Monday, March 30, 2009

Through Hell and High Water

Anderson starts out with Breaking News, but it's an update on the situation in North Dakota, not the economy. As Anderson says, "Just when they've been through hell and high water..." Poor Gary Tuchman. In his waders again...

Gary is in Briarwood and as you can see, there is a lot of water there. And the forecast calls for up to 10 inches of snow tonight, along with 35-mile-per-hour winds. No one is quite sure how this storm will affect the sandbag dikes because it's never happened before.

MAJOR kudos to Gary, Anderson, the 360 writers, their guests, and everyone else involved for not once invoking the used-to-death term "perfect storm" to describe the conditions tonight. I was braced for it, and it even would have been apropos to the situation. Your restraint gives me hope for western civilization. 

Okay, on to the economy. The president basically fired the Chairman of GM today. Um, wow. I have no clue whether this was deserved, overstepped presidential authority, or even made sense. But you have to admit, this administration is going bold. And not in ways that involve waterboarding and renditions!

Ali Velshi is at the big board and discusses the move of the government guaranteeing warranties for new cars. It sounds like it is a positive step -- if I was in the market for a car, that would be something I would care about. But as Ali and Anderson discuss, people aren't buying cars because they can't afford to and they can't get loans. We're a ways from getting that problem addressed.

This is a very dramatic map... the states in red and yellow are those that have more than 10,000 workers in the auto industry (including dealerships and so on.) Nearly every state would be drastically hit if the Big Three go under.

Anderson shows a local-affiliate video of an impromptu Fight Club breaking out at a dealership where all the workers were laid off. The guy who seems to be the instigator speaks to a reporter afterwards, and while you certainly feel for anyone who loses their job like that... jeeze, dude. Anger management classes. If everyone who got pink-slipped started punching out other people -- even the higher-ups -- there would be a lot of blood flowing! Well, the health providers would certainly have steady incomes!

Tonight's panel is David Gergen (in the studio), economist Steven Leeb (likewise), and everyday-ethics guru Vince Crew. 

Was there a double-standard in the way the bank execs and auto execs were treated? Well, yeah. I would like to think that there wouldn't have been if this administration had handled both bailouts, but my trust of politicians only extends so far.

Oooh, the overhead crane shot!

President Obama sets off on his first World Tour tomorrow, as he heads first to London for the G20 Summit, and then through France and Germany, and finally to Turkey (which will fulfill his campaign promise to go to a major Muslim country in his first 100 days in office.) Protests are expected in Europe due to the world economic meltdown.

Candy Crowley handles the details of the trip, and then talks to Anderson about it. I just love the intensity he has while she is talking -- so much that I had to clip part of it. At the end, he even gets a pretty good joke in:

And bonus points to John Vause for tuning in from Beijing and getting Anderson the info he needed!

We're back to Gary, still standing in the water, getting snowed on. He has a recorded piece about residents who had to evacuate and the fact that most of them have no flood insurance. But Anderson has a good memory and can't pass up the chance to remind Gary about his own personal Nipplegate:

Gee, Anderson, you really should never mock a man until you have walked a mile in his waders. Oh wait, you have... and we have an interesting photo from last year, sent in by a reader. So: were you standing in a pothole? Or was the crew standing on submerged milkcrates? 

Hmm... no comment?

Okay, back to the program: Madonna wants to adopt another child from Malawi, protests have broken out in both countries. There really is no good answer here, but I for one think someone should make her sell her private jet and donate the money to the orphanages there if she wants to keep taking their kids. (Okay, lame attempt at humor. Moving on.) David Mattingly put the story together. Judge rules on Friday.

Joe Johns covers the horrific shooting at a nursing home over the weekend. What the hell is wrong with people? It is beyond comprehension.

Hey! Erica Hill is back! Yaaaay! 360 Bulletin is stocks down, 5-in-1 pill may help fight heart disease, John McCain is asked again whether he would support Sarah Palin and once again deftly sidesteps, the Obamas will pay for the redecorating of the White House themselves. And you know I had to cap this:

Erica does a piece on "Michelle Mania" which shows that she is just as big a draw in foreign countries as she is here. International's Becky Anderson (based in London) says that it isn't just her style that people admire, it is her substance. At the end of the piece, Erica joins Anderson at the desk to discuss, which leads right into Beat360:

And then they are back for The Shot, and we find out why that naked man is running around carrying his pole:

Anderson was in great humor tonight. Nice to see him having some fun.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tomorrow night Anderson is the moderator of a panel on press freedom at Radio City Music Hall. Tickets have been dropped to a 2-for-1 deal, so if you thought about going but didn't have the cash, find a buddy and get over there!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I have a ridiculous number of bonus clips for you tonight, from the programs last week down at the border...

Wednesday, Anderson spoke to Campbell Brown:

Larry King...

Thursday, Kyra Phillips once...

...and a second time:



And finally, Friday, Campbell:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And just because... Michael Ware was supposed to be on the border with Anderson last week, but did not make the trip. I'm hoping it was because there was a HUGE surprise party planned for his 40th birthday on Wednesday! But he did appear on Campbell's program that day:

And a few minutes on Larry King's program as well:

And then... off to the party, right? Hey, it was only 9:15 in NY, things would just be getting started!

Okay, that's all for me tonight. Hope it was enough! (BTW, I also posted Anderson's Friday interview with Peter Bergen on ATC today. And also an interview John Roberts did this morning with Reza Aslan. So many interesting men, so little blog-time to post!)

Have a great week!

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I liked 360 last nite. I thought it was pretty good. I figured it might not be so good since they were back in the studio, but I was wrong.

Those poor people in North Dakota. I hope things don't get any worse for them.

Maybe Anderson conveniently forgot about the last time he was standing in really deep water for a live shot...LOL!

I really don't think people are going to buy cars until the economy turns around. They probably won't be buying alot of things until that happens.

YAY Erica was back!!! Anderson seemed to be happy she was back too.

It was nice seeing AC in a good mood last nite. When he's happy and engaged in the show I think it makes the whole show alot better.

Anonymous said...

A great, all-inclusive recap!(/meta-comment)AC360 is on way too early here for me to get up, I'm at school now and I haven't watched this one yet, so thank you, Cyn.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Great video clips, Cyn. I like the ones where AC is on the phone with Kyra Phillips. There's just something about his phone voice. Personally I find it to be kind of a turn on.

Anonymous said...

Well,between the nipples and the guy carrying his big pole,Anderson was having too much fun last night.
I do recall our Mr Cooper standing with waders on a few times as well,so perhaps HE was up to er, ah,his Andernipples as well, at the time?
So perhaps he should not tease Gary too much,there could be an Anderson Cooper in water segment show up anytime,is all I'm sayin'!

Madonna,yawn.She wants to build a girl's school,now where have we heard that one before?
Sorry,but I just wonder why Oprah or her did not build something right in their own country,considering the state of the education system?How about the Gulf Coast,for example?I am sure they could have used some new schools after Katrina.
Just a thought there.

I just do not get why the clowns at FAUX news and Drama Queen Nancy Grace get such high ratings.I would rather run my nails down a chalkboard than suffer through some of that crap they call 'news'.
Is that what people are preferring these days as compared to the great shows we got from 360 last week?
Seems viewers prefer the tabloid like train wrecks after all.How sad,that great journalism comes in second,or third, or lower,to that.

snooks said...

Cyn - great post thanks

Love the interplay between Anderson and Candy - by the way Candy looks fab -

Poor Gary - he always gets wet

I like that Obama is making a strong stand on the auto industry and yes I think there has been a double standard but then again remember it was Bushie who gave away the bank to wall street

OregonMJW said...

Holy Recap! It took me almost as long to get through the recap as it did to watch the show! Cyn you are on Fire!

From the well taken “perfect storm” reference, through Nipplegate – and Andy’s pot calling Gary’s black (love that NOLA photo) - to your reference to John Vause (obscure, but illuminating) it’s all written beautifully, it’s funny, and your recap completely captures the essence of last night’s show – which was terrific! Wow, did I forget to insert a period? I’m out of breath just reading this back to myself. Total congrats. And, all the clips played without locking up.

From Andy’s first expression of “Yea!” announcing Erica’s return to the fold, it was obvious he was in a seriously good mood. Loved that he had people at his desk – which is what we’ve been pressing for – even if it was two Panel People. The result was that the conversation was more animated, more interesting; even though it continues to cover the downer economic news.

I noted on the live blog that last night’s naked man carrying “his big pole” was not the first time we’ve had naked pole carrying men on the show. Does anyone have that Shot from last year, I think, of the guy in the canal carrying what looked like a long barber’s pole?

@Aires Moon: Thank you. I was scouring the net for additional opportunities, and was blown away by the original shot from PIP1. If you just search .jpg formats, you will find it. I’m always on the hunt for avatars – and you’re right – this one is breathtaking! (I think that used up my fangurl allotment for this week.)

aries moon said...

Lively recap and great screencaps, well done Cyn.

It was good having AC and Erica back in the studio together and the program was in good form - I wasn't even annoyed with the inevitable panels. The President has moved very quickly tackling the issues facing the auto industry but it's disappointing that we've all been deprived of seeing those Wall Street yahoos getting their comeuppance for their greed - but recognizing that the Wall Street jerks have close-knit ties to the people in Washington, it's no surprise that there would be a double standard involved, but still here's hoping the President's latest move will have some positive effect on the economy and auto industry as a whole.

I'm not all that interested in Madonna, but I do think she was right in saying that it was basically no one's business who she chooses to adopt - if she has the means to give some child a better life, no matter what country it comes from, she should be able to do it, although I would like to see something similar happen for kids here who need a home.

The First Lady is marvelous, but I hate all the Jackie Kennedy comparisons - it inevitably starts up a lot of unnecessary talk about how one was superior to the other when we really should just keep focus on the uniqueness and strengths of both women.

Anderson did seem to be in very good spirits and it was hilarious how he just let loose with all the nipples and big poles talk and M in Oregon, I do remember the other pole-related Shot, because it was one of the funnier ones, mainly because it took the police SO long to catch the naked pole-carrying guy and because AC was in one of his silly moods and felt it necessary to point out that the guy was holding a pole in front of him as opposed to...well, nevermind...

M, thanks for the .jpg tip, I'm going to check it out. :)

Em said...

I loved Anderson in the field last week but being home obviously agrees with him. He looked great and was in good humor.

The auto thing is interesting. Obama is bold and obviously willing to take the political heat. His detractors can really spin this one.

The couple losing their home to the floods was very sad. My parents live near a river and it is beautiful. Most years is rises a little and people are prepared. Two years ago it went crazy and swallowed 1/2 the park they live in...just can't second guess mother nature.

It will be very interesting to see Michelle Obama in Europe. I know I am dating myself but she is just too cool for words!

Love Gary with waders or without. That shot of Anderson is great, I don't think I've seen it before. I saw him in the waders but don't remember the other guys being in shallow water. How long do you think he waded around to find the biggest whole possible to sink in? LOL

I wouldn't touch "The Shot" with a 10 foot pole! bad!

MWmcFan said...

Great post Cyn. Best Wishes to Michael Ware on his 40th!!!

Mavis said...

Michelle Obama Rocks!

Coop1223 said...

Thanks for all the clips Cyn! I hadn't seen them before.

The show was good last night. Good mix of topics + Erica being back (yay!) + Anderson's good mood = worthwhile 360.

I'm kinda annoyed about the Madonna thing but I do think she is helping that child by giving her (it's a girl right?) opportunities she probably wouldn't get otherwise. I also think people just need to mind their own business and let Madonna be.

Poor Gary Tuchman haha. Maybe Erica needs to pull out some clips of Anderson standing in the water. But on a serious note, I hope the situation gets better for them soon.

@ACAnderFan...I love Anderson's phone voice too. So hot!

QuotidianEditorialist said...

Loved last night.

Naughty Anderson eas at his best...making immature and totally hilarious "pole and nipple" comments. I tend to act like I am 12 when I am in a good mood - glad to see that he does too. Heh heh.

Gary Tuchman is my hero. Very apparent that he is like the nicest guy in the world. Anderson was not giving him a break - too funny.

Finally Erica is back and hopefully (sigh) we can put all the rumors to rest. Girlfriend is allowed a vacation, people. Jeez. Frankly, I missed the girl; and apparently so did our anchor.

Laurie Beth said...

Oh, Cyn, I love you. Thank you so much for all those clips.

I try not to fangurl too too much, but ACAnderFan...get in line, girl. :P

The show was really on fire last night. I cannot believe Anderson Cooper said "nipples" on CNN. My jaw actually dropped. He can be so shy and reserved and then all of a sudden...hee.

And then he doesn't stop there because we had to have the pole comment--some people on the live blog seemed to think it was unintentional but there is no way. He totally did that on purpose and was loving every minute of it.

The Does Ted Turner Know About This? award of the night clearly went to Anderson!

And as I said on the live blog, I did do a little happy dance that Erica is back. I missed her a lot. I'm glad she got to go to Paris, though.

My thoughts are still with everyone out in Fargo and the surrounding areas, if any of you are reading this.

Anonymous said...

A very good show last night with a wide variety of topics. I'm glad they showed the weather satellite map but they also should have had Fargo in big bold red letters for folks who aren't familiar with the northern midwest. I'm a Minnesotan so I had no problem but if they had showed a similar map of let's say Phebe's Tucson, I wouldn't be able to pinpoint her city. I know it's in Arizona but that's all.

Bravo to Gary Tuchman and his nipples. Candy Crowley had a great report and I loved Anderson's banter at the end.

The Shot was interesting, the pole vaulter was in great shape but I was distracted by the city of Paris. Since I've already been to NYC, I want to go to Paris.

Thanks for all the great screengrabs and clips.

During yesterday's 8 pm Olbermann show, there was a commercial for an MSNBC special called Future Earth airing next month. From the commercial it looked similar to Planet in Peril. I might watch it to see if they totally copy PiP.


Laurie Beth said...

Jaanza, great point about the map. I'm a New Yorker so I had trouble with it.

aries moon said...

TVNewser is reporting that Anderson will be live London tomorrow night for the G20 Summit. He's barely warming up his seat in the 360 studio before he's off again - but I've got no problem with seeing AC in the field more often.

OregonMJW said...

So Anderson's off to London and the G-20 (and Richard Quest, we can only hope?) Cancelation notice for his Thursday Altoona PA speech, explains he will be traveling that day. Thank you, Olsond!!

This could be an exciting time. We can all play Where In The World Is Anderson Cooper? Beats Matt Lauer!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like that explains AC's "Good mood," last nite. Off again....

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

According to TVNewser AC will be in London tomorrow for the G20 summit.

Coop1223 said...

Yay! More AC in the field is fine by me!

OregonMJW said...

OK. Warm up the naughty chair for me - here I come! It just occurred to me, maybe Anderson will have time to hop over to Paris from London and personally interview the, now, world famous naked pole vaulter. Erica missed her chance, perhaps Anderson would be willing to investigate further?

Show of hands? Anyone?

Anonymous said...

It's a shame that Ed Henry will also be covering Obama after his public "inquisition" at the press conference last week. Forgive me, but Richard Quest may live in London and work for CNN, but I don't take anything he says seriously.
Good for AC to be able to go along with the Big Three.

Anonymous said...

Well AC was in another REALLY GOOD MOOD again tonite. Who knew going to London could make him sooo happy! Or is it going to London to report on the Obamas and he really is a fan. Whatever, he was just over the top with glee....and we thought maybe he was a bit too critical of the administration just a few weeks ago.
Yes, there is another AC admirer and she happens to be Natalie Cole.
During the LKL tease, Natalie confessed that she too, had a crush on AC. Well, the line forms behind us, Natalie.
Please no more Madonna. I don't give a hoot what kid she comes home with nor what did or didn't happen at Oprah's School. It really doesn't matter or change our lives here one little bit. Let HLN report it.