Monday, February 23, 2009

No Easy Way Out

Well, this is one of those nights where you're gonna just get random photos... try to bear up, huh?

No Easy Way Out -- the market went down again today, although Ali Velshi took pains to point out that the drop was not as bad as many we have seen recently.

Ed Henry reported on the astonishing Q&A the President held today, where he took questions not from reporters but from his political opponents. Seriously, if this was written in a movie script, no one would believe it. It may seem like a small thing to many of us (struggling with debt and underwater mortgages and job loss) but to have such a wide-open presidency is incredible. If the Republicans don't get their act together soon and really start being constructive, their constituents are going to turn on them in a big way.

(Don't you love the warm fuzzy commercials from the credit card companies? They're here to help? Have they told that to their collection agents?)

Strategy Session is about the economy, duh... David Gergen, Ali Velshi, and  Krishna Guha from the Financial Times. Poor Anderson, he has some Citibank stock... But I do think we've all gotten the message that Things Are Serious. Now we need some answers. And I hope they are fast and solid, because there are too many people hurting right now. I'm looking forward to the speech tomorrow, but the reality is that businesses have to get jobs available, and that means we-the-people need to spend money, and THAT means we need to get some to spend!

I'm liking the use of Flin Flon to underscore the President. Seriously, it's working for me. (Shout out to Tommy Evans!)

Anderson admits to The Gerg that he was distracted by the ear-talking. I really do think that happens far more than we would ever guess, but he rarely has to 'fess up like that.

Tom Foreman present a resumé on the guy President Obama has chosen to keep tabs on the stimulus money. I watched this on Campbell Brown's show, and Tom was calling him the "Stimulus Sheriff." I wasn't sure that was the best job title to give the poor guy. Well, now he's the "Stimulus Watchdog." Um... Just a thought: the words "stimulus" and "handcuffs" really should not be used in the same sentence. I'm just sayin'...

Candy Crowley reports on the Republican governors that are refusing parts of the federal stimulus plan. Um, and when those people who SHOULD have been getting unemployment have nothing and end up sleeping on the streets? How does that help your constituents? How about writing a law that says "these people are eligible for benefits for x-number of years or for as long as the Feds are footing the bill"?

Randi Kaye reports on the apparent solution to the Chandra Levy murder. Hey, I thought the Congressman did it, too... Clearly we watch too much TV about crooked politicians bumping off their mistresses and such. What a tragedy for that family. 

360 bulletin: Clinton/Gore in DC to discuss the green energy future; George Clooney in DC to discuss the Darfur crisis; Congress will investigate why the Postmaster General got a huge bonus and pay raise; the supposed sperm donor of the octuplets wants paternity tests. Gosh, think he sees money in them thar babies? Somehow I doubt he'd be pushing for that test if he thought he would be hit up for child support.

Mmmm, French Fries... Erica Hill reports on the first official dinner for the new residents of the White House. Mrs. O invited culinary students in to watch and ask questions of the kitchen staff ... pretty cool idea.

Have you heard about CNN's new reality show? Cooking With The First Lady!

Huckleberry Hound clip...oh knew I was cooking this one...

And The Shot... while I was watching the Oscars last night, I thought, if someone hasn't seen the Letterman clip, this makes nooooo sense to them:

Yes, I do believe you can count on a report on the green veggies tomorrow!

Boy, it was a long wait for a smile tonight. If the economy doesn't get better soon, that line between his eyebrows is going to be permanently furrowed in!

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Tonight's bonus comes from Julie -- Anderson was photographed leaving Barry Diller's pre-Oscar party on Saturday:
Anderson Cooper was just one of many guests at Barry Diller's star studded annual pre-Oscar party in Beverly Hills. Celebrities in attendance included; Farrah Fawcett, Eva Longoria, Sean Combs, Michael Douglas, Sharon Stone, Uma Thurman, Paris Hilton, Oprah Winfrey, Gayle King, Robert De Niro and Grace Hightower, Anderson Cooper, Penny Marshall, Ron Howard wife Cheryl, and George Hamilton. Most of the celebrities were friendly and even smiled at the few photogs at the scene. Pictured: Anderson Cooper Picture by: Sharky / Splash News
Hmm, Anderson and She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named at the same party...

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Tuesday will be the president's first joint address to Congress at 9pmET, so Larry King Live will be on after AC360. There will also be some special online coverage:

11a - State of the Union with John King special online edition

12p - State of the Nation: Foreign Policy Special with Christiane Amanpour

1p State of the Economy special hosted by Ali Velshi and Christine Romans

3p - Suze Orman answers viewers questions on the economy

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That's a wrap for me!

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Anonymous said...

Bravo to President Obama and the First Lady for being sooo visable.
When did we ever see Laura in the kitchen? (And I liked Laura) For any President of any political party to invite his opponents in, and be as personable as our President, is just amazing. It is an honor to have Barack Obama and Michelle to represent us.
According to the NYPost Barry Diller's shindig was at his Grand Canyon Ranch and only A-listers were invited. Now we know why AC stayed the week.
Is Huckleberry Hound the only thing Anderson could think of when Erica was trying so dilegently to present the White House menu? Just asking. I know he was kidding but....really is it?

ACAnderFan said...

Nice find Julie. I like candid pics of him. Very funny that he and Paris were at the same party.

Candy Crowley's piece was interesting. It seems kid of dumb not to accept the money, then again these are republicans we're talking about. Can't expect too much from them.

I wonder how much Anderson misses what someone said because someone is talking in his ear. He seems to do a very good job of listening to that and to whoever the guest on the program is.

Anonymous said...

More news about the economy, which was expected. I liked hearing about Obama gathering opponents to ask him questions, that's not something Dubya would ever do. Totally fine with me if some Republican governors don't want stimulus money, more for everybody else (unless Governor Schvartzenekker grabs it all) but that sucks for their constituents.

Huckleberry Hound wasn't as funny as Droopy.

Thanks for the candid shots of Anderson walking to his car. He's walking like he's trying to keep the change in his pockets from jinglling. And, I know the economy is tough for everybody but couldn't Barry Diller afford better-dressed valets?


Anonymous said...

I thought the HuckleBerry and hound clip was funny, he was verbalising his thoughts, and talking over Erica while he was; or he was just talking over Erica's story.

Anonymous said...

Love our President.
Love our First Lady.
Love Cyn's cogent, intelligent posts.
Love Tommy for all his contributions.

Anonymous said...

what kind of car does anderson drive? I didn't even know that he drives. I just thought that he takes taxi's around.

Anonymous said...

Guess what???
Jack Gray taught Anderson bring his picture back his live blog!!! I am so happy for Jack Gray!! He learn how use bring back to blog.... So I was so surprised he leaves to party.... I am thinking I will watch Pres. Obama's speech and what he will say today. I am hoping that he is doing right thing to help people for economy and healthcare. Hope you have a great week! See you later!

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that some governors are refusing some of that stimulus money??That truly boggles the mind,considering that unemployment is growing,jobs are disappearing,and everything is basically tanking.
I bet their constituents are going to LOVE them for this idea!This will surely help them when re-election time comes around..NOT!
Are these people even on the same planet?Oh,wait a minute,they are Republicans,they have not been in the same orbit for the last 8 years,let alone the same planet!
And,is Louisiana really in a position to refuse ANYTHING?
That one truly seems insane,considering that after Katrina,they were looking for help that was basically screwed by the Bush folks from day one.
I did not think things were going THAT well,that they can refuse money that way.

Has everything been rebuilt,and we were just not told about it?
Considering CNN and 360,AND Anderson himself,seem to have forgotten where it is,we would not know anything, anyway!

Anonymous said...

Is that a Jag or a Porsche that Anderson is getting into?

snooks said...

Cute pics of Anderson getting into his rental car in LA - loved seeing Michelle in the White House kitchen praising the staff

Huckleberry Hound - Anderson surely grew up watching a lot of TV and not eating his veggies

The GOP governors who are saying they will not take stimulus money - what a publicity stunt - Jindall might want a future in politics but this is not the way to go about it - Louisiana is one of the poorest states in the country - who is he kidding - also liked how NY senators sent a letter saying they would happily take what other states didn't want - touche!

For once my GOP gov is actually supporting our President - he is smart enough to know what people want

Loved McCain making a fool out of himself by choosing to bring up the helicopter question - it was Bush who okayed this - duh! great seeing Obama throw it back in his face saying he had already talked to Gates about stopping this - was this the best McCain could do - pathetic

Anonymous said...

Jag or a Porsche, huh?? It looks like a rental Toyota to me.
The back is to high and wide to be a Porsche or a Jag.

Anonymous said...

I like the way President Obama operates.
Thank goodness 360 did not use the crazy
pundits to talk about the economic. CNN is
being called out for using pundits who are
not qualified to talk about the economy but
using the pundits ad nauseam.

aries moon said...

I agree with anon 8:46 am. Those governors claims that they are standing on "principle" by refusing the stimulus money is bogus - they are playing politics. On TDS last night Jon Stewart pointed out that Gov. Jindal (who I'm already sick of) has accepted 3.7 billion of the 3.8 billion offered to his state. How is that a rejection of the money? He should keep his mouth shut. Most of the governors who are turning down the money are from the states with very poor populations and high unemployment. You're supposed to put politics aside and take care of your citizens responsibly - I applaud Arnold Schwarzenegger for doing just that - Maria Shriver must have a big influence on him!

Nice pics of AC from the Diller party. He looks very good in his casual clothes - I love these kinds of candid shots of him, they are fairly rare. The trip to L.A. must've done him some good - he seemed to be in a great mood last night.

Anonymous said...

To all those who have commented on how unimaginable it is that some of these Governors have refused some of the monies from the Stimulus package, I think it’s extremely important to also note that the reason they have not accepted some of these monies is that there are clauses and conditions attached when accepting these monies. Take for example when the money runs out in 3 years, accepting the money for these specific programs with the condition of making these programs permanent. From the Governors’ standpoint, they feel by making some of these programs permanent, they are going to need future funding, thus question where is this money going to come from at that time? Will they have to raise taxes of their citizens and businesses to pay for these programs? Is it fair to try an stimulate the economy now in this way by implementing programs, where in later years there is the uncertainty of lack of funding?

I understand where these Governors are coming from and some of their concerns are legitimate. I guess it’s a catch 22 for everyone involved. So long as it’s not a Political ploy and a statement Republican Governors are making against this President, & it’s the true welfare of their constituents they are thinking about, I guess they are trying to be a penny wise versus a pound foolish in the long run!! Who knows how this is all going to end...!!!

Anonymous said...

The car must be a rental. Like most people he doesn't drive a car to get around NY, and even if he owns a car he wouldn't bring it all the way to LA with him.

Anonymous said...

Agreed about President Obama and the First Lady. I love love love how down to earth they seem and how personable they are.

@ACAnderFan...I was wondering the same thing about the people talking in his ear. I would probably get distracted all the time. Anderson does do a really good job of paying attention.

Maybe it was just me, but Anderson seemed to be in a good/silly mood yesterday. It was cute :). The Huckleberry Hound thing was funny, as were his comments on the AC360 blog about the veggies.

Anonymous said...

I think that may be a Town Car Anderson is getting in to.

@Anonymous 1:32: your comment on why Anderson stayed the week: I think many people were assuming he would go to the Vanity Fair part and I was surprised he did not.

Laurie Beth said...

Thank you, Cyn!

I concur; I have never understood how people deal with those earpieces. That's a level of multitasking I would never be able to master.

The Huckleberry Hound moment was very funny (if you listen to him go on about it while Erica was trying to talk...she was totally playing straight man for him by continuing as if he weren't speaking--it was hilarious!) and the live blog was the most fun I've ever had, what with the vegetable debate. That was highly entertaining.

Interesting that Coop went all the way out to AZ for a party...and then dressed like that. It seems odd that such a huge party that people would travel to attend would be so casual. Times a-changing, I suppose! :)

Cyn, ITA with your assessment of the president's televised Q&A with Congress--brilliant. I think that the new attitude of openness in Washington is so powerful that it may increase consumer confidence despite the bad news surrounding us. I am so happy to have the Obamas in the White House.

Megan, great to hear from you, sweetie. :)

I agree that the Republican governors who are refusing stimulus money are shooting themselves in the collective foot. Those who opposed the bill are certainly in a paradox because if they accept they look like hypocrites, yet if they refuse than they are hurting the people they ostensibly represent. I think the former is the better option, because it is better to look like a hypocrite than to be one.

I'm psyched for the speech from our great president this evening. See you all then. :)

Kristien said...

About the earpiece: sometimes Anderson asks people things they've already told him (when he's interviewing them). That sometimes comes across like he's not really listening, but I suppose it's kinda hard to hear everything someone is saying when there's also someone else talking in your ear.

I thought tha the President did a great job at that Q&A!

I loved Ben Stiller at the Oscars, lol. I loved the whole show I have to say, Hugh Jackman was a perfect host and I was happy I stayed up till 6am to watch it. (I had no idea that he could sing and dance so well!)

@Laurie Beth: I was thinking the same thing when I saw those pics: that must have been a very, very casual party!
Oh, and don't even get me started on his shoes...tsssss...
Thanks to Julie for the pics though :o)

And to Cyn for the great recap.

OregonMJW said...

Some of Anderson's veggie comments can be explained by the "raging" interest which developed last night on the blog when he said he didn't like "green food" and then followed with a blog description of his apparently horrific encounter with brussel sprouts when he was 8 years old. the pro- and anti- Sprout troops sprung into action and the blog descended into something more akin to Food Network. It was fun.

The economy is so awful that I refuse to think about it anymore. I'll just go lean my back against the inside of my front door and tell myself that I will think about it tomorrow.

LOVED, loved, loved those candid shots of Andy leaving Barry Diller's party. First, it was nice of Mr. Dillar to hold a comfortable, casual dress event. I loved the sidewalk talkers, too.

I think that may be a high-end Saab, possibly similar to Andy's NYC. I can't imagine not driving ones' self in LA - taking a car service or a cab would just seem wrong. Except, of course, for She-Who-Can't-Be-Named. Andy was in such a good mood last night, I know he had a good time in La-La Land.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I say bring back Jon Stewart. I know I'm in the minority and Jon was very gracious towards the "new and improved host" but Jon did just fine. For now Hugh Jackman will host, until his ratings take a dive. The entire show reminded me of a rewind of the 1950's.
Better yet, bring back Billy Crystal. He was the best of ALL the hosts.
I think it is safe to say that AC should no longer say proudly to college students who most likely will NOT find work in their field, unless their in teaching or the medical profession, "Follow your bliss." He could well afford to follow his, but with this economy, most students need to have a practical advisor.

Anonymous said...

I just saw a video of him leaving another pre-Oscar party and I believe the car is a Toyota rental (corolla?).

@M in Oregon, Anderson owns a Saab?

Anonymous said...

OK, somebody please take that man to a mall. He seriously needs to buy some clothes. I thought my husband's closet was outdated.

Maybe Paris can take him shopping.

Someone sent me a creative visualization e-mail before the election. It said things like "imagine having a President we can be proud of". We do, and it's great.