Monday, December 29, 2008

Something new

Anderson is back and diving right in to the latest Breaking News...

Nic Robertson is in Jerusalem to report on the start of the fourth day of the battle in Gaza:

Next up is a Jim Acosta piece about the fact that Obama is likely to inherit this war along with Iraq and Afghanistan. Because we wouldn't want the guy to have it to easy, you know...

The panel tonight is Ed Henry (still in Honolulu), Hilary Rosen, and Reza Aslan. Since it's been far too long since we heard from Reza, I clipped his segment of the conversation with Anderson:

Randi Kaye has the 360 Bulletin: the bodies of snowmobilers buried in an avalanche in British Columbia recovered; Bristol Palin has a son; Kirk Kerkorian sells his stake in Ford; Pennsylvania family finds man living in their attic... 

...which gets this reaction from Anderson:

(Yeah, I'm with him on that one... )

So a guy who wants to run the RNC sends out a "holiday" CD of songs mocking Democrats... yep, same old crowd. If they vote him in, they have said all they need to say. Where in the world are the sane Republicans who understand that the ways of Lee Atwater and Karl Rove are done with? Paging sanity... your Party needs you.

A second panel -- Ed and Hilary with Larry Elders. I can't even speak coherently about Elders' nonsense. If y'all feel inclined, be my guest. I'd much rather move on to the next segment, thanks.

It's the half-hour mark, and Nic is back with another update:

I really hate these cruise ship disappearances... it's nearly a perfect crime, if you want to kill someone and dispose of a body. And they rarely seem to be able to solve the mystery, despite cameras. I wish them well with this one. 

This fake Holocaust story is so discouraging. Not because Oprah got fooled (although "again" is technically incorrect, since this was prior to James Frey; she's probably got better fact-checkers now) but because it feeds into the Holocaust deniers out there. The man said he wanted to spread love, blah-blah-blah... what the hell is the problem with writing fiction?

Tom Foreman has a special airing Wednesday night titled, "All the Best, All the Worst, 2008" -- seems like an hour is WAY too little time to cover all that, doesn't it? Anyway, Rosie's short-lived show is rated a "worst" and got this response from Anderson:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Not a lot of extras tonight -- first... a couple of those unusual camera angles that... uh... *ahem* Hello, Anderson? 

(Okay, come on... you laughed, too...)

And then near the end, the infamous white socks say hello:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A new CNN promo that features Anderson, sort of:

Finally, Kristien sent us this clip of outtakes from Kathy Griffin's half of the NYE promo:

That's it for tonight. I'm on deck tomorrow as well, so I'll see you back here then.

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Anonymous said...

Good to see Anderson back on the job; I figured he would have taken some more time off in compensation for working New Years Eve.

Monday's show was pretty good, lots of variety. I enjoyed The Shot - sledding doggie! - and Anderson's blue shirt.

Lastly, Andy, take it from someone who watched some of it, Rosie O'Donnell's show was that bad.


Anonymous said...

Nice screen grabs tonight.

Specifically Randi's head tilt looks a little familar ala Erica perhaps.

Also why isn't Randi wearing her smart glasses tonight?

In the last picture does Anderson look like he's going in for the first kiss or what?

ACAnderFan said...

I was so happy to see Anderson back in the anchor chair. He looked rested and refreshed. I hope he had a nice relaxing holiday.

It was nice to see Nic on the program, however its sad the only time he's on is when something bad is happening.

The guy with the Christmas CD is just dumb. I mean show some maturity. No wonder people think the republicans are a joke.

I don't think the cruise ship story belings on 360. It's more of an Inside Edition type story.

Anderson and his white socks...LOL! It's so typical of him.

snooks said...

I was surprised to see Anderson back last night - last night's program was the 360 we know and love

The discussion with Larry Elder was disappointing his views are ridiculous - as usual a republican who wouldn't answer a direct question and spouted nonsense

The buffoon who sent this CD should be ashamed of himself - the republican party has become a joke and if they ever want to be taken seriously they have a lot of work to do starting with cleaning out the idiots who are clueless

I couldn't help thinking that Anderson would like to be in Israel to cover the latest conflict

Em said...

It was good to have Anderson back tonight. The news itself, not so good.

Almost 30 years ago I spent the year studying the conflict between the Palestians and Israeli's. During that time we read the Christian Science Monitor on a daily basis, watched international news, read and studied position papers from various embassies and followed numerous UN resolutions about the conflict. The course of study gave me an appreciation for both sides of the conflict but no real answers. I just remember being very frightened of where the conflict could eventually lead us all. I continue to hold out hope that there will come a time when resonable men/women will present both sides with realistic solutions. It saddens me to see that we are still discussing the same issues today with very little resolution. As always, I will continue to send my prayers to those who are caught in these conflicts. Guess I will quit asking to see more of Nic! As much as I love his reporting, I hate the reason he has to be there.

Can't believe the stupidity of that RNC person...only surpassed by the stupidity of a person trying to defend this so-called "satire." Give me a break!

I was thinking AC looked very good last night then you had to go and spoil thatimage of perfection by pointing out the white socks. LOL! Oh well, there's still something to be said for a silver haired man wearing a burgundy tie!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad Anderson decided to come back this week. I find his voice so soothing, that I watched the second hour as well.

I was hoping for some technical advice from any of you who are more computer literate than I am.

First, how does one get to the Blogger page to put up an avatar and profile? and;

Is there a secret to using that MegaUpload site to download the ATA 2009 calender. I tried, but it never arrived at my computer and now it says the calendar is not available.

If I should ask though the regular e-mail, please let me know.

I hope Larry Elders and Bay Buchanan are very happy together. Both are examples of the extremism of the Rep's and a good reason why those people should NEVER come to power again! Frankly I hope they DO elect that idiot to be chairman, it will be a helpful reminder of just who the R's really represent.

Kristien said...

Hehe, as soon as I saw that weird camera angle of Anderson, I knew that you would post it Cyn.

I just wish that you wouldn't have posted his white socks...they should be forbidden!

The show was good, though Larry Elder did completely spoil the segment he was in with his bull!

I was thiking about watching Tom Foreman's show, but after seeing that Perez Hilton is on it, I'll skip it!

I really like those Kathy Griffin outtakes, I'm glad I sent them in, lol.

Thanks Cyn!

Anonymous said...

For those who have never been to Manhattan and/or never there around the holidays, the platforms that anchors are on are not as high off the ground as they appear on the TV, and closer to each other than you might think also. Not a big area. I was in Times Square the other day and they were already setting up the stages and all.

I always laugh when I remember how Anderson has said he never liked NYE, but now he does. He really is "protected" now from the crowds and doesn't have to deal with it, so I can imagine it is fun now for him.

Anonymous said...

Hellooo Bloggers,
Yup! He came home 2 days ago from California, I know he did enjoy his vacation last week and weekend. he did rest a lot. I am glad He is back anchor last night... I agree with stupid song is not right for black. I found he is offensive put his CD music.
I am ready for this! Get Ready Happy New Year to come 2009!!!! See you soon!

Anonymous said...

It was so great to see that man back in his chair last night!

I could not help but notice that a comment here(2:14pm) said Anderson came back from California 2 days ago??

How does this person know this?

NO ONE knows where he was.

This is pure speculation,and I thought that no one was too fussy about that on this site.
Yet,that comment is here?

aries moon said...

Larry Elder was a complete embarrassment - I'm always perplexed by African American Republicans who twist themselves into knots to defend the undefensible. The GOP doesn't care about black folks and that was evident from the lack of diversity at the RNC. The bemused expressions on Hilary Rosen and Ed Henry's faces as Elder spoke were very telling. AC360 should never have Elder on again, he's a pathetic joke.

Yes, I did laugh when the camera caught AC at the wrong angle, thanks for the cap. I love how Anderson proudly wears his white socks.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the last screen grab of Anderson, I thought at first he just looked sleepy.
But I like your idea better - he's leaning in for a kiss!


Anonymous said...

I downloaded the calendar,but Internet Explorer DOES NOT open it.

What do I need to open this with,ANOTHER browser?

The computer does not open the .cal file that it is under.

Anonymous said...

Megan, how do you know he returned to New York 2 days ago?

Cyn said...

Folks, please bear in mind that English is not the first language of everyone posting comments and allow some leeway for misinterpretation.

That said, I take full responsibility for comments posted today, since I'm the one clearing them. However, those people who choose to post anonymously (and it is certainly your choice) would be well advised to think twice before trying to snap at someone who at the very least uses a consistent name and has an identity ... whether you choose to believe what they post is also up to you. But at least you are able to base it on what they have posted here before, and will be able to judge future posts of theirs as well. Unless someone is clearly crossing the line, I prefer to let you guys judge for yourselves. But I would also prefer not to have this turn into a slap-fest by the time Ms Phebe returns, so please either ask politely for further information (as Anon@4:42 did) or assume the worst and ignore the post. Fair enough?

As for those of you having a problem with the calendar, I'm afraid I am of no help on that one, since I use a Mac. Sorry it's such a busy time this week; hopefully someone more familiar with that software will be able to post some ideas soon.

Anonymous said...

@11am anonmousy I'll help.

At a the top of the ATA page, at on the right hand side there is a "sign in" comment. (above Santa)

Click there, this will take you to Blogger page, and ask for your email address (which you need)and a new password. This will start you off. The helps are good once you're in. Anybody else want to help?

I have just realised that I don't get the second hour, we get 2x 1/2 hour slots damm CNN international.

Anonymous said...

I hope Anderson gets back control of 360. I am
worried that CNN is afraid of Repubs who will be
complaining about the media to get their faces all
over cable news. I am with Jon Stewart its is time
for tv news to be independent again and get away
from ideology and do some news. Larry Elders and
Bay Buchanan are on CNN way too much for my

Anonymous said...

TV or radio news will never be fully independent and unbiased, news is on TV station which are a company run by people. People have preferences, opinions and external influences that will contribute to content no matter how many people are involved in the decision process.

Just chosing to play a story over another or the order of stories, or the amount of time given to stories is evidence of the stations or persons preference, opinion and influence.

Nebraska Fan said...

Thanks, Moley Willows, for your computer help. My problem is I still haven't figured out how to do an avatar. Any advice for that?

Anonymous said...

Can you please post the full Kathy Griffin segment with AC? I didn't get to see the whole thing. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Kathy Griffin was fairly watchable this evening on 360. She was actually funny when she didn't speak so quickly and you could actually understand her. I did laugh when she said, "AC's wallet was so heavy with money, he couldn't sit on it." He claimed it hurt his back. When she's not vile, she can be humorous and it was apparent that Anderson thinks she's funny.
Roland Martin needs to stop being so defensive. He is starting to play the "in your face race card," and I find it offensive. If he can't be objective, he needs to exclude himself from panel discussions.

Cyn said...

All the Kathy Griffin segments will be posted, but it will take awhile to get them done. I have put up a post for tonight's show and will update it with clips ASAP.

Anonymous said...

That is good question.... I know that he was in California, but he came home early before HNYE, I knew, that I felt my mind.... I think I have instinct my feelings. that why.... I feel that he need came home back to NYC.... that is my feeling thought. ask me a question, any thin do want to tell me. ok let me know.