Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Few Notes From The AC360 Blog

The puzzle this week is a compilation for two pictures of Anderson while on the road.

Anderson Cooper Jigsaw PuzzleAnderson Cooper Jigsaw Puzzle

CNN has posted a video from their time at Hofstra University showing students getting job advice from Frans Johansson and Donna Rosato. This behind the scenes video came with an explanation from Alyssa Caplan on the AC360 blog:

If you’ve ever wondered how we prepare guests at AC360°, here is your chance to find out! I want to share the chatter that took place as I prepared for a segment last Thursday when we were doing a live show from Hofstra University.

We set out to tell the stories of the individuals behind the headlines and offer practical survival advice. College students are no less immune from the challenges of the recession than the rest of the world. The students I met at Hofstra shared stories that were both heartwarming and sobering as they discussed mounting student debts and juggling jobs on top of studies to help ease the financial stress on their families.

We picked five students that were representative of a collective student body to ask questions to our expert guests: Frans Johansson, author of “The Medici Effect” & Innovation Consultant & Donna Rosato, Sr. Writer, MONEY Magazine.

The conversation you’ll see here unfolded before I walked them outside through the crowd to Anderson and the crew for their segment.

Thanks to Julie for the find!

There were several other posts on the AC360 blog this week that caught my attention:

Dr. John White from the University of Hull posted an article about John Hope Franklin who passed away last week.

An article about Nathan Wolfe's presentation to TED Conference about AIDS. The presentation is available on TED's website. If his name sounds familiar, he was part of a segment that Anderson did for Planet in Peril: Battlelines.

Peter Bregman's article titled, No job? Create your own!. The article starts out talking about a young woman who decided to start up a doll making business in the early 1900s.

Another article that I found interesting, this one from the CNN Political Ticker, Ed Henry talks about the Presidential smackdown he received during the prime time news conference. He explains why he asked the question and gives a glipse into how he prepares for an event like Tuesday's. The article is available here. It is also available on the AC360 blog, but without the links to the video clips to the press conference that are referenced in the article.

And last, but not least... while we're on the topic of the press conference, Paul Begala took a friendly swipe at Alex Castellanos:

I love Alex Castellanos. Heck, somebody has to. Truth is, we’ve been known to break bread after our CNN gigs. He is engaging and amusing and whip-smart.

But when he said Tuesday night on CNN that President Obama is already looking like a one-term president, he’s full of more beans than a burrito at Matt’s El Rancho back home in Austin, Texas...

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aries moon said...

I love the photos of Anderson that the puzzle was created from and as usual, I love the puzzle. Paul Begala is always ready with a quick zinger. I know most of the ATAers applauded Ed Henry's questioning of the President (my own applause went to the President's sharp rebuke), but Ed was actually widely criticized and mocked by commentors on the CNN blog and other websites for his question and for the fact that he chose to write an article to boast about the whole thing, bad form and tacky, IMO.

The 360 behind the scenes career advice video was very interesting.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Interesting post. I liked the video. I like seeing what goes on behind the scenes.

The 360 blog usually has alot of very interesting posts and like that they're about all different things. Sometimes I see posts on there that I think would make for an interesting topic or discussion on the show.

Anonymous said...

I love Paul Begala. He and that other sourthern democrat guy on CNN (the one with the face that's sort of insect like, the name escapes me) have the most creative analogies and similies. Is that a common thing among southerners? I'm not an American.

OregonMJW said...

Just a word about PP3: If it's more like 2 than 1, they should stop right now and think about it a bit more. I don't want to watch the "downer" stories of man's capacity to butcher wild life with impunity (did anyone see 60 Minutes last night!), but I do want to watch stories of the beauty and complexity of nature and, in doing so, find new vigor in my desire to protect it. All I wanted to do to those shark fin people was add them to the horrific pile of carnage they were creating!

Uplifting and Inspriing vs. downer and frustrating? Hm-mm. Which would you choose?

Anonymous said...

I too,prefer than when and if they consider doing another PIP,that it is closer to the first one.
If they are thinking of an air time if it is done,they had better come up with something better than their December one for Battle Lines last year.IMHO,they should have postponed that until the New Year,if they could not have aired it AFTER the election.Perhaps that decision led to less than stellar ratings.
As for the whole Ed Henry/President Obama question thing,it seems a lot of people are either 50/50 as to their opinions on it.
A lot of people criticized him, on many sites,in MY opinion,he seemed quite proud of,or a little TOO proud of it all,and made sure everyone knew that.
Sorry,but I prefer anyone as a White House correspondent than him.I just am not too fussy about his demeanour,or his attitude at times,and would like to see Candy Crowley,Suzanne Malveaux,or any other number of people with that job.
Something about him just gets on my nerves,and I prefer not to listen to him mostly.
Some people like him,some don't,everyone has their favorites,he just happens to NOT be one of mine.

Anonymous said...

@aires moon: I agree with you about Ed Henry's self congratulatory remarks. I am all for investigative journalism, but when you go out of your way to smirk and then "pat yourself on the back," like you're the next best thing to come along, it is rather tacky behavior. There IS something about him that is not likeable. For certain, he has just lost most of his "access" to President Obama. Just watch the next press conference.

Anonymous said...

I do feel sorry for some of these recent graduates at Hofstra and other Universities. Their parents have spents hundreds of thousands of dollars and for what? If I were a parent, I'd send my child to a two year "trade school." Plumbers are always needed.

Anonymous said...

Greta is really cleaning up when it comes to the ratings over AC. I feel sorry for him because his show last week was what he does best and in my opinion it was great. He did beat Olberman in the over all demographics but people are well, fickle.

aries moon said...

Anon 7:56 pm, you expressed exactly what I feel far better than I could, I completely agree.

@M in Oregon, your AC avatar kind of took my breath away, VERY nice. :)