Monday, December 01, 2008

Team Obama

I pulled a lot of clips tonight, just one of those days... First up is the preview/throw from Larry:

The big news of the day was the introduction of the new "national security team" for the next administration, including the expected nomination of Hillary Clinton to be the next Secretary of State.

But first, Ali Velshi joined Anderson to discuss the overseas stockmarkets and to verify that yes, Virginia, we are in a recession.

Campbell Brown today declared the "team of rivals" phrase overused and offlimits. Guess Anderson's graphics team didn't get the word. 

Candy Crowley reported from Chicago on the new team, while Joe Johns covered "Madame Secretary" Clinton in the Raw Politics segment. The Strategy Session pundits were Joe, David Gergen, and Hillary Rosen.

360Bulletin: an arrest in the murder of Little Rock news anchor Anne Pressly; Plaxico Burress shoots himself in the leg; World AIDS Day is observed; and the CEO of Ford will drive to DC in a hybrid. That last one really should spur a punchline contest, shouldn't it?

Beat 360 was okay. Seriously, can we get no more recent cultural references than Dirty Dancing? I'm almost relieved that Anderson couldn't remember what movie it was from.

Nic Robertson had an overview of the terrorist attack in Mumbai:

Earlier today, Anderson interviewed Fareed Zakaria about the attack:

(For more on Fareed's view of the attack, see the "bonus section" below.)

Okay, seriously, now... is someone at CNN getting royalties kickbacks every time Sarah Palin is on? Enough. We beg of you. No mas. Finis. Put us out of our misery, already! Gary Tuchman covered her appearance at a Saxby Chambliss rally in Duluth, Georgia this evening. I'd send my condolences to Duluth, but they seem to be enjoying her, so they can have my share. No really, I insist. Really.

Pretty funny comeback by the Democratic challenger, though:

Randi Kaye reports on the WalMart temp who was crushed by a crowd on Black Friday. This was a big guy! 6'5" tall, 279 pounds... That is beyond scary. Anderson talked to Jeffrey Toobin about the legal ramifications of the incident.

Anderson and Jeffrey also discussed the latest in the murder of Jennifer Hudson's family.

Finally, for what it's worth, The Shot:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

If you missed Fareed Zakaria GPS on Sunday, the program began with Fareed speaking of his personal connections to the terrorism in Mumbai. It was an honest and heartfelt moment, and as horrible as it was for most of us to watch the news reports, it is etched on his face how much worse it was for him (and I'm sure for anyone who had family and friends in Mumbai):

Campbell Brown interviewed Peter Bergen and Fareed Zakaria earlier today:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Michael Ware is back in Baghdad and was discussing Obama's decision to keep Robert Gates on as SecDef today. All of the clips are over at ATC, but here is the one posted on

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And the latest in the "3D" 360 promos:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The second-hour PiP clip was Sanjay at a school in Peru for kids with lead poisoning, but since I'm running so late tonight, I will pass that along to Ms Phebe for tomorrow! Have a great week!

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ACAnderFan said...

Well gee what a surprise we are in a recession. Like we didn't know that already.

Poor Gary Tuchman having to cover the ralley which Palin was at. He must have drew the short stick. I don't get the big deal over Palin. She's clearly not the brightest crayon in the box and her voice grates on my nevers big time

Randi Kaye's piece about the man killed at Walmart was disturbing. How can people continute to shop knowing someone died there??? The people wo wanted to continue shopping when they were told to leave are very greedy and selfish.

The shot was just stupid. It wasn't even funny. Anderson is so weird. I don't know why he likes seeing these people try to dance like Beyonce.

I like the new 360 commerical. It has nice pics of Anderson. The PIP clip with Sanjay sounds very interesting. I think PIP II is going to be really good.

snooks said...

Cyn - thanks for the recap of last night's 360 - the best part for me was seeing a well rested Anderson as a result of his long overdue vacation

Anonymous said...

Anderson is back,YAY!

I was soooo happy to see him back in his anchor chair last night!

The show was great too,UNTIL that idiot Sarah Palin showed up again.

Good Lord,can't she go back and run her state,or something?

Oh,and that REALLY intelligent bunch of folks there to hear her speak-like that guy who said she was hot???

So nice to see his priorities are in order about the important issues of a possible future candidate,huh?

So,is THAT what they would be voting for....

candidate hotness now?

Never mind she is not even coherent?

Gee,excuse me,but I would have thought,you know,something like unemployment,mortgages,jobs,the wars,or things like that MIGHT be on voters minds!

How foolish of me.

Anonymous said...

I like the new 360 promo ad,but my fave commercial for the show is the one from a couple of years ago,with the ''watch this reporter get it right'',and all the clips of Anderson at various places....

including sitting at his desk(where some people have said he is all blue and/or possessed!),and also,he is walking down a hallway.

I remember that one being on while I was taping Anderson's Larry King appearance.

ACAnderFan said...

Anderson seemed rested and refreshed last nite. He must have had a nice relaxing vaction which was well deserved and needed.

Anonymous said...

Andy's sly hyperbole aside, all my needs WERE satisfied last night upon his return! Yea! He apparently didn't spend his vacation in the sun but, Wow, Dahling, You Look Mah-velous!

I especially enjoyed last night's show because I was watching it in my Defend New Orleans T-shirt which arrived yesterday afternoon. If you haven't ordered yours, be assured, it's made of the thinnest possible, soft pre-washed cotton. Just totally clingy and cuddly.

ACAnderfan is right, the new commercial and new pics of Andy are great. I wish there was a way to find these elsewhere for capture. I have to laugh, virtually every collection of pictures of Andy - including the new ones - include him with at least one finger in his mouth. Cute.

I have a plan: Let's conspire to crash the AC360 website with millions of hits all saying the same thing - NO MORE SARAH PALIN - EVER! Do you think they will ever listen? Not.

Unlike several of this morning's commenters, I liked the Shot. Andy is regularly possessed with an obsession for something, good or bad, be it a food, or a new dislike (Lohan, K-Fed) or someone he totally likes a lot - like the Scissor Sisters or, for now, Beyonce. Personally, I like her too and "Single Ladies" is one of the greatest dance songs ever. Give the kid a break. Confess: silly Andy is one of your favorites too.

My favorite moment of the whole show came at the end when he said the majic words: "I'll see you tomorrow night." Yes, you will! O

aries moon said...

So nice to have Anderson at the anchor desk, but I agree about 360 going overboard on Sarah Palin - maybe there are some people out there who still can't get enough of her, but judging by a lot of the comments on the live blog, most people are sick of hearing about her and 360's persistence in reporting on her is really perplexing - hearing her voice literally makes me ill. 360 please end the torture!

There was a moment after Obama finished introducing his NS team when he and Hillary put their arms around each other and walked off the stage - there is bound to be some difficulties and tension within Obama's team as the years go on, but obviously the respect and confidence is there - I'm looking forward to seeing what this new team will do to improve this country's status in the world.

If only George Bush had been as self-reflective as he was in the interview with Charlie Gibson BEFORE he decided to run for the presidency, maybe we wouldn't have been in the mess we are now.

Nic Robertson's report from Mumbai and AC's interview with Fareed were highlights of the program last night.

Erica was cracking me up during The Shot with her comment about how the big YouTube guy reminded of her when she was pregnant and her "shaking what his mama gave him" remark - she's starting to get as odd as Anderson with some of her comments, but I like it. It seems that AC can't get enough of Beyonce's song or the parodies of it.

Thanks for the 360/LKL intro clip, I missed it.

Kristien said...

Nice to see Anderson back and a good 360!

Thanks for the clip with Larry King. After reading Patti's comment (yesterday's post) I was hoping that you would be so kind!

I love that Georgian Democrat for having the woman that beat Sarah Palin in Miss Alaska at his rally. Too funny, lol.

I thought Beat 360 was good, but then again, I am a hardcore "Dirty Dancing" fan!

@Anon 10:15: we get the commercial you talk about here on CNN Int. and it is a great one. This new one looks great too though.

Thanks Cyn!

Em said...

Good to have Anderson back. He did look well rested.

What the hell were the Walmart shoppers thinking? I have been in large crushing crowds and they can be very frightening but I can't understand how you could actually walk on a person and keep going. Nothing is worth that - nothing!

I watched Erica's webcast and frankly, I don't get it. It wasn't all that interesting or funny. I guess I now understand why some of the Erica fans have been dissappointed in the role she has been given on AC360.

Thank you so much for the clip from Fareed. My son was visiting Europe several years ago when the London bombings occurred. He was suppose to be leaving that morning for Heathrow to return to Amsterdam. The 18 hours it took us to contact him were the worst hours of my life. As it turns out, they had missed their flight to London in the first place and decided to spend two extra days in Italy so he was well away from the terror. I imagine many of you have relatives in NYC and could also relate to the emotion etched on Fareed's face. My thoughts are with him, his family and the people of India.

Palin Alert! Palin Alert! Just read the Morning Buzz and they said the Governor's will meet with Obama in Philly and of course mentioned that Sarah would be there and would either be given or seek attention. They also said Candy would be covering it. It is like the song that never ends! By the way, who the heck is running Alaska? I know this is a Governor's event but it doesn't seem like she has been home much since the election. I hope she fades away soon. If not, she will probably start campaigning for Pres next year and we will never be rid of that grating voice!

Anonymous said...

Anderson is receiving the humanitarian award tonight for ACF. I don't see it on the calendar.

Anonymous said...

It's good to see Anderson back in his natural element. Monday night's show was mostly good - Ali Velshi delivering the usual bad news but he does it well, more discussion on Obama's upcoming administration (instead of "Team of Rivals", how about "Frap of Frenemies"?), and Gary Tuchman who was sent to cover Sarah Palin but seemed to have fun with it; he gets bonus points for not dressing up for the rally and for the phrase "political agnostic."

Thanks for the Larry KIng clip, I didn't get to see that on TV.

Anderson and Erica liked The Shot but they seem to be in a rut of dancing videos. I prefer the cute goofy doggie videos. Why not combine them and have goofy dogs dancing?


Anonymous said...

I think they need to forget those ridiculous SHOTS of all the dancing,and go back to the 'bear on the trampoline' again,or some dramatic animal videos.

Wow,PIP is amlmost here!

Dare we HOPE for some blog posts about it?

Anonymous said...

AGH! I meant to type "FRAT of Frenemies" not Frap. I don't know what a frap is.


Anonymous said...


I have not been here in a long time,so I do not know if you will even post this, ladies,I may not get to post again here for awhile,so I hope you can.....

it is so great to see Anderson back at his desk once again,the show last night was great.

Here is hoping that the show will continue to have less politics and more news now?

And NO Sarah Palin???

I am really looking forward to seeing PIP 2,and hope that MAYBE we can get some blog posts from ''the guys'' about it.

So sad about the Walmart employee,how can something that is supposed to be a fun time,turn into something so ...savage,and how could people just stay there shopping???

What has it come to,that a bargain is worth THIS?

I really enjoyed 60 MInutes on Sunday,and CNN HEROES,both of which scored high ratings,it seems.

Well,this is NOT Ander related,but about 3 months ago,I wrote you about my boss AND my brother in law....

seems as if my boss had a few setbacks,but is coming along ok again now....

sorry,I cannot say the same for my brother in law,he is not doing so well....

which brings me to my reason for saying I might not be around for a long while:

I learned this evening that I, myself, need to go have some tests done,to check some stuff out...I just need the date and the call from the doctor,and then, I guess I am gone for a bit...

so,I may need to set up all the upccoming Andy appearances ahead of time,so they will all be recorded for me if need be.....

and,to be honest, I am freaking out over it.....


So,if you could post this,maybe wish me luck that things will turn out ok for ME?

I hope you can.If not,well....

it does not matter.

Phebe said...

@everyone, I'm having a terrible, no good, horrible, very bad day (can you tell I taught elementary for a few years?)and posted a comment that I shouldn't have. I've taken it down and also rejected all subsequent comments on the subject. I'm off to the dunce chair for the remainder of the night. Sorry I broke the blog rules.

Anonymous said...

Hillary looked subservient to Obama during the meet and greet portion of the national security introduction. Standing behind "him" off to the side is not her thing and it appeared quite awkward. Hope it works but something tells me.....
CNN will not let the Palin thing go so long as people, such as the young man, who was interviewed, call her "hot." That has to be the stupidest reason for voting for someone to lead your country. Everyone should have an IQ test before they vote and amend the Constitution....again.

Anonymous said...

Anne, best of luck with your medical situation. I don't mind reading about other folks' problems here; I haven't been here very long but I would say people will be sympathetic and send mojo your way.

Come back and write to us when you can.


Anonymous said...

In case any one is interested in the Defend New Orleans shirts, just Google it and several sites will pop up. There is a nice variety of colors and patterns (my fav being pink) and even one that is organic cotton.
Money from the sales go to helping drug and alcohol addicted residents.
I hope all goes well with Anne and her relatives.
Hope she can update us with good news.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 9 24pm:

thank you very much.

I regret now sending in my post here at all,actually.

Thank you again,for your good wishes,I hope to be back again,someday.


Anonymous said...

Hi Phebe,

It was my comment that you took down, which I'm not really bent out of shape about. I don't mind following the rules, but if you could let us know why that comment was out of line or inappropriate in some way, I would appreciate it.

Like I said in the previous comment, I, in no way, meant for it to start a dicussion about Anderson's personal life.

I didn't get to read any of the comments people made in response to my comment, so I don't know if they were of an inappropriate or speculatory nature, but I was interested in what people had to say.

I think it was a fair critique of the 360 live blog. And I'd just like to know why it broke your rules.

Thanks in advance for some clarification!

Phebe said...

@anne, I'm sorry I didn't comment about you comment earlier, but it's been quite the day.
Please know we will worry about you and hope that your test results are all good. I hope you keep us posted.

@anonymous 10:41, Discussions that center on Anderson's private life are ones that we try to avoid. We don't live in denial but we try to not discuss topics that Anderson himself has made off limits. Hope that clarifies.

As for me I'm off to have enough Anderblue martinis to forget this day. Ms. Cyn will be blogging for me tonight since I will be officially 'under the weather' after my little bender.

Kristien said...

@Anne: I'll be sending you lots and lots of positive thoughts and I hope to see you here again very soon!!

Anonymous said...

Campbell Brown did an excellent job in her op ed piece about Obama's dismissal of a reporters question at the news conference about Hillary's qualifications for nomination of SOS. His refusal to answer, and being dismissive reminds us all that even Barack Obama is accountable to us all and he should remember that whether he likes the question or not. Campbell has begun to say many of things AC should be saying but fails to, and that is disappointing.