is BRAVO.

And another thing is some Republicans ARE beginning to turn on her now.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous writes:

"You would think that Anderson would take greater care in getting a better haircut and not leave the place with so many bald spots...His barber should be ashamed of himself...everyone can see how bad it is...I don't know what Anderson pays for his haircuts, but he can afford them, and as they say, you get what you pay for....he frequently ends up mauled at by the barbar."


This is a guy who's got ties that pre-date the Cold War, for goodness sakes. That's the way he is, and there is something charming about that.

Did any of you ever think about the possibility that he was in a hurry, grabbed the shears, and CUT IT HIMSELF?

I bet he did. Or he popped into a $17.95 SuperCuts and said, "give me a quick trim please".

That is just too charming.

Just when I lose faith that the guy is this egotistical, out-of-touch, overpaid spoiled rich kid jerk, I remember that he takes the subway, he's seen the inside of both WalMart and CostCo, and has spent some significant time sleeping on floors in third world countries.

Yeah, his hair is always a mess. But I think we can give him a break :-) If it was perfectly coiffed he'd be just another one of those idiot talking heads on some of the other news channels.

Anonymous said...

Ladies: Please accept the fact that Anderson has bald spots in the back of his head and it is not his barber's fault. If he doesn't mind and think it's important, let it be. I think his short hair makes him look more youthful.JMO

Anonymous said...

I don't see any bald spots on his head. Anybody have a clip or pic of this supposed bald spot? I do, however, think his forehead is getting more visible.