Saturday, November 29, 2008

Anderson At CNN Heroes

Hi everyone. I hope you have had a good week. I know it has seemed like a long week between it being Anderless and with what is happening in India this is one week I am glad to see come to an end. Even though Anderson was not on live with us this week, he did grace our screens on Thursday with the airing of the 2nd CNN Heroes. I clipped the opening of the show. Anderson had a cute moment…..very award show host like.

Book Asylum also came across a couple of videos that were on

I grabbed a few screen caps of Anderson throughout the night’s festivities. Hope they hold you over until 60 Minutes on Sunday.

For more on the CNN Heroes program you can check out my ATC post from Thursday.

Anderson will be making two appearances on Live with Regis and Kelly. Anderson will be on Thursday, December 11th & Friday, December 12th. According to interbridge, it looks like Anderson will be a guest on the Thursday (most likely promoting Planet in Peril: Battle Lines which airs that night) and co-hosting on Friday which will make it quite interesting.

Happy Birthday to Patti Mc who is celebrating her birthday on Saturday. Have a piece of Andercake on us from ATA

Have a great week everyone and I will see you all again and hopefully Anderson as well next Friday ~ Sapphire

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Anonymous said...

On your site All Things CNN someone made the comment that a veteran should have been nominated. I couldn't agree more and this is a serious omission on CNN's part. How can you be considered a serious news channel and leave out our military? Are they not considered every day Heroes? We often give lip service to our military and then walk the red carpet with "celebrities" that have no real concern for any issues other than promoting themselves. I'm also surprised that Anderson,a journalist, who covered many war zones, didn't give this issue more consideration on behalf of true heroism. After India, and our 9/11, this is very sad.

ACAnderFan said...

YAY! Anderson will be co-hosting Regis&Kelly. I prefer him to
co-host rather than be a guest, but it should be interesting if he's a guest on thursday and co-host on friday.

I still haven't managed to see Heroes. I'm busy tonite so hopefully I can catch it sunday nite. If not I am sure it will be on some other time and I can catch it then.

I'm kind of surprised that AC hasn't cut his vacation short to cover the story coming out of India. Hopefully though he will be back monday rested and refreshed.

aries moon said...

Heroes has turned into a fantastic venture for CNN - all of the Heroes were just so amazing and hearing about what they've accomplished was a great way to spend Thanksgiving - it certainly makes you want to do more to help others. Anderson was a wonderful, classy host, very polished and funny at times and the audience gave him a warm response when he walked out onto the stage. Alicia, John and Christina's performances were excellent and I was happy with the decision of the Hero of the Year even though all were totally deserving. I don't know how this year's show will do ratings-wise, but whatever the ratings, I hope CNN continues with Heroes.

Kristien said...

I haven't watched it yet, I've been saving it for tonight.

Thanks for those 2 clips from, I like the way he looks into the camera and smiles in the still of the first one.

There was a show similar to Heroes on TV overehere last night, "The Pride Of Flanders". It had categories like "The best neighbours" and an entire street won that one because they helped to rebuild one family's house after it burned down. Very moving show to watch!

Happy Birthday Patti MC!!! I hope you have a great day!
(and congrats on winning yesterday, lol)

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys for the clips of Anderson at CNN Heros. I wasn't able to watch it on thursday night but, I'm so glad that they're gonna repeat it tonight and t'morrow night.

...Never get enough of Anderson...

QuotidianEditorialist said...

Thanks for the bday shout out. I love the cake!

Awesome post Sapphire. I love the videos of Anderson at the Heroes show. He was funny! Caps are awesome too. Although I liked last years show better, and prefer that it be held in NYC, I did enjoy the Heroes and their stories. What an incredible inspiration they are!

Anonymous said...

Must be nice to be one of the chosen few to have your birthday recognized by ATA. Then there are those of us who have been loyal readers, who just don't count.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 12.52 How I understood it was, the CNN Heroes award is meant as an award for a civilian doing extrordinary things, not the military, so nobody in service won a CNN Heroes award because they weren't eligible for one.
Just like those who didn't win, that doesn't mean they aren't heroic, in this case it's just not the point of the award, or the show. They're not leaving the military out of the entire news channel.

(Anderson didn't pick the winners of the award himself, he was just presenting. The winners were chosen by a panel, from those the Hero of the Year was chosen by online voting.)

Does anyone know if CNN Heroes is being aired on CNNi as well? It sounds quite interesting. If anyone knows, I'd love to hear about it, thanks. :)

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed Heroes 2008. The candidates for
heroes were submitted by the public and people
went on line and voted. Kudos to CNN for giving
props to ordinary citizens. It gives me hope for

Anonymous said...

The Heroes award show was (with the exception of Alecia Keys) an engrossing experience; all the Heroes were totally worthy of their recognition. But let me just say, all it boiled down to the AnderHug that the Hero of the Year received from our boy! Are there any of us who wouldn't walk across coals or broken glass to receive such an obviously heart-felt, genuinely warm hug from Anderson? No? I thought not. That, alone is inspiring.

To Anonymous 12:25 am (11/29): CNN does not choose the Heroes who are nominated - the world-wide public does. It's an award which is specificaly designed for those persons - like the 10 who won - who are not affiliated with any organization (save their own), who toil in obscurity without expectation of reward or recompense. Our military members DO deserve recognition, and they ARE brave, and real heroes, on a daily basis. But the categories of activity are entirely different. Not everything in the world need revolve around the conflict of warring parties and the admiration of military might. One person, making a difference, can often move mountains, and without a shot fired. Thank you CNN, for recognizing that - and them.

Maren In Oregon

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Patti!
Happy Belated Birthday, Phebe!
Happy Thanksgiving Weekend, Everybody!

I've been away from my computer for two days - was up north for the holiday - and I feel so out of the loop.

Thanks for the "Shaken and Stirred" clips. Now that my wish to see Anderson swimming has been granted, now I really want to see him host the CNN Oscar Red Carpet show. He'll never ask "Who are you wearing?" but just say "You look pretty." and be done in four seconds and spend the rest of the time eating french fries.

Anderson is still on the schedule to be on the Late Show with David Letterman on Monday, Dec. 8. I know Anderson won't be as giggly as he is with Kelly Ripa but he seems to like to talk with Dave, judging from his other times on the show.


Anonymous said...

Anon 12:52 I understand what you are saying, but the CNN show was for the "every day" heroes who get no recognition. The US military are already really revered by the American populace, there was just an MTV/CNN event honouring them, and there is already an award/recognition structure in place in the military. The troops are trained so not exactly "every day" and the military is huge so it would be hard to single one out in a fair way. It would also be awkward because the awards are international, so you have all the armies and veterans of the world to consider as candidates.

I don't think it's necessarily fair to say veterans have "true heroism" over and above everyone else. They receive orders and get pay and benefits from their deeds. In some ways in my opinion it is more noble to see the people CNN picked who did everything on their own initiative, came up with their own ideas and brought them to life, and sacrificed their own time and resources without hope of any repayment.

Kristien said...

@anon 1:43: CNN Int. aired the Heroes show 3 times on Friday, but I don't know if they'll air it again next week. You can check the scedule on, but you'll have to wait untill Monday to see next week's scedule.

Anonymous said...

@Maren in Oregon: Many military men toil in obscurity and then toil some more unrecognized when they have finished their reign of terror. They come home to a country
that often does not praise their efforts and no, one person cannot change the world....well maybe Bill Gates, and he's getting his recognition by well deserved mucho dineros, and not by Anderhugs.

Em said...

As the spouse of a veteran, I do wish CNN would focus a little more on our soldiers especially those in Iraq and Afghanistan. In fact, I recently sent a comment asking if tAC360 might consider focusing a little more on our two wars now that the elections are over. That being said, I understand the viewing audience nominated the CNN heroes so it seems we only have ourselves to blame if we feel they were left out. Rather than taking anything away from the heroes honored on Thursday, maybe we should send in feedback suggesting that CNN begin a weekly feature about one of the extraordinary men or women in the military...just a thought.

I thought the special was very good. Better this year. Something interesting happened in my family. Everyone was napping yesterday and I turned on the Heroes Special that I had recorded. I think I have told most of you several times that I am surrounded by a family of men who are major sports nuts. As I was watching the program, my husband and son got up from their naps and started watching with me. One of my brothers then came in the room and switched the channel to a ball game. My husband and son both yelled, "hey, were watching that!" Pretty funny given the crowd. The special people honored by CNN even managed to spark interest and uncover the sensitivity lurking under the surface of my testosterone driven brood! I was impressed! Seems like these days we can all use a few "ordinary" heroes.

Nebraska Fan said...


Several months ago the ATA staff asked everyone to send in their birthdays so they could be individually recognized. I am guilty in that I haven't sent mine in yet as I'm sure many others haven't either. So send them in so we have more excuses for even more Andercake!

Anonymous said...

@Em Thank you for your objectivity in reference to the lack of recognition given our veterans and their every day experiences and heroic efforts. A little gratitude can and should be afforded them after all the neglect and lack of opportunities facing veterans when they return from their tours of active duty, sometimes consective tours at that.
I do not have a family member who is a veteran, but from the responses I've received, this certainly is a concern that CNN should take into consideration.
I also read about your encounter with AC and mine was not as memorable and your husband seemed just terrific. You are a very lucky lady!! anon 12:52 AM

aries moon said...

What about the Back From Battle special Anderson did for current troops and veterans? That was only a couple of months ago. I think AC has a strong interest and concern for the people who are serving the country and I don't think he would ever want to be seen as slighting them.