Thursday, February 26, 2009

Crazy Night on the 360 Set

From the webcast and webcam last night it appears the 360 set was having a lot of fun last night! We had singing, laughing and "hind quarters"! Unfortunately, we didn't get any webcast footage but we did get some interesting caps from the webcam.

Hope you all have a great weekend! ~Tedi B.

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Kristien said...

Great caps as always Tedi!
The racoon is a keeper!

Anonymous said...

Anderson looks "normal" on the webcasts bc he is "normal".lol.and then again he isn't normal. he's anderson cooper.

found the comment about Erica and Anderson yawning at the same time funny since I've noticed they often have the same facial expressions. One will shift their head/eyes to the left or right and the other will subconsciously follow. They do mirror each other a lot. You gonna laugh but my 4 year old nephew and I mirror each other a lot. We always come up with the same "what the heck" and "whoaaa" at the exact same time with the same emotional tone and facial expressions and even body language. Go figure. No I'm not a baby. Maybe a little.

The "crackberry". that made me crack up. nice name you came up with. I say the "barackberry" when referring to Pres. Obama and his little black device.

Erica looks very pretty and I like her w/t makeup. Seen her once w/t it dont remember where. Speaking of makeup, I hate when they put all that makeup on mister Cooper.

Laurie Beth said...

I think people who work together for a long time do tend to mirror each other a lot, particularly if they develop a friendship as it seems AC and EH have. I think it's sweet.

Erica looks amazing in green, but I think most people do. She usually favors neutrals so it's great to see her in bright blues and greens occasionally--I admire her fashion sense.