Saturday, January 31, 2009

Vintage Anderson-Kathy Griffin Banter

The banter between Anderson and Kathy Griffin goes as far back as at least 2003. Here is Anderson in a really good mood interviewing Kathy on the rooftop of the CNN studio in LA in July 2003.

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Friday, January 30, 2009

A Real Quick Blog Tonight

Hello all. Long time no blog. I am finally home from the UK and while I am happy to be home part of me wishes I was still there but alittle more on that later.

I was in the midst of watching 360 and a waving of nasty nauseau hit me so my post will be short tonight with pic to fill in.

Tom Daschle tax records under fire. His nomination in question. Dana Bash and Ed Henry report
Mark Halperin, Paul Begala and Amy Holmes join Anderson to talk about the Daschel blowup

Wall St Outrage
20 million dollars in bonuses. Jessica Yellin reports on the Wall St fiasco
Ali Velshi, Paul Bagala, Amy Holmes joins Anderson to talk about Wall St.

Finally blogger is being nice to me. Floor Crew Friday

I had written this before the show. Last week I had the amazing opportunity to be in the United Kingdom. I was in Belfast, Northern Ireland when President Barack Obama was sworn in as president and it was an incredible experience to be in another part of the world when this happened. When the people found out we were from North American, they offered warm wishes to a bright future ahead.

I am not going to lie I went to the UK to see the New Kids on the Block.....what can I say. While I was there I had an opportunity to hang out with their opening act Shontelle. During the evening the topic of Obama came up which lead us to CNN which of course lead to Anderson Cooper. I was surprised to learn that Shontelle is a huge Anderson fan. She told me that when she is interviewed and asked about her celebrity crush she always answers "Anderson Cooper" which throws people off because they expect her to say some like Will Smith or Jamie Foxx. So even on my crazy NKOTB adventure, Anderson was never far behind.

That is it for me this week. See you next Friday ~ Sapphire

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Stimulus, Haggard and Super Bowl

I am over the moon about President Obama giving Wall Street a dressing down on Thursday. AC360 opened with that news and the addition news that there would be a crack down on those big bonuses and perks. Ed Henry reported the good news and added that the government plans on making Wall Street accountable.

Tom Foreman took a closer look at some of the Stimulus money that is believed would not create many jobs. He broke the bailout boondoggle down like this:

$335 million for STD education
$420 million for flu pandemic prep
$100 million for lead paint clean up
$50 million for the National Endowment for the Arts
$650 million to transition from analog to digital television
$200 million for volcano monitors
$600 million for climate watching
$800 million for Amtrak
$8 billion for modernization of federal buildings
Thursday's panel was David Gergen, Dana Bash and Roland Martin. Discussed was the cluelessness of Wall Street execs and partisan politics.

Rod Blagojevich was ousted on Thursday as the Governor of Illinois. Jeffery Toobin was in the studio with Anderson to discuss the legal ramifications. It sounds like Blago is pretty much out of options and will face indictment in April.
The economy and the disastrous job market was the story John King brought us from Peoria. King interviewed a single mother of 5 who had lost her job at the Caterpillar plant and only had 10 more weeks of benefits to collect. My heart goes out to people in this type of situation.

I felt a bit like I was watching LKL not AC360 in the second half hour of the program as huge snippets of the Haggard interview with Larry King were shown. Anderson had psychiatrist Dr. Paul Dobronsky on to discuss Haggard. Along with talk of Haggard's statements and possible treatments there was also a mention of reversion therapy. Dr. Dobronsky is not a believer in this type of therapy, nor does he think it is effective.

terrible towel

Even though I live in Arizona I was born and raised in the Pittsburgh area and will always be a Steelers fan. This weekend's Super Bowl is really a win win for me....I love my Arizona Cardinals but I'll be waving my terrible towel and cheering on the black and gold. Have a great weekend and go Steelers! ~Phebe

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Good and Eh

Hey all! We've got some good news and some "eh" news for you tonight. The "eh" news is that this was the shot we got from the webcam all night on Wednesday. Go figure!?

I did get a few caps, but not much.

However, now for the good news! Our friend Sherry has been able to help us upload the webcast to the blog. For now, it seems to be a bit out of sync. I'm not sure if that's blogger, my computer or the clip but at least we are making progress! Anyway, we got the first webcast tonight, which admittedly isn't very exciting but we will be able to try and bring you some clips from it now. Thanks to Sherry!!

Have a good one! Tedi

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Speed Blogging

Some of you may be familiar with speed reading? Tonight I'm going to try speed blogging. Not because Wednesday's edition of AC360 wasn't good, just because I am so tired. We went out to dinner at a terrific new restaurant and I ate (and drank) way too much. Now I'm in this stupor that doesn't lend itself to clear thinking...let alone clear writing. Please forgive me and I promise no more weeknight gluttony in the foreseeable future. ○The program opened with the breaking news that the House passed the Stimulus Package on Wednesday night. The Republicans did not break rank, but in the end it didn't matter. What does matter is what the Senate will do and how much pork will or will not be included in the final version. Ed Henry and Candy Crowley gave us the Stimulus news of the night.
○ The Strategy Session included all my favorites: David Gergen, Paul Begala and Amy Holmes (glad to have her back on 360). They discussed how the Stimulus Package will work ... and if it will work at all. I was a little disturbed at some of the information that Paul shared about the bill. For Obama to take out family planning money and to add pro business tax cuts to please the Republicans and then to still not get a single vote from them is disturbing. Partisan politics still lives on Capital Hill.

○ Ali Velshi explained what the Stimulus money is earmarked for (at least at this point).
$142 billion for education
$90 billion for infrastructure
$54 billion for energy
$111 billion for health care
$72 billion aid & benefits
$16 billion science & technology
○ Tom Foreman took a closer look at the US infrastructure failure and needs. His report was followed by an in-studio interview with Stephen Flynn, author of Edge of Disaster. If you don't think this is an important topic I would suggest you do a little homework. It is the weakest link in our effort to keep our country safe from attack.

○Joe Johns gave us the news on the Science Foundation employee's addiction to internet porn. Yuck.....anyone feel like they need a shower?

○David Mattingly had more Ted Haggard news for us on Wednesday. The Haggard story is comparable to a train wreck. You don't want to watch but you almost have to. This guy is such a mixed up mess of a man that I almost feel sorry for him. But until he is honest with himself and his family I don't see a happy ending to his story.

○Is anyone over the Sasha and Malia stories? The media points fingers at Ty and other companies for exploiting the Obama girls but how is that different from their continuous coverage? Those girls sell...whether it be coats, dolls or airtime. I will be glad when everyone moves on.

A few of you have mentioned in comments that the lecture Anderson Cooper did at the Columbia School of Journalism has been posted by the school. It's fairly long, and begins with familiar information but it is worth a listen. Enjoy!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Have a great Thursday and I hope to see you back here soon. ~Phebe

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Stand Back....She's Fix'in to Blow

I'm going to try and get through my discussion of Tuesday's AC360 before I go on my little rant. If you watched the program can you guess what has me so worked up? More on it later in my post.Tuesday's AC360 opened with Ed Henry, who caught us up on the latest news from Capitol Hill. This transitioned into Ali Velshi reporting on how much of the stimulus bill would actually be tax cuts. Wahoo...$500 per person, $1000 per family. That's just so much money I don't know how I'll spend it all. All kidding aside, bundle that money and use it to help the people that are really hurting, those that are losing their homes, those that can't afford heat, those that can't afford food, those that have to choose what prescriptions they will fill. There but by the grace of God go I.
The evenings first panel was David Gergen, Ed Rollins and Roland Martin, who took a closer look at the President's trip to meet with House Republicans. All the panelists were encouraged by the dialog that has begun. At one point Roland went off on the concept of another czar being appointed (to oversee the stimulus spending) which seemed to get The Gerg's dander up a bit. As Gergen sited historic precedent and the success having an authority figure provide oversight Martin backed off and didn't say another word.

Speaking of Roland Martin Julie found an interesting blurb by Cindy Adams in Tuesday's NY Post speculating that Martin might be a temp sub for Campbell when she goes on maternity leave. I was hoping that Don Lemon would get the assignment.....guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Tom Foreman not only was in for Erica Hill to do the 360 Bulletin but he also handled the 'Keeping Them Honest' segment. He took a closer look at Guitner's edicts for how TARP will be handled and how the banks executives have survived the payouts while many employees haven't.President Obama's interview with Al-Arabiya was discussed again on Tuesday, first in a 360 Dispatch with Nic Robertson. Robertson said that the interview has basically been ignored in Israel, who is much more focused on Sec. of State Clinton's pro Israeli comments. And then the second panel of the night with Reza Aslan and Peter Bergen, who broke down the meaning and impact of Obama's interview. Aslan made the point that W spoke in lofty terms to the Arab world talking of liberty, freedom and democracy.....all important but somewhat abstract to those in the Middle East. While President Obama spoke in more concrete terms sighting poverty, education, family issues that resonate far more with the Arab people.Peter Bergen discussed the President's interview as it relates to Al Qaeda, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Bergen said that much of Afghanistan's people are very encouraged by the election of Obama because they feel that he will be tough on Pakistan. Bergen went on to say that Al Qaeda doesn't see much distinction between a Bush presidency and Obama holding the office. Their goal is to destroy Israel and reform the Middle East and no US President, no matter what political party they belong to, would let that happen without a fight.

Nice to see Joe John's doing a happy story for a change. What a blessing for that lucky California couple to have 8 healthy babies. From other reports I've heard the mother carried the babies until 31 weeks, which is just incredible. The smallest child weighed in at 1 pound 8 ounces which is also pretty miraculous.

And at last we come to The Shot and what has me so riled up. I am completely disgusted that someone at AC360 would find Bush 41’s comments about a woman’s right to choose funny or even remotely politically correct, let alone worthy of being featured on The Shot. And for Anderson Cooper to introduce the segment by saying to Tom Foreman ‘I know you are going to enjoy tonight’s Shot’. WTF? Did he watch it first? Does he have a working brain?
If you missed the clip it was Bush 41 telling a story about a woman that approached his limo carrying a sign that said ‘stay out of my womb’. He categorized the woman as ‘ugly and angry’....isn’t that just charming talk for a former President? The punch line was 41 saying he'd have no problem staying out of the 'ugly, angry' woman's womb. Classy.
If you don't get my outrage think of the story in different terms. Would it be funny if it was two 'ugly, angry' gay guys holding a sign saying 'stay out of our bedroom'. Hardly.
I could go on and on, but I will spare you. I would also request that AC360 spare us from future demeaning episodes of ‘The Shot’. ~Phebe

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Why Bother?

Uh..... I ask you all after viewing this picture for 1+ hours, WHY BOTHER?

Seriously, that was the grand sum total of the views from the webcam on Monday night! HA

Hope you all have a great Tuesday night. ~ Tedi B

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Paradigm Shift

There are many, many, many reasons why I am glad that Barack Obama is our president, but tonight I must add another one to the list. As I watched CNN earlier today, it became painfully obvious to me that tonight's 360 was going to be another episode of All About Blago. He was everywhere, peddling his whiny little story of everyone-lies-but-me to any video camera that would have him. Clearly, nobody learned the lesson of 'The Democrats and the Senate Replacement Appointment' so succinctly summed up by Jeffrey Toobin as "They were really just played by Blagojevich completely." This painful knowledge followed me around all afternoon like my own personal raincloud. So to President Obama as well as whomever at 360 decided to dedicate most of tonight to a FAR more important story... the thanks of a grateful blogger.

But we begin tonight with more grim math: 70,000 jobs lost IN ONE DAY. That's a football stadium worth of pink slips. Ali Velshi, I swear to you, sir ... some day you will be rewarded with GOOD news to deliver!

We do at least have a new Treasury Secretary. Why anyone would want the job is beyond me, but let's hope he's as smart as the president thinks he is. (And as someone who got bad info from the IRS' own help line, only to suddenly discover one day that I owed several thousand dollars in back taxes... I sympathize with the guy. Oh, and when I called the IRS to tell them of my discovery, they instructed me not to pay the taxes until they figured out what I owed and notified me. I got one year's back-bill every year for five years and am still paying taxes in two directions.)

Ed Henry reports on the happenings at the White House, and one of the things that people are griping about today is the newly proposed fuel regulations and how it will be the end for the American automakers. Funny, I thought the fact that Detroit didn't bother making more fuel-efficient cars, as their competitors have been, was the reason people aren't buying cars from the Big Three anymore. Silly me.

On to the big story of the night -- President Obama gave his first one-on-one interview tonight, and it was to al-Arabiya Television. Absolutely brilliant. Considering how much damage he has to repair in our relationship with the Arab world, this was a simple but meaningful act. Of course, far more important was what he said, and I sincerely do salute 360 for dedicating so much of the broadcast to this event. For so many of us who have been cringing through the cowboy rhetoric of the past eight years, it's refreshing to hear our elected representative making it clear that we are going after the bad guys, not everyone who looks or prays the same way.

(And yes, to have a president who can be described as "a keen intellect, a man of supple intelligence who knows how to connect complex things together.")

The panel tonight is Hisham Melhem (DC Bureau Chief and US Affairs Editor for al-Arabiya Television, and the man who interviewed the president this evening), Reza Aslan, David Gergen, and also Nic Robertson via phone:

They played most of the interview throughout the course of the show -- I'm sure it will soon be posted at, if it isn't already -- although there seemed to be a glitch as far as showing the same section twice. Anderson did mention at one point that it was a last-minute decision to cover it in such depth, so it's understandable that not everything went according to plan. I imagine we may get one of those "here's what went on behind the scenes" post on the 360 Blog tomorrow.

More of the interview, more with the panel. Well, half of the panel, anyway...

My first thought was, do we have to hear anything more about Ted Haggard? Ever? But it actually turned out to be an interesting piece.

HBO is airing a film directed by Alexandra Pelosi (daughter of Nancy) about Haggard's life after the scandal that cost him everything but his family. I never liked the guy to begin with, he has always struck me as the snakeoil-selling type of preacher (although to be fair, I have never listened to the guy any more than I absolutely had to!) so his absence from the public eye has been No Big Deal to me. But like Pelosi, I think the reaction of the church has been a far more telling story than was the scandal itself. 

However, UNlike Pelosi, I agree with Anderson: Haggard will be back as a preacher. He may have to start his own church to do it, but why agree to this movie if not for the chance to begin the reclamation-of-image process we have watched so many "fallen" stars -- athletes, actors, politicians, musicians -- go through? Fame is fleeting, but in our society, so is infamy.

Finally, the 360 Bulletin: stocks are somehow up, an arrest in the Travolta extortion plot, and the Sasha and Malia dolls still annoy everyone. (The only clean way out of the doll mess is for Ty to agree to donate profits to a charity, and they'd be wise to make that offer very soon.)

And The Shot -- finally they break down and face The Blago Problem, but they at least make him look like the damned fool he is:

Hmm... I seem to have three extra screengrabs tonight. Whatever shall I do with them? (We could have a vote for the favorite one, but really -- does it matter?)

That's it for me this week. Have a good one, and if you're rooting for anyone in the SuperBowl, good luck! (Me, I'm rooting for Bruuuuuce! Bring on the halftime!)

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Anderson Still Isn't Her Boo

AndersonCooper 360 Jigsaw PuzzleAndersonCooper 360 Jigsaw Puzzle

The puzzle tonight is from a screencap that I had from the Inauguration coverage. There's something about having the Capital in the background at night.

You may have noticed that my 360 in :60 reviews have been missing. I haven't had any luck in the last few weeks finding the report on CNN Radio. If it reappears, I'll you know.

Remember Donna Brazile telling Anderson that he wasn't her boo? On Friday's Situation Room, Don Lemon reminded her of that comment. The clip below is a bit lengthly but includes the Don's report about Ben's Chilli Bowl and the discussion that followed.

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sweet Dreams

Anderson Cooper mentioned several times last night that it had been a long week and he was feeling a bit sleep deprived. He also wrote this on Friday's AC360 Live Blog:

January 23rd, 2009 9:54 pm ET
welcome to the live chat. I dont know about you, but i am so ready for this week to end. It’s been a remarkable week, but i am ready for a very long siesta.

Starting with the Obama Express (last Saturday) it seems that Mr. Cooper was on-air almost non-stop during this Inauguration week. Add to that a few media interviews and co-hosting 'Live with Regis & Kelly' on Friday and you'll realize he should be exhausted.

All this talk of sleep deprivation reminded me of the sleep clinic report that Anderson did several years ago. I know Quitty has posted it before, but who gets tired of seeing AC crawling into bed?

Speaking of Quitty, she hopes to be back to blogging next weekend. We will look forward to her return since no one digs up the oldies but goodies quite as well as Ms. Quitty. ~Phebe

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Friday, January 23, 2009

We Just Can't Quit Him

Anderson Cooper was in a very silly mood on Friday night. Blame it on sleep deprivation, which he alluded to several times during AC360. At one point he apologized for more Blogo coverage saying we just can't quit him, giving me the title for tonight's post.

The highlight of Friday's AC360 for me was Peter Bergen, so that's where I'll begin. Peter talked at length about the plan to close Gitmo, something that he favors. The Pentagon released percentages of recidivism earlier this month that were much higher than what Bergen estimates the actual number. This shouldn't come as a surprise since the Bush administration was always trying to manipulate the numbers to justify their actions. Peter Bergen also mentioned that of the 800 or so that have gone through Gitmo he would only call 60 'the worse of the worse' as Rumsfield called them.Also covered on Friday:
○Pres O's day trying to convince the Republicans to playing nice. His response if they seemed reluctant? 'I won' and he has the popularity numbers to prove it.
○The signing of the International abortion funding memorandum.
○The bailout and what B of A and Merril Lynch need now. I wonder if Johns knew the $35,000 commode was not a toilet but a small chest of drawers, usually French and usually very ornate. Still a stupid expense for an insolvent company but not as stupid as if it was a toilet.○ The panel was David Gergen, John Ridley and Joe Johns. Best line was Anderson's at the end when he said 'hope you all get some sleep after this long week'. Amen to that.
○Suze Orman took our questions next....nuff said.
○ Randi Kaye reported on the extortion story involving the Travolta family. The report was short on details as formal charges have yet to be filed.
○ Erica Hill reported that Palin wants 11 million for her memoirs. This report should have been entitled 'give me a break'.○ The very disturbing report that Beanie Babies have 2 new dolls called Marvelous Malia and Sweet Sasha. The company insists the Obama girls are not the inspiration. Another 'give me a break'.
○ Don Lemon (yea!) filed a report on Michelle Obama and when she will begin her official schedule, including establishing a working office of the First Lady.

There were some really funny moments in the last few minutes of Friday's AC360. This was AC enjoying a little popcorn and the latest Blago news.

Erica Hill arranged a call in by Kelly Ripa to give Anderson a chance to save some face. If you don't know what this is all about the clips from AC's appearance on Friday's Live with Regis and Kelly are at the end of my post tonight.

And now onto Friday's Live with Regis and Kelly that Anderson co-hosted.

Host Chat part 1

Host Chat part 2

Host Chat part 3

Host Chat part 4

Washing Hands

The Germ Quiz

And the best clip of them all...the bonus footage of AC & Kelly reading letters from the InBox. This segment didn't make Live's Friday broadcast.

Whew, that was a lot of clipping for one little post. Thanks to BA for the help. We all will grateful to have Ms. Sapphire back next Friday, but none more than I. I want to get back to date night with the DH. ~Phebe

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Purposeful Walk

I couldn't get into Thursday's AC360, guess I watched too much television during the day so nothing seemed like 'news' to me. Or it could have just been that I don't enjoy all the depressing financial stuff...more job cuts and nationalization of our banks being considered, as reported by Ali Velshi.The encouraging news was that the Obama team has stayed on message and are moving swiftly to try and repair the US image worldwide. I did think Ed Henry was a bit nit picky when he criticised Robert Gibbs for calling Thursday Day Two of Obama's Presidency, instead of Day Three. Technically yes, but really it was only their second day of doing real business.
I did appreciate Henry's inclusion of the information on William Lynn's nomination. Lynn, a former lobbyist for Raytheon (a defense contractor) was said to be an exception to Obama's no lobbyist rule. Surely there are others out there who could do just as good a job without the lobbyist label? It just sends the wrong message, IMO. Thursday's panel was David Gergen, John Ridley(NPR commentator) and Ed Rollins. Topics discussed were Obama's daily economic briefings, the economy, nationalization of banks, the stimulus plan and probably lots more that I missed while putting a load of clothes in the dryer. Candy Crowley reported on the strange ending to Carolyn Kennedy's short political career. CC called the story bizarro world. Not as much snark as Wednesday night, but at least we got something. Candy did manage to get an Anderlaugh when she described NY politics as 'combat sport mixed with Broadway musical'. Jill Daugherty filed a report on Hillary Clinton's first day at her new job, the appointments of special envoys to some of the world's most troubled spots and President Obama's appearance at the State Department on Thursday. The panel was back to discuss the appointments and the day's activities at State. Randi Kaye gave us a preview of National Geographic's new documentary about Air Force One and it's newest Commander in Chief. The special airs this weekend on National Geographic Channel. Did anyone notice the first time AC teased this report they showed a picture of the USAirbus in the Hudson instead of AirForce One? Oops!

The program wrapped up with a look at some wonderful Obama images from Time photographer Callie Shell, an AC tribute to two producers who are moving on and The Shot which featured an Indonesian Obama look alike.
So there you have it, the Thursday edition of AC360. But that's not all, on no it's not. Do you remember when AC mentioned walking purposefully through Washington, DC? Well of course someone snapped a picture and our intrepid researcher team, namely Julie, found it. Here's a link to a blog that talks about being in the crowd on the Mall watching AC do AC360.
I will be back with you on Friday night, since Ms. Sapphire is still on her European vacation. I plan on posting clips from Anderson's appearance on Regis and Kelly, so if you forgot to set your recorder no problem.
I will leave you for tonight with a few more images from Anderson Cooper's week in Washington, DC. ~Phebe

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