Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Lot of Regis & Kelly and a Little 360 too

Anderson Cooper and Ed Henry opened Thursday's AC360 with news that the withdrawal from Iraq will not be as swift as initially promised. Also 50,000 non-combat troops will be left on the ground in Iraq. This does not please me and from what Henry said a lot of Congressional Dems feel the same way. Ali Velshi also did a brief report on what deescalating the war in Iraq will save the taxpayers.The Digging Deeper panel was David Gergen, David Walker (former comptroller of the US) and Ryan Mack (economist and cutie!). I'm just so sick of the dissection of what the President did, didn't do.....will it work, won't it work, that I just didn't pay much attention. It's all guessing as far as I can tell and I'd rather discuss results and not speculation.
Tom Foreman did a segment on what a trillion dollars is or what 3.6 trillion is. The most interesting fact was Senator Mitch McConnell's calculation that if we started spending a million dollars a day on the day Jesus was born and continued spending a million a day everyday until today you still wouldn't have spent a trillion dollars. Pretty scary stuff.To me it's always a good 360 when Michael Ware is in the house. He sat down with AC to discuss the new Iraq plan and then did a special report on the Mexican drug cartel. In discussing Iraq Ware said the troops who are not withdrawn will have a type of counter terrorist role. They will not go out and patrol per se but more document and keep tabs on those that would try to control Iraq and strike when needed.Randi Kaye took an upclose look at the sad state of our schools. I totally agree with the premise of this report, some of our schools are deplorable BUT some of the situations sited as abnormal are really not. Almost all of our schools in Arizona use trailers for overflow classrooms, in fact some of those trailers are nicer than the regular classrooms. Many, if not all, are located on former playground make do with what you have. As to the 1,200 hundred students crammed into a building built for 800 that's also common in our district. We've even had 2 separate student bodies share the same started early and was dismissed around lunch and the second school started at lunch and went until almost dinner time. It really doesn't mean the quality of education is substandard. Just that the district is living within its means.
The peeling plaster, leaky windows, crumbling facades, etc is another story....that is a safety and health hazard. And much, much more serious than the other evidence sited.

The 360 Bulletin was delivered by Erica Hill and contained stories of Michael Vick, Bank of American bonuses, ocotmom offered money to star in a porn movie (who would want to see a naked woman who probably has stretch marks longer than the Mississippi?) and the racist California mayor who sent the watermelon patch White House picture out by email.The 360 Dispatch was filed by Michael Ware and filmed mostly in Juarez, Mexico, which is just across the border from El Paso, Texas. In introducing this report Anderson mentioned that Phoenix (where I live) has become the kidnap capital of the US with Mexican gangs abducting more than 300 people in the past year. Our new Homeland Security Chief is former Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano who is very, very familiar with this problem. I have no doubt that she will make it one of her top priorities.
Anderson will be doing a segment on 60 Minutes this Sunday night and Napolitano will be one of those he interviews. To read more of the interview follow the link.
Now back to Michael who detailed some of the gruesome murders and threats the Mexican cartel has initiated against police forces, government officials and ordinary citizens. Was it just me or did any of you see a similarity between MW's reporting from the ME and his time in Mexico? I think it was a brilliant move to put him on this story and obvious that he was in his element.

No Beat 360 tonight and The Shot was a rehash of AC's Donald Trump quiz with Kelly Ripa. I've clipped the host chat from Thursday's Live with Regis & Kelly, the Jeopardy game with Donald Trump and the very brief In Box. Don't forget AC is on Regis & Kelly again Friday morning.
Host Chat part 1

Host Chat part 2

Host Chat part 3

Host Chat part 4

Anderson Cooper vs. Kelly Ripa in Celebrity Apprentice Jeopardy

The In Box

I had no idea that AC had lost his watch. I went back through some of our old posts and it looks like it might have happened right around the day he interviewed President Obama on February 3rd. I just did a quick search, if anyone has time to be more thorough please let me know what you find. Have a great weekend everybody! ~Phebe

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Anonymous said...

I was wondering why he didn't have his watch on in the LA pics. Wow, that must have was a really nice Rolex.

Anonymous said...

Usual news about political wrangling about the stimulus bill and the economy. I'm beginning to really like Ali Velshi, he gets my vote for Best Dressed. Shout-outs to Randi Kaye on education and Michael Ware on Mexican drug crime, Michael (worst dressed but I don't think he cares) also gets bonus points because we haven't seen him in a while.

Thanks for the R&K clips. Great to hear from and about everyday-life Anderson. But how sick is it to find Donald Trump less annoying than Kelly Ripa? After a while perky hyperness gets more grating than egotistical bombasity.


ACAnderFan said...

Anderson was great yesterday morning with Kelly Ripa. You can tell he likes gong on there. Its' nice to see him laughing and having fun. I think the best part was when he and Kelly did the trivia game with Donald Trump. I love Anderson's reaction when he gets an answer wrong.

360 was really good last nite too. It was great to see Michael Ware on the program. Its been so long since he's bee on. His piece on drugs and Mexico was interesting, I am looking forward to seeing Anderson's peice on 60 Minutes as well.

I never realized Anderson lost his watch until he said it. That was a nice watch too. I've lost alot of things, but I've never lost a watch. I hope he finds it.

OregonMJW said...

I didn't get to watch much of the show last night, having spent my time at a good-bye party for a favorite staff memeber. I got back to my house and logged on about the time Michael Ware was detailing the monstrous wave of criminal terror the cartels are waging in Mexico and the US and which, apparently, no one is doing anything about. After 3 gin & tonics, maybe it sounded worse than it was.

I posted a comment on R&K late yesterday - loved Thursday. But I am really looking forward to Friday, because they are having a CHEF, and you know what that means: Kelly will force Anderson to eat something he doesn't want to eat! Hilarity will ensue.

I felt so bad for him yesterday when he mentioned his watch. If he lost it in D.C., and someone other than W.H. security found it, they probably hocked it for half it's value and were left with enough to pay off that pesky mortgage. I read something, somewhere which described an inscription - but I can't remember what it was, or who it was from or to. I notice the Barry Diller shots show Andy with two very bare, very white arms.

Kristien said...

Great to see Mick Ware in the studio with Anderson! His report was some seriously scary stuff!

I loved that The Shot was an actual piece with the voice-over done by Anderson. He should do that more often, it's fun to hear him talk about himself, haha.

Thanks for the R&K clips, Phebe, you know how to make your international readers happy :o)

Anonymous said...

What is up with the regulars on the live blog?
They seem to think it is cutesy and fun to refer to someone by only their last name,or some ridiculous nickname-like Coop,Cooper,Andy,or who knows what else they call the poor man.
It is usually the same ones night after night.
Not only do they do it with President Obama,but simply calling him Obama,but they also do it with David,and Erica by referring to them as Gergen and Hill.
Those people deserve some respect, and,no matter how adorable you seem to THINK you sound in your posts,well,they aren't.
Why not try calling the man by his name,Anderson,is THAT how you people would address him in person,by yelling out ''hey Coop''?
I guess so!
Is that how YOU would like to be addressed,by last name?
Show some respect at least.These people do not HAVE to respond to those comments that you try so hard to get their attention with, what with all the little names you throw in night after night.
Hey,maybe THAT is why Mr Cooper does not bother much,did anyone think that?

Anonymous said...

Pretty much agree w/everything ACAnderFan said. No reason for you lovely ppl to have to read the same stuff twice haha :).

I will add that I really liked the preview for Black in America that came during the last hour of 360 last night. It was so inspiring to see that principal who was so personally involved in his school.

Also, Phebe, ITA w/the thing about the trailers. All throughout high school we had trailers and it wasn't a big deal. They weren't run down or too small or anything; just a way for the school to be able to fit everyone in. And thanks for all the clips!

Anonymous said...

‪@ Anonymous‬ 2:49: I think you are reading way to much into that. Please, take it down a notch, its not that serious. You are acting like you know the man and what he likes and does not like. I refer to Anderson (not on the live blog - I don't go on there) as Coop and Andy all the time.
And I think the reason COOP doesn't respond is cause he doesn't care about all that.

Anonymous said...

@anon 3 34:
I am the anon you are referring to at 2 49,and I DO NOT KNOW Mr Cooper,neither do you,and, I do not know what he likes or does not like,so do not assume I do.

And,I feel I do not have to take ANTHING down a notch.
I am simply stating MY opinion here.Isn't that still allowed here?

YOU are the one who seems to take my comment personally,so maybe YOU need to take it down a few notches,and let ME express my views,the same as you are,without you thinking YOU know ME,either.
I would not want anyone calling ME by my last name,perhaps you think it's cute.So be it,I don't care.

Anonymous said...

I happen to agree with anon 2:49 regarding all the names that are being used on the Live blog.Seems some here do not.

TO anon 3:39:

I doubt that YOU know Anderson,his likes,or dislikes,either,all that commentor was doing was expressing an opinion,no need to tell them to ''take it down a notch'',or that they are being too serious about it.
Not everyone likes all the so called cute little names like you,so lighten up on them.Seems like that commentor struck a nerve with you.

That person IS entitled to an opinion here,aren't they,the same as you?
At least I THOUGHT everyone was entitled to speak their mind here!

Laurie Beth said...

Two fantastic appearances on R&K in a row for Anderson--he always excels in that venue. I'm a little stunned at the meltdown he's having over this mattress, though. Just buy one online and return it if you don't like it...does he really believe that if he wants to return it he'll have to waddle down the street with it? Goodness. :P

I adore Kelly Ripa and I never get sick of her, but I guess I can understand why some people might. She cracked me up with the dog story today. Poor Chewie.

I liked the "4000 Oprahs" analogy; it made me giggle out loud. Kind of freaked me out that I remarked on the 360 blog that I cannot wrap my brain around that number regardless of the "if you laid all the streets in New York end-to-end" style analogies people use to try to make me understand...then Tom Foreman's piece proceeded to do just that. It was weird. I must have ESP. :P

I am very happy about the coverage of the Mexican drug war. Long time coming. It's a terrifying situation. Michael Ware was excellent and Coop's 60 minutes piece this weekend should be extremely well done. I'm looking forward to it.

Coop1223, I also really enjoyed Soledad's hour but I am not shy about stating what a huge fan of hers I am. :)

@ Anon 2:49 Signs of affection are not signs of disrespect. I believe they are exactly the opposite. Since when are nicknames insulting? I have a few friends who call me by my last name and I have never considered it a reason for a feud, as your histrionics suggest. With all the horrific things happening in this world, are you really scraping the barrel so close to the bottom to find something to get upset about? If so, I want your life.

See you all tonight!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the clips from R&K's show, I hope you are able to get the same for today's show. On the west coast (or at least in my area) a large chunk of this morning's show was pre-empted by President Obama's speech on Iraq. The nerve!LOL

Anonymous said...

@3:34PM Absolutely agree with you. I never live blog, but I really don't think AC cares all that much and I don't think it is disrespectful to call him by a nickname on a blog. You certainly won't do it in person, but let's not over do the formality.
Having said that, I've taught public school for many years, and I have a good pension, but I taught in those deplorable conditions of which you speak. Yes, we have trailers to house the overflow, that's not unusual. What is, is that there is no heat, running water, and furnaces that are more than 100 years old. There is also no parking for teachers because the Board of ED. says it is NOT required to provide adequate parking. So you park on the street and, yes, we had a stolen car club, and this was YEARS AGO!!! When others have the ac, and I don't mean Anderson, we taught in 90 degree heat with NO fans, a legality that was also Board oriented. These conditions have been going on in districts all across America, mostly inner city, but they've existed FOREVER. Monies have always been allocated, but some how it never came down to teacher-student ratios and buildings. Maintenance was never given top priority....and I double doubt if it will be.
On a lighter note, the monlogue for R&K on Friday, was absolutely lame. Kelly dominated the entire discourse and I turned it off in disgust.

Anonymous said...

60 Minutes ratings should be very high this week. Not only do we have a report from AC, but we also have Steve Kroft's report on the person who first contacted the SEC about Bernie Madoff,....and then they did NOT one thing to investigate further. Is there a movie in there somewhere?

Anonymous said...

Wolf is subbing for Campbell tonight. Now, I realize that the anchor of the 10 show has never really subbed for anyone, though the have the same EP, but in my opinion Wolf is the more senior in age and experience and time worked than Anderson not to mention that he does a 3 hour a day show and until recently when John King got his own program worked 7 days a week.

I don't know - I just feel that Anderson should sub for Campbell at times - I'll duck while you throw tomatoes at me.

OregonMJW said...

Does anyone have an expolanation for the LACK of entry to the live blog on 360 all day? Can't read last night's posts, can't get o nto participate tonight. It would normnally be under the (really horrible title) "Cheaper to Keep Her?"


Anonymous said...

anon @826. i agree. i was pleasently stunned to see wolf subbing for campbell tonight. given that ac and cb share the same space, i figured either he would have covered for her or they would have one of their correspondents.

Anonymous said...

Anderson and Campbell have the same producer who, I am lead to understand, has them both use the same recorded pieces. That would mean Anderson subbing for Campbell would be stuck discussing the same pieces in two shows back to back.

Anderson did years of subbing for everyone, and he co-hosted Regis and Kelly today.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:26. I agree, Anderson doesn't seem to have to fill in for anyone, but he does find time to fill in for Regis.

Laurie Beth said...

@Anon 8:26 I would love to be pleasantly surprised by AC subbing for Campbell, but he is just so busy; I don't know if it would be possible.

@ Anon 2:49 and 4:35

"I am simply stating MY opinion here.Isn't that still allowed here?"

This is a very old trick. You were most certainly allowed to state your opinion--your comment was posted by the lovely ladies of ATA. There is a little phrase with which you should probably familiarize yourself: "Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from response."

In other words, you stated your opinion, and people responded to it. As is common cowardly behavior, you then cried foul and claimed you were not "allowed" to express your opinion. There is a bizarre trend in the Western world where people automatically assume that because they got a negative response to their opinion, that their First Amendment rights were breached. In fact, your rights were fully exercised in that you were allowed to express your opinion--then people exercised their own First Amendment rights by disagreeing with that opinion.

Frankly, you came out swinging with a very negative tone over what I believe to be a very trivial issue, so you shouldn't be surprised that people were taken aback by the force of your comment. Claiming that you were somehow stifled from expressing your opinion--though your comment was posted in full, and to my knowledge without censorship--is a falsehood, and common cowardice.

Anonymous said...

@8:26PM: I've posted that many times before, and I've come to the conclusion, there must be some clause in AC's contract that prohibits him from subbing. He does stay late during breaking events and maybe Wolf just likes the "over-time." We really don't know what goes on behind the scenes.
We do know this: Wolf was at the luncheon with President Obama for CNN this week. (You're free to speculate on the rest.)

Anonymous said...

TVNewser is reporting that a dinner with Anderson was auctioned off for $7500, almost double the amt of last year. Does anyone else wonder who these people are? Do they get to choose the place? How long does he spend with the person?
For $7500, he should spend the DAY!

Anonymous said...

anon 9:53: Anderson stuck covering the same pieces back to back?

Look how many times she has subbed for him. That does not make sense.

I guess the 10 PM anchor simply does not sub for anyone whether it is in his contract or not, and nobody knows what is in it.

Anonymous said...

@4.45 You happen to agree, or you happen to be? Your punctuation, tone, putting EMPHASIS on random words WITH capital letters, and lack of spaces behind punctuation, is strangely similar.

I actually found it an interesting topic too, I don't usually mind nicknames myself but don't use them for people I don't know well either. I think it would have been fun to discuss, but I don't feel like fighting about it, so nevermind.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 2:49 pm - haha. had to laugh. really hard. You know, even Erica Hill calls him "AC" or "the AC man" or "Cooper" on live shows.

So I am not sure why it's such a big deal to you. I personally do not call him nicknames on the liveblog (I rarely go there) but I do on other blogs when posting comments.
I call him Anderson, Anderson Cooper, Coop, Andy, AC, The Coop. you name it.

I've heard ppl call him worse like Anderson Pooper. Like on those celeb blogs like perez hilton.

I think it's a generational thing. Ac360 is really geared towards the new generation (the ipod, internet and hip hop generation) and I dont know if u know that but young ppl r extremely casual in the way we talk. (I'm including myself).

Plus, AC listens to hip hop and hip hop is filled with all kind of cool abbreviated names like Jay- Z, Lil Wayne, Nas, 50 cent etc

you must be out of touch with this generation, and AC doesn't mind us calling him AC, Andy and The Coop bc Andy is hip and tries to relate to the kids. So shut up. lol. just kidding.

But I have to say that some of the live bloggers are really weird though. Some seem creepy and say the weirdest things to AC like he's gonna reply. One guy once asked what deodorant AC uses, and some always seem to be right down crazy stalkers. One once told me he canceled a date just to be on the live blog. Get a life for goodness sake !

But just to let you know, I once did get a reply from Anderson (yes I can speak properly) on the live blog and he even mentioned my name, explained a term to me, said "sorry I'm using the term without explaining it" and went on to explain the term to me personally. I must have been lucky bc I never ever go on the liveblog but the one time I went he replied to me. And I thought he replied to a lot of ppl, and then I checked a lot of old live blogs and noticed he never ever replies to anyone. Except once in a blue moon but it's gonna be one line. he actually replied 5 lines to me...awwww....I'm lucky !!!! I have copied/pasted this and kept it.

Anonymous said...

@4:58PM It must be because you're young and hip.