Saturday, February 28, 2009

From Depressed to Happy in One Segment..Thanks to an Onion

Hi everyone. Hope you all had a great week. Mine was not bad but I will never complain that it is the weekend. Let’s get into Friday’s 360.

President Obama announced a date to withdrawal of troops from the war in Iraq and it is August 31, 2010. With another 50,000 troops remaining until December 31, 2011. I, along with many others am truly glad to hear about this news. When Anderson said the date I tried to imagine what that day will be like. We have been at war for so long it is hard to imagine. There are children in this world who do not know what it is like to not live in a time of war. Tom Foreman reports on President Obama and former President Bush plans for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq.

Michael Ware and Ed Henry join Anderson to talk about the withdrawal of the troops in from Iraq. It is so wonderful seeing Michael in the studio. I have to say it was nice to have a 360 not start with the economy….

And then the “breaking news” of another 2 banks going under was covered and I thought I was having a déjà vu of last Friday night. I am honestly starting to dislike the news, I try not to watch it as much as I use to because it is truly depressing.

Ali Velshi joined Anderson. Did I hear Ali say that the recession could possibly end this year…..Ali Velshi no words out of your mouth ever sounded sweeter.

The Obama Budget – Candy Crowley breaks down the winners and losers in this new budget proposal released yesterday. Obamanomics… it Candy.

Ali and Gerri Willis join Anderson to answer viewer iReports.

Oy Vey Sarah Palin is leading the pack among the GOP as the possible leader of the party in 2012. David Gergen and Candy Crowley join Anderson to discuss the poll of who may be a good leader of the GOP. Wow it is hard to believe we are already discussion 2012 but we actually have been since Obama won last November. During the summer I was really thinking that Bobby Jindal may have a very bright future in the vein of Obama but after watching Jindal this past week, I don’t think so.

How cute was it watching Anderson learn how to cut an onion???

Mass Grave Mystery in New Mexico – Gary Tuchman reports on the 13 victims who have been found at a construction site.

The economy and the family. Interesting report from Randi Kaye about cheating spouses who are too broke to get a room.

The Shot was First lady Michelle Obama’s official portrait which was released today and in my opinion it is stunning. Michelle is a gorgeous woman and let me tell you I agree with Erica, if I looked like her I would be sleeveless every day. Absolutely something I am working towards.

Unfortunately my recording of Regis and Kelly did not work but I was able to get the opening chat between Anderson and Kelly

Last night Lunch with Anderson Cooper went for $7,500 at Bailey House's annual fundraiser, which raises money for homeless people with HIV and AIDS. "Like stocks and real estate, Cooper's market value has declined by more than 60 percent — the Cooper date sold for $21,000 in 2007 but in this day in age with the economy in the toilet like it is $7,500 is nothing to look down on. Congrats to the winning bidder. Hope you enjoy your lunch. Maybe Anderson can make it now that he can somewhat chop an onion.

That is it for me this week I will see you all again next Friday ~ Sapphire

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Anonymous said...

I found the segment that Erica planned very up beat and humorous.
She did say the chef was from her morning show on Saturday, but I kept wondering if AC washed his hands after he chopped the onion and then went back to the computer.
It was much more enjoyable than the babble on R@K on Friday's edition. Thanks for showing it.

ACAnderFan said...

Anderson and his 20 year old mattress...LOL!!! He talked about the hassle of getitng a new one, well he dosen't have to go to the store or decide between soft or frim. He can go online and order the Select Comfort Sleep Number Bed. They'll deviver it to his apartment, set it up and take the old one away. And then because its a Sleep Number Bed he can adjust to however he needs it.

360 was good last nite. I like that they had Michael Ware on again.

Anderson learing to properly cut an onion, was great. Although the way he cut it on Regis & Kelly was very hilarious.

He seemed in a great mood last nite, and it seems like he was that way all week. I don't know if it was the trip to LA or what, but it's nice to see him so happy.

Anonymous said...

Some good news - bringing the troops home, well most of them home. I wonder if Iraq will become sort of like South Korea, which for decades always had a large contigent of US troops.

The term "Obamanomics" has been around for a while but I don't know who had it first.

A couple of sites have made snide remarks about a Palin-Jindal ticket for the Republicans in 2012. Good news for Tina Fey and Jack McBrayer.

I didn't think Anderson did a horrible job the first time he tackled that onion. That's how I would have done it.

Anderson needs to shop for bedding at Target.


aries moon said...

The news about the Iraq pull out is very encouraging - The President's plan may not be exactly what some of the Dems were hoping, but we are headed in the right direction. I am still a little shell-shocked with how much the President has been able to tackle and plan in such a short period of time. I think Bernenke did say the recession could possibly end this year and that's where AC must've gotten it too. Michael Ware's return was welcome. The Republicans are drowning in a sea of incompetent and unappealing "faces" (Palin/Jindal/Bachmann) - if they get themselves together by 2012, it will be a miracle. Michelle Obama's official photo was absolutely gorgeous.

The cooking segment was a blast. I'm not exactly sure how Anderson was so distracted that he didn't see the set up of the table/onions, whatever, but I'm a huge Iron Chef fan and was so glad to see Bobby Flay step out. AC really didn't want to cut that onion and he was trying so hard not to touch it - he's SO picky and neat - at one point I saw him smelling his fingers, maybe he was going out to dinner and didn't want to offend anyone! I'm not really sure I buy him being a total disaster in the kitchen, but it's fun to watch him being awkward and innocent about things he should know how to do at his *advanced* age. ;)

Stephanie March returning to SVU, yay!

Anonymous said...

Arg, this is the worst luck! My cable went out right after the first host chat portion of the show and didn't come back on until the show had ended. I was holding out hope ATA would be able to post the rest of the show.

Is there anyone who managed to record the show who can post it on youtube or let us download it or something?

Anonymous said...

Hey Bloggers!!
2 days a row..... Anderson made me laugh so hard, he was going chop chop onion almost cut his finger, during Regis and Kelly show, I am laughing at him, he tried taste chowder soup, he said "wow" when he don't know that Bobby Flay show up and surprised him LOL!!!! I know he is trying to learn appropriate how to cut onion, he is so brave guy!!! Congrats Anderson!!!! Hope you have great weekend, Also don't forget watch 60 minutes on Sunday March 2. let you know. Take care guys!

Anonymous said...

Aww,we all know that wonderful man is priceless,and so are his adorable antics!

How cute was the onion segment last night?
I am guessing Mr Cooper's kitchen does not get much use?Or does he even know he HAS one?lol

When they played the Chariots Of Fire music,for an instant,I had an image of Anderson running along in his ''bloomers'' from his 60 Minutes segment,like they do in the movie's opening!

snooks said...

Sapphire thanks for the recap - loved Anderson's onion cutting lesson - its obvious that he must do a lot of ordering in rather than cooking for himself

Phebe said...

Great post Sapphire, thank you.

@anonymous 3:41, I recorded the entire Live with Regis & Kelly yesterday. I haven't had time to watch it yet but if there are any other segments that are clip worthy I'll will post them in the next day or so.

Have a great Saturday everyone.

Anonymous said...

Seems like Mr Jindal was having 'a Hillary Clinton being fired on at the airport' moment,was he?Then he decided to liven up the story a little,which makes him seem foolish,IMO.
Maybe he needs a conversation or two with Anderson regarding what REALLY went down during those terrible days during and after Katrina.
After all it was Jindal's fellow Republican comrades,and ''W'' that screwed it from day one,wasn't it,with their inaction,slowness,and overall stupidity while handling(or in their case,bungling) what was going on?
I will not even START about FEMA!

I will NEVER forget Anderson's smackdown with Mary Landrieu.It was the first show of his that I watched.The passionate,caring man who stuck it to that woman,was one of the best things I had ever seen on television.

I think that THAT Anderson Cooper is gone,sadly.The one who promised to never forget what happened there,has,well...forgotten.
Not only does he not go THERE,he goes nowhere anymore.
What happened to his field work,that is him at his finest.I would not count a couple of days in Israel recently.

I am not being bitchy,just stating the obvious,plain and simple,he does not go anywhere like he used to,for whatever reason,who knows?

I just miss what the show USED to be,and,what HE used to be.Especially when we remember what we USED to see,Anderson ''out there'' giving us all the angles,no matter where he had to go.AND,there was plenty of news to fill 2 hours then.What do we get in the way of International News now-news bulletins,if we are lucky.
I am just wondering,where has that gone,and will it ever come back?
Will the Anderson of the old days return too?
I miss that.

Surely I am not the ONLY one who feels that he seems to have lost his ''bliss''?
Not quite sure how else to phrase that,but we ALL know what he can do,we just do not see it now,just him at the desk,and IMO,that is a shame,whoevers decision that is.

Anonymous said...

The onion segment was another 360

Anonymous said...

Yesterday's R&K had some fun moments. My favorite being AC treating the onion violently, his entire cooking session in fact, because you can acutally feel the guy is so comfortable with showing his awkwardness, that's one of the things about him, sometimes he looks like he enjoys being laughed at. Another moment came at the near end, in the email box session, when someone made fun of the way he smiles. He was so cute.

When it comes to furniture and bedding, the ABC furniture store in Manhattan he went to is one of the most expensive, I can spend hours there just sit and touch things without buying any, and consider it as having a good time. I sometimes have the feeling he is not good at managing his money. :-)

anon@9:26AM, don't be so sad. He has more responsibilities now. First of all, in the past half year I'd say the most important news is here in the U.S., in D.C. and Wall Street, that's where he should be. He still has his passion, I believe he'd rather stay in Israel much longer than those two days, but it just didn't make sense if reporters were not allowed to go closer. He is an anchor now, not a role that entirely overlaps with being a journalist. That's just how jobs and career develop. It's like if you look at Bill Gates, you'd know that the thing he enjoys the most and best at is writing some code from a garage, but eventually he has to become a CEO, there is no way out.

Anonymous said...

The auction was $21000 in 2007 by a guy,and $4500 last year by two ladies, anyone know who won it this year?

Anonymous said...

@anon 1:40am - no fear about washing his hands. On the webcam one of the set girls came out with hand wipes and I think he must have used about 1/2 pack of them. That made me laugh because I figured no way was he going to go about his business with the onion on his hands. I was right! He is too funny.

OregonMJW said...

Maybe it was just me, but I found Kelly’s nearly endless tale about her dog and the Hershey’s Kiss almost more than I could take. She completely ignored Anderson who, because of his exceptional manners, was displaying as much enthusiasm as he could in the circumstances. No point, no real laugh lines, no interaction with Andy? After Thursday’s near perfect show, I was surprised. Anderson did get in a dig later through when he called Mark Consuelos “anal retentive.” To be fly on the wall when Kelly got home later!

Anything about Anderson and a mattress is interesting. Add to that a peep into his personal life - as in his hating to shop because he’s stared at and people "take pictures of you,” is a treat. The bedding he attempted to buy cost $6K! ?????? Oh, well, he can probably afford it; but his puritan sense of thrift apparently saved him.

"Squishy Face?" Love it! His face does get sort of squishy when he really smiles or laughs. His eyes crinkle, and the sun just comes UP!

He looked soooo tiny next to Tom Selleck. But it’s always fun to hear seriously famous celebrities gush "I’m a big fan!" at Andy. Duh. If you have a pulse, Tom. Welcome to the club.

In addition to teaching Anderson not to run with scissors, and the need to add Anderdriving to the list; let’s now add . . . knives! Ouch. He didn’t chop that onion, he murdered it on national TV wearing an expensive designer suit. (Did you notice the chef was more concerned with Andy’s suit than his fingers?) Calling Bobby Flay !

Erica just really loves that boy! Flay’s surprise appearance on AC360 was priceless! Andy claimed on the blog it was a surprise, and I believe him. The blog went wild! It was all “oniony” until the close. Gosh it’s good to see our boy shine. He chopped that sucker like a pro. So, the week began and ended with veggies, with a mattress in the middle. Not bad.

Anonymous said...

Can Anderson please get his own Food Network show? What a great 360 last night! Someone said the other day (sorry I don't remember who) that whenever Michael Ware is on the show, it's a good show...I think that person had something there!

Also, I've heard that Anderson was a judge on Iron Chef once...does anyone know where I could see a clip of that? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

That man is simply adorable and does have ultra-cute antics.

loved watching him cut the onion, awww how cute ! so innocent, so anderson cooper like.

I just cannot get over the way Andy smiles, it is just soooo baby-like in a good sense, of course.

@ Anon 9:26 - Are you actually posting the same post all over blogs that center on Anderson ? I saw your same post on the 360 review. Maybe you're some sort of Fox News PR agent. I don't know, it's weird. Anyway, AC has grown and has got more responsibilites. I agree that he seems in a hurry at times and I agree that he isn't traveling all over like he used to, but that's bc this year had the elections and all the big stories to cover in the US. Also, I think AC is tired of traveling so much, he needs to calm down and get some rest, maybe start a family. Whatever you're sad about, don't be. Anderson Cooper has the right to evolve and change although I don't think he has changed at the core of his being, even if some of his responsibilities have. Maybe he's just sick of having ppl attack him everytime he tries to show some honest emotions to a story. PPl are very bitchy and should give him a break. What he is doing is FANTASTIC, like it or not.

Laurie Beth said...

@ACAnderFan, exactly; I don't know why he assumed that he'll have to lug the mattress down the street if he wants to return it, either. They'll come get it for you. He's so goofy sometimes--and I mean that with great affection and respect of course. :)

That Bobby Flay segment was just adorable. I could kiss Erica for setting that up...Anderson claimed to have been caught completely by surprise, but he must have seen the set-up so I guess they told him they had a surprise for him and just wouldn't tell him what it was. I enjoyed that a lot--I wanted to give him a gold star when he went, "Hey, I did it!" So cute.

I'm watching CNN right now and Rush Limbaugh is giving what he's calling his "first address to the nation" a liberal, I am loving it. I am loving that they literally have absolutely nobody left and they have been reduced to propping up that pill-popping idiot and having him give the big speech. Seriously, they are so dead. They have Palin, Jindal and Limbaugh. That's it. I cannot *wait* to see 2012 go down.

He's proving exactly why he doesn't get it--he compared his "I hope the president fails" to wanting the other team to fail in the Superbowl. I am just stunned by that. He wants his "team" to win, and fallout be damned. If the Cardinals fail there are no consequences. There are no people lying dead for days in the streets of New Orleans, being eaten by rats, because FEMA took the day off and the National Guard up and LEFT the country to go fight an illegal war somewhere else--that's what happens when the president fails. Apparently Rush Limbaugh has killed so many brain cells that he can't tell the difference, because no one in their right mind would want to see that happen again.

...Oh, I forgot about Huckabee. Heh.

I know Anderson's field work has taken a dip, but I think he feels a bit tied to his desk because things are so horribly dire here at home. When people are living in tents in your own country, the desire to go to Africa might not be as strong. I think he'll be back in the field soon, but I understand why the current economic horrors and this historic election have kept him in his seat temporarily. We know he still has the travel bug. He'll be back in the air soon.

I don't know why you wouldn't count his two days in Israel--he got some interesting coverage of the weapons while he was there, and it wasn't his fault he was being kept out of Gaza.

And I agree with everyone who thinks Michael Ware is awesome.

Anonymous said...

3:41 Thanks very much, Phebe. If you get a chance to post clips that would be terrific.

Anonymous said...

Earth to 5:40 PM. Sorry, I agree with 9:26 and your quote "Whatever he does is fantastic," is so unrealistic, it is almost embarrassing to read. I too admire AC, but his smack down of Mary Landrieu is what made him a house hold name, not cutting onions.
Michelle Obama looked terrific in her offical portrait, but I didn't care for her sleeveless attire during her husbands, State of the Union. I know it was plain, but it didn't fit the occasion. She does have muscular arms and should show them off, but there is time and a place. I also liked her hair during the Stevie Wonder tribute at the White House and I believe she was wearing a greenish-yellow suit that was very attractive. Did not care for the photo in People. It wasn't the sleeveless, it was her hair and she looked like she was wearing her slip. JMO

Anonymous said...

@anon 5:40:

THIS is the only Anderson site I visit,because it is the ONLY reasonable and fair one left,IMO.
I have no interest in the rest of them,I am guessing the trolls are still around,therefore I do not bother to waste my time at any others.

I do not even KNOW what the review one is,or whatever you called it,and I certainly do not have any association with stupid Faux,I would rather poke my eyes out than watch those clowns,I do not even have that miserable channel on my satellite system.

I doubt I am the ONE AND ONLY person with this opinion about him or his show, for heaven sake,so give me a break.

anon 9:26am

Anonymous said...

@ M In Oregon 11.24 am – your depiction of Kelly’s narration of the never-ending tale about her dog & the Hershey’s Chocolate was right on the money. What a waste of air time, when she goes on & on & on with her sap stories. She is sooo irritating; I just don’t understand what Anderson sees in the likes of Kelly Rippa and Kathy Griffith. They irritate the hell out of me, and sound like total air-heads every time they open their mouth!!

Anonymous said...

@annon9:26 - I don't see that Anderson has lost his bliss at all. Sometimes you just add different things to your bliss and have more of it. Times change, people change and to be able to evolve with it, I think, only adds to your bliss, not lessens it.

Anonymous said...

Does freedom speech give the likes of Limbaugah to mock the President of the United States?

Not sure if any of you caught the CPAC speech Limbaugh gave to the Conservatives on Saturday, never have I seen such mockery of President Barak Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and a mockery of decent, humble, ordinary American Human Beings.

Never have I ever seen such a despicable show of disrespect to not only the President himself, but the Office which he holds. And to watch people who call themselves “conservatives” stand up and cheer the “Limbaughs” of the world I truly asked myself, what has happened to the America we so loved and cherished?

For anyone watching outside of the US, today I can say, I was ashamed that Rush Limbaugh is an American. I was ashamed to say the room full on people who for over an hour stood up cheered this bigot on, are Americans. The type of bigotry, disrespect, fear-mongering, utter mockery of decent, hard-working ordinary Americans is not the America we stands for or represents. To those watching outside the American Republic, as an American I say, I am ashamed that such Americans a “Limbaugh and his band of bigots” exist in America. This is not who America really is and by-golly; this is not the thinking of majority of the true-American-spirit. This man “Limbaugh” has no idea how much he is hurting the America’s image around the world, it’s no wonder some folks hate the US so much, because of the likes of “Limbaugh & his band of nut-bars”.

I will never understand how Limbaugh looks himself in the mirror each day and can truly call himself an American. He is utterly despicable and revolting to say the least. It is no wonder the like of these folks only have to use a “soap box” like talk-show radio, to stand on and yell out their vulgarities and un-truths.

I’m sure the Sunday shows will talk about his speech, but I sincerely hope Anderson doesn’t do so on Monday. Limbaugh does not deserve anymore airtime or another soap-box.

Anonymous said...

I find it rather strange for a man who hates talking about his private life and hates the invasion of his privacy, Anderson talks a lot about his personal habits like his 20 year old mattress & sheets. It’s a little creepy to be quite honest. & so often he harps on his dislike for hot liquids, etc, yet, he so enjoyed the hot soup he helped with on Thursday on Live Television. I find that so hypocritical of Anderson to make a point of mentioning several times on various shows his dislikes, yet contradicts himself on live TV. Very Strange!!

Anonymous said...

It’s quite interesting the new role Michael Ware has taken in covering Mexico’s drug wars. I wonder why he has reprised his role of covering Iraq and Afghanistan & is now covering Mexico.

I also find the interaction between Michael and Anderson seems a little strained for several months now. All be it Anderson is cordial with Michael Ware, but their relationship doesn’t seem to be the same as it was when covering Iraq & Afghanistan. What a shame.

Anonymous said...

I have nothing against Michael Ware. He is very knowledgeable, and courageous, spending as much time as he did in Iraq. But he dresses as though he's homeless!
We all know he makes a good salary, so what's his problem? Is he making some kind of fashion statement, not. No matter who interviews him, it looks as though he just threw on a dirty shirt from the laundry. You're on television buddy, clean up your act!

Anonymous said...

Rush Limbaugh reminds me of a fat Hitler. Sorry, but to me he is very scary to listen to and he offends freedom of speech. Hitler rose to power on hatred and fear and he is using the same tactics. Personally anyone who wants Obama to fail is a traitor to his country and should find another place to live.

Anonymous said...

i don't get that impression from michael and anderson at all, but i could be wrong

Anonymous said...

@annon 12:13am - don't you remember several R&K shows back they had a discussion on hot liquids and soup was okay! They were laughing about it.

OregonMJW said...

@Anon 3/1 12:13 - The chowder Anderson dug into with such obvious relish was cold as a cucumber. The camera shot that set piece as they began the cooking segment. The bowl of fresh, hot chowder was placed in front of Kelly, and ignored.

@Some of the people who have been complaining of late that Anderson isn't the same person as he was back in the day: Phooey!

Rwanda, Katrina, Iraq, Banada Acea. Comparing the importance of his war & disaster coverage, with onion chopping, and Kelly Rippa's mattress fetish is unfair and unrealistic, unfair and silly.

Anderson uses 60 minutes for the freedom it gives him. At CNN, Anderson is the lynch-pin for the jobs and careers of hundreds of people, and a central generator of that company's revenue. They're not going to let him go off and spend endless weeks and months away from the studio - even with remote feed. Anyway, onion chopping would not play well from Afghanistan.

Anderson Cooper the whole man is worth watching anytime anyplace. He's funny; intelligent; thoroughly informed and connected; more worldly than any other anchor out there; a masterful interviewer; and, when all else is said and done and the segment is just too boring or grim, he's the only anchor on TV who is almost as fascinating to watch with the sound turned off!

We just got through an entire week in which Anderson was about as happy and on top of it as he's been in a while. What a delight he has been! I'd use the term "tanned and rested" but only half of that would be true. Do people actually want him to work so hard that he appears drunk on TV from exhaustion?

I'll take Anderson Cooper in any manner he cares to present himself. I'm not afraid to say I am: Proud to be a Fangurl!

Laurie Beth said...

Olsond is right--Anderson said he doesn't have hot *beverages*, not hot liquids. He said soup is fine; it's just anything you have to actually drink like coffee or hot chocolate or whatever.

M is right, though, the bowl he ate from was the finished product that they had off to the side; I doubt they kept it piping hot.

Anonymous said...

@M in Oregon: When you can't look at the subject in an objective manner, you're over the top and obsessed. I consider myself a fan but you're already into fan worship and it's beginning to be in excess. "more worldy than any other anchor out there" that's speculative and just your opinion, not factual.
I'll be watching 60 Minutes, just as you will be, but I watch it even if AC isn't on it. I'm more interested in the Madoff scandal and I'll hold off on the AC review.
Yours in already in: Wonderful, great, best thing he's ever done."
See the difference??

Anonymous said...

@12.13 I believe Anderson's said that he counts soup to be hot food, not drink.

As for him needing to buy a new mattress, that is more of a chit-chat kind of story than a deeply personal conversation. I wouldn't count it as creepy or private information myself, but I guess that's different for everyone.

(Not that he's never hypocritical, I mean, everyone is, but I don't think he's necessarily being a hypocrite in those cases.)

It's not like he's obligated to tell us anything about himself anyway, it's for our entertainment, so when what he's saying is entertaining I don't mind it that much either way. ("Gasp! HE ATE SOUP! And he said he didn't like hot drinks! That jerk will never appear on my television set again! " ;))

It might just be because I too think he's awesome, but I actually like Michael Ware's somewhat casual attire. His clothes are not what he's there for anyway, and I like that it's something different from the suits everyone else wears. (Not that I mind suits.)

Perhaps he was on the Mexico bit to give his head some rest from the war reporting, or his idea of giving his head some rest? I read an interview with him a while back, and it seemed like he really needed a break from it. I believe he's been covering them since the beginning, so that must be incredibly taxing for anyone.

Anonymous said...

What makes Rush Limbaugh so scary is that he takes over like a GOP demagogue, and if there's no visable leader to fill the gap, and there isn't, HE, will surely fill it.

OregonMJW said...

@Anon 6:06pm: You are right - I probably have gone over the line. To salve your wounded psyche, I promise to be a little more objective in the future. Still proud to be a fangurl, though.

By "worldly" I meant that Anderson, unlike any other anchor out there, spent years traveling all over the world, has an intimate personal knowledge of a great deal of it, and became the newsman he is today becausae of that travel and interaction. Can Greta, Brian, Charlie, Shawn, or even Katie claim the same? Not. "Worldly" means of the world, not other worldly.

I've been watching 60 minutes since Mike Wallace first appeared on the show - not every Sunday, but lots. You know what, I always watch when Anderson does a piece. I am not alone. Do you think that has anything at all to do with why they invite him to participate?

Anderson Cooper has spent all of his adult life, and a good portion of his childhood objectifying himself for public consumption. He's been wildly successful at it. I really like and admire the guy and was trying to off-set all the naysayers who want "Katrina Andy" back full time.

However, you pointed out a problematic tendancy, and I thank you for it.

Anonymous said...

@M in Oregon - here we go again. I do not think you are over the top. I love to read your fangurly cause because I can relate to it. Am I obsessed, yeah, guess I am cause I'd watch Anderson without sound and probably not watch at all if he wasn't on. If that's fangurly and over the top, please count me in!

Anonymous said...

@9:26 AM: Bless you, I absolutely, agree with every word about bliss and all the rest.
Though most would disagree, because it is Anderson, I found the interview on 60 Minutes, fair, meaning not great. But what really annoyed me is the shot of him carrying his camera to the Mexican prison, being followed by the regular camera man. In other words: Look at me telling this story. Whatever happened to the Anderson who said: "Get out of the way and let the story tell itself?"
I always disliked Geraldo Rivera because HE had to be the story. More and more lately AC has to be the story. Watch me swim with Michael Phelps, watch me swim with the sharks, just plain watch me.....and some of you will, with the sound off. The rest of us will vote our remote.

Anonymous said...

@anon at 12:46AM

What's wrong with showing him carrying his camera? Didn't they show Mike Ware in a van going there, what's the point then? Because Mike is less famous so it's ok? If AC stays in the studio he's not being a journalist he used to be, if he is shooting a story and showing himself up in the camera then it's all about a story of himself. What does he suppose to do then, stay abroad and do a voice over everything he covers?