Tuesday, December 30, 2008

"I love you?"

Well, tonight certainly was a unique program... and there are so many clips I need to convert and upload, it will be a few hours. So I thought I would do something different: I'm going to just do screengrabs and throw open the page, and then upload the clips when they are ready. (I know: for many of you that means coming back a second time tomorrow... can you forgive me?)

First, Kathy Griffin was on Larry's show tonight. There are two segments where she talked about Anderson, and he joined in for one of them. So those clips are 'cooking' now.

Here's the first of the LKL clips:

And here's the second clip from LKL:

So the nuttiest governor in the country still thinks he's in charge, and can play the game. Sadly, if plays the political egos right, he may actually be able to pull it off. How quickly they can play the race card when it suits them.

The Digging Deeper duties were handled by Jeffrey Toobin and Roland Martin. Normally I like Roland, but I think he was well off the mark in this argument -- it was almost as though he was having a different discussion than the one Anderson and Jeffrey were part of. Perhaps he brought in some additional information from his radio program, but I definitely was confused and I don't think I was the only one!

There is a possibility of a cease-fire in Gaza, although Hamas is trying to set the terms, which is pretty amusing under the circumstances. And yet people want to blame Israel for not letting humanitarian aid in? How does that work?

Nic Robertson reports on the latest -- clip to come. The likelihood of a ground war becomes stronger every day, although it doesn't seem like the people on either side wants it. Sadly, since Hamas was elected into power, it is they who quite literally call the shots here.

Here's Nic's first report:

Karl Penhaul was trying to get into Gaza on board a ship trying to run the blockade with humanitarian aid. Not surprisingly, they were prevented from passing through. 

"Peacemaker" ... yikes, no pressure there. How many have tried and failed? Well, here's hoping this time there might be some actual advances. Hope springs eternal, etc.

Ed Henry is still languishing on the beach in Hawaii, poor fella. 

Second panel discusses Obama's challenges: Roland Martin, Ben Smith (Politico.com), and Ed Rollins.

A sad follow-up to the Jena 6 story, as plaintive Mychal Bell apparently attempted suicide. Sean Callebs reports. I certainly hope that young man gets a helping hand to clear his path.

Randi Kaye did the 360 Bulletin: a new report on the Columbia disaster; The New York Times sued by the lobbyist who was romantically linked to Senator McCain; stocks up today; Madoff assets released by a bankruptcy judge.

The final segments had Kathy Griffin in the studio, and she had Anderson in hysterics. The clips are priceless. I will post them ASAP.

The first of the KG clips from the end of the program:

And here is the second clip!

By the way, I forgot to mention that there was an article on CNN.com about The Drag Queen Drop! Of course, John Zarella and Sushi will be on tonight as part of the NYE coverage.

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Anonymous said...

I have to say I did find Kathy Griffin quite likeable while she was on LK and with AC. She wasn't offensive, although I did not see the entire show. You could also tell she was "kidding around." I hope when she "rings" in the New Year with AC, she will remain in her acceptable mode.
Blago has to be out of his mind and demented. Does he realize what his legal bills will be? In the end, after all this rangling, he will be forced to step down. If only we had a governing body like Canada, where if confidence is lost, sorry, you're out.

Anonymous said...

What would Anderson rather do?

A - cover the new hostilities between Israel and Hamas from the front lines, or
B - cover NYE with Kathy Griffin from a platform in Times Square.

I'd bet my salary he'd choose A...but the head honchos at CNN have told him, "No, you can't, we've already run hundreds of commercials promoting NYE with you and Griffin."


Tedi B said...

Love Kathy! Can't wait until NYE!

Anonymous said...

Kathy telling Anders to say "I love you." to her Mum was brilliant. He makes a good foil for her. They are like school kids with one egging (Kathy) the new kid (Anderson) on ... into trouble.

He also looked dressed up for the occasion with the dark stripe suit and tie. I really like that tie.

Did yesterdays 11am anony get set up with profile?

olsond said...

I love Anderson and Kathy together. They are so funny and she brings out a delightful side of him. Anderson better gear up tomorrow night as he is going to have his hands full. Do you think he will blush or giggle more? lol

ACAnderFan said...

360 was good last nite. The best part of the program was by far Kathy. She is hilarious and has the best sense of humor. I love how she can always bring out the Andergiggles. Tonite is going to be good. CNN couldn't have made a better choice than Kathy.

Kristien said...

Tonight is gonna be good!!!
See y'all here, I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Me too!!! I can't wait to see Anderson and Kathy tonight... they made me so giggle hard..... I love that way Anderson and Kathy together again for Happy New Year Eve! I'm ready for that new year! Yay! Yes!!! I am so exciting see the ball will drop soon! I want to say Happy New Year to you!!!!! don't drive and safe drive!

Cyn said...

Well, I have only been able to upload two of the six clips so far. As is not uncommon in the wee small hours of the night, Blogger doesn't want to play. I would normally keep at it, but I have to work tomorrow (today!!) and need to grab a couple hours of sleep. But I will try, try again as soon as I wake up -- two more clips of Kathy Griffin (one from LKL and the other from the end of 360) and the two reports from Nic Robertson.

Meanwhile, Happy New Year to Australia (especially Brisbane!), and the Far East... too bad I can't toast to each timezone, but we have a long day ahead of us! Chhers, all!

snooks said...

Last night's 360 was perfect - a mix of the ridiculous (Blago) - Roland must have been off his meds - what conversation was he having - why would anyone want to be appointed to the senate by this deranged and disgraced gov

I love Kathy - she is great with Anderson and those Andergiggles I thought he would fall off his chair

I am looking forward to their coverage tonight

Happy New Year everyone

OregonMJW said...

I know there are two camps here; the "I love them together" camp; and the "I hate her" camp. I'm in the "I love anyone who can make Andy laugh like that" camp! The speculation that CNN suits could make Anderson spend time with Kathy Griffin is just silly. They adore each other as only two talented fans can. She IS hysterically funny, observant, topical and is able to turn nearly any comment of Andy's (or anyone else she's with on TV) into a joke and make them laugh. I was nearly crying with laughter by the time she sent Andy over the edge with that wallet joke - which he walked right into. [we've all seen him take his wallet and slap it on the desk, and move it around during the show.] This stuff can't be scripted.

The only downer feeling I get when watching them together is an overwhelming sense of envy.

Cyn, we will all love you forever for getting as many clips as possible of the last half of the show. It's better than New Year's, because Andy was at ease in his own "living room" and not standing on a platform, hoping from one cold foot to the other between musical acts.

@Moley Willows: I think you were inquiring about my troubles with Blogger. I think they have worked out now. Thanks

Anonymous said...

So Anderson told another mis-truth last night! He said he had been to one or some of her shows a few years ago, but last NYE he told her he hat NEVER been to one of her shows so she got him the tickets for the show end of January.

Anderson seems to forget what he says sometimes I guess.

Anonymous said...

OMG,how awesome were those Ander giggles last night,I do not think I have ever seen him laugh so hard,especially about his wallet full of money!LOL

And how lucky was Kathy's mom to get an ''I love you''???

Were those two dipping into the bubbly a little early,perhaps???

Anderson sounds like he has(once again) a cold.

Anonymous said...

Cyn, what a great recap. Sorry you had trouble uploading some of the clips, but what you did were great.

Any chance to get caps of the end of the show where Anderson was laughing and had his hand on his chin. (Sorry have a hand fetish of Anderson. ha)

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year.

Cyn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cyn said...

Okay, the fourth and final Kathy-clip is loaded! (Phew!) I also posted a link to an article about Sushi.

I still plan to upload Nic Robertson's two reports.

Quitty said...

Now we know why he puts is wallet on the desk during the show. He herniated a disc several years ago so he probably does certain things (like remove his wallet) to keep from aggravating his back.

I have a new appreciation for Kathy. Many of her jokes last night were off the cuff (like the wallet one) and I like comedians that can do that better than the ones that only can work with scripted bits.

Anonymous said...

I really don't care for Kathy at all. She may be funny, but often she is going too far for her insensitive jokes. I don't see how could Anderson choose her for NYE. I am hoping for Kelly Ripa or special guest. I am really disappointed, Anderson.

OregonMJW said...

Thank you, Cyn, for preserving the good parts of last night's show. How long do these typically stay on line? The hysterical "Wallet" episode - and Andy's nearly uncontrollable laughter when he realizes he's been had, is priceless!

Is there anyway to download that, or would we have to have had whatever set up you used yourself?


Anonymous said...

Kathy and Anderson are soooooo good together. Did you guys hear him ask Kathy's mom if she was going to come to NY next year with Kathy? Maybe they are going to team up every year. They sure have been advertising A&K's New Year's Eve show a lot this year. I can't wait--it's going to be good.

Cyn said...

I really dislike Kathy Griffin and just gritted my teeth when I saw her last night, especially since I was blogging the show... but I thought she was very funny and well-behaved (for her!) The bit about her First Amendment lawyers was very insightful, and makes a lot of sense, actually.

M, our clips should always be available online. Whether or not you can download them from Blogger depends on what software you have available, I believe. (As I've mentioned, I use a Mac, so I work in QT.)

Kristien said...

Cyn, thanks for all your hard work!!

Cyn said...

Well, Blogger keeps giving me an error on the last clip I wanted to add, which was Nic's second report. I have to leave for work now, so I am throwing in the towel on that one...!

Thanks for your patience, everyone. Sorry this took so long.

And Happy New Year to everyone in Asia, the Middle East, and now into Europe and Africa! And heck, the East Coast too, since by the time I get home it will be after midnight in your part of the world. have fun, be safe, and enjoy the show! Sapphire will be handling the live blog since I couldn't arrange to get the night off (boooo!) but I will be here in time to handle the replay if anyone in the Central, Mountain, and Pacific timezones is around!

Kristien said...

It's 2009 here, YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

@Cyn&Jaanza: I am in agreement with you both. I dislike her too, and yes I'm quite certain he'd rather be covering something of importance rather than standing in the cold with someone who talks OVER him and everyone else she's with. But, he said he owes her, and in the "business" that counts a lot and so do the RATINGS. So no, AC will not be going to the Middle East....at least not in 08.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for AC standing in the wind and the cold. We can only hope he is shielded from the harsh elements. On a lighter note, maybe the wind might just blow KATHY away.....What a pity!

aries moon said...

Love Kathy, love Anderson when he's giggling - I can't imagine why Anderson WOULDN'T want to be in Times Square with someone who he obviously genuinely likes and who makes him laugh so uproariously. The troubles of the world will continue and if he has to cover the Middle East from his anchor desk, I'm sure he'll deal with that - I'm glad that he'll have this night for a little fun and laughs, there will be plenty of trouble spots for him to go to in 2009.

ACAnderFan said...

On CNN it said it's 19 degrees in NYC and with the wind chill it's about 1 degree. Poor Anderson, he'll freeze to death.

Anonymous said...

@anon 7:48 even if Anderson wanted to go to the ME he couldn't. Didn't you hear him ask Nic about journalists getting into the country and Nic told him they aren't allowing anyone to come in. And I thought you all were fans of Anderson and watch the show, guess not.

Anonymous said...

Why are you feeling sorry for him standing in the cold? He wants to do this.