Thursday, December 25, 2008

Yule Be Sorry

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to celebrating the New Year with All Things Anderson. We have a few belated Christmas presents for you, sorry I didn't get around to gift wrapping them.
Remember when Anderson looked right into the camera on Live with Regis and Kelly and told a viewer, who was having a bad day, that everything would be OK? I thought some of you might like to have your own personal copy of that to listen to when you are having a bad day. Here's the clip and the link to the site where you can download the file for free.

And I've pulled a clip from the ATA Archives from December 23, 2002. Anderson was subbing for Aaron Brown on Newsnight and this piece is the night's Segment 7. AC interviews a Jim Nader, a Chicago disc jockey who specializes in collecting the worst music of all time. Enjoy!

For those of you who celebrate Boxing Day have a good one. Since Ms. Sapphire will be spending Boxing Day with her family I will be back blogging on Friday night. Until then. ~ Phebe

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ACAnderFan said...

Phebe, I love when you pull something out of the ATA archives. That had to be some of the worst music I have ever heard and seeing Anderson's reaction to it was priceless!

ACAnderFan said...

Oops I forgot to mention thanks for the clip where Anderson says everything is going to be OK. Even just hearing his voice no matter what he is saying can be comforting on a bad day. There's just something about his voice that is very calming and relaxing and reassuring.

Anonymous said...

Phebe: Thank you for your link to the "Everything will be Okay," but I for one, will not be using it. My computer is very sensitive to certain "downloads," so I want to avoid a problem, before I have one.
Hope your day was merry and bright.

Kristien said...

Thanks Phebe for the clips, they are great X-Mas presents.

The best thing about the R&K one is the smile on his face when the clip ends, :D

Anonymous said...

Happy Boxing Day to those of us who get that holiday! (we call it 'Zweite Weinnachten Tag' or 2nd Xmas Day)

Can't wait til New Years w/AC!!

Anonymous said...

What more do you need a Christmas poem, a little music and discussion and Anderson telling you things will be alright? Sleep well.

Anonymous said...

There has always been something about hearing Anderson's voice, that somehow,no matter how bad the situation was/is,just having him there and listening to him, and KNOWING he was there,was/is so comforting.

And,I miss him a lot this week.

Anonymous said...

Your nth Degree clip does not work.
I also went to where you posted it from LAST Christmas,it does not work there, either.

Phebe said...

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.
@Anonymous 9:09, try using Firefox. The clip doesn't work when using IE for some reason.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Phebe for the download of the "OK" clip - or I would thank you if I could download it. The site just advertises itself and there isn't anyplace to click to actually get the clip....Is there a secret to this?

Loved the "Dreck" clip, Andy at his engaging, snarky best.

Hope everything went well for everyone over Christmas. Even though I promised myself I wouldn;t, I watched "Heroes" again, just to get my Anderson fix. I couldn't bear to see PP2 again, tho.

Merry Merry! M in Oregon

Phebe said...

@M in Oregon, There is a box to enter beside the download button where you enter the 3 letters (case sensitive) they give you. Then click download and wait until the timer under the free column counts down. When it has expired you can click on the 'free download' button and then follow the prompt to save the clip to your hard drive. Good luck.

Anonymous said...


I do not have Firefox,I only have Internet Explorer.

IS there somewhere or something else I can play this properly without having to download something else onto my computer?

It always used to work with IE before,like last year.
I DO NOT want to download MORE.