Thursday, October 30, 2008

Jib Jab

Here are the webcam caps from yesterday. There was a visit from Jack Gray on the webcast last night. I'm keeping my eyes open on the CNN video to see if it should be posted. I'll let you all know if I can get it.

This is a great clip from JibJab. They usually do a video every election year and this year's is just as great as the previous ones. You can also personalize your videos with your own face or someone else's. It's a lot of fun.

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I'll be back tomorrow, have a great night! Tedi B.

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aries moon said...

Wow, Anderson still bites his nails? I'll never forget his Details column about that - I thought he might've conquered the habit by now, poor AC!

Anonymous said...

Yea, nail biting to Anderson is a serious business. A fine art.

Kristien said...

They must have run out of chips if he's chewing on his nails, lol.
Every time I see someone biting their nails, I feel like smacking them on their hand. Eww.

Great collages tonight Tedi! Thanks.

Keeping my fingers crossed for the Jack Gray Webcast!

Anonymous said...

Looking ahead, now that the election will be over next week:

Are there any appearances by Anderson coming up for PIP in November like there were last year? Though he really hasn't been involved much like last years, just the sharks and Africa.

And for New Years: if he has a co-host: I hope Kathy Griffin does not co-host again. Erica is not a good for that, not the type for it.

Anonymous said...

Tedi – the Jib Jab Clip was absolutely hilarious! I’ve seen a few of them before and they are absolutely brilliantly done! & they are “tongue in cheek true comments for the most part!”

Anonymous said...

I can help Anderson with his nailbiting. He should get a thin, clear mouthpiece at that he would insert when he gets the urge to bite his nails. This would not keep him from working, talking, and most would not notice. A nailbitestopper can be carried in his pocket, and will prevent the bite.