Friday, February 27, 2009

A Few Webcast Clips for You....

Thanks to Sherry we were able to get a few webcast clips up for you this evening. I wasn't able to cap the webcam because I was at school but this should make up for it, I hope! Anyway, the clips are still choppy but they are better than nothing. Thanks again to Sherry for her hard work on this!

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aries moon said...

Choppy or smooth, I'll take whatever webcasts I can get and they're MUCH appreciated. 360's gotten in some new people lately, like the guy Erica was talking to in the first clip. Thanks for uploading the clips Tedi B and Sherry.

Anonymous said...

haha...the R&K was so funny. I understand AC's aversion to shopping for matresses. I also have the same old matress for as long as I can remember, and yest. my sis was going on and on about her new "memory foam" matress, trying to make me feel guilty about my old rugged back-breaking mattres. I was so bored but tried to pretend like I liked the convo. Anyway, i told her I'd make an effort to get a new mattress. I'm sure it could help w/ my back problems. lol.

Kelly was very funny when she said "you need a firm mattress to help with bullets"

...and omg. $6,000 white sheets ???
how on earth...???