Wednesday, February 25, 2009

After the Speech

Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer bridged the short gap between President Obama's address and the Republican rebuttal, given by Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. I have never heard Jindal give a speech before and I must say the contrast been his speech and Obama was painful. His stilted cadence and fake enthusiasm was just terrible. Someone said, I think it was Ed Rollins, later in the program that giving the rebuttal was like the kiss of death. No one has ever used it as a springboard to bigger and better things. I certainly don't think Bobby Jindal helped his political career tonight, but there is no accounting for the taste of Republicans. Maybe to them he hit a home run?The first panel of the night had David Gergen, John King, Roland Martin and Ali Velshi breaking down the Congressional address. David Gergen termed Obama's speech a 'tour de force' and Jindal's less than accurate in terms of his facts on the recovery from Katrina. Martin said the President was talking to Main Street not Wall Street. John King thought Obama was trying to convey that the country should trust him.Erica Hill presented the results of the polls taken among Facebook viewers who watched the speech. Erica also did the 360 Bulletin, including a story about the average television viewer watching 5 hours a day. Seriously, do people really have that much free time? Anderson was quite enthusiastic about the results of the survey. Take a look.

Tom Foreman did the fact check on the President's speech and found it all in all to be pretty accurate. There were some discrepancies on jobs to be created by wind power and some wiggle room on the oil issue but that was about it.Dana Bash reported from Statuary Hall about Republican reactions and the Dems spin as the Congressional members and their families mingled after the speech.Candy Crowley crunched the numbers from the quick polls and did some analysis. Not surprisingly most polled were favorable. CC explained this was because most of the party faithful are the ones who watch.The next segment focused on the economy with Anderson interviewing Joseph Stiglitz, winner of the 2001 Noble Prize for Economics and a professor at Columbia, and Stephen Moore, editorial writer for the Wall Street Journal. Great to hear two real experts taking a closer look at the speech and the issues. Stiglitz was more positive, Moore a little more negative.The next panel of the evening was Ed Rollins, Stiglitz, Pamela Gentry(BET) and Chrystia Freeland (editor of Financial Times). Depending on who you listened to the speech was either incredibly bold or incredibly vague, to quote AC. It was at this point in the evening I started to tune out, I think it was simply a case of political and financial issues overload.

I had to laugh when I reviewed Monday night's live blog and came across this comment by Anderson. I hadn't tried brussel sprouts since I was a kid either and decided to give them a second try when they were served at a dinner I was at a month or so ago. I reasoned that I like, make that love cabbage and pretty much every other vegetable so my aversion to brussel sprouts just didn't make sense. Boy was I wrong.....those are some nasty little green balls of evil. I was right as a kid and I will never try them again, no matter who is cooking them or how they are cooked!

Thanks to BA for uploading this video of Anderson leaving the pre-Oscar party on Saturday night in the hills of LA. The party was held by the Creative Artists Agency which is one of, if not the top, talent agency in the industry. I must warn you not to expect much. It is simply Anderson driving a car away from the party while the paparazzi yell at him.

And here are a few screengrabs from the video:

That's it for this Tuesday evening. I'm betting Wednesday's AC360 will include more dissection of the Presidential address. In order to make it though I'll just keep repeating 'Regis and Kelly on Thursday and Friday' and it doesn't seem like such a tedious week after all. ~Phebe


ACAnderFan said...

I didn't even watch 360 last nite. I knew all it would be was re-hashing of the president's speech and I am not too keen about re-hashing.

I did however see Bobby Jindal's speech. While I may not agree with what he said, I think he did a good job.

Good find BookAsylum, with the video. It's always nice to see Anderson doing simple little things like the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

The last picture of Anderson in the car:

1) he doesn't look too happy

2) sort of weird seeing him behind the wheel of a car.

3) sort of thought he would have had a driver. looked like he drove himself when he was leaving Barry Diller's party too

Anonymous said...

Phebe brussel sprouts are one of the few vegies my daughter will eat. We both love them. Slice them thin, and stir fry in butter and garlic, do not boil until soft ever ... I sometimes add them to BokChoy, snowpeas, carrot and chinese cabbage with tofu stirfried in seaseme oil. Ok we are vegetarian and that might influence the definition of tasty.

Kristien said...

Thanks for the recap Phebe, I only saw a very small portion of the show.

Anderson's reaction to the TV survey was great. Erica's right: staying at home and watching TV is way cheaper than going out!

I feel like I need to defend Brussel sprouts here, lol! They are absolutely delicious the way my mom makes them :o)

Anderson on R&K is definitely going to be the highlight of this Anderweek!

snooks said...

I thought the President's speech hit a home run and Jindall's response was lame and untruthful - while Bush certainly screwed up the early response to Katrina (that is being kind) the government has stepped in to the tune of mega millions - for Jindall to try to imply government had nothing to do with it was pathetic and revisionest- Ed Rollins was right

I loved the panels with new people who voiced cleared and articulate positions especially Stiglitz - I hope Anderson gets this gentlemen back rather than having Suzie Orman talk about the economy - Moore is just too GOP for me

I also really like Pamela Gentry she comes across as intelligent and non-biased

I thought Anderson was hysterical last night with his snarky comments - he was really on a roll

Regarding the video of Anderson leaving the party you could see the contempt on his face - I don't think any of us can imagine what it must be like living under the bubble he deals with

Anonymous said...

360 finally decided to put an economist on
the panel.I hope we see more of the Nobel
guy and less of people like Moore. I give
CNN credit for clamping down on ideology
last night. Less pundits please. I was finding
myself flipping the channel because I know it
where things are going once you say a Dem
or Rep. I am digging CNN's embrace of
technology. Hey let's not forget phone calls
and texting. Along with Twitter and Facebook
and I-Report along with the 360 blog.Is it me
or is Erica Hill playing a more active role?

Kristien said...

@ACAnderFan: "It's always nice to see Anderson doing simple little things like the rest of us."

I don't know about you, but I've never been to an Oscar party, lol.

Anonymous said...

I don't know anyone that watches five hours of t.v. a day. Most people I know don't watch that in a week.

While the economy is important, there's a big world out there. How about some stories from affiliates across the globe?

Anonymous said...

I think CNN should use real time blogging.
Having the thoughts of viewers air while
things are happening live would be cool.
Sort of like what they do during the holidays
with the stuff on the right side of the screen
and where they put the weather from around
the country in HD during American Morning.
360's ratings would go through the roof.

OregonMJW said...

I loved the Webcast pictures posted about the "Veggie Wars" on Monday night's 360 blog. Andy's facial expression while he's apparently gazing at the comments from the Yes, and No to brussels sprouts committees are hilarious. I was on the "Yes" team, just like Moley Willows.

@Moley, your method is deliciously close to my own. The secret to Sprouts is they must be fresh picked (so buy them by the stem and not individually); they must never have been frozen - and I even avoid the fridge; they should be steamed and served immediately dressed with either drawn butter & garlic sauce; or, my personal fav, a butter sauce with crispy bits of bacon, a little dijon and a splash of white wine.!

I love President and Mrs. Obama; I voted for him; I wish him every blessing necessary to carry this incredible burden and lead us out of this mess. Having said that, I find my eyes glazing over at what continues to seem like campaign rhetoric. I guess it's just that we've had two years of soaring themes and, now, it just seems like he's on a glide path. I'll give it a 6.

Of course, with Nancy Pelosi literally leaping out of her chair every 5 minutes or less to spur her troops to applaud (Ed Rollins called her a "cheerleader") it was hard to concentrate. Every time an applause line was left hanging, the camera would pull back and show us whether the (R)'s were clapping or not. To their credit - or maybe the President's, there was enough red meat in the speech for them to at least be publicly bi-partisan, if not so much in real life.

Poor Bobby Jindal. Pedantic, uninspired, same'ol same'ol, just another Kool-Aid consumer beating the conservative drum for tax cuts, tax cuts, and more tax cuts. He was right about one thing: there is a huge philosophical divide between the Democrats and (R)s: If a Democrat comes upon a burning house, he calls 911 and the government run fire department comes to put it out and save the family. If a (R) comes upon a burning house, he may step out of the way of the fleeing family, but he'll watch it burn to the ground while contemplating what kind of bigger home can be built by some rich constituent on the now vacant land.

Anderson driving is scary enough. Anderson driving in LA, through paparazzi and traffic is horrific. Let him dodge bullets in Bosnia, flirt with death from Dengue fever in Africa, spend half his life in a metal tube hurtling through the air - but CNN - get that boy a driver!

Anonymous said...

I really liked President Obama's speech. I believe he gives this country hope.

I saw Bobby Jindal on Meet the Press this weekend and was interested in seeing more of him. Not after last night. Although it was hard coming up after President Obama.

Loved the clips of Anderson leaving the party. I love real life type things like that.

Can somebody please tell me - Is the second hour of Anderson 360live or is it a rerun. Thanks for helping on this.

Em said...

I thought the Presidents speech was good and expected a lot more from Jindal. His interviews over the weekend were good. Did anyone else catch the comment by Ed…that Jindal's speech was a very good day for Sarah Palin. Very funny coming from Mr. Rollins.

I saw the video of Anderson leaving the party and he did not look happy. You could hear the paparazzi and at times, they were actually abusive. They didn’t say much to Anderson but at one point you could hear security telling them if they didn't watch their language they would shut it down. I can't imagine living like that. I LOVE my privacy!

The Live Blog about the veggies on Monday was funny. In fact, Anderson was in very good humor Monday. I think people are saturated with the bleak economic news and partisan politics and were enjoying the distraction.

Anderson it just like Mr. Em, with the exception of peas and an occasional green bean, he shuns most veggies. His idea of a salad is lettuce with a few cucumber slices and 1/2 bottle of Thousand Island. He keeps trying to tell me potatoes and corn count but I am sticking with my belief that nutritionally they are starches not veggies. I am just the opposite; I love all veggies with the exception of turnips and cooked peas (raw peas and snow peas are okay.) The taste and thought of squishy cooked peas make Me shudder! I eat salad loaded with all sorts of veggies almost every day. I love brussels sprouts but agree with the other commenter’s, they have to be fresh and cooked right.

I am looking forward to R&K but will have to Tivo it as I am swamped with work.

By the way, Kristien, I love your T-Shirt. Wish I was that clever!

Em said...

Oh, one other observation. A few days ago you posted a clip about TV's in the bedroom affecting peoples sex lives. On Monday they talked about people having less sex in a bad economy. Yesterday they said people were watching a lot of TV. Makes me wonder, if those TV's are in the bedroom, does that mean the birth rate will go down during this recession? Sorry, it is the sociologist coming out in me! LOL!

Anonymous said...

@Snooks: regarding your remark on the look of contempt on Anderson's face:

makes me wonder why he even attended that party and others like it if he does.... It was celebrities, did he really have to attend? If he really feels that way, he could have found an out.

ACAnderFan said...

@kristien, I guess that comment didn't come out right. Sorry. I meant to say it's nice to see him doing simple things like driving himself around.

Anonymous said...

Was is t just me, or did anybody else notice that Anderson changed ties last night?

Him and Wolf were on for just a few minutes before the President started and AC had on a black and white striped tie, then when they came back after the speech, he had on the maroon tie.

Please tell me I wasn't imagining it :)

aries moon said...

The President's speech was impressive as usual, he just keeps getting stronger - hopefully some of the proposals his administration have enacted will eventually help us to see our way out of this crisis. Bobby Jindal's speech was an embarrassment for the GOP - something they must be used to by now - they've got no ideas and the people that they've put out as potential "stars" (Palin, Steele and Jindal) have been disastrous. I have to agree about the panel - it was really refreshing to hear from the economist (not the Wall Street Journal guy). I agree with snooks about Pamela Gentry - she's become one of my favorite 360 commentators - if they can't have Hilary Rosen on, Pamela works for me. AC calling the congressmen and women that were waiting hours for the President "losers" was bizarre, funny, but a little uncharacteristically rough coming from him. I thought his enthusiastic reaction to Erica's report about how much tv people watch was sweet - the bad news about 360's ratings over the year must've gotten to him.

Thanks for the AC-driving clip. AC driving is a favorite fetish of mine. ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recap! I, being the genius I am, forgot to watch the speech last night so I was actually thankful for the 360 recap. Listening to Bobby Jindal was like listening to my kindergarten teacher. Seriously, what was going on?

@snooks...I LOVED snarky Anderson last night! Especially with the TV bit. He seems to be in a good mood this week. Can't wait to see him on R&K!

Kristien said...

@Em: it's luck, pure luck, nothing to do with being clever I'm afraid, haha. If you want you can borrow it sometime ;o)

@ACAnderFan: I was trying to be funny, but I guess I wasn't, lol.

snooks said...

to anon 12:16 - the look I was referring to was Anderson's reaction to the paparzzi not referring to his attending a party

yes he is considered a celebrity but can you imagine going out and having cameras stuck in your face everywhere you go and crude comments from the paps

Anonymous said...

A couple of websites are comparing Bobby Jindal's speech to Kenneth in 30 Rock. Gawker has a video comparison. However many people have pointed out that Jindal has come across more smoothly and intelligently in the past than he did last night, maybe it was just the pressure of a high-exposure speech, maybe that gaudy tie of his was cutting off oxygen from his brain.

Of course Anderson would drive his own car. He wouldn't want the high-falootin image of having a driver. Besides, he wants to be in control. The paparazzi were horrible, why don't they just concentrate on Paris Hilton and leave Anderson alone?


Anonymous said...

Don't forget Anderson doesn't drive that much I don't think, he knew a lot of people were watching and taping him, so he was probably under "pressure" to drive well and look good. I would be! what if he hit something?

Anonymous said...

@olsond, the second hour last night was live, not a rerun.

Anonymous said...

CNN should not provide AC with a driver if he CHOOSES to mingle with the celebrities he says he's uncomfortable with. If you're really that uncomfortable you don't attend celebrity events.
As for Bobby Jindal, he is the rising star of the Republican party. He did not come off well last nite and everyone seems to agree including the Republicans. I heard him speak just before the last hurricane in LA, and he is very impressive. He knew exactly how many hospitals were staffed and ready and how many first responders would be needed...his attention to every detail was remarkable. I voted for Obama, but if McCain had chosen Jindal as his running mate, I have feeling we wouldn't be discussing Obama's "campaign" rhetoric last nite. CUT THE PAYROLL TAXES! No more stimulus checks to irresponsible people who do irresponsible things. If it didn't work the last time, why should it work this time?? As usual, President Obama held everyone's attention and beyond, but there were no concrete details as to "How we will afford all these remarkable, wonderful, outcomes"...and billions of dollars later, make that trillions, AIG is now selling for a big 45 cents!!

Nebraska Fan said...

I have always been curious about people in big cities like NY and driving. Do most people not have cars? How do they learn how to drive if they live there their whole lives? In Nebraska, everyone learns how to drive very early because that is the main way to get around. How would someone like Anderson learn and become any good at it? I know I'm looking like a huge hick here, but I've always wondered. Could some "big city" dweller enlighten me? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Bobby Jindal really annoyed me last night. He made Sarah Palin look like a genius.

Laurie Beth said...

I don't know quite why my earlier post was considered to be inappropriate to post (unless it just didn't go through, in which case I apologize) but if I offended anyone with regard to what I said about Gov. Jindal I apologize. That said, I didn't really say anything--I merely advised people to do their own Google searches. That said, I certainly did not imply anything that was not reported by The Huffington Post, a highly respected blog that is hardly a tabloid--CNN uses them often and if you recall, the president called on one of their reporters at his press conference earlier this month.

I simply believe that there are certain elements of his past that have to do with religious practices that will alienate people and hurt his candidacy.
There is a reason why Bobby Jindal was not chosen as John McCain's running mate, and the American people deserve to know what that reason is, even though it has to do with a sensitive subject (religion)--particularly since the Associated Press reported today that he is being considered by the GOP to be their candidate for 2012. I do not believe that this is something that should be censored, but I do know that I am an outspoken person and if I worded it in such a way that it was offensive, than I apologize--particularly if it seemed anti-Catholic. I come from a family where my mom's side is Protestant and my dad's is Catholic, and I understand the clashes between the two, believe me. But I love both sides of my family and despite not being a Catholic I am not anti-Catholic in the slightest, so I apologize if it seemed that way.

I was talking about the way in which people vote, not my personal beliefs. There are GOP voters who will not vote for a Catholic candidate, whether we want to believe that or not. It's the truth.

Phebe said...

@Laurie Beth, we did not receive or reject your comment earlier today so I must assume it was eaten by the Blogger gods.

Anonymous said...

@annon 6:36 - thanks. I thought last night was live because of Pres. coverage - I'm thinking everything after the first hour all during the week is a rerun? It just seems odd to me, but I feel odd even asking the question.

Anonymous said...

@Nebraska fan: I live in what is called the tri-state area, which surrounds NYC. Most people prefer mass transit, trains, buses, the subway if they know their way around the city as anderson does. He used to travel the subway. I doubt if he does any longer. The wealthy learn to drive privately and have more than one home. Many park their own cars in garages that are rented or leave them in seond homes on Long Island, the Hamptons which is where AC has a home, I suspect is a neighbor of yes, Kelly who also has a second home in the Hamptons. Any way, I hope this answers your question. Most ordinary people either take the bus or drive into the city. It's cheaper to take the bus or the train from any where in or out of the city.
@ the commentor who said Palin is a genius compared to Bobby Jindal. I agree he came off badly, but he knows where Russia is and what books he has read last. He can even name them and he doesn't kill innocent moose for sport from helicopters and he speaks two languages fluently. She can barely speak one. No comparison.

Laurie Beth said...

Oh, Phebe, I am so sorry!! Techie glitches are no one's fault. <3

I was basically just referencing the fact that Bobby Jindal has--according to the Huffington Post--engaged in certain religious practices that are not characteristic of the mainstream Roman Catholic church, and I believe that these practices will alienate both right-wing and left-wing voters. Also, I think that the fact that he isn't a WASP will likely alienate more of the GOP voters than will admit to that. Obama supporters will make sure that this information makes the mainstream media circuit if they run him in 2012, so if they run him I personally feel that they can kiss that election goodbye. They literally have a better shot with Sarah Palin.

I also said earlier: I may be missing something, but I don't think Anderson really looks too peeved in the video. I think his expression looks pretty neutral, if tired.

I enjoyed the veggie chat the other day; it was great fun. I love all veggies except lima beans and brussels sprouts...but you all are making me think I need to give the latter another shot since, like Anderson, I have not had one since a child and they were always frozen first. Perhaps I need to try them prepared correctly someday.

Tuesday's blog was quite the was frustrating that it became impossible to get through because of the multitude of hits. I recognize that they were inundated with comments and they were trying to make sure as many different people got their thoughts in as possible, but after having eight or nine comments get stuck in moderator land I gave up (not being able to get a word in for approximately an hour, 10:30-11:30). I was glad we were back to normal tonight.

Coop takes the subway and taxis around NYC like most New Yorkers do, but people with a bit more money have apartments that come with a parking space (included in the rent, which is astronomical) and he likely drives himself out to Long Island when he goes, like Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa do. It's a pretty crazy prospect to drive in Manhattan, but some people do it. Most don't (but you can just head over to Queens or Long Island to train for your driving test, Nebraska Fan--although many Manhattanites never bother getting a license).

I apologize again for mistaking your intentions, Phebe. Computers do strange things sometimes! :)

Anonymous said...

@Laurie Beth: I'm the one who wrote about Bobby Jindal. I don't support him. I voted for President Obama and I really love him, especially when he smiles that big, broad wonderful smile. I think Jindal is of the Muslim faith. I could be wrong. It does not matter. I was merely pointing out that his performance was poor but there's more to him than meets the eye.
You need not apologize for offending anyone. You have a right to your own opinion. We all do.
anon: 7:03 PM