Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Anderblue Martinis for Everyone!

Wow, ATA's birthday really snuck up on me this year. Another year full of fun, new friends and changes. I am in a state of constant amazement at how we've grown and how we've evolved. I also greet each anniversary with a little sadness knowing that the party won't go on forever. But for now we will raise our Anderblue martini glasses high into the air and drink to the beginning of our 4th year.

And as a special birthday present (humor me) we finally have pictures of Mr. Cooper sans clothing. Try not to drool on your computer and enjoy.

And a few screengrabs just to brighten everyone's day. (click to enlarge)

Anderson's interview with Michael Phelps will air on Sunday night on 60 Minutes. To see additional portions of AC's report visit the CBS site.

And it seems a bit anticlimactic....but onto Tuesday's AC360.

Soledad O'Brien was again in the anchor chair for Tuesday's AC360. I always enjoy the program with Soledad at the helm, but with turkey day fast approaching, and a house full of company, I'm going to do a quick rundown of the night. I will warn you that the next few nights will be much the same. Anderson Cooper isn't the only one who deserves some time off!

• Ed Henry reported on the Obama transition events of the day.
• Ali Velshi talked Bailout again. The numbers are beyond comprehension.
• Raw Politics was a discussion with David Gergen, Candy Crowley and Velshi.
• Tom Foreman did a 'Keeping Them Honest' segment on what programs PE Obama will axe.
• Randi Kaye subbed for Erica Hill doing the 360 Bulletin.
• Joe Johns did a second 'Keeping Them Honest' on farm subsidies.
• Jeff Toobin was in the NY studio to discuss the 'My Space' suicide case.
• Cheesy Obama plate commercial runs again. Please don't anyone buy one!
• Erica Hill did a report on Obama Mania and how it impacts the Inauguration.

So there you have it, 360 in shorthand. I'm sure most of you are so stunned by the shirtless Anderson Cooper pics that you didn't even remember that there was an AC360 on Tuesday!

A few quick notes before I head off to bake my orange cranberry bread for Thanksgiving dinner.

• CNN will air Extreme Challenges: President Obama at 6:00pm (ET) on Thursday and again at 5 PM (ET) on Saturday. I think this is either a repeat or a repackaging of a previous special. It is described as 'Anderson Cooper delves into the challenges Obama faces once he becomes President'.

• CNN Heroes will air on Thanksgiving night, then again on Friday at 10 PM (ET) and Saturday and Sunday at 8 PM (ET).

• If you loved the AC tee shirt he was wearing in the pictures on Cyn's post yesterday here is the link to purchase them.

♥ On a personal note, I would like to wish our old friend PurpleTie a very Happy Birthday today. Those of you long time readers will remember PT was our first team member. She's gone on to bigger and better things and we wish her all the best on her special day.

My kitchen is calling my name, I must get back to baking. Have a great Wednesday and I hope to see you back here soon. ~Phebe

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Anonymous said...

Happy Anniverasary ATA! I've been a reader since 2006. You definitely are a good source of everything Anderson, who I adore so much. My day is never complete without visiting the site. Wow, we're now on to our fourth year. I think ATA will go on as long as there are Anderfans!

Thanks for posting the screencaps and the clip.

Anonymous said...


Keep up the fabulous work!

Anonymous said...

im overwhelmed by this 60 minutes clip. god bless 60 minutes. doing what kelly ripa has been trying to do all these years- finding an excuse to make manderson take it off! love it.

ACAnderFan said...

Happy birthday PurpleTie!!! I used to love her posts.

Happy Anniversary ATA!!!

I think I need the naughty chair now after seeing pics of shirtless Anderson. He looks amazing!

Honestly when I saw the clip I was surprised he raced Micahel Phelps. I thought the days of shirtless AC were over. I figured the tanning video of AC would be the last time we saw him shirtless. I am so glad I was wrong.

I'm going back to the naughty chair now.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary and thanks for the efforts of all those involved in maintaining this site. Even sneaky photographers at the airport, love you too...

While the whole swimming action man thing was.. er.. heart warming, I did expect his pecs and abs to be a bit more defined, given he has killer biceps. Ander-in-Tight-T-shirts.

Maybe it just highlights that under the suit and hype there is a total package of intellectual & emotional & physical real person that keeps us coming back for more. cheers for another 4 years...

Anonymous said...

This has definetely become one of my favorite sites. Thanks for all of the great info and time spent getting it to us. Swimming clips are my favs!

Happy Anniversary.....

Kristien said...


Wow, time flies when you're having fun, I can't believe that this is the second ATA birthday I'm celebrating. I sure do hope that I'll be around for many, many more Birthdays, because I really LOVE ATA!!
Hip, Hip Hooray for Phebe, Cyn, BA, Sapphire, Quitty and Tedi B and thank you for all the hard work you ladies do for keeping us posted every single day!

Also a Happy B-day to PT!!

Thanks for the clip and the pics :D

Tedi B said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ATA! You're getting better every year. Thanks for all the hard work.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to ATA! Wow! that is fast last minute! Whew! I can't wait see him next Sunday interview with Michael Phelps on CBS..... Michael is so awesome swimmer...... he won 8 times at row of Olympics last August! That will be fun to watch! See you later!

Anonymous said...

Awww, the little guy in his bathing suit - he is still skinny !!! How cute, and even with the working out he's been doing, but looks like just on his arms and chest.

How did you know to screen cap in still? As though you thought someone really wanted to look at that?

Anonymous said...

Andy in the pool?? *drools* I think I can die now. I'm not going to be able to get those images outta my thoughts now. Can't wait for Sunday. Thank you for posting.


Delie said...

Happy Birthday to ATA (and to Purple Tie ;-))
Thank you for all your hard work on this site! You cannot imagine how many times you have made my day!

Em said...

I can think of absolutely nothing to say about the video or first few pictures that would cause me to look like anything resembling a mature adult woman so I plead the 5th!

Can't believe it is that time of year again. Happy Birthday ATA! Thanks so much to the ATA crew and most especially to Phebe for enriching my life the last few years. Oh my does time fly. Seems just like yesterday I discovered a group of people who didn't think being obsessed with AC was totally certifiable!

Happy Birthday also to PT. I think of you on the rare occassion Anderson wears his PT. Don't worry though, the new bloggers are doing a great job keeping up the ATA legacy.

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and aren't left alone to eat you Cocoa Krispies with your menthol smoking doggy! Take Care in your travels! Happy Thanksgiving!

ACAnderFan said...

How is it that Anderson swims and his hair still looks perfect. He must use glue instead of hair gel...LOL!

Anonymous said...

@Phebe and all of ATA: HAPPY 3RD! I am newcomer, but these last months of being able to share all about Anderson with so many of his equally devoted fans has been very important to my mental health! You all do such a fabulous job in compiling this whole thing - on a daily basis. Wow! I, too, am sad to think of the day when following Anderson will be more difficult, because he's moved on. But that's not now, so keep 'im comin'! As Pebbles 1:09 said, "ATA will go on as long as there are Anderfans!" and we all know that will be FOREVER.

For some reason the link to the t-shirt comes up Page Not Found. I would love to have one.

Thanks for the screen grabs - they blow up too blurry to save, but the smaller ones are still great. Will those taken directly off the broadcast been better?

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there! I think we can all rest assured that our Andy is having a wonderful time, and I know we all await his return with great anticipation. O

Phebe said...

Sorry about the tee shirt link, I just fixed it.

And sorry to Cyn, I forgot to thank her for help with the embed!

It's so great to hear from all of you sending anniversary wishes. Makes us feel very appreciated. Thanks!

snooks said...

Happy Anniversary ATA - you are great and I certainly appreciate all your hard work

To all - the naughty chair area has been expanded to accomodate the crowd

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Nebraska Fan said...

Happy Birthday ATA! I agree with Em - it was nice to meet other people who also thought AC was a wonderful journalist and person and didn't think I was crazy for sitting in front of the tv every night and refusing to answer the phone. I love getting to know all of the other people on the sight (please, anonymous bloggers, add your name!) Thanks for everything the writers do, and especially Phebe who has patiently answered any questions I have had.

Everyone have a great Thanksgiving. Em read Jack Gray's post, but for anyone who didn't, he said at his house, Thanksgiving is another name for "Xanax Appreciation Day". That guy is great.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Phebe for fixing the T-shirt link. I ordered Men's XXL, which should fit me like a muumuu, and will become my sleep shirt.

Oh! No! what was that horrible sound! - Oh - it was the naughty bleachers (stadium, by now) collapsing under the weight of thousands of drooling Ander"fish" Fans. O

aries moon said...

Happy Anniversary ATA, all of the hard work you all do daily with the 360 recaps, clips and pics is very much appreciated.

I thought for sure I posted a comment last night, but now that I think of it, the photos of AC half-naked must've distracted me from hitting the submit button. He actually did pretty good swimming against the younger Phelps - he's certainly not going to beat a multi-gold medalist, but Anderson appears to be in great shape and a fairly fast swimmer.

It's good to hear that Purple Tie is doing well.

Mila said...

You re one of my lovely ones site!
Thanks for the excellent work ladie
Thanks for all...
Love you all!

Anonymous said...

Very gutsy for Anderson to swim with Michael Phelps. I can't imagine any of the other 60 Minutes guys stripping down to trunks and showing off their physiques... nor would I want to.

Anderson has a great body; pale but pale is good, it works on him.

Happy Birthday, ATA. I found your site via Peter's ACE site (sadly gone but not forgotten). I'm glad there is a place for us even if that place is the increasingly crowded naughty bleachers.


Anonymous said...

Anyone know who will be subbing tonight (Wednesday)?

Anonymous said...

Soledad is back again tonight

Anonymous said...

Congrats ATA for your 4th birthday. I have come here everyday, but don't always post, but I love reading what everyone thinks about our Anderson. You all do a great job.

I love the 60 Minutes video and can't wait to see the rest of it.

Happy Birthday to Purple Tie and I hope she is doing well. We miss her post, but all the new people that you have added do a great job on their post.

Anderson does deserve the time off, I am just ready to see him again. ha ha

Wonder if he wishes he was around to cover the Breaking News in India. No one does breaking news as well as Anderson.

Again great site and keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

Phebe: Even though I don't always agree with you, your site is still insiteful and refreshingly interesting. May you have many more birthdays to celebrate.
Thank you for the screencaps and the clip, even though we really don't see all that much of AC...the rest is left for the imagination. And yes, he seems to be a very good swimmer. Not too many would even dare swim along side a champion.

Anonymous said...

Soledad continues to do a great job, reporting some of the worst economic news ever. I especially like how she paces the show. She doesn't linger and moves from one segment to the other with ease.

Anonymous said...

Yes. I like Soledad.

And I liked that they had Miles sub for Wolf yesterday - didn't see today, did he sub for him again today? He is great - it's been awhile since he has been in an anchor chair and he just jumped right in and seemed pretty knowledgeable about everything.

I see he has been doing some UFO segments for AM.

It makes me sick that he had all but disappeared from the airwaves.

copperfish said...

What a treat on your 4th year anniversary! Wow, it's already an achievement in itself to have gone that long. Even it scarcely comment I still regularly checked this site for news about him. You ladies are doing great!

Phebe said...

@anonymous 8:07, Miles has agreed to do a q & a with us at All Things CNN. If you or anyone have any questions for Miles send them to allthingscnn@gmail.com

cactuskid said...

Happy Birthday ATA! Thanks for all the posts and hard work over the years! Time sure does fly by when you're having a good time.

Happy Birthday, Purple Tie! Sure do miss your posts and hope all is well in your life.

The video of Anderson swimming with Michael Phelps is amazing and he did such a good job keeping up, but who could beat Michael? Anderson's been working out those shoulders and chest muscles, hasn't he? Very handsome man. I noticed acanderfan that that hair in front didn't seem to fall either! LOL!

Anonymous said...

What a terrible world Barack Obama has inherited. I truly don't know why anyone would want the Presidency, but George W. sure gave Barack a real mess to handle. I can't help but wonder if we hadn't invaded the WRONG country, would we be saddled with such a deficit and terrorism in peaceful places like India? No wonder Barbara Bush had an ulcer. She gave birth to an idiot!
On a lighter note, Erica did a fine job during the emergency airing. Maybe she wouldn't have to do those meaningless webcasts or show us how to bake pies in August on The Morning Show, any longer.