Thursday, November 27, 2008


We'd like to wish Phebe a very Happy Birthday!!

Quitty,Cyn,Sapphire,BA,& Tedi B.

P.S. Don't drink too many Anderblue Martinis!

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Kristien said...


Lots of love on your Birthday Phebe!!! xxx

Sapphire said...


I hope you enjoy your birthday and turkey day surrounded by family and friends

Anonymous said...

As we gather around the television on this Thanksgiving Eve, I'd like to give personal thanks to all who did not vote for the the McCain/Palin ticket. I know, I know, you will say enough already about her and his disasterous choice, but can you just imagine this team surveying the carnage in India and asking why? No, that's wrong too. I'm assuming that Ms Palin is able to find a map and locate India because she can't see it from her house and her mate, the hero, has to have time to find his reading glasses while those under 50 fill him in with the "bloody details." Just imagine if this lame, preposterous team of incompetents had won. Would we feel safe? I don't feel particularly safe now but at least I can give thanks, that I voted for the person who is bright, educated, quick minded and capable of at least knowing that India is a country on a continent known as Asia. That's the least we can ask and expect of our elected officials.
I'd also like to give thanks to Phebe and her team for allowing me to post this, even though it has nothing to do with ATA's Birthday or anderson cooper....or maybe it does.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PHEBE!!!!!!!!!! Hope you had a great birthday and a good turkey day as well.

Thanks to you and all the other ladies for keeping this great blog going.

QuotidianEditorialist said...


We love you! May all your dreams and wishes come true!

Also Happy 4th Anniversary ATA!

Bless all of you girls. to watch Heroes! Cannot wait! Yes, I have Kleenex. =)

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving and are not in turkey comas!

ACAnderFan said...

Happy Birthday Phebe!!! I hope you had a wonderful day!!!

cactuskid said...

Happy Birthday, Phebe and hope you had a good one!

Hope all had a very nice Thanksgiving Day with family and friends.

Leigh said...

aw Phebe I hope you have a great birthday!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Phebe! Hope you had a great day and a Happy Thanksgiving.

Thanks to you and the ladies of ATA! We get to have this site and you update us everyday on AC, which we all Anderfans need.

Phebe said...

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes. I'm grateful that my birthday doesn't fall on Thanksgiving very makes for a very hectic day.

Mila said...

Dear Phebe,My Best Wishes For Your Birthday!
Happiness & All The Best For You & Your Family!
With All My Love & Respect.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to all who give us this wonderful site. Your hard work is much appreciated. This is the only site I check on every day.