Wednesday, October 29, 2008

6 Days and Counting......

I'm sort of at a loss tonight. Nothing really floated my boat, except maybe Anderson Cooper mentioning my alma mater Penn State. I don't think I've ever heard anyone pronounce Nittany Lions quite the like AC did. Take a listen.

One other point of interest on Tuesday's AC360 was Roland Martin's snarky comment. I laughed out loud which was better than my snoring out loud which took place periodically throughout the program.

Here's the run down on Tuesday's program in bullet points.

• Wild day on Wall Street. Ali Velshi again was in the studio to explain the rally and how it ties into the Feds anticipated interest cut tomorrow. Seriously, how much more can the interest be cut? The 'Hairless Profit of Doom' was trying to be upbeat, but it's not that easily these days.

• Candy Crowley was on the trail with the Obama campaign in Pennsylvania. It worries me that PA has become the bellwether state in this election. If any state is going to illustrate the Bradley effect my experience tells me PA will be the one.

• Ed Henry was again accompanying the McCain campaign. Talk of bickering between the candidates, name calling (diva and whack job) and more Joe the Plumber.

• Next up....extended excerpts from the campaign trail. This is where my snoring began. AC said it was so we could get a sense of the excitement, I think it was just to kill sometime because everything about this election has already been said.
• Strategy Session was with David Gergen, Roland Martin and Kevin Madden.

• Joe the Plumber endorsed McCain today and shared his wisdom on the future of Israel. Give me a break.• I love Miles O'Brien and I'm really pleased to see him subbing for John King on the magic map.• Gray Tuchman was at a mall in Nevada reporting on early voting. Not to keep harping on PA but without early voting it could be the Florida of this election. •Erica Hill focused Crime and Punishment on the Jennifer Hudson family murders. Not many new details, just the sad news that Hudson's nephew was found with multiple gunshot wounds.
I hope you will forgive me for not capping 'The Shot'? Who needs more politics? Not me!

Remember Hudson's Booksellers, famous for the Anderson Cooper life size cut out? Well Hudson's is now giving away free bookmarks of some members of the CNN team. What no John Roberts? Hudson's are located in most major airports.
DAFan has sent us a picture of the alternate cover of this month's Best Life. I'm told this was the cover for subscribers. One is currently for sale on eBay.

Deepavali (Festival of Lights) began on Tuesday night for our Indian friends. Shubh Deepavali!

Only 6 more days? Can't you almost smell the election? ~Phebe

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ACAnderFan said...

This Joe the plumber thing is ridiculous. It's just dumb at this point. Actually I take that back. Joe the plumber was dumb from the start. And why do we care that he endoresed McCain??? I could care less who he supports.

I really hope 360 is better tonite. Last nite was kind of blah.

Gary's piece about early voitng at the mall was kind of intetesting.

I am really hoping that once the election is over 360 will have some really good and instering stories to cover.

Anonymous said...

I can't remember the last time I have done this, but last night I checked out Greta's blog. She posted on on Friday ranting about Anderson's Elle mag interview, and yesterday about how her program is still #1 after the numbers were released in TVNewer.

I don't know if anyone from CNN ever checks over there, there were a few comments about Anderson and Erica in both of Greta's blogs. Doesn't seem things are moderated over there.

snooks said...

Love David Gergen - I know he can not believe that he is reduced to talking about Sarah Palin's clothes and Joe the Plumber but as Anderson said they have him out there speaking for McCain - I think we all agree it is ridiculous but this is what the McCain camp is giving the American electorate

I caught the end of Larry King last night and even there the desperation of the GOP was evident - Ari Fleischer brought up that Israel would not be supported under Obama - thank god Hillary Rosen was also on the panel and shot that down pretty quickly and when Larry asked a follow-up question about what would be different under McCain from Bushies policies, Fleisher gave some sort of nonsense as an an answer - Hillary shot back once again by saying something to the effect that hearing this from former Bush people (Karen Hughes was also on the panel) was not something she had much faith in - sorry Hillary for paraphrasing your comments but you all get the gist

Loved Gary's piece on Nevada and making early voting such an easy thing to do - early voting should be allowed in all states and made as convenient as possible so that every American can vote without hassles - here in Florida our republican governor yesterday even extended the hours for early voting because the crowds here are so large

Tonight I am sure the conversation will be about Obama's 30 minutes of paid airtime and McCain's pathetic response

I can't wait until this election is over

aries moon said...

The McCain official who called Sarah Palin a "whack job" hit the nail on the head - I would also add in dumb and dangerous. I truly hope that Palin will be headed back to Alaska never to be heard from again after next week and she can take Joe the Plumber with her. Things look good for Obama poll wise, but in spite of pundits and speculation, no one really knows what's going to happen and I'm too afraid to get my hopes up. Republican strategist Kevin Madden is very handsome and although I disagree with everything he and his party stand for - he's a lot better to listen to than Bay Buchanan who has been MIA, thank god.

The best part of The Shot was when Anderson faked laughed at Erica's "cat-tion" comment and then stumbled over his words when he tried to announce the breaking news but ended up saying "I don't know, whatever, there's the breaking news" instead. He's crazy.

aries moon said...

Another thing, DAMN can Anderson wear a suit or what?! Great pic of him on Best Life.

Anonymous said...

CNN keeps making dumb moves when it comes to
politics. I can not believe they declined the Obama
half hour special. All CNN had to do was offer
the McCain an half hour to respond. This just
feeds the perception that CNN is moving to the
right. I am convinced CNN is to obsessed with
FNC and likely hired some people that once worked
at FNC I really do not get CNN these days. Geez,
John McCain is on Larry King tonight. The only
one at CNN who gets the Obama phenomenon
is Jack Cafferty. CNN is clearly out of touch.
Newsflash : CNN people who watch FNC and
listen to talk radio will not watch your network
they do not think you tell the truth. So please
stop being played by conservatives with the
liberal media line. Like BIll Maher says the
liberal media is a fantasy. Anderson is the only
one giving them a pulse in prime time. But he
can not make up 3 hours of bad programming.
Case at point. Last night Larry King had on
press secs instead of guests people care about.
Flip over to MSNBC and Rachel is using football
to describe the presidential campaign. Campbell
Brown is touting the McCain campaign line Obama
did not keep his word on campaign funds. Who
cares? Meantime MSNBC has a cool opening for
Countdown. It is not even close.

Anonymous said...

Even though election fatigue is painfully evident in the ENTIRE best political team on television, it's becoming especially apparent on 360. Last night's show was just boring.

Everyone deserves a serious vacation after this marathon, but I hope they don't all leave town at once.

Thank you for the Suit Shot of Anderson on the MHBL subscriber cover. Aries Moon is correct, and I second that heartfelt DAMN, and raise you an OMG!

Say what you will about the show's content - it's the boy himself we tune in to see and hear. If we get in-depth news, interesting commnentary, intelligent guests, and Ali Velshi, David Gergen and John King, it's all frosting.

Kristien said...

I'm too tired to remember much from the show, though that idiot Joe The Plumber is to stupid to forget. Does the McCain camp really think that anyone wants to hear his thoughts on foreign policies? Oh please!

That's it, everything else has left my brain.

Seeing that gorgeous Best Life cover did wake me a bit ;p I love it!!!!

Anonymous said...

Even though I saw only a little of 360 last night, here's my comment about something not completely different.

Olbermann showed the results of a poll about Joe the Plumber. About 68% of Ohioans and 80% of Missourians knew about Joe the plumber. Of those that heard of Joe, only 8% in each state said Joe made them more inclined to vote for McCain. Doing the math, it's only a handful of folks out of a hundred who might be leaning towards McCain due to Joe.

Loved the new cover photo of Anderson.


Anonymous said...

@ Phebe – Anderson has on many occasions acknowledged he has an impediment where he can not pronounce words with double TTs correctly, instead of pronouncing them as T he pronounces the Ts as Ds. Like the word Manhattan – he pronounces it as Manhaddan

@ snooks – 6.57 am – the second paragraph of your comments were absolutely true. It’s unbelievable how desperate the Republican Party and their supporters seem to be getting to throw out statements as Ari Fleischer did last night. It’s just unbelievable!! What moronic statements made by Ari Fleischer!!

You know whom I really miss during these elections? Tony Snow – Former WH Press Secretary to President Bush who passed away in March of this year. Despite him being a Republican – he was also pragmatic and most times unbiased in his commentary, assessment and interpretation of the Political temperament in today’s environment. His death was a great loss.

One last comment – David Gergen is such an eloquent and poetic writer. What a brilliant mind the man has. He wrote on the AC360 Blog last night. What an inspirational man he is. The CNN team should be honoured and privileged to be able to pick the mind of one of the few individuals who has served Five (5) Former American Presidents. The CNN Team has access to a man who has truly crossed partisan lines to serve his Country not just with the US Navy during his early days, but with his mind under five Presidents. What a privilege it would be to meet a man like David Gergen.

Phebe said...

@acanderfan, I agree about Gary's piece being the best of the night. I just saw a local report and our early voting is taking 4 hours + in some areas. I don't understand why people don't just vote by mail and skip the lines.
@anonymous 5:51, Greta's blog comments aren't moderated from what I see. Some of the comments are disgusting.
@ snooks, you are not alone in wishing it was over.
@austin, if you check back through the archives you will see that we have talked about the double t thing many, many times. So thanks for your effort to educate me, but I can teach the course!

Anonymous said...

Stupidity is the name of the game at the McCain campaign. First he picked Shallow Palin, to substitute for Hillary, thinking no one would notice, and now it's Joe the Plumber and he will drive the nail in his own political coffin,(we can only hope,) with this "plumber logo," over and over. Who cares what this ordinary guy thinks and it's just such over kill for McCain to think that his electorate is really that stupid. Like plumber guy Joe cares about Israel....? I am Jewish and no Jew I know is named Joe. Oh, I forgot he's not a plumber and Joe is not his real name. Perhaps it's David or better yet Joel?
Yes, I agree that cover of AC is smashing. The clothes do make the man. I do not know why they have alternate covers.

ACAnderFan said...

@phebe, I love when they say Gary is going to have a piece on the program, because usually it ends up being the best of the program.

Anonymous said...

Bill Clinton did Obama proud in Florida tonite when 360 went live to the rallie in Florida. Bill looked a bit saddened after he spoke, but that's natural. It still must be hard for him and he made an execellent point about Obama's campaign being able to "execute," and manage. That is a quality that will make a good Executive. His campaign has to be commended for its wise use of all the resources available from the grass roots right up to every technilogical advancement. Everything was in place right from the start.
After watching Obama's 30 minute spot, I thought it too showed a form of professionlism that has not been seen before. Was it a game changer? Probably not, but at least those who donated to Obama's campaign felt their money was being used wisely.

Anonymous said...

Phebe – it wasn’t my intention to step on your toes with reference to my comments on Anderson’s impediment when pronouncing words with double Ts. I was simply stating something Anderson himself had mentioned time & time again and who himself, is very conscious of. By you highlighting his impediment doeen't make it go away, it just makes others with the same problem on this blog more self-conscious.