Friday, March 27, 2009

Run FROM the Border

Remember that old Taco Bell slogan...Run for the Border, well I thought Run FROM the Border would be more appropriate lately. I think I'll skip a trip to Mexico anytime soon. Anyway, TediB here, sitting in for Sapphire who is out gallivanting around the globe. I'm just sitting around glued to my computer screen and twitter. God, I tried to resist Twitter, I really did, but darn it, that Jack Gray got me hooked!

Okay, enough of my life, on with the show from Friday *The show started out with "Breaking News" of the massive flooding expected in Fargo, North Dakota. The Red River is going to crest earlier than they thought and the floods are expected to be worse then they have seen in a long time. I send well wishes out to the people there!*Next we got a repeat of some of the interview with the masked cartel member. I agree with some of our commenter's from last night... it was interesting to hear, although chilling.*Anderson then took us on a grim tour of mass graves for the victims of violence in Mexico. It's so sad to see those open graves just waiting for more people. It speaks volumes.*Peter Bergen returned to the show to discuss the war in Afghanistan with Anderson. He feels Obama's plan to "disrupt, dismantle and defeat" the Taliban is a good one, but is still worried about their hold in Pakistan. *Tom Foreman looks at where each cartel is and what kinds of things they do. He also shows us what cities in the U.S. they are operating in.*Anderson took us on another tour of the border fence.
*Next up was a sad and ironic tale of Felix Batista's kidnapping in Mexico. He was there to give a seminar about how to avoid being kidnapped when it happened. His family is trying desperately to find any news of him. *Okay let's all pool our money together and buy the Spelling mansion! I think we could all get it, it's only $150 million!
*And just for the record the Dallas Police should be ashamed of themselves for how that officer treated Mr. Moats when he was trying to desperately see his dying mother-in-law. It really was horrible.

--Ms. Gloria Vanderbilt is coming out with a new book on June 23rd according to Amazon (You can pre-order it there). I'm thinking that poor Anderson is going to be grossed out again by his mother. It's called "Obsession: An Erotic Tale" I can just hear him saying "Oh, MOTHER" with an eye roll of course! Here's an article from Entertainment Weekly about the upcoming book found by Julie:

We get a lot of strange things in the mail here at EW. Letters from prisoners, an endless supply of inspirational books from Randy Jackson, and drinking paraphernalia from entertainment companies that seem to buy into the stereotype that all journalists are alkies (alkies, no; winos, maybe). Usually, we hardly take a second glance, but a book caught our eye this week: Obsession: An Erotic Tale by socialite/artist/mum-to-Anderson Cooper Gloria Vanderbilt.

True, Vanderbilt is a published author, so it's not that much of a shock to see her penning another novel. But an erotic one? What would her refined alma mater, Miss Porter's School, think? According to the press release, Obsession, which goes on stands in June, surrounds a widow, Priscilla, who gets -- ahem -- excited while reading "with voyeuristic intensity" a bundle of letters about her husband's secret mistress. "Will Priscilla's obsession -- and newly awakened sexuality -- find the satisfaction it seeks?" Oh, my! I'll probably read Obsession out of pure curiosity. Not that it would be that much of an undertaking. The novel's only a short 143 pages long, and boasts a font size more fit for a Goosebumps tale than a piece of naughty literature. Either way, I'm already hooked. Or, obsessed, if you will. What about you, PopWatchers? Will you pick up Obsession?

That's it for me. Have a great weekend! See ya back here next Friday night. ~~Tedi

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Anonymous said...

Teddi B, Thanks for the info on Gloria, but I for one will not be reading her novel, though she's had an abundance of experience on the matter. I read "A Mother's Tale," the story of AC's brother and the suicide and though sad, I find her prose verbose. Maybe it's just me, but AC is a much better writer.
I will enjoy seeing her on LKL, however, when she makes the rounds.
Maybe AC will interview her. Now that would make for great ratings!

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Another good 360 last nite. I think we've all been spoiled the past three nites.

I really enjoyed the interview with the cartel member. It was fascinating yet creepy at the same time.

Anderson's piece on the mass graves was so sad. The fact that there are just numbers and not names marking the graves I think says alot. That's sad. It was nice to have a piece from him even though it was so sad.

The Felix Batista story is just weird. I mean how strange is it that a man who is supposed to be a expert on kidnapping gets kidnapped himself ironically while being at a conference about kidnapping. I hope his family finds him. My heart goes out to them.

Gloria's book sounds interesting. I'll have to read it when it comes out. I've read a couple of her books and like her writing style.

@Tedi B, it's been years since I've heard that old Taco Bell saying run for the border. Thanks for bringing it up, it brings back good memories of my friends and I.

aries moon said...

The open graves were really difficult to look at, it is terrible that the situation in Mexico is so out of control - so many unidentified victims of the drug cartels. I don't believe we'll ever reach the point where drugs are legalized, there's too much controversy surrounding the idea, even though it would most likely put an end to the cartels. A very complex issue. Good work on the series by Anderson and the 360 team.

I've read a few of Gloria Vanderbilt's books and have enjoyed them - A Mother's Tale was a devastating and emotionally raw read. Once Upon A Time and It Was Important At The Time were also good reads. I love reading Families by Wyatt Cooper from time to time, the writing is wonderful and warm. I'm sure AC will be a little embarrassed by his mom's upcoming book, but I don't really believe he's as shy and uneasy about this stuff as he likes to let on. ;)

CNN has had a rough March, coming in behind MSNBC in total viewers and the demo. If this turns out to be more than a one time occurrence, some really big changes are probably going to need to be made. I never watch Fox, but they do have a loyal audience and MSNBC has gained many viewers drawn to Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow's sharp, smart and opinionated styles. I'm not sure how CNN can turn things around, but it will be interesting to watch what happens in the coming months.

Anonymous said...

Believe me, Miss Porter's School isn't "refined." No one there is going to blink an eye over an erotic tale.

Anonymous said...

I can just imagine the blushing going on if Gloria gives a copy of her book to Anderson to read.LOL

I think the best of her work was A MOTHER'S STORY,even though it is so heartbreaking to read.
I adored Wyatt's book FAMILIES,I have read it a couple of times now,and was lucky enough to find a decent,and cheap paperback version 2 years ago.

What an amazing talent Anderson inherited from both parents,writing wise.I think he has a little of both their styles.

Mr Cooper is indeed a man of many talents.I wish he would write another book.I miss his DETAILS articles,and also seeing him on the regular 360 blog like he used to be.He used to be there so often when it first got going.

mizzkel said...

Thanks for the info on the book. I was leafing thru the April edition of Lucky Magazine & got caught by surprise when I saw a pix of Gloria & either Carter or AC. The article was called "Tracing A Trend - Sailor Bouses" & they had Gloria under the 70's. It's from the pic shoot of Gloria, Wyatt & the boys on the pink gingham couch. Not really worth buying the mag just for this, but if you see it on the magazine rack take a look. It's page 96 & has one of the girl's from Gossip Girl on the cover. (I can try to scan if anyone wants)

Anonymous said...

Given how poorly CNN did ratings wise this past March, it'll be interesting to see the changes that may occur in the coming months. Though I do hope Anderson stays put.

ACAnderFan said...

It will be interesting to see if AC gets embarrassed over his mother's new book. I think Gloria is a very good writer. It seemed Important at the Time, I thought was really good. Woman To Woman is also very good, but I have to agree with Aries Moon about A Mother's Story. It was very emotional and raw.

I love Families. Wyatt was such a good writer. It really is a shame he didn't get to write more books. He was a very insightful man.

OregonMJW said...

I don’t know whether it was Mexico fatigue, or my nervous obsession with my next morning's flight to CA, but I just couldn’t get into last night’s last episode. I noticed that the blog count was way down too – they ended up with only 192 comments, mostly from the regulars, instead of 500+ or better the last couple of nights.

I’m on the early purchase list at Borders for Gloria’s book. I think we can rest assured that Anderson has read every word – more than once – and will feign his usual “horror” at her "Oh! Mom!" Antics. There is no daylight between mother and son. The only book I (probably all of “we” too) care about is Anderson’s next one.

I’m sitting here at the Portland [OR] Airport, staring out the huge windows at the new dawn – 43 and raining. Heading for a week in the sun in SoCal. Speaking of sun, was that the beginnings of a TAN on Anderson’s face last night or just the weird light of mercury vapor?

Coop1223 said...

Another great show last night. I'm glad they replayed the interview with the cartel member since I didn't get to see all of it before. This is probably a stupid question, but that blurry square over his mouth...was that to show that they had changed his voice?

I know Anderson's seen lots and lots of death and destruction over the years, but I wonder how it felt to be among the mass graves. It was so sad to see the graves waiting to be filled.

I've never read any of Gloria's books so I'm not sure if I'll read this one. Maybe I'll go back and read the one about her dating past. That sounded interesting.

@MinOregon...have fun in Cali!

Coop1223 said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to add that I hope everyone can turn off their lights for Earth Hour!

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to Gloria's new book. I really liked A Mother's Story. I hope one day she'll write something about Wyatt - she said she might in It Seemed Important at the Time.

@Aries Moon, I agree...sometimes I think Anderson only pretends to be embarrassed and uneasy about the subject of sex...LOL....let's not forget about his comments on Love Line.

Anonymous said...

It was a good show with a lot of bad news last night. Besides the Mexican drug war and Afghanistan, the Red River flood is going to be devastating. The cold is wrecking havoc with the sandbagging efforts, ice dams are forming and people caught in the water could develop hypothermia very quickly.

It would be awesome if Anderson went to Fargo but I know that's not likely. The Red River is supposed to crest today so by Monday it will be old news.

When Gloria's book It Seemed Important At the Time came out, Anderson was on Letterman's or Conan's show. He said the book was about his mother's love life and that she gave him the chapters to proofread as she wrote the book. I'm guessing the same thing happened with her newest book.

Kristien, I'm sorry I confused the Netherlands with Belgium yesterday, I hear Belgium is a great place to visit, with lots of medieval/renaissance architecture and the best chocolate... mmm, chocolate.


Anonymous said...

Personally, if AC became a little more vocal about his OWN opinions, I think the show would improve tremendously and so would his ratings. We all want to know what he really thinks instead of guessing. While that kind of format might make him uncomfortable, the salary doesn't. CNN should force the issue.
Don Lemon should have been given Campbell's spot. He is an excellent journalist and anchor and very personable. Very disappointed with the Roland pick and he hasn't even started.
Kay Jones, are you listening??

Laurie Beth said...

I'll be crossing my fingers for the Divine Ms. Gloria's book launch! I really hope it goes well. I just adore her. I also hope she does the talk show circuit because I love to listen to her speak. She's really radiant.

Great three night series. I thought the reporting from the border was really well done. I also hope that Anderson & Co. all come home today. Time to get the hell out of Mexico while the getting is good.

Felix Batista's story is heartbreaking. I wonder if we'll ever know what happened to that poor man.

I have to finish the reading material I have to I can get started on Mrs. C's books--I haven't read any of them yet either!

HuffPo twittered that they arrested a CNN journalist in Fargo for standing on top of the sandbags. How ridiculous. They let him out on bail, thank God. Talk about shooting first and asking questions later.

Anonymous said...

According to some of the comments on Huffpost, it seems there is a general mistrust of CNN when it comes to their reporting on Obama. I never noticed it, but maybe they are correct.
Jon Klein used too many gimmicks during the campaign so it was hard to know who was gathering a loyal audience and who wasn't.

aries moon said...

let's not forget about his comments on Love Line.

Yep, that was pretty wild for him.

Anon 6:53, I have to say that I agreed with a lot of the critical commentary on HuffPo about AC360 and CNN in general and I think it might be a large factor in their ratings decline.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who noticed that Andy has worn the same outfit for all three days...