Saturday, October 25, 2008

AC Dancin'...Kinda

Backstage at MTV special. Photos from

I missed the MTV special Friday night but based on Phebe's description, the "Back from the Battle" special on Saturday night was much more interesting. Backstage, Anderson interviews Michael Ware, Sanjay Gupta, Robin Meade, and several veterans. If you missed it you can catch it again Sunday night at 8:00PM ET.

Anderson keeps saying he doesn't dance. I beg to differ. He kinda danced in this clip from The Mole II.

And, I did find this transcript of Anderson talking to Michael Stipe after they watch the REM video where Michael Stipe plays an anchor.

COOPER: How did you enjoy being an anchor?
STIPE: It was nerve-racking.
COOPER: Was it really?
STIPE: It was harder than I thought.

COOPER: You're just saying that.
STIPE: No it was tough. It's a tough job.
COOPER: Does this mean maybe I get to come and perform one night.
STIPE: Can you sing?
STIPE: Play guitar?
STIPE: Drums?
STIPE: Dance?
COOPER: I've been known to cut a rug from time to time.
STIPE: You could be the dancer. You could be a dancer, that would be good.
COOPER: I could be the dancer? All right, stick around and we'll do "The Current" right now and talk a little pop culture. I'll try not to offend you in this.

Does anyone remember Paula Zahn saying Anderson was a great dancer? I can't find the quote but I recall hearing it somewhere.

I read somewhere a couple of years ago that Anderson's idea of dancing at a concert consists of moving his head up and down to the beat of the music. Here are a couple of pics of Anderson at the Scissor Sister's concert found on Flickr. Based on his body language he ain't dancin' too much.

Take a guess at whose legs are Anderson's

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ACAnderFan said...

The 360 special was fantastic. The best special I have seen in along time. Snajay, Michael, Gary Tuchman and Robin Meade all did wonderful jobs. The special really makes you appreciate even more all the soldiers do.

LOL! He does kind of dance in that clip. I think that is as close to dancing as we will ever see him.

Anderson cutting a guess is that, that goes on in the privacy of his own home.

aries moon said...

Back from the Battle was really well done, you really got a good sense of what the troops and veterans are experiencing in their lives and their struggles. One of the highlights was when AC said he'd give that Columbia student a recommendation - it's obvious that AC has a deep respect for the people who are serving our country. It was great seeing Michael Ware again.

Anderson really doesn't want to be caught dancing, so I hope he doesn't go out to clubs - if someone can catch him going into a subway and walking to work at the TWC and post it on YouTube, then someone just might capture him dancing somewhere and post that too.....

Kristien said...

I've just finished watching the 360special and I really liked it.
I wish that I could have seen the MTV concert too, because the acts sounded good to me! (Justin Timberlake, Kanye West, Kid Rock, etc...good music!)

That clip from The Mole is a bit weird and funny, but I wouldn't call that dancing, not even "kinda dancing", lol.

Anonymous said...

First of all,I am SOOOO envious AND jealous of those lucky,lucky people in those photos with Anderson!LOL

I love that MOLE 2 clip...

I remember reading what Paula said about Anderson's dancing...

if we ONLY had proof!

Didn't Anderson ALSO tell Larry King once,that he could ''cut a rug''?
I think it was during a time Larry had some of the Dancing With The Stars on(Larry danced with Cheryl Burke,I think)....

it was during the toss to 360....

they could have only been making conversation, I guess...

our Mr.Cooper has been known to fib a bit,hasn't he?LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh,are those Anderson's legs on the right side of the pic?

cactuskid said...

I missed the MTV special, but saw the "Back From the Battle" special last night and it was real good. I particularly liked Michael Ware's and Sanjay's pieces. That guy was really lucky to have Sanjay there to operate on his injury and also, lucky that it turned out so well. Looked like that field hospital wasn't even set up for that type of injury/surgery. My heart pretty much melted when Anderson offered to write a letter of recommendation for that vet last night and the guy had a surprised look on his face like he couldn't believe it. Was very sweet, but that is something that I can see Anderson doing. He's such a sweet guy. My thanks goes out to all of our service people for all they have done and especially for our disabled vets. my heart goes out for all they have and will continue to go thru.

Quitty, I've heard of that quote by Paula Zahn of her stating Anderson is a good dancer, but don't know where it is; somewhere in the archives I'm sure. I think they all had attended a function somewhere and she danced with him and afterwards she made that statement. I bet Anderson "slow dances" very well. I can't imagine Miss Gloria not teaching her sons the social graces.

QuotidianEditorialist said...

Quite simply "Back From The Battle" was stellar - Anderson at his best. I am totally watching it again tonight. You could just see how passionate he was about the subject and how much he enjoyed being there with the vets. If you missed it, please make certain you catch it today. You will not be sorry.

DL Hughley's show was fantastic too. Another must see. He is funny and intelligent. I say that we get all of the ATA staff and bloggers together and go to see a taping. How much fun would that be? Maybe we can all take turns sitting in the anchor chair? LOL. Oooh! Fun!

I have my own feelings on Anderson and the dancing thing. I feel certain that he is perfectly capable of "cutting a rug" as it were. But if you ask me it is dignified. I could totally see him doing a waltz, or some other completely old fashioned dance. JMHO. He is not without his talents. =)

Anonymous said...

Anderson and Carter probably had formal dancing lessons. They probably other kinds of lessons I wouldn't be surprised, like finishing school for boys.

I hope this isn't inappropriate, but I find it rather odd that Anderson (and Gloria) is never asked about or never mentions his half-brother that is still with the family, like he doesn't exist. But perhaps he wants his privacy and Anderson puts it to interviewers that that is not to be asked about. I know Gloria has written about them in the past in her books, but in all the interviews that Anderson has given, rarely mentioned.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't call it dancing either. Skipping? I dunno. He was very giddy!

I'm sure Anderson denies it because he knows people were going to try to make him dance on television. Didn't work, obviously. *grin*

Didn't he say something about how he doesn't dance at concerts because he never knows if you're supposed to dance or watch and listen? I thought so, but I can't find the exact quote... :/

Phebe said...

@anonymous 11:21,
Anderson has two half brothers, Stan and Chris. If they aren't mentioned by AC it could be because that is their wish. I know that once we mentioned one of the brothers and some activity that they were involved in. We got some rather negative feedback from the brother. (Notice I'm being purposely vague because we will respect their privacy since it is obviously their wish.)
It's important to realize that until you have the whole story it isn't a good idea to speculate too much. I have been guilty of this myself and I try not to repeat my mistakes.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your reply, Phebe, at 12:06, wasn't really trying to speculate (guess it sounds like that) but given that the Gloria made the family so public it is natural to wonder.

Anderson not knowing what to do at a concert - he is a little silly. Most concerts you can dance however you want. But he is recognizable so I can understand him being self-conscious.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree Anderson's special last night was great. I am so glad he did this.

I wonder how long before Anderson shows up on DL Hughley's show? Ali Velisi was on and so was Josh Levins, so I figure Anderson will show up sooner or later. JMO

Anonymous said...

Love the little ''hop,skip,and a jump''Anderson does in that MOLE clip!

Does anyone know if there were TWO DIFFERENT cover versions of BEST LIFE?

One with Anderson wearing a jacket,and the other,the one without the jacket(that is the one I have).

I have heard of,and seen,the one of him WEARING a jacket being for sale,and it is quite expensive....

well,shipping that is.

Kristien said...

@Pati: I'm totally up for that!

Did you guys turn back the clock last night to Winter time?
I would have to change the settings on my VCR for my 360 tapings if you didn't, so it would be nice to know :D

Quitty said...

@kristien...We change our clocks back 1 hour next Saturday night, November 1st.

Kristien said...

@Quitty: thanks for letting me know. So I need to change it from 4am to 3am, I think...I'm no good at this, lol.

Phebe said...

@kristien, I usually remember with the phrase 'Spring ahead, Fall back'. So you are right you need to change your timer back next weekend.

Kristien said...

@Phebe: I'll try to remember that phrase, thanks.
Why can't everyone just switch the same night, that would make it a lot less confusing for the people that tape live US shows!

Anonymous said...

I remember Paula Zahn saying that Anderson was a smooth dancer. She said they had danced together at the 2004 Inauguration of Bush.
Last year, I found a flyer at the local post office for a soldiers' support group called Soldiers' Angels.
It is a nationwide group that makes blankets for hospitalized soldiers as well as other support stuff.
here is the address:
It's one little thing we can all do to help out.

Em said...

Gotta love Anderson's little “happy, happy, joy, joy” dance on the Mole! As far as Paula's comment goes, if I am remembering correctly, she was asked who was the best dancer between LK, Wolf, and Anderson and she said Anderson...or something like that ;0) He reminds me of my brothers. My mother made sure they could all pull off a presentable waltz and we had dance lessons in elementary school. As teenagers, they were all pretty good dancers. As adults, all five claim they can't dance. I sure wish I had video's…might make good blackmail material when I need a car repair etc!! I would bet Anderson is very careful where he dances given that he kind of threw down the gauntlet by refusing to dance with Kelli. I’m pretty sure Kelli hasn’t seen that Mole clip or I have a sneaking suspicion we might have seen it on R&K!