Saturday, March 28, 2009

Show and Tell with Jeff Corwin

Before Planet in Peril, Jeff Corwin was on the show in April 2006 and he brought a few friends with him - a Burmese python, a bear cat, and a cashmere goat. This is the kind of segment I like to see every once in awhile between the economic and political dribble we've been seeing every night. So, here is show and tell time on AC360 with Jeff Corwin.

Anderson did a few interviews with the local El Paso news stations. Below is the interview with ABC and here is the link to the one with Fox.

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Great post Quitty. I love how Anderson seems to be a little scared of the Animals. That goat was so cute! Its too bad Jeff couldn't be a part of PIP II. I really liked him in the first one and he and Anderson seemed to get along very well.

Off topic, but do we know if there is going to be a PIP III???

I like the interviews AC did with local El Paso news stations. I think the Fox one is the better interview though. In that one he said he wasn't on the road last year because of the election. I hope that means we'll get more field reporting from him this year. He's so good at, its ashame to have him behind that anchor desk all the time.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Quitty for your clips from the border. It seems that Anderson's left eye appeared swollen in the Fox video. He should be wearing a hat and sun glasses for his eyes and skin. The sun is very hot there and he has had trouble with his skin in the past.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

@anonymous 12:34am, his left eye did appear to be bothering him. Maybe he just got some dirt in it. Did he have the spot of skin cancer removed from under the left eye??? I think it was under the left one. Hoepfully he did wear sun screen.

Coop1223 said...

Thanks for the clips Quitty. I especially like the Fox interview. You can tell he likes reporting from different places and he really is good at it. The reports from Mexico were really heavy and sad so my mind would wander a little sometimes and I was wondering, was Anderson wearing the same shirt all three days? It looked like it. Maybe I need to pay more attention to the stories and not the anchor haha.

@ACAnderFan...I was on the CNN website the other day and they do have a page up for PIP III so I guess that means we'll be getting a new one? Hope so!

Anonymous said...

Saw Anderson briefly on a rerun of LKL last night,which I had not seen earlier in the week.

I liked the Jeff Corwin video.
My opinion is,that the second Planet In Peril went in another direction than the first one in some ways,regarding species survival overall,and maybe that was why Jeff felt that he did not want to participate?That seems to be his expertise.
Battle Lines seemed to be more along the lines of battling for resources involving people mostly,even though there were segments involving things besides that.Jeff Corwin seems to perhaps fit into and felt more knowledgeable doing part ONE more than the subjects in Part TWO then?
Just my take on that.I am not sure why or what happened,or do not know,so I am only giving my views and assumptions on what MIGHT have,that is all.

OregonMJW said...

Another great find from the archives. Jeff & Anderson were getting along back then. Andy and animals is a winner, no matter who the other human being is.

We have two little rays of sunshine to contemplate, it seems. Anderson’s remark that now the election is over he can get back out on the road, and the Huffington Post’s review of ratings which contains two things – CNN’s rating are tanking because there is little to no opinion expressed, or point of view to hang your hat on; and Jon Klein’s continued strong confidence they are on the right path. Of course, all CEO’s are on the right path until they are on the path out the door!

More animals, more road work, more Anderson in casual clothes and the wind in his hair (while it’s still there) and an occasional dip of the toe into “What I Think”, which could end up like a daily segment next to The Shot and Beat 360. Just dreaming.

Don’t’ read the following fangurl item, if that offends you: Did anyone notice how exceptionally beautiful Anderson’s hair and hair cut were, especially in the sun talking to the mayor of Juarez? There’s something about that long elegant neck and perfectly cut hair that just . . . . (sigh) I want to say thank you to the cameraman who brought us that lingering shot of one of the most attractive heads around – talking or not!

Anonymous said...

@ M In Oregon:

I had a short fangurl moment last night when I saw that Larry King rerun,and Anderson's brief appearance on it,nothing wrong with a relapse once in awhile.LOL

If Jon Klien thinks they are on the right path,then he needs to come back to earth or wake up.Either that,or take off his rose colored glasses.Same goes for any of the higher ups,or anyone else at CNN who cannot open their eyes and see that things are in trouble,big time.I think the trouble with some of them is that they cannot believe the election is indeed over,and they are stuck in a rut with those panels.

Ah the promise of field Anderson again?Is that too good to be true,I hope not.Let us hope we see more of him out there,in his element,like we did this past week.

Anonymous said...

If there is a PIP III, I certainly hope Lisa Ling isn't in it. Jeff and Sonjay, were far better than she. It also seems to me the ratings for PIP II were not good, so why venture into a third one?
It is just like Klein to keep doing what doesn't work.

Anonymous said...

Another PIP heaven help us all. Summing it up in 1 word boring.

Anonymous said...

I don't think his left eye appeared swollen. Probably, his eye could be irriated by sunscreen. He has a sensitive pale skin and needs to be precaution for his well-being.

Reiyna756 said...

Thanks Quitty for the post. I I agree with ACAnderFan about Anderson being a little scared of the animals, it was cute.

Just the bit on his left eye in the Fox video... I remember on a episode of Regis and Kelly he mentioned to Kelly that he has a skin graft under his left eye and that it gets swollen if he sleeps on it. Maybe that's what happened.

Anonymous said...

Thank you anon 6:48pm: My feeling exactly.

Laurie Beth said...

I have to respectfully disagree with the Anons who dislike Planet in Peril...the piece on zoonotics was fascinating. As for Lisa Ling...if you are watching her pieces for Oprah she is cutting-edge and amazing. I didn't personally engage so much with the shark issue, but I understood that it held global importance even though I personally could not engage. My dad is a biologist, so I am more likely to understand when certain issues hold global importance even though I find it difficult to personally engage.

She really is a great, fearless journalist; it was just the topic that alienated some folks. Give her a second chance! She is great.

It took a jillion years for the FOX interview to finally load, but I enjoyed it when it finally did. I also worried when he started rubbing his eye; poor baby!

Let's get back on the road, and I miss Erica like crazy so I hope she is home so we get her back on Monday's show! :)

Laurie Beth said...

...I guess I like the word "engage." Heh.