Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Supersonic Panel

I was a bad blogger (and US citizen) tonight since I totally missed the President's news conference, which started here at 5PM. It just doesn't seem right to have to cut happy hour short for a news conference. *just kidding* To be totally truthful we have company (again) and at 5PM, while I was working on dinner, the television was tuned to Noggin for Wonder Pets. I had to do something to keep toddlers out from under foot when I was wielding sharp objects in the kitchen. When I told BA Wonder Pets had beaten out Obama she asked me they were anything like Wonder Twins. Made me long for the day when I didn't know my Wonder Pets from my Wonder Twins.
But have no fear, there were so many clips from the news conference and so much discussion on AC360's after party that I feel like I didn't miss a thing, so let's get started.There were pundits aplenty tonight. In fact AC himself called them the supersonic panel. In the studio we had John King, Gloria Borger, Ali Velshi and Joe Johns. From afar we had Paul Begala, David Gergen and Alex Castellanos. I'm going to post some bullet points about things that caught my eye, please add your own if I missed them.•Ed Henry was a rock star tonight. I am sick to death of the AIG story BUT for no other reporter to mention AIG was really surprising. It was a huge misstep by the administration (and Geitner) and they need to be reminded of that.

•Alex Castellanos' prediction that Obama would be a one term president seemed a little premature to me. As Paul said 'He's 64 days into the job with a 64% approval rating'.

• Did AC dis poor Regis when he called 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire' a cheesy program?

• I love Tom Foreman, but I really didn't follow his reasoning in tonight's fact checking. I'm sure it wasn't Tom's fault, I just couldn't get into the report.

• I enjoyed the 360 Dispatch with Michael Ware the first time it aired, but re-airing it to pimp AC's roadtrip seemed a bit disingenuous. Maybe a news update on current stories tied to this issue would have held my interest more and served the same purpose. Did you know that an Arizona judge dismissed charges, last week, against a gun dealer who sold over 700 guns to the Mexican cartels? He felt that the sales had been legal even though the guns ended up with the cartels. Or that Arizona's Attorney General, Terry Goddard, feels that legalizing marijuana would curb border violence?
What I'm trying to say is since AC360 is just an hour program please don't repeat stories. There are lots of other angles that could be explored.

• I hated 'The Shot' on Tuesday night. If you missed it President Obama was shown talking on the phone with astronauts.Did you catch the commercial for another Money Summit with Ali on Friday at 11 PM? With AC on the road Wednesday and Thursday I wonder if he will actually do a live program on Friday or if, like last time, the Summit will be moved to 10 PM at the last minute?

If you still haven't purchased your tickets to Anderson Cooper's March 31st appearance at Radio City Music Hall I've got some good news for you. Tickets to the last two lectures in the series have been discounted. Just use the code: PROGRESS to purchase at this link.

A friend sent this picture to me the other day. What a wonderful way to diminish a homophobic message. Simply brilliant!

Well I hope I did the night justice. I'm really looking forward to Wednesday with AC on the US- Mexican border. He's done remotes like this from Nogales, Arizona and San Diego, California in the past. Any guesses where he'll be this time? ~Phebe

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Deborahmei said...

Tonight's extended panel was really great tonight, in my opinion. Since I too missed the conference, it was a good way to get all the main points and pick their brains. Everyone seemed to be in high spirits as well.

I predict Anderson will be in Texas, seeing that the focus in Michael Ware's report was on the Texan/Mexican border and he mentioned that someone's (whose exactly, I forget) family is in hiding there. But I always love when he comes to So Cal and San Diego would definitely be a possibility.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

360 wasn't as bad as I expected it to be. There was still alot of re-hashing going on, but it was OK. Still though they need to lay off on the re-hashing.

Good for Ed Henry for asking about AIG. I really am surprised no one else asked. I would have thought that would have been what most asked about.

I wouldn't be surprised at all if the money summit get moved to 10pm on firday. I bet Anderson will be off since he'll be on the US/Mexico bored wednesday and thursday nite. I hope the program is good tonite.

Anonymous said...

I didn't watch the President's news conference either, figuring it would be the same old stuff - the economy, bailouts, stimulus, the wars, etc. And it was, nothing surprising in the questions or answers.

The "supersonic panel" didn't work too well, too many people.

"Who Wants To Be a Millionaire" is in fact a cheesy show, can't diss Anderson for that comment.

Loved your photo of the protesters.

Was Anderson wearing the same suit as yesterday?


aries moon said...

I'm sorry I can't join in the congratulations for Ed Henry and Dana Bash's reporting, but it really galls me that they NEVER were as zealous about keeping the Bush/Cheney administration in check as they have been with President Obama, not mentioning AIG can't BEGIN to measure up to the corruption that Bush and his cronies were allowed to get away with practically without comment from many in the media. The massive mess that is AIG had its roots in the Bush Administration and THEIR policies. CNN's current mission appears to be to go after President Obama as hard as possible, too bad they couldn't have grown a set to have done Bush/Cheney the same way - it might have saved this country a lot of grief. I know I'm always bringing this up and I'll *try* to lay off it, but it really pisses me off. Having said that, I do believe that reporters should do their jobs thoroughly, but it seems that they are suspiciously selective in how they go about it.

The panels are ridiculous. Does it surprise anyone that the Democratic pundits will support the President and the Republicans will take the opposite view? What's the point?

I actually loved The Shot, the President has a wonderful sense of humor, plus I'm a sucker for anything having to do with space travel and astronauts.

Anonymous said...

@Deborahmei, I think they said on the blog that Anderson will be somewhere in Texas...on the border.

Cyn said...

For anyone having problems playing the Monday night clips I had loaded to PhotoBucket, I have now been able to replace all but one of them with Blogger clips. (I think Blogger's video program and I are now back on speaking terms!)

Anonymous said...

What was with Alex's prediction of a one term president?A little early for that after just two months isn't it?Or did he become a psychic and can see the future,oh brother.
Just sounds like sour,or bitter grapes,to me.The Republicans lost,they need to get over that fact,though it seems they can't.
It is refreshing to actually see a president who is doing something, talking to the people,and answering questions.
What a refreshing change from Mr. W,who could not seem to even put a sentence together,and seemed to want to give people anything but the truth.
Can they at least give President Obama a chance,well,at least a year,before their dire predictions about if/when he will be back in 2012?

Anonymous said...

I appreciate Kay Jone's response to Erica's whereabouts. I hope that things are ok with Erica on a personal level and that that is why she is out.

However, Kay, if Erica is truly on a vacation, that leaves me with a less than favorable impression, it is only March, and this is her third week of vacation so far this year. I look at all the others at CNN who work long and hard hours with the exception of Erica who sits in the studio, never leaves to do a piece of correspondent work which is her title, her work sub-par in my opinion. These days of high unemployment and competitive workforce, you need to make yourself stand out. Erica Hill has not done that. She seems happy with meeting her job requirements whatever the arrangements of her position are.

I have no idea what she is capable of based on what she has done on CNN.

Thank you for letting me voice my opinion and you probably will not post this.

OregonMJW said...

Ed Henry Rocks! No kidding! You go get ‘um, blue boy. (Did you notice Ed's suit?) Bill Bennett was right, the President's mood turned on dime after that follow-up on AIG, or, actually, Ed's persistent re-stating of his original question. No soup for you, young man! Next ......? Great journalism; great TV!

I concur that having an important live press conference at 5:00 p.m. in the Western time zone is not fair. I don't even get home before 5:15 - if I don't shop for dinner. At least I'm glad I saw Ed's moment of glory.

The Super Panel was interesting up until my telephone rang. I will be traveling to the San Diego area on Friday to spend a week caring for my dad, who at 95, had a rib-cracking fall while he was out JOGGING! He's going to be fine eventually, but scrambling to make reservations took up most of the rest of my evening.

I kept the TV on, and I was paying kind of attention - but I truly appreciated the recap a lot this morning. By the way, Phebe, I'm with you about Stupid! Not only is the sign a classic, it's obviously having the desired affect on Stupid herself. Priceless!

@Anon 11:37 pm 3/24: Your are nearly correct, Anderson does appear to look even more handsome in that T-shirt in New Orleans; the term "more handsome" being relative. It is technically not possible for him to look "more handsome" because there is no earthly scale against which to compare his appearance one time to the next - just the personal preference of the viewer. Utterly gorgeous does not, after all, have degrees. You either are, or you aren't. On that night, on the Live Blog, Tom Foreman commented on the "different perspective" that we were getting from the Road. I responded that from my perspective, if I had to choose, I would choose the T-shirt over Prada. The miracle is that observation got by the moderators! So, T-shirt person, you and I find ourselves on the same page. Hola! Mexico!

@Cyn: After fearing I would not be able to download the Photobucket clips, they loaded easily on my computer at work where I keep my video library in "Real Player" - a free download service available through the Internet. Actually, the Photobucket clips you posted are way more clear and sharp - almost like digital quality.

Cindy said...

@ Anon 3/25/09 10:14 AM...to come on here and criticize Erica and not have the cojones to use your own name is lame!!

You want to "speak" to Kay about it and down Erica saying she can't do her job and isn't worthy of time off yet you are afraid to say who you are. Do you think Anderson will get mad at you and won't like you anymore or something? PLEASE!!

If you want to down someone then next time have the cojones to say who you are regardless if Kay or anyone else at CNN reads this blog.

Regardless if Erica deserves time off or not she has it. And she is still employed at CNN, obviously they like her. So get over it!

Cyn said...

@M in Oregon, I have been playing around with different things with the clips, because it annoys the bejeebers out of me that no matter what the frame size of the clips we upload, they are reduced to the old, old standard of 320x240 and we have no way to change that.

If you've ever looked at any of the clips on my MW site, they are 630x475, so it is a huge reduction when I post to Blogger. The new software I started using this week for the ATA/ATC clips (since my DVD drives died) is 480x360... still a big loss. That's why when you click on the screengrabs, they come up as the original size of the clips.

Still, manually readjusting the frame size of the clips does reduce the quality. I'm not sure whether it's worth it... Do you guys have any preference?

Also, for everyone who dislikes the fact that Michael never wears a suit/tie, there really is a reason for it: his neck is so thick (all those years of playing rugby!) that when he buys a shirt that fits his shoulders and very slim waist, he actually CANNOT button the top button to wear a tie. And if he bought shirts to fit that neck, he'd be swimming in fabric! (If he asked me, I would advise him to invest in maybe a half-dozen bespoke shirts custom tailored to fit, but he ain't asking! Besides, I'm hoping he'll undo another button and show MORE skin, not less!!)

OregonMJW said...

@Cyn: Wow! Whatever you just said was impressive. I am clueless about any of it, I just admire that it gets done at all, and particularly your demonstrated skill at "grabbing" at just the right moment.

When I play back the clips I loaded to Real Player, they come back full screen - not the size they looked like on ATA. I was just trying to relate I liked the crisp quality of the clips recently loaded through what you described as Photobucket.

Good job - however you're acheiveing the result you get.

Anonymous said...

Can everyone give it a rest about Erica Hill? The question has been answered about where she is, so let's just leave it at that. For a bunch of people who think she is a waste on the show & shouldn't be there in the first place, I don't understand why you are so consumed with where she is & putting her down.

Give it a rest. please. We are tired of hearing about it.

Anonymous said...

@Aires Moon: I respectfully disagree with you about Dana and Ed's zealousness, shall we say. I'm all for investigative journalism, and holding ALL of them accountable and I really do support President Obama.
@M in Oregon: You seem like a really nice person, and I like reading your comments, but could you please give the "fangurl andersworship a rest!" I admire AC just as much as the rest but this constant gushing is just beyond words. Not one day goes by or maybe you're just not aware of it.
Either way, kinda tone it down, for your own sake. Sorry, I don't mean to be judgemental.

Anonymous said...

According to USA Today, Fox News lead in Cable ratings with 5 programs out of the top 7. MSNBC led with 2. The lowest in total viewers was 1.1 million and Geraldo Rivera got that.....I don't even consider him a journalist. I know Jon Stewart has at least a million or more viewers a night but I guess, because he's on Comedy Central, his news doesn't count.
With all of AC's following, it just doesn't materialize into viewship. Just a shame. Even last night, from my interpretation, he was beaten by Hannity....another non-journalist.

Kristien said...

Haha, I love that picture you friend sent you, Phebe!

Anonymous said...

We are all entitled to our opinions. why would Anderson get mad, and what difference does it make if he does? It doesn't matter to me, and he doesn't know any of us (not counting if you only met him once). If he and Erica don't want to hear the bad with with good on the program, they are in the wrong business because the viewers are what keeps them their jobs, that is if ratings count.

OregonMJW said...

@Anon 5:35 pm: It's a dirty job, but somebody's got to do it! I get what your are saying - and, by the way, thanks for what appeared to be a tentative compliment (I've been burned before!)

I, frankly enjoy the release of an occasional over-the-top Anderworship moment. I don't think I do it "every day", but I'll review the record to make sure. Will you be able to live with once a week - say every Thursday whether he deserves it or not?

And, where is your contempt for Anon 11:37 pm, who set me off, with that worshipful T-shirt remark?

I AM a fangurl. I'm a fan because the news is the news and no matter who delivers it, it's still the news. If I wanted shrill, facsist rhetoric - I'd be watching Greta. If I wanted liberal excuses and pandering, I'd be watching Keith. If I want at least some balance, I have to watch CNN and - guess who's on at 7:00 pm West Coast time? (like every other thinking person, I get my analysis from John Stewart!)

That Anderson is so easy on the eyes, and has such an appealing personality is just a bonus. Lucky me.

Read around it; I often make a certain amount of sense, too.

Anonymous said...

As far as I'm concerned, everyone who posts here is anonymous. If you have a blogger account, when I click on your nickname, do I get a full first and last name, email address, phone number, mailing address? Unless you have provided that information in your blogger profile, you shouldn't be criticizing others for not having one. It's essentially meaningless.

Tedi B said...

I have to agree about giving it a rest about Erica. For goodness sake none of us know how many vacation weeks any of them get. It's not really our business anyway. Besides,she works two jobs. One for CNN and one for CBS. Why does it matter? CNN doesn't seem to have a problem with it.

Phebe said...

@anonymous 7:39, I must disagree, no great surprise there. Blogger account or signed comment it doesn't matter to me. What does matter is getting to 'know' those who are regulars. I don't care if it's their real name, but what I do care about is hearing what they have to say everyday.

aries moon said...

Can I just say one more thing about Ed Henry? Keith Olbermann basically ripped Ed apart on Countdown and Ed's subsequent boasting about his questioning of the President (who rightfully shut him down, IMO) is now being mocked on certain sites on the internet. The 360 blog hasn't posted any comments to Ed's self-congratulatory post yet - I'd like to think it's because the majority of them are negative, but that's not likely. Generally the 360 blog will not post comments that critique their anchors/reporters.

Laurie Beth said...

Thanks for the recap, Phebe; excellent job (I hope you don't mind that I am following you on Twitter--I am @TheGrottoTweets; I hope it's not presumptuous that I added you). I love politics so I loved the supersonic panel. I can see how some of you who are tired of politics would have been irritated by it, though.

I missed Soledad and hope she can make it the next time there is a supersonic panel. :) I also miss Erica and will be very happy when she returns from her *well-deserved* vacation.

I thought Ed Henry's question was very fair. Perhaps if the president felt that he wasn't informed enough to comment on the AIG situation earlier, he should have released a statement to the tune of "I'm not happy about this either but I don't have all the details yet; more later" or something like that. I'm wondering if the media spin would have been more positive if he had done so.

I *love* the "I'm with Stupid" sign. Brilliant.

M, I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. My thoughts are with you and your loved ones at this time.

@ Anon 3:27 I don't know about that...on the live blog Anderson stated that they had to keep his location under wraps for security reasons, and I know "Texas" isn't very specific--but while the television ads are all saying "Live from the Mexican Border," the Facebook/Twitter alert said "Live from Mexico" which leads me to believe he'll be on foreign soil. I could be wrong of course, but other than "on the Mexican border" I don't believe that his location(s) for this evening and tomorrow evening have been announced.

I am keeping Anderson Cooper, Michael Ware and their incredibly brave crew in my thoughts and am wishing for their safe return.

Laurie Beth said...

Okay, I stand completely corrected--Anderson just said he was in El Paso during the LKL teaser. Mea culpa. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow everyone seems to be having lots of fun here tonight.

@M in Oregon - my gushing over Anderson would make you look like an amateur. I would rather hear lots of gushing than bashing!

@annon 5:35 - I always try to remember if somebody is posting something I don't like to read all I have to do is use the scroll button. It works wonders and lets people enjoy what they like and others to not get annoyed at what they don't like. IMO

Anonymous said...

The sign itself is not necessarily homophobic. It simply expresses what Romans 1:26, 27 say and 1 Corinthians 6:9-10. Many people agree with the scriptures and that homosexuality is a sin, and yet, like myself, respect them, don't hate them and feel they have rights too. But their sexual acts are still sins. Just like lying, stealing, cheating, etc. Nobody's perfect and we all sin one way or another. After all we are human. Now if you are not Christian and don't believe in what the Bible says or if you are Christian but choose to ignore these passages in the Bible that's another story. Labeling an act a sin does not necessarily mean the individual who engages in it is hated or disrespected. It's better to tolerate, respect and leave people like homosexuals in God's hands.

Anonymous said...

Finally AC gave us what we all want, I think. He was actually on location at a place he spent the entire time speaking about. Yes! No panels, no cheer leaders, no seedy bars with patrons he doesn't communicate with, just himself and the camera rolling, like it used to be. Great! The only thing I didn't like was a repeat of the cartel's engaging teens which we've seen, how many times?
This is something only AC can do and do well. Keith can not do it, and neither can Rachel Maddow or Sean Hannity, not that he'd ever admit it. I do hope we get the same in depth reporting we got tonite from the Texas/Mexican border tomorrow.
Kay Jones, are you listening???

Anonymous said...

@M We get it. You love, love, love, AC. So do we all but we don't prephase every other sentence or comment with the luv.
I often skip Megan D. because she just makes very little sense. I don't want to start skipping you to find what's actually note worthy.

Anonymous said...

Ed Henry may have been right in "pestering" the President about AIG, but he reminds me of The "Grinch who Stole Christmas." Sorry, he just reminds me of a little kid who stole the last Snickers Bar in the jar and won't admit it. With eyes flashing and glee written all over his face,he looked as though he just hit a home run last nite....or stole second base in order to do it.

Anonymous said...

Anderson has an interview on The Huffington Post about his trip on the Mexican Boarder.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I meant Mexican Border. He has a great pic there too. I haven't seen that before.

Anonymous said...

@Aries Moon March 25 3.06 am
I am in total agreement with you. I am not a fan of “gotta Journalism” and sad to say, more often then not, the constant “quest/thirst for the scoop as well as “gotta” moments” with these two Reporters is consistently more prevalent with their coverage of the Obama Administration versus the Bush/Cheney Admin.

Transparency, Accountability, Responsibility and Integrity are the cornerstones of Journalism, likewise, the same Standards apply to the US Administration and to our President. Why then double standard of holding our current Administration to a standard that no other Administration has ever had to face in modern day History, yet in years gone past, the last Administration was basically given a free-pass or passed off as a National joke?. Where was their Integrity with the Journalism Code of Ethics back then?

Not only is it our Civic duty to hold our Elected Officials accountable, it is our Responsibility. But don’t pass off “gotta Journalism” for transparency and accountability just a find your acclaim to fame with a “gotta-moment”. That’s not Journalism. I wish these folks would realize that.