Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's not easy being Green (Vegetable, that is!)

Hi everyone! Now that Anderson is back in the studio I'm able to get some good webcam shots. For those of you that missed the webcast, Anderson and Erica continued their discussion of yucky green veggies. I got some good shots of Anderson's reaction to Brussel sprouts. Here are two collages. Hope you all have a great night!

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Kristien said...

He doesn't like Brussel sprouts? Yummy!
Oh well, just as long as he doesn't have anything against Antwerp girls ;o)

Great pics Tedi!!

aries moon said...

No videoclip of the veggie webcast? Awww, I really wanted to see that one. I think I've gotten spoiled by all the great webcast videos you've posted lately, but thanks for the collage anyhow, I love Anderson's disgusted expression.

Anonymous said...

AC drives me nuts. Last night as soon as I heard him saying he may hold some stocks of Citigroup while talking about the economy, I was thinking "oops", I had to check the webcam and the liveblog. and what did I see? - "Peas are ok".

For those who wanted to watch him on the Oprah show a few years back, someone posted them on youtube lately. Just type in AC's name and sort by date. He showed up twice, they only had the first one complete, the second one for his book promotion was only a few minutes in the middle of a very long session. They also had Molly on AC360 from the earlier days, cute.

Anonymous said...

I could be wrong, but I thought AC said he held BAC and was reporting on Citigroup. Only the rich wouldn't know what they owned. My bet is he was checking his stocks on line.....and not at all interested in vegetables green or otherwise, no matter what the blog chatter was about.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Aries Moon. I'm not able to record the webcasts on Mondays.

- Sherry