Monday, November 24, 2008

Vacation Week and Heroes

Welcome to the start of an Anderson-less week. Which is not to say we don't have any goodies for you... of course we do! But first, let's go through the show highlights. Soledad O'Brien is hosting, possibly for the full week.

Ed Henry is in Chicago, covering the Obama transition. Today we got a couple new appointees, making up the economic portion of the team, which seems to have made the markets very happy. Happy markets are a good thing! They need to get much, much happier to really help us out, though.

The strategy session was David Gergen and Gloria Borger...

...and Ali Velshi. It seems the big question right now, though, is whether the situation will wait until January 20th for some serious work by the next administration. Andy Serwer was on, and his segment was titled "Mission Impossible" -- not giving me a lot of confidence, kids.

Erica Hill did the 360 Bulletin: the jury in the MySpace suicide case start deliberation tomorrow; the mother of the 8-year-old who apparently shot his father and another man is doing a media tour; several men from the FLDS sect who were indicted on various charges have turned themselves in; China's richest man has disappeared.

Every president does the round of pardons right before he leaves office, and Bush started his today. Soledad sums up the list by saying that you've never heard of any of them...

...and Jeffrey Toobin discusses the legal implications.

Randi Kaye does a piece about Michelle Obama and how she will change the image of black women. Soledad speaks with Faye Wattleton.

The Shot was the monkey waiters... it's been on the site all weekend, so I will spare you.

On to the Anderson goodies...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

First of all, the Heroes ceremony was held over the weekend. Some photos of the event:

And a couple of clips from Sunday and this morning. I was kind of surprised that they reveal who was awarded the top prize:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Not sure why I always get the Anderson-in-a-wetsuit videos, but... The PiP clip was another look at the cage-diving shark adventure. Here's the preview clip. You know, I just didn't want anything to go to waste...

And the full PiP clip:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Finally, several anonymous readers sent us copies of these photos of Anderson leaving LAX yesterday. To respect Anderson's privacy, we won't post speculation about his vacation plans, including the obvious ones, so please don't include them in your comment. Wherever he's going, all of us at ATA just hope he has a great Thanksgiving. And if possible, that he has a relaxing week!

Oh, and we LOVE that t-shirt!

Hope everybody in the States has a great Thanksgiving!

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Anonymous said...

I have a dumb question. When you say "...his vacation plans, including the obvious ones," is it obvious in the pictures where he's heading? I must be missing something. I've been looking at the pictures and I know he's holding a passport...but that's it.

Anyway, I hope he has a relaxing vacation. He definitely deserves it!

aries moon said...

It was great to see Soledad in the anchor chair, she hasn't sat in for AC in a long time.

Missed the PIP segment in the second hour so thanks for clipping it.

Love all of the new pics, looking forward to Heroes and glad to see Anderson apparently on his way for some R&R, he looks very handsome in his "everyday" clothes and dang, I want one of those "Defend New Orleans" T-Shirts, it is SO cool.

Kristien said...

Always nice to see Soledad filling in for Anderson, she always does it with a lot of enthousiasm.

The Heroes preview that they showed looks really good, I can't wait to see it. I might need to keep some tissues nearby, because it seems like there are gonna be some emotional moments.

Let's hope that Anderson has a great holiday. (yes, great t-shirt!)
I will say that his suitcase looks rather me anyway, but maybe Anderson doesn't pack his entire wardrobe, hehe.

Thanks Cyn!

Anonymous said...

Hellooo Bloggers!!!
Hope you have wonderful thanksgiving to all of you!
I can't wait see Anderson of Heroes on this Thursday!
Take care! I am thinking maybe you have leftover????? LOL!

Let's hope that Anderson has a great holiday. (yes, great t-shirt!)
I will say that his suitcase looks rather me anyway, but maybe Anderson doesn't pack his entire wardrobe, hehe.

Kristen..... I agree with you too. that is good one t-shirt! that will cool I saw.... Maybe I need one right now!

ACAnderFan said...

Judging by those pics Anderson looks like he really needs a vacation. He looks tired and annoyed in them. I hope he has a wonderful vacation and comes back rested and refreshed.

It was nice to see Soledad in the anchor chair. I can't even remember the last time she anchored.

I was busy reading something on my laptop so I wasn't paying attention as well as I should have been, but from what I saw it was a pretty good program.

Anderson in a wetsuit...I can't wait to see his shark piece on PIP II. They keep teasing us with these wetsuit clips!

Anonymous said...

Wow,he looks very casually dressed in the LAX pics....from what we are used to seeing.
Even a trace of not shaving,by the looks of it!

Dare I even say that ''scruffy Andy'' is back,in those pics?LOL

Either way,he looks awesome.

He DOES look a little angry in those last 2 though!

Aww,I miss him aleady,it is going to be a long week!

Anonymous said...

If I were him I would be annoyed at the paparazzi taking my picture so maybe that's why he looks angry.
Hopefully he'll have a great vacation and come back well rested.

I'm guessing the people at Defend New Orleans will get some great sales this week.

Nebraska Fan said...

Those pictures of him in the airport are great - I love the everyday look. But when you look at some of them and he's looking right at the camera, I actually feel a little guilty because he can't even walk through the airport without someone taking his picture, and I'm staring at them! I know - sounds goofy!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting Andy's pre-vacation pics from LAX. To those who mentioned it - of course he looks a little peeved - how would you like to have every breath you take posted on the Internet?

Even so, for all those who care deeply that Anderson is well, and happy, it was good to see pictures like those.

Not having AC on 360, I was able to explore other options in that time period and - amazingly - I found interesting TV anyway. Can't wait for him to return but, except for Thanksgiving night's broadcast of Heroes, this week will be my "vacation" week as well.

(Except I will be checking ATA for all the fabulous inside info you seem to be able to collect)

Happy Turkey! O

Em said...

Soledad did a great job as usual. Next to John King, she is one of my favorite subs.

You have to wonder how intrusive the people taking the photo's at the airport were being. Most of often when you see Anderson in pictures on the street he either acts like he doesn't see the person or is friendly. I agree, he does look a bit irritated by the whole thing. I love my privacy and can't imagine how annoying it must be to attract attention everywhere you go. Unfortunately(for him)the man is just so darn good looking!

Anonymous said...

Although I can appreciate why Anderson is peeved at people taking his picture, on the other hand this happens to many other famous people a lot. This is his chosen profession, and with his job at CNN, all the mag covers and interviews and photo ops and appearances on R&K, he has become increasingly popular and famous.

So in one sense, yes, he deserves his privacy, but on the on other hand he should know that he is not always going to get it and what does he expect.

snooks said...

Check out the great videos of Anderson's Michael Phelps interview on 60 Minutes - Anderson is swimming!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG! There is a clip of Anderson swimming with Michael Phelps for his 60 minutes piece on right now.

It is fantastic! Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

that new orleans t-shirt is very nice; but it's a distraction for the papparazzi

Anonymous said...


ladies,drop everything,and go to the 60 Minutes site.....

it should come up to the Michael Phelps story(airing this weekend!)


and be prepared to die from hotttness,and I don't know what else......


sorry ATA gals,I have to go pass out now!!!


Anonymous said...

I hope Anderson has a nice relaxing vacation somewhere peaceful and secluded.

My computer's been a little flaky, maybe something happened to the e-mail I sent to ATA administrator over the weekend.
I wrote in because I found out from the Letterman newsgroup that Anderson is scheduled to be on The Late Show with David Letterman on Monday, Dec. 8.
Even if the appearance might not be considered set in stone yet, the newsgroup guy was pretty certain and it make sense in terms of Anderson promoting the PiP special.


Anonymous said...

I just sent you the alert about Anderson and the 60 minutes video:

I am so incoherent after watching it,I do not know WHAT I typed:

the name of the video is ''an uneven race''.....


Anonymous said...

Just because you're holding a passport doesn't necessarily mean you're leaving the country. You do need two forms of ID when flying. No matter where AC journeys we hope he is safe.
As for just seeing AC in his wetsuit, I have a feeling, that is pretty much all you will see as far as his contribution to PIP 2. With election coverage, I'm sure his time for this project was limited and it does not promise to be as good as PIP 1.
Great to see Soledad anchoring. I think she is just the best female anchor on CNN. Hope she stays the week. She's up to date on all topics and has an ease,charm, and ability that many seem to lack.
With the gloomy outlook in the economy, I think celebrations on January 20th should be limited. The swearing in of course is a must, and perhaps the Governor's Ball, but beyond that, I would rethink wasteful festivities. JMO

Kristien said...

Thanks for the tip(s)!! The big trunks slowed him down, that's why he didn't win ;p

Man, I was gonna go to bed and way I'll be able to sleep now, lol.

Em said...

Guess AC wasn't joking afterall...OMG...can't wait till Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Ow!Ow!Ow! I have contracted carpal tunnel syndrome just clicking and re-clicking on the "Uneven Race" video from 60 Minutes. "Un"even - how about UNfair, UNbelieveable, Unreal, I'm also feeling UNsteady, UNstrung, Unconnected to Earth any longer!

PLEASE tell me that a screen grab (grabs) of Andy's fabulous physique at the end, not to mention his killer smile and STILL perfect hair, can be achieved. If digital pics exist, I know ATA will have them!

OMG! Ow! Ow! Ow!


Anonymous said...

The little guy was so cute trying to get his balance on the diving block - his arms flailed around for a minute like he did that time he did position 2 with Kelly Ripa on the exercise segment.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting these pictures of Anderson at the airport. I will be the first to say, that I love seeing pictures of him out and about, but these make me a little sad, that he can't go on vacation without someone sticking a camera in his face. I agree with others that he doesn't look to pleased. I know he is a celebrity and I guess he deserves to have his picture taken.....

I love the Michael Phelps video. Anderson really did swim. I think he should have gone somewhere and got some sun first, he really is as pale as a newt. LOL

Also thanks for the PIP clip. I didn't watch the second hour last night, so I didn't get to see it. Wonder why they put those in the second hour? Maybe to get people to watch the second hour as well. JMO

Anonymous said...

How nice!!!! Miles O'brien subbing for Wolf and Tom Foreman subbing for Campbell!

QuotidianEditorialist said...

Um, I have no words that are postable, so me and my paper bag will go back to trying to regain breathing. I am ashamed of myself! And I cannot stop saying OMG over and over. Yikes Anderson! Happy Thinksgving to you too!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the pictures of Anderson at the airport. He looks fabulous when he is casual, doesn't he? Yes he looks somewhat upset in a couple of the pictures but still gorgeous! He is in the public eye and from time to time he'll be caught on camera when he doesn't want to be...I hope Anderson gets some well deserved rest...I just returned from the 60 Minutes piece. OMG!! Be still my beating heart!! Anderson looks fantastic, and I'll take him pale and all...Thanks again for making my night!! I'm on way back to the 60 Minutes piece!! :) One more for the road!!

Anonymous said...

I just got back from the cbsnews/60mins. page. Anderson should've worn what Michael Phelps was wearing, right? The big trunks really slowed him down. I know A LOT OF YOU would agree with me.

He was right when he told Kelly Ripa before that the she would be blinded by the paleness. But he still looked good. The end of the clip made me laugh, he still had perfect hair even after a swim.

Sapphire said...

As much as I love Anderson in a suit and I do love him in his suits....something about him in those casual clothes is just HOT!!!!

Love the t-shirt too

Anonymous said...

It really was an "uneven race," Mr.Phelps may be the fastest swimmer, but when it comes to attractiveness, AC has him beaten by a mile.
Having said that I don't feel sorry for any celebrity who is photographed in public, including AC. It is a trade-off. If you promote yourself, excessively....R@K, speaking at engagements, photos ops, etc., you pay the price. He does this by choice. There are many people who are in television, who are in demand, who choose not to have the exposure. You can't have it both ways....and at some point, over exposure can do more harm than good.
I also found it interesting that the word "bailout" was the most researched word, according to 360. I wonder why?

Anonymous said...

@Anon 12:17 AM, I agree with you about celebrities. They chose their profession and they should accept the good and bad that comes with it. If they can't handle it, they should get out. I'm sure there's a long line of people who would gladly take their place. Anyway, isn't publicity a requirement of being a celebrity?