Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Breaking News on Thanksgiving Eve

The ATA team would like to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Erica Hill anchored Wednesday's 2 hour edition of AC360. True Breaking News dominated the program, as it did for much of the day.

Barbara Starr (CNN Pentagon correspondent), Paul Cruickshank (NYU Law & Security), John McLaughlin (former director CIA), Ken Robinson (security analyst), Ed Henry, David Gergen, Kelli Arena (CNN justice correspondent), Zain Verjee (CNN State Department correspondent), and Andrew Stevens (on the scene at the Taj Hotel) all provided perspective on the terrorist attack. Erica also talked by phone with several eyewitnesses and a CNN employee (ad sales) who was staying at the hotel. Gary Tuchman did the 360 Bulletin.... I'm assuming from Atlanta judging by the newsroom shot in the background.

I cannot say enough about the excellent job CNN did covering this Break News story all day on Wednesday. Also Erica Hill did a terrific job of holding down the fort while Anderson was on vacation. She more than proved that she is up to the task of substitute anchor.

As promised I've dug deep in the ATA vault and come up with an oldie but goodie. We have shared it once before, but it is just too good not to post again. The program was originally aired on Cinemax in 2004 and features Anderson Cooper and a few friends discussing movies, awards and life. I've divided it into 5 parts that I will post over the next two nights. I wonder if anyone will recognize the setting of this program called 'Spoken and Stirred'? Enjoy. ~Phebe

Part 1

Part 2

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ACAnderFan said...

Erica did a wonderful job last nite anchoring 360 with all the breaking news. I hope her bosses were paying attention becuase she was amazing. Lets hope she'll do more on 360 and anchor more too.

It's so sad whats happening in India. My heart goes out to everyone affected by this horrible tragedy.

Anonymous said...

Phebe: Why is it that men become more attractive as they age, at least some men, and women just get, well, older?? Of course I'm referring to AC from the 2004 clips.
You forgot to ask us that one important question of the day: What are we thankful for? I for one, am thankful that Barack Obama will take over for George W.... and the sooner the better. Please keep him safe and keep us safe as well.

Kristien said...

You're right, Phebe, this is true Breaking News and depressing and sad Breaking News!

Thanks for the clips, it's a really great conversation to watch and they make a lot of good points.
I wonder why Anderson doesn't like Sean Penn...

About the location: I seem to remember some pics of Anderson taken in a place that looked like that. Maybe wearing a turtleneck, but I might be completely wrong, lol.

aries moon said...

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Erica was very impressive in her handling of the breaking news out of Mumbai, hopefully her work Wednesday will silence some of the critics who seem to believe she's incapable of doing any more than the 360 Bulletin.

When Spoken and Stirred was airing back in 2004, I was new to Anderfandom and I didn't know much about AC at the time - with S&S you got to see him in a casual setting discussing various topics, it was an interesting program. Thanks for posting the clips.

Kristien said...

I forgot to wish everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving: Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Anonymous said...

CNN HEROES is finally on tonight,and we get to see our Anderson again after soooo long....god,I miss him.

NO ONE in my opinion,can handle BREAKING NEWS like he can....there is just something,comforting, about seeing him there at the desk or in the field when things are at their worst....

and I so wished and hoped HE had been the one on the show last night....

if he can not be on,I wish we could get Gary Tuchman or Randi Kaye to sub instead.
I WOULD prefer Miles O' Brien get a turn in there,but he had been subbing for Wolf.

I will be so glad when our Mr.Cooper gets back and takes his rightful place in HIS chair once more.Here is hoping he is back on Monday.

Anonymous said...

I been watching the new since since yesterday and all day today keeping up on it and still going. It really unbelievable.

Thanks for posting those videos, those are the best, I love how relaxed Anderson is and you don't see him like that much.
He got his jacket open, and lay back, which if you watch him enough you can tell he alway trying to keep his jacket close and he just like whatever.
Extremely funny too. I have all video on my mp3 player because Anderson is great in it.