Saturday, February 28, 2009

CNN's Peppery Anchorman on Iron Chef America

A couple of readers have asked about seeing Anderson's appearance on Iron Chef America. From the archives here is a video compilation of Anderson appearance on the show. Considering his supposed lack of culinary talent, I thought he did rather well.

Sunday night, don't forget to watch Anderson's 60 Minutes report on Mexico's War on Drugs!

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From Depressed to Happy in One Segment..Thanks to an Onion

Hi everyone. Hope you all had a great week. Mine was not bad but I will never complain that it is the weekend. Let’s get into Friday’s 360.

President Obama announced a date to withdrawal of troops from the war in Iraq and it is August 31, 2010. With another 50,000 troops remaining until December 31, 2011. I, along with many others am truly glad to hear about this news. When Anderson said the date I tried to imagine what that day will be like. We have been at war for so long it is hard to imagine. There are children in this world who do not know what it is like to not live in a time of war. Tom Foreman reports on President Obama and former President Bush plans for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq.

Michael Ware and Ed Henry join Anderson to talk about the withdrawal of the troops in from Iraq. It is so wonderful seeing Michael in the studio. I have to say it was nice to have a 360 not start with the economy….

And then the “breaking news” of another 2 banks going under was covered and I thought I was having a déjà vu of last Friday night. I am honestly starting to dislike the news, I try not to watch it as much as I use to because it is truly depressing.

Ali Velshi joined Anderson. Did I hear Ali say that the recession could possibly end this year…..Ali Velshi no words out of your mouth ever sounded sweeter.

The Obama Budget – Candy Crowley breaks down the winners and losers in this new budget proposal released yesterday. Obamanomics… it Candy.

Ali and Gerri Willis join Anderson to answer viewer iReports.

Oy Vey Sarah Palin is leading the pack among the GOP as the possible leader of the party in 2012. David Gergen and Candy Crowley join Anderson to discuss the poll of who may be a good leader of the GOP. Wow it is hard to believe we are already discussion 2012 but we actually have been since Obama won last November. During the summer I was really thinking that Bobby Jindal may have a very bright future in the vein of Obama but after watching Jindal this past week, I don’t think so.

How cute was it watching Anderson learn how to cut an onion???

Mass Grave Mystery in New Mexico – Gary Tuchman reports on the 13 victims who have been found at a construction site.

The economy and the family. Interesting report from Randi Kaye about cheating spouses who are too broke to get a room.

The Shot was First lady Michelle Obama’s official portrait which was released today and in my opinion it is stunning. Michelle is a gorgeous woman and let me tell you I agree with Erica, if I looked like her I would be sleeveless every day. Absolutely something I am working towards.

Unfortunately my recording of Regis and Kelly did not work but I was able to get the opening chat between Anderson and Kelly

Last night Lunch with Anderson Cooper went for $7,500 at Bailey House's annual fundraiser, which raises money for homeless people with HIV and AIDS. "Like stocks and real estate, Cooper's market value has declined by more than 60 percent — the Cooper date sold for $21,000 in 2007 but in this day in age with the economy in the toilet like it is $7,500 is nothing to look down on. Congrats to the winning bidder. Hope you enjoy your lunch. Maybe Anderson can make it now that he can somewhat chop an onion.

That is it for me this week I will see you all again next Friday ~ Sapphire

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Friday, February 27, 2009

A Few Webcast Clips for You....

Thanks to Sherry we were able to get a few webcast clips up for you this evening. I wasn't able to cap the webcam because I was at school but this should make up for it, I hope! Anyway, the clips are still choppy but they are better than nothing. Thanks again to Sherry for her hard work on this!

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Lot of Regis & Kelly and a Little 360 too

Anderson Cooper and Ed Henry opened Thursday's AC360 with news that the withdrawal from Iraq will not be as swift as initially promised. Also 50,000 non-combat troops will be left on the ground in Iraq. This does not please me and from what Henry said a lot of Congressional Dems feel the same way. Ali Velshi also did a brief report on what deescalating the war in Iraq will save the taxpayers.The Digging Deeper panel was David Gergen, David Walker (former comptroller of the US) and Ryan Mack (economist and cutie!). I'm just so sick of the dissection of what the President did, didn't do.....will it work, won't it work, that I just didn't pay much attention. It's all guessing as far as I can tell and I'd rather discuss results and not speculation.
Tom Foreman did a segment on what a trillion dollars is or what 3.6 trillion is. The most interesting fact was Senator Mitch McConnell's calculation that if we started spending a million dollars a day on the day Jesus was born and continued spending a million a day everyday until today you still wouldn't have spent a trillion dollars. Pretty scary stuff.To me it's always a good 360 when Michael Ware is in the house. He sat down with AC to discuss the new Iraq plan and then did a special report on the Mexican drug cartel. In discussing Iraq Ware said the troops who are not withdrawn will have a type of counter terrorist role. They will not go out and patrol per se but more document and keep tabs on those that would try to control Iraq and strike when needed.Randi Kaye took an upclose look at the sad state of our schools. I totally agree with the premise of this report, some of our schools are deplorable BUT some of the situations sited as abnormal are really not. Almost all of our schools in Arizona use trailers for overflow classrooms, in fact some of those trailers are nicer than the regular classrooms. Many, if not all, are located on former playground make do with what you have. As to the 1,200 hundred students crammed into a building built for 800 that's also common in our district. We've even had 2 separate student bodies share the same started early and was dismissed around lunch and the second school started at lunch and went until almost dinner time. It really doesn't mean the quality of education is substandard. Just that the district is living within its means.
The peeling plaster, leaky windows, crumbling facades, etc is another story....that is a safety and health hazard. And much, much more serious than the other evidence sited.

The 360 Bulletin was delivered by Erica Hill and contained stories of Michael Vick, Bank of American bonuses, ocotmom offered money to star in a porn movie (who would want to see a naked woman who probably has stretch marks longer than the Mississippi?) and the racist California mayor who sent the watermelon patch White House picture out by email.The 360 Dispatch was filed by Michael Ware and filmed mostly in Juarez, Mexico, which is just across the border from El Paso, Texas. In introducing this report Anderson mentioned that Phoenix (where I live) has become the kidnap capital of the US with Mexican gangs abducting more than 300 people in the past year. Our new Homeland Security Chief is former Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano who is very, very familiar with this problem. I have no doubt that she will make it one of her top priorities.
Anderson will be doing a segment on 60 Minutes this Sunday night and Napolitano will be one of those he interviews. To read more of the interview follow the link.
Now back to Michael who detailed some of the gruesome murders and threats the Mexican cartel has initiated against police forces, government officials and ordinary citizens. Was it just me or did any of you see a similarity between MW's reporting from the ME and his time in Mexico? I think it was a brilliant move to put him on this story and obvious that he was in his element.

No Beat 360 tonight and The Shot was a rehash of AC's Donald Trump quiz with Kelly Ripa. I've clipped the host chat from Thursday's Live with Regis & Kelly, the Jeopardy game with Donald Trump and the very brief In Box. Don't forget AC is on Regis & Kelly again Friday morning.
Host Chat part 1

Host Chat part 2

Host Chat part 3

Host Chat part 4

Anderson Cooper vs. Kelly Ripa in Celebrity Apprentice Jeopardy

The In Box

I had no idea that AC had lost his watch. I went back through some of our old posts and it looks like it might have happened right around the day he interviewed President Obama on February 3rd. I just did a quick search, if anyone has time to be more thorough please let me know what you find. Have a great weekend everybody! ~Phebe

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Crazy Night on the 360 Set

From the webcast and webcam last night it appears the 360 set was having a lot of fun last night! We had singing, laughing and "hind quarters"! Unfortunately, we didn't get any webcast footage but we did get some interesting caps from the webcam.

Hope you all have a great weekend! ~Tedi B.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Money, a Smackdown and Doggie Bits & Pieces

Ed Henry opened Wednesday's AC360 with some preliminary details on the President's health care package. Personally I like the idea that seniors who earn more than $170,000 a year would pay more than others on Medicare for their prescriptions. This sacrifice by the wealthiest of retirees will pump 8.1 billion into the system over 10 years.
Speaking of Medicare benefits I had a very odd experience with our insurance today. DH's doctor asked him to take a genetic screening test for a blood disorder that is only preformed at one lab in the US. His doctor warned that insurance probably wouldn't cover it so I called the lab and my insurance company today to try and figure out the cost and who would have to pay. The lady at the lab said the test costs in the neighborhood of $1,000 and my insurance would not pay it. But here's the part that I found interesting (and applicable to the topic at hand), she said if my DH was on Medicare it would be paid in full by the government. To me that just didn't seem quite fair. Too bad we're not old enough to retire and have better insurance than we do while working. Ali Velshi focused his reporting tonight on the health care issue also. He talked about how to justify those that have fallen out of the health care system with subsidizing the rising cost of insurance and health care.It was at this point my recording went to black and I have no idea what I missed. I must admit I was watching American Idol (go Adam!) not 360. When my recording kicked back in the discussion had switched to earmarks. From what little I heard I must say I'm a bit disappointed in the Democrats with their hands out for pet projects.The night's panel (must we always have a panel?) was populated by Joe Johns, David Gergen and David Walker. The discussion looked at the budget and earmarks, the probability of affording the health care package proposed and the general consensus that the administration is moving a little too quickly.

Next up a little tit for tat, with Anderson vs. Rep. Eliot Engel (D) of New York. Take a look.

Candy Crowley gave us the night's Raw Politics which looked at all the empty slots in the Obama team, especially Deputy Secretaries and Assistant Secretaries. You'd think with all the unemployment that there would be a few good men & women available and willing to take a civil service job.
I was so excited that 360 finally did a positive economic story like the one I blogged about a few weeks ago from NBC's Nightly News. The 360 version of a good news story was presented by good guy Gary Tuchman who was in Fargo, ND. Unemployment is at 3%, housing prices aren't falling, business is booming and the State has a surplus. Why? The state's banks did not get caught up in sub-prime mortgages.

There were also pieces by Chris Lawrence, who took a look at the Lockheed Martin Raptor, Joe Johns on the article about Michelle Obama in People magazine and Erica Hill reported on Stevie Wonder receiving a life-time achievement award at the White House on Wednesday night. But my eyes are starting to cross because of the long day so I'll just skip to 'The Shot' which was finally amusing again.

That's it for me late on this Wednesday night. Hope everyone remembered to set their DVD/VCR recorders for Live with Regis and Kelly this morning? If not I hope to have a run down for you in my post tomorrow night. And to anyone going to the Bailey House auction today please let us know how expensive Mr. Cooper was this year....of course we all know he's priceless. ~Phebe

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After the Speech

Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer bridged the short gap between President Obama's address and the Republican rebuttal, given by Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. I have never heard Jindal give a speech before and I must say the contrast been his speech and Obama was painful. His stilted cadence and fake enthusiasm was just terrible. Someone said, I think it was Ed Rollins, later in the program that giving the rebuttal was like the kiss of death. No one has ever used it as a springboard to bigger and better things. I certainly don't think Bobby Jindal helped his political career tonight, but there is no accounting for the taste of Republicans. Maybe to them he hit a home run?The first panel of the night had David Gergen, John King, Roland Martin and Ali Velshi breaking down the Congressional address. David Gergen termed Obama's speech a 'tour de force' and Jindal's less than accurate in terms of his facts on the recovery from Katrina. Martin said the President was talking to Main Street not Wall Street. John King thought Obama was trying to convey that the country should trust him.Erica Hill presented the results of the polls taken among Facebook viewers who watched the speech. Erica also did the 360 Bulletin, including a story about the average television viewer watching 5 hours a day. Seriously, do people really have that much free time? Anderson was quite enthusiastic about the results of the survey. Take a look.

Tom Foreman did the fact check on the President's speech and found it all in all to be pretty accurate. There were some discrepancies on jobs to be created by wind power and some wiggle room on the oil issue but that was about it.Dana Bash reported from Statuary Hall about Republican reactions and the Dems spin as the Congressional members and their families mingled after the speech.Candy Crowley crunched the numbers from the quick polls and did some analysis. Not surprisingly most polled were favorable. CC explained this was because most of the party faithful are the ones who watch.The next segment focused on the economy with Anderson interviewing Joseph Stiglitz, winner of the 2001 Noble Prize for Economics and a professor at Columbia, and Stephen Moore, editorial writer for the Wall Street Journal. Great to hear two real experts taking a closer look at the speech and the issues. Stiglitz was more positive, Moore a little more negative.The next panel of the evening was Ed Rollins, Stiglitz, Pamela Gentry(BET) and Chrystia Freeland (editor of Financial Times). Depending on who you listened to the speech was either incredibly bold or incredibly vague, to quote AC. It was at this point in the evening I started to tune out, I think it was simply a case of political and financial issues overload.

I had to laugh when I reviewed Monday night's live blog and came across this comment by Anderson. I hadn't tried brussel sprouts since I was a kid either and decided to give them a second try when they were served at a dinner I was at a month or so ago. I reasoned that I like, make that love cabbage and pretty much every other vegetable so my aversion to brussel sprouts just didn't make sense. Boy was I wrong.....those are some nasty little green balls of evil. I was right as a kid and I will never try them again, no matter who is cooking them or how they are cooked!

Thanks to BA for uploading this video of Anderson leaving the pre-Oscar party on Saturday night in the hills of LA. The party was held by the Creative Artists Agency which is one of, if not the top, talent agency in the industry. I must warn you not to expect much. It is simply Anderson driving a car away from the party while the paparazzi yell at him.

And here are a few screengrabs from the video:

That's it for this Tuesday evening. I'm betting Wednesday's AC360 will include more dissection of the Presidential address. In order to make it though I'll just keep repeating 'Regis and Kelly on Thursday and Friday' and it doesn't seem like such a tedious week after all. ~Phebe

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's not easy being Green (Vegetable, that is!)

Hi everyone! Now that Anderson is back in the studio I'm able to get some good webcam shots. For those of you that missed the webcast, Anderson and Erica continued their discussion of yucky green veggies. I got some good shots of Anderson's reaction to Brussel sprouts. Here are two collages. Hope you all have a great night!

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Monday, February 23, 2009

No Easy Way Out

Well, this is one of those nights where you're gonna just get random photos... try to bear up, huh?

No Easy Way Out -- the market went down again today, although Ali Velshi took pains to point out that the drop was not as bad as many we have seen recently.

Ed Henry reported on the astonishing Q&A the President held today, where he took questions not from reporters but from his political opponents. Seriously, if this was written in a movie script, no one would believe it. It may seem like a small thing to many of us (struggling with debt and underwater mortgages and job loss) but to have such a wide-open presidency is incredible. If the Republicans don't get their act together soon and really start being constructive, their constituents are going to turn on them in a big way.

(Don't you love the warm fuzzy commercials from the credit card companies? They're here to help? Have they told that to their collection agents?)

Strategy Session is about the economy, duh... David Gergen, Ali Velshi, and  Krishna Guha from the Financial Times. Poor Anderson, he has some Citibank stock... But I do think we've all gotten the message that Things Are Serious. Now we need some answers. And I hope they are fast and solid, because there are too many people hurting right now. I'm looking forward to the speech tomorrow, but the reality is that businesses have to get jobs available, and that means we-the-people need to spend money, and THAT means we need to get some to spend!

I'm liking the use of Flin Flon to underscore the President. Seriously, it's working for me. (Shout out to Tommy Evans!)

Anderson admits to The Gerg that he was distracted by the ear-talking. I really do think that happens far more than we would ever guess, but he rarely has to 'fess up like that.

Tom Foreman present a resumé on the guy President Obama has chosen to keep tabs on the stimulus money. I watched this on Campbell Brown's show, and Tom was calling him the "Stimulus Sheriff." I wasn't sure that was the best job title to give the poor guy. Well, now he's the "Stimulus Watchdog." Um... Just a thought: the words "stimulus" and "handcuffs" really should not be used in the same sentence. I'm just sayin'...

Candy Crowley reports on the Republican governors that are refusing parts of the federal stimulus plan. Um, and when those people who SHOULD have been getting unemployment have nothing and end up sleeping on the streets? How does that help your constituents? How about writing a law that says "these people are eligible for benefits for x-number of years or for as long as the Feds are footing the bill"?

Randi Kaye reports on the apparent solution to the Chandra Levy murder. Hey, I thought the Congressman did it, too... Clearly we watch too much TV about crooked politicians bumping off their mistresses and such. What a tragedy for that family. 

360 bulletin: Clinton/Gore in DC to discuss the green energy future; George Clooney in DC to discuss the Darfur crisis; Congress will investigate why the Postmaster General got a huge bonus and pay raise; the supposed sperm donor of the octuplets wants paternity tests. Gosh, think he sees money in them thar babies? Somehow I doubt he'd be pushing for that test if he thought he would be hit up for child support.

Mmmm, French Fries... Erica Hill reports on the first official dinner for the new residents of the White House. Mrs. O invited culinary students in to watch and ask questions of the kitchen staff ... pretty cool idea.

Have you heard about CNN's new reality show? Cooking With The First Lady!

Huckleberry Hound clip...oh knew I was cooking this one...

And The Shot... while I was watching the Oscars last night, I thought, if someone hasn't seen the Letterman clip, this makes nooooo sense to them:

Yes, I do believe you can count on a report on the green veggies tomorrow!

Boy, it was a long wait for a smile tonight. If the economy doesn't get better soon, that line between his eyebrows is going to be permanently furrowed in!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tonight's bonus comes from Julie -- Anderson was photographed leaving Barry Diller's pre-Oscar party on Saturday:
Anderson Cooper was just one of many guests at Barry Diller's star studded annual pre-Oscar party in Beverly Hills. Celebrities in attendance included; Farrah Fawcett, Eva Longoria, Sean Combs, Michael Douglas, Sharon Stone, Uma Thurman, Paris Hilton, Oprah Winfrey, Gayle King, Robert De Niro and Grace Hightower, Anderson Cooper, Penny Marshall, Ron Howard wife Cheryl, and George Hamilton. Most of the celebrities were friendly and even smiled at the few photogs at the scene. Pictured: Anderson Cooper Picture by: Sharky / Splash News
Hmm, Anderson and She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named at the same party...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tuesday will be the president's first joint address to Congress at 9pmET, so Larry King Live will be on after AC360. There will also be some special online coverage:

11a - State of the Union with John King special online edition

12p - State of the Nation: Foreign Policy Special with Christiane Amanpour

1p State of the Economy special hosted by Ali Velshi and Christine Romans

3p - Suze Orman answers viewers questions on the economy

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

That's a wrap for me!

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