Friday, October 31, 2008

4 Days and Counting.......Boo!

Another 2 hour edition of AC360 with Anderson Cooper & Company. We were treated (?) to live Obama and Clinton and prerecorded McCain, since it was past his bedtime. Interspersed between these snippets from the campaign trail were some great discussions. This is my last night blogging hopefully it will be my last night that I feel the necessity to speed blog. • Candy Crowley was yet again tagging along with Obama. She also did a report on some new McCain strategies and the dreaded robo call. When I think I've had enough I need to remind myself how CC must feel. Poor lady hasn't slept in her own home for months.• The Strategy Session panel was David Gergen, Paul Begala and Alex Castellanos.

• 27 minutes live with Obama speaking in Missouri

• 4 minutes live with Clinton speaking in Minneapolis • AC, John King and The Gerg discuss Sarah Palin, her liability to the McCain campaign and her future. This was, for me, the best discussion and panel I've seen on AC360 in a long time.• John King was also at the magic map again on Thursday's program.

• Prerecorded John McCain from Defiance, Ohio

• Prerecorded Sarah Palin from Missouri

• Poor Gary Tuchman was stuck interviewing the Republican faithful at the McCain rallies.
• Tom Foreman filed in for Erica Hill with The Beat and the 360 Bulletin.

I've got a huge treat for you tonight. We've been trying for weeks now to upload the webcasts to our blog. We had a mini break though today, thanks to DAFan. She managed to record, convert and send us Erica and Jack Gray's little discussion on Wednesday's webcam. The audio and video are a bit out of sync, but still well worth a look. We hope this is just the beginning of us being able to share the webcast with those of you who aren't able to view it on a regular basis.

Our BA watches Ellen religiously and I'm grateful that she does. Look at what was on the Ellen tease on yesterday's program. Seems that Mr. Cooper will be making an appearance on Ellen's show on Election day. I tried to get some clarification from CNN on this but no luck, so I'm going to speculate a bit and guess it will be a remote interview. I can't imagine AC being MIA from the Election Center.

As is our tradition here at ATA we always go out on a limb and try to picture what Anderson will be wearing to the company Halloween party. Thanks to Lori for her fabulous creative help!

I'll see you back here next Tuesday night when we'll be live blogging during the Election Center broadcast. More details in Cyn's Monday post.
Until then ~ Phebe

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Anonymous said...

I like Obama; I'm going to vote for the guy.
But I didn't tune into 360 for a half-hour speech from him, I wanted to hear some news.

So thanks for the recap, looks like I should have stuck around for the second hour but my significant other here must watch Stewart and Colbert.

Anderson on the Ellen DeGeneres show - doesn't Ellen tape in NYC? In the morning? If so, it shouldn't interfere with election coverage.

Loved the Anderson-as-Indy picture.


ACAnderFan said...

Could 360 be anymore boing last nite??? It had to be the worst 360 ever!

The only decent thing about the show was John at the magic map.

I hope 360 gets better after the election. This week is terrible. Usually I would be happy to have a two hour 360, this week though not so much.

ACAnderFan said...

I noticed that John and Anderson both had on blue shirts and deep red ties. However John had the nicer shirt and AC the nicer tie.

Kristien said...

I'm glad I got to see Obama's speech, it was the first time I saw one from start to finish, but it did of course mean that I didn't see much else, since it was half of the single hour we get on CNN Int.
I would have liked to have seen the discussion about Palin with John and David, but I can't have it all I guess.

Huge thanks to DAFan for the Webcast!! You're a star!
And to Lori for Anderson Jones! I like the look of that ;p

Well, I'm of to the seaside to join the rest of my family and I won't be back untill Monday. (no computer there, I already miss ATA:()

Only one more day by then...

Thanks Phebe

aries moon said...

YAY! Thanks DAFan and ATA for recording and posting the 360 webcast! I'm so happy to have had a chance to see Jack Gray's debut and the chat Erica had with Jack and John King was great, also I liked Erica's singing at the beginning of Jack's segment, she's got a pretty nice voice. 360 apparently can't be bothered to post the webcast at all no matter how many requests they get, so this is REALLY appreciated!

I'm so sick of polls and speculation about the election, I cannot WAIT until Nov. 4, but I do enjoy 360's panel discussions, the Gerg is always interesting to listen to and I don't even mind Republican pundit Alex Castellanos, he seems to have a good sense of humor.

Anderson said last week that he hadn't been asked back on Ellen's show after his first appearance - maybe she heard about it and felt guilty. ;)

aries moon said...

Once again I forgot to add something to my first post - the pic of AC as Indiana Jones is fantastic - who else are you gonna call to save the world?

ACAnderFan said...

On TVNewser it says that Joe the Plumber has a plublcist and possibly a country record deal. This man is the village idiot. He should have never had is 15 minutes of fame. He is the biggest joke ever! He's the stupidest thing to come out of this election.

snooks said...

Kudos to DAfan for the webcast - I never get to watch them when they are live

Phebe - I look forward to the live blogging on election night I was hoping you were going to do that

Have a great weekend everyone

Anonymous said...

aries moon at 12:23: My guess is perhaps CNN does not post Erica's webcast is because they want people to actually watch it while it is going on, like getting better ratings. I have no idea how many viewers actually watch it but my guess a lot of people don't out of the total viewers. I personally don't - I have found it to be not informative and use the time for breaks to do things around the house.

So if they posted it on the 360 website that would sort of defeat the purpose of it. And Erica has so little air time as it is.

Anonymous said...


Ellen tapes in Los Angeles. Also, her shows are never live. They're taped a couple days in advance. So I wonder what AC will be doing as far as that.

Ellen is always hilarious, so I look forward to seeing that.

Jennifer in NYC

Anonymous said...

Could Anderson have already taped his segment with Ellen? He was out the week before the Democratic convention.

Anonymous said...

@Jaanza - me too; ditto on Daily Show at least.

I loved the panel last night, and virtually every night when all the panels and even a guest or two are men. Anderson just seems more on top of it. And the "plumber" jokes were fun, too.

I hope the Indy picture inspires a whole raft of "if only" submissions from everyone out there with access to Photoshop. Too funny.


aries moon said...

@anon 7:52, yes, you're right, I understand they want people to watch the webcast during the show, but they do have a couple of them up on CNN video and now they've added Jack Gray's webcast appearance as well because a lot of viewers requested it. I'm not sure why posting the previous night's webcast on CNN video would discourage anyone from wanting to see the newest one during the show.

Anonymous said...

Jack and Erica mentioned on Jack's webcam appearance that Erica and Anderson went to a charity event together - I wonder what it was for.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer in NYC - thanks for the Ellen show info; maybe it's going to be a satellite interview?

And thanks for the webcast video. I'm one of those who's never able to see it live.


Anonymous said...

I really don't get the significance of the webcam or Jack Gray. I don't need to be entertained by Erica or this Gray guy. Erica still isn't be used properly and it seems a bit of a waste. I could watch the webcam but, only did once or twice. My feeling is there was a lack of privacy for AC and maybe still is. He's entitled to down time during commercials.
I'm not sick of the election cycle but I am sick of seeing McCain's face. I really don't believe Arnold helped him with his "star power." If McCain needs the help of Palin, and Arnold and the plumber, he really isn't much of a star on his own. Is he?? Obama walks out and the room lights up and now the same thing is happening for Michelle. They didn't need Clinton. Clinton needed them because he's no longer the "rising star." Now that's star power!!

Anonymous said...

I too like Alex Castellanos and so must other people since we don't see that "shrill hispanic woman" anymore. Alex tells it like he sees it. There is very little spin and he also seems resigned to losing. Bill Bennett on the other hand is like Bay. They will spin "the old man and the twit," until the "cows come home."

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on the Ellen appearance. I can't imagine AC being out here on election day, especially since the race is usually called before the polls close in California most of the time.