Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rules? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Rules!

As of this writing, there is no bailout plan. With the House Republicans acting like outsiders I can't decide if they are looking out for their constituents or are looking out for themselves since it is an election year. Somehow I think it is the later. Another example of the House Republicans doing their own thing is in this Nth from November 2004 where the House Republicans pulled a stunt to keep Tom Delay in his leadership position. Here is Fancy Footwork to the Nth Degree.

Tonight, taking fancy footwork to "The Nth Degree." Look-it, in politics as in life, you've got to stay loose. You've got to weave, you've got to bend, you've got to bob. Roll with the punches, go with the flow.

Want an example? Well, 10 years ago Dan Rostenkowski, a Democrat, was forced out of the chairmanship of the House Ways and Means Committee as a result of a rule change passed by Congressional Republicans. If you were indicted, which Rostenkowski had been on mail fraud charges, you couldn't keep a leadership position, said the new rule. OK, flash forward.

Today's House Republicans are a little worried that their majority leader, Tom DeLay, may be indicted back home in Texas, as three of his political associates have been on campaign financing charges. So what do they do? Are they unbending? Are they high- bound? Are they unwilling to revisit the issue, nope, they change the rule. Not a state indictment, that we didn't mean. Just a federal indictment.

There's a movement afoot to send Arnold Schwarzenegger to the White House if the rule against foreign-born presidents can be changed. And what about that no three terms provision, isn't that a little, you know, quaint?

How did the Mexican bandit with the gold hat put it in that great old movie, rules, we don't need no stinking rules.

Thanks to a tip from Mizzkel, Anderson was interviewed by Ryan Seacrest before the debate Friday night. Here is the clip.

If you have any problems listening to the interview you can also hear it HERE.

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ACAnderFan said...

I like that Nth Degree. Thanks for sharing it, Quitty.

Mizzkel, thanks for the heads up about AC talking to Ryan Seacrest. I love what Anderson says about Briteny's new song. He's right all she does is say the samething over and over. It's her worst song yet.

Anonymous said...

No problem, I'm an iTunes junkie, it gets me thru the work day listening to all the podcasts!!

Kristien said...

Thanks for the Nth Degree, Quitty, I like it when he gets sarcastic, lol. For some reason, the way he says "nope" really makes it funny.

Great interview with Seacrest: even more sarcasm AND a really crappy song! (thanks Mizzkel!)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the interview with Anderson and Ryan Seacrest. Don't you just love Anderson's wit and sarcasm? Sounds like he just woke as well! Was that live and can I get that in Canada? Just wondering. Thanks again, nothing like hearing Anderson's voice early in the morning to put a smile on my face! :)

QuotidianEditorialist said...

His voice over the phone is without a doubt the sexiest I have ever heard. Yikes!

Thanks Mizzkel, I needed that.

ACAnderFan said...

@pati mc, I agree. Anderson's phone voice is very sexy.

Phebe said...

@acanderfan & pati m, Really ladies are you going to make roll out the bleachers on a Sunday? :)
I guess if we are ever lucky enough to get a call from AC we should hope for one first thing in the morning!

And for those discussing the haircut on the previous post I have to add my two cents. There are people who swear he's going bald but I just don't see it.

aries moon said...

I haven't listened to the Seacrest interview yet, but I remember when Anderson was covering Hurricane Rita, he had to call in because of technical problems and his phone voice was incredibly sexy - his significant other (if he has one) is really lucky to get to hear THAT when he phones up.

Anonymous said...

Phebe, I think he has a bald spot in the back at the "swirly" part. It seemed pretty obvious during that shot when Jeff C. has his armed mauled by the elephant last year and little Anderson saved him.

The sides I think are just too short so it may look like bald spots, but he isn't bald there.

Anonymous said...

@ Phebe - If Anderson were going bald, that would be really funny!! & he wouldn't even acknowledge it, just like he doesn't acknowledge his grey hair!! He’d be in denial for sure!! It would certainly put him over the edge! Poor Guy.

Can you picture Anderson looking like like Ali Velshi (without the glasses)??

Anonymous said...

Bravo to SNL and Tina Fey's impression of Sarah Palin. I thought she was actually making most of it up, but when I reread Palin's exact transcript to Katie Couric, it was clear, most of what she mimicked was the real thing. It is all so sad, but true that you have to laugh in order to keep from crying. Wake up America! This woman, moron, could be PRESIDENT!

Anonymous said...

Fareed Zakaria, highly respected CNN foreign affairs Correspondent and writer for News Week, has also agreed that Palin, would serve her country well, if she pulled her name off the ticket. The article is entitled: Is She Ready? Please!

Anonymous said...

those of us who have watched Anderson's hair slowly go from gunmetal gray to silvery white would agree that it isn't getting thinner. The hairline in front has moved back a bit. The way he cuts it makes it look thinner, I think. He used to buzz it all off in the front (see Mole pictures) but for some reason has let the cowlick-y bit over the forehead grow longer.
It's all good. Even wet from hurricane winds and salt water shark cage adventures. Low maintenance hair, what a globe trottin' camera slingin' man needs.