Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Collages, Jack Gray and Blogging 360

Here are two collages from the webcam last night. There was talk of the crew dressing up for Halloween on Friday but who knows if they will or if Anderson will participate? Someone on the Live Blog suggested that Anderson dress up as Wolf Blitzer, which I think would be hilarious. Erica also mentioned we might see her AC impression again.

I also wanted to bring up that Jack Gray, the now infamous humours 360 Blogger, said he would try and make an appearance on the Live Webcast on Wednesday night. Hopefully, CNN will put that clip up on their site. You can bet we'll have it here, if possible!

~~Blogging the 360 Blog~~

I don't know if you all have seen the toll-free number that CNN has put out for voters to call in any problems at their polls or not, but here is some info about it from the 360 Blog. What do you all think about this? Do you think CNN is trying to make stories out of nothing or do you think it's good for them to keep a watch on the elections?

See you all tomorrow, Tebi B!

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QuotidianEditorialist said...

Hi TediB!

Wow, thanks for those collages. Now I finally got to see Anderson hoovering down the chips! Bless you. How cute is that?

I can just imagine that his laptop is covered with greasy fingerprints - which reminds me of the video where the Dr. tested his office for germs! Yuck! I seem to recall that the good Dr. asked if Anderson ever washes his hands. LOL. Can you imagine the paw prints on that desk when he is done? Ah, that's funny!

This week brings us great things to look forward to: Jack's appearance on the webcast tomorrow and the possibilty that the 360 crew is in costume Friday night. I swear I will pee if they do that. Anderson as WolfBot? OMG I love it! My thought was that they should ALL dress as the same pundit. A whole show of Gerg's or Toob's? My God that is classic!

Anonymous said...

Um Anderson try the beer flavored chips from Whole Foods they are to die for. There's a whole grocery store full of healthy things to eat in the TWC basement and AC chooses vending machine food - typical bachelor far away from a microwave.

I loved when the one crew member brought something for Anderson to watch at his desk and he seemed to get a real kick out of it - the crew Halloween party he didn't attend?

Thanks Tedi B the collage is great.

Anonymous said...

The poor little tinker. All alone there eating his little dinner.

aries moon said...

I love the shot of Anderson snarfing down the chips!

Anonymous said...

I bet everybody shows up in a costume, the crew, and Anderson does not.

Quitty said...

The chip pics are hilarious. Love the captions.

Kristien said...

Thanks for the collages Tedi. Seeing Anderson stuff himself with chips makes me feel less guilty about doing that too, lol.

Seeing moving pictures of Jack should be great, now we only need to hope that they post it!

I'm going on a short break this Friday, so I'll have to wait and see if Anderson's in costume untill Monday. Maybe they can all dress up as Joe The Plumber, lol.

Mila said...

Great collages(especially the first one...It rocks!So cute,so funny so surrealistic!)lol.
Thanks Tedi B.
I always like your remarks.lol.

Anonymous said...

Carol Costello has moved to American Morning? Think I saw her name on the program lineup there this morning.