Tuesday, October 28, 2008

8 more days & "Back From the Battle"

Yes, we're into single digits. And not a freakin' day too soon, huh? Man, this has been a long, long campaign. And I have few grabs but bonus clips tonight, so let's get started.

Candy Crowley reports on Barack Obama's "closing argument," and there's also a look at the McCain/Palin camps infighting that broke out over the weekend in big, noisy ways. Dana Bash reports on The Palin Factor... and someone please tell me why Elizabeth Hasselbeck is ... well, anywhere, let alone speaking at a presidential rally. Okay, I don't watch Survivor, so I guess maybe I'm just less impressed by her..."fame" ... than some. But still.

Tonight's Pundit Panel is David Gergen, John King (in San Francisco to do a story on The Bradley Effect, according to what he said on TSR this afternoon), and the NYT' Marcus Mabry. I think they got more screen time than Anderson tonight! Nevertheless, there is a great moment, mostly the Gerg but Anderson's reaction is great, as is John's:

Ground War... sheesh, okay, it's a bit of hyperbole, but still. Another week, folks, and we're done. We can make it, right? But anyway, with John on the Left Coast, we get...

Miles on the Magic Map! No word as to whether he can make Michigan bounce like John can (see ATC for that) but he has fun with it. John needs to have more fun with it, don'tcha think?

Afterwards, Anderson plugs the online version of the Magic Map. A cute clip, especially for those of you who have hand fetishes. (Yes, I know who you are... Okay, some of you, anyway.)

Anyway... another Strategy session, and then a discussion about Baracks Big Bucks. Seriously, for all the years -- no, DECADES -- that the Republicans have had more money than the Dems, they just need to suck it up for this one time, you know? Sheesh. And seriously, have you ever been swayed by a political commercial? I mean, other than wanting to scream and tear your hair out if they don't STOP SOON?! I guess somebody must pay attention to them, but I think most of us just hit that good ol' MUTE button. John had a good point about the much higher number of Obama staffers, though. Now THAT makes sense.

Erica does a Crime & Punishment piece on the tragedy of what happened to Jennifer Hudson's family. I know it's not going to make any more sense once they figure out why it happened and who did it, but I do hope the police are able to find some answers.  (Not that a celebrity's family is any more important than anyone else's, of course... I always want the cops to nail the crazy bastards who do this kind of thing.) 

The 360 Bulletin: asinine skinhead plot, stocks hit a 5-year-low, new home sales are up but still a third down from last year. And then...

Here's the second hour PiP clip... and then stay tuned for more bonus material!

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From this weekend's "Back From the Battle," here are all of Anderson's segments. 

1) Welcome / introduction to Michael Ware's piece / interview with Michael / introduction to Chris Lawrence's piece / wrap-up [6:06]

2) 50 Cent performs  / intro to Sanjay Gupta's PTSD piece / interview with Paul Reickhoff (IAVA) and Carolyn Schapper (Veteran Advocate) [5:28]

3) O.A.R. performs / Robin Meade's piece / interview with Robin [2:13]

4) intro to Gary Tuchman's piece / interview with Garth Stewart [3:26]

5) Kid Rock performs / Sanjay Gupta's piece / interview with Robin Meade and recap of her crowd interaction [4:49]

6) Ludacris performs / intro to Anderson's piece / Anderson's piece / wrap [3:51]

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ACAnderFan said...

Why am I not surpised that Palin is a diva or whatever. If she is considering runiing in 2012 she is dumber than I thought. She on't be able to get the mainstream vote. I mean does she really think that she has a chance in 2012???

I liked seeing Miles at the magic map (John King is still the best though). He seemed to have fun and knew what he was doing too. I like Miles I wish he was on more often.

Did anyone see on the webcam before the program started Anderson was eating a bag of chips. The poor man needs a good, hot homecooked meal.

aries moon said...

Nov 4th is taking so long to get here - I can't wait until all the speculation and punditry comes to a merciful end, it's been murder.

Tonight must've been the first time we got a glimpse of Anderson's laptop and his LOOOONNNGG fingers close up - I have to say his demo of the mini magic map was my favorite moment in the show - yes indeed, I'm shallow. It was also great to see Anderson's little picture pop up a few times on the live blog - he actually posted more than "hello, my computer's broken, see ya" and his message to the man whose wife was serving in Iraq was very heartfelt and sweet. The blog moderator broke out the rules again, someone must've chewed them out about how they post the comments.

Anonymous said...

A pretty good show. I like David Gergen more now, he should get angry more often and not be afraid to show it.

Loved the giant beach balls in The Shot, way better than seeing people sort of dance to a lame Michael Jackson song.

Thanks for all of the clips from the MTV Vet Benefit concert. The concert was broadcast again on MTV2 and it might be again, check the listings to see the entire show.


Anonymous said...

Poor little guy was eating a bag of Doritos last night before the show. It was funny - he made like a squirrel and stored them behind his back when he wasn't eating them, then pulled them out, put them back. Then pulled them out, poured the bag in his mouth.

And like a normal bachelor, he flattens out the empty back and places it under his keyboard.

snooks said...

Loved the strategy session last night - smart people are always better then partisan bickering

The discussion of Palin's clothes is only an issue because the RNC made it one during a time when the economy is in the toilet - they picked a woman for the VP spot who is so grossly unqualified for the position that they assumed if she looked good the American people would go gaga for her - once a Caribu always a Caribu - first they tried to hide her from the press then when she did the Gibson and Couric interviews, people began to see her ineptness then they tried to salvage that by having her appear in interviews with Mad Dog - when that failed they sent her off to interviews with those in the party who think she is the second coming

Having Elizabeth Hasselback with her at campaign events speaks volumes about Palin - Hasselback has swallowed more Kool-Aid than any human being should ever consume - making her voice heard at campaign rallies shows that the base of the party that Palin appeals to buy into rhetoric and not facts - if any of you ever watch the View you see that Elizabeth is just spouting what she heard on FOX news and never can support her arguments with facts - there are many days when her other co-hosts slam her for not speaking the truth

Now in the final days of the campaign there are reports of infighting between McCain and Palin - no surprise - Palin is trying to save herself and doesn't care who falls in the process - had they vetted her properly the GOP would have seen this is how she operates

On another topic, the sadness of the Hudson family tragedy will hopefully shine a light on the realities that face Chicago residents daily - remember when Anderson reported from Chicago about crime facing the city - while this is an enourmous personal tragedy for Jennifer Hudson and while none us of us know what the reason was for this crime maybe the positive in all of this is to focus on the needs of this city

One week to go -

Anonymous said...

I love Miles O'Brien - he certainly isn't getting the exposure that Soledad is after they were taken off American Morning. CNN is certainly wasting him.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness that Anderson is having
John King in the mix. John King should
always be a part of any political panel.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Miles is being wasted at CNN,and that is such a shame.He deserves better.

I have not watched AM since he and Soledad are not part of it anymore.

Aww,poor Anderson,can't he go to the food court in the TWC for a sandwich,or something?

He needs some GOOD food,poor guy.

OMG,Palin in 2012,talk about a nightmare come true,huh?

As for Miss Survivor Contestant on the campaign trail with her this weekend......

I will not even GO there,it is too stupid for words....

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for the rest of the states. Here in Oregon we vote by mail, exclusively. There are NO polling places - although you can get a new ballot at any county courthouse and a few people show up each year to do so. I voted about 10 days ago. So far, about 400,000 Oregonians have turned in their ballots and we are looking at a 70%-80% turnout this year. The really cool thing is that all the advertisers know it, and don't waste their money here. No robo-calls, nothing but local campaign mail, no stick-it-to-the-other-side TV ads. Bliss! With all the potential ballot problems CNN is reporting on already, we are always a little surprised they don't explore the other side of the coin - a voting system that is essentially flawless.

David Gergen is just reaching the end of his rope on Palin and, may I say, HOORAY! He's much better when he interrupts AC to get a last word in. It reminded me of the smart kid at the front of the class that the teacher always skips because she knows he know the answer. Gergen was doing everything except wave his hand in the air "Mr. Cooper! "Mr. Cooper!" Cute.

Forget the Doritos diet, Andy need something other than klieg lights on his skin. He is beginning to look cadaverous.

Wouldn't it be neat if they had "casual day" on 360? Everyone could come in their regular duds on Friday's show. Whew! Be still my . . . . ." AC would look cute in his T & Jeans, but can you imagine what John King might look like in similar attire? Oh. Baby.

Kristien said...

The show was good. Thankfully it was a good panel, because they were on pretty much the entire show.

Nothing against Miles O'Brien, I had never seen him before, but The Magic Map just isn't the same without John King.
I too liked Anderson showing the map on the web. He does have nice hands :D

QuotidianEditorialist said...

Aw, jeeze, I missed him snacking AGAIN? Drat! I wanna see that!!!! Too cute. And I think maybe he does that so that his tummy does not growl while he is on the air. If it were loud enough the mic would pick it up. Yikes!

So like, what, he can't trot down to Whole Foods and grab a salad? Good Lord, I am sure that there are planty of people who would volunteer to take care of that for him. I would venture to guess that there are surely several that would cook him a full meal and deliver it to his office. *ahem*
Shoot, I will even cut his meat and eat it for him if he wants.

He is the biggest guy ever. Junk food, hiding the bag under his laptop. Oooh! Christmas gift idea....sending him a little trash can for under the anchor desk. =)

@ Aries Moon and Kristien - I love his hands too! That was also my fav part of the show. Lame, but just "keeping it honest". LOL. The man has beautiful hands, it's a simple fact.

All I know is that next week at this time I will be glued to CNN and very thankful that it will END...FINALLY!

Hey Phebe and staff - any drinking games in the works? How about a live blog????? Tee Hee! Sorry, I am such a trouble maker! Guilty as charged!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to AC for saying that the Floridian journalist had an "agenda," when she interviewed Joe Biden and labeling him a Marxist. On LKL she admitted her husband had been a former GOP strategist. So yes, she most asuredly had an agenda and you could certainly tell by her distainful attitude and deliverance when she questioned Biden about, Barack's tax proposal, and "spreading the wealth." In which Biden replied,"Are you joking?" Her response,"No, I am not." (I wonder who put her up to that????)
At least Anderson was, the first to call it what it was, AN AGENDA!

Anonymous said...

Phebe, how did you know I have an Anderson hand and finger fetish. LOL There is just something about them. WOW. Loved watching him eat the chips last night. I wonder if he remembers that we can see him do so.

I really enjoyed last night show, but I think it was because I liked the panel they had on. No talking over each other.

Anonymous said...

Phebe; this is not meant as a criticism and it probably will not get posted but here's the thing. I realize this is your blog, but there are times when I find some of the comments that get posted about anderson irritating.....like the length of his fingers. Now please. I know you don't like it when you are referred to as a "fan girl blog," and I too admire Anderson, but when you dis political posts for fan girl posts, it is irritating, and annoying and unbecoming to the subject.

Phebe said...

@anonymous 5:48, what can I say, it was a slow day and that seemed to be what caught people's interest. Personally I don't get it, but then it's not always about me.

I do think that people are weary of politics and look for anything out of the ordinary to comment on.