Friday, May 08, 2009

A Friday 360

Hello everyone. Hope everyone is doing well. I am a bad blogger. I fell asleep and now am putting a blog together with a laptop I am ready to throw out the window. Movie maker is going to be the death of me.

Raging Fire in Santa Barbara. The fire 5 miles wide. Thelma Gutierrez reports from effected areas.

Economic rebound? Dow was up 150 today. Job lost is still high but then number went down from March. Ali Velshi and David Gergen join Anderson to talk about the economy.

Erica Hill reports on Steven Morgan a man who has been charged in the murder of a Wesleyan student.
Anderson spoke with Rhonda Saunders about stalkers. I hater hearing Anderson talk about this because anyone has been in the fandom long enough realized Anderson has had his share and that is a frightening thought.

Priests and Sex – Anderson spoke with Joe and Joan Koechler a couple who were formerly a priest and nun who left the church to marry.

Drew Griffin does a follow up on the terror watch list that he had been placed on.

Dr Sanjay Gupta reports from a south side Chicago hospital that has taken in many of the young victims of the horrible out pour of violence. David Mattingly reported on tracking the guns that are at the disposal of the young people in Chicago.

Bulletin – California wildfire, Drew Peterson next court date May 18th next court date, Chrysler deal nears, White House top aide resigns over photos over air force one flying over NYC.
I missed this but thanks to our loyal readers for pointing out the "HOLLA" at the end. Holla is huge everywhere but especially Twitter, you think AC may be getting addicted :P

That is it for me. I will be back in 2 weeks. I am off cruising next week…..until we meet again ~ Sapphire

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Deborahmei said...

Did anyone else catch Anderson saying "Holla" at the end of the first hour of 360 tonight? Right before commerical and immediately followed by a mili-second of Erika's laughter.

Bizarre. :)

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

360 was pretty good last nite.

I thought Anderson's discussion with Rhonda Saunders was very interesting. He had a very intense look on his face the whole time he was talking to her. I wasn't surprised at all when he mentioned his own stalkers. Hopefully he'll listen to Rhonda and not talk to them and try to reason with them.

I liked when Anderson spoke to Joe and Joan Koechler. I found it to be fascinating. As for the priest who is currently involved in a scandal good for him for not shying away from what happened and saying he loves that girl.

I didn't even pay attention to Drew Griffin's piece. I can't stand him and wish CNN would get rid of him.

Was Dr.Gupta's piece a repeat of thursday's piece??? It seemed like it was.

The best part of the program was at the end when Anderson said "holla". Totally random and very cute. I love when he gets in a silly mood.

Coop1223 said...

I missed the show again last night but thanks for the recap!

Loved the "Holla."

@ACAnderFan...I love when he's silly too. So cute!

OregonMJW said...

We now have a controversey so huge, so meaningful to each and every American, that historians will argue the merits of the occasion, as they have the still unresolved debate over John Glen's fateful words upon stepping onto the lunar surface for the first time:

Did Anderson say Holla!, a'la Roland Martin; or did he say Holler! channeling Richard
Thomas in his role as John Boy Walton? My head is spinning!

Joe and Joan Koechler were wonderful, and Anderson's inate courtesy and respectfulness showed through beautifully. Here is just another example of the stupidity of society, or any entity within it, seeking to deny the human right to love someone; or forcing them to give up some other treasured activityk to love; or to prevent them from forming a legal bond with the person they love. These two deeply religious people had to give up their calling to be together. The Florida priest will probably have to leave as well. All in the name of love. Sad.

I'm sorry ACAnderFan doesn't care for Drew Griffin; but care or not, the piece was interesting. I remember thinking last year, when they ran a similar segment, that the Homeland Security people were blithering idiots! They still are, but Drew's expose seems to be making some progress.

Anderson's stalking experiences -and I'm certain even the most well informed do not know about all of them - certainly colored his interview with Rhonda Saunders. I was glad to see that he emphasized - from personal experience - that his natual instinct to approach such people with reason and kindness is dangerous and ineffective.

Dr. Gupta's piece did seem like a repeat. I guess I thought enough had been going on in the world to fill that much time with something new. Thursday was nearly all filled with Nancy Grace crime stories - go figure.


aries moon said...

Anderson still seems to be struggling with stalkers - I was surprised to hear him say he's tried to speak with them - the big rule is to never engage with a stalker - they are on another planet and contact is only going to encourage them - but it's a difficult problem to solve and I hope he's being careful.

Can't say I felt bad about Drew Griffin ending up on that watch list, whatever it takes to get him off 360 is fine by me!

I loved AC's "holla". He must've heard about Roland Martin ending No Bias No Bull that way from Erica - since much of 360 is a retread of NBNB, they may as well steal that too. ;)

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

@Aries Moon:

Can't say I felt bad about Drew Griffin ending up on that watch list, whatever it takes to get him off 360 is fine by me!That made my day. I agree completely with you. 360 really needs to get rid of him. His reports are so biased and he is so arrogant when reporting.

Anonymous said...

I really can't figure AC out. Everyone knows NEVER to engage a stalker. He has had experts on before and you would think he'd have taken their advice. You can't reason with these people. They live their lives vicariously through others and engaging them, reasoning with them, only gives them the attention they crave. For an intelligent person, there are times when he really seems very naive.
I have reason to believe I sat next to one of his stalkers at a book signing. She was from the Chicago area and this was in NYC. She had not one, but four cameras and told me she was at ALL of his lectures, and book signings. She was young and attractive and I thought to myself, this girl/woman needs to get a life...and anderson needs more security and shouldn't constantly be speaking publically. Enough already. Sorry, but you have to curtail your activities and that's unfortunately, the high price of fame....nor should he be auctioning "himself" off. There are other ways to raise money.

aries moon said...

@ACAnderFan, you stated exactly why I have much disdain for Drew Griffin and let me add one more thing - the smug attitude he gets when he thinks he's scored a few points in one of his "investigations" - ugh!

The woman anon 6:25 describes sounds incredibly obsessed and stalkerish - I've heard of the Dead Heads who follow the Grateful Dead all over the country, but doing the same thing with a news anchor is odd. Hell, I start feeling uncomfortable if I think I've posted too many comments on the 360 blog in a day - I can't imagine following him around or waiting for him outside after 360 ends like he's said some fans do.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

@Aries Moon, you are so right about his smug attitutde. Its like he's saying "look what my wonderful report unconvered". When in reality it was a biased report that only showed a tiny part of the big picture. He has to be the most arrognt reporter at CNN. I really wish they would get rid of him and I don't care if this sounds mean or not, but I'm kind of glad he's on the watch list.

Anonymous said...

With reference to those who suggest Anderson is being “naive” when he engages in a conversation with an “alleged stalkers”, I think it’s just the human side of decency in him that he believes he can defuse the situation amicably by offering a few moments of his time to speak with this individual and hopeful have it end there. Often times the more you ignore an individual, the more you feed in to that “chase for attention and a response” which only escalates the situation even further.

Yes, I agree, one ALWAYS has to be cautious and need to heed those who take it a tad too far and should obviously take the necessary precautions to protect themselves and those around them, and if the situation occurs more then twice, there’s reason for concern.

I’ve often read comments posted on this site about every so-call “detail” of Anderson’s life, anatomy, preferences, appearance, items as menial as how close his hair has been trimmed to his scalp and think he may be balding, or the fact that he bites his finger nails, or they contemplate the shade of his eyes depending one what light he sits in at the time, to what his vegetable preferences are, to seeking his personal opinion on everything he covers in his News Broadcasts. When folks are that interested in such intimate details of a man’s life, as many of you have articulated and shared on this and other blog sites, would you refer to yourselves as “stalkers”, just because you may not tail him around 24/7, but you think about such intimate details and discuss, share or articulate those details on blog sites such as this, are you a stalker? Think about that for a moment.

I was stalked for over 8 years, and every fibre of my being was tested during that time. Do any of you have any idea what it’s like to live a life like that? You would do anything to protect yourself and make it stop, even if it means taking the time to talk to the person for a few minutes in the hopes that it would end there. So the next time you want to discuss intimate details of this man’s life, think about that for a moment, think about me and so many others like myself and how it affects those of us who’ve gone through that, put yourself in those same shoes and ask yourself, would I want to go through life being discussed like an open book, where every aspect of my life is being questioned? Think about that for a moment, before you put pen to paper or type fingers on keyboards.

Anonymous said...


You're just trying to make us feel guilty. And on Mother's Day too! For shame!

Anonymous said...

@5:38pm: Experts agree, that even with children who exhibit bad behavior, "negative attention," is better than "NO Attention." Ignoring the action, is the best response...and it is the safest.

Anonymous said...

Anon – 12.38 am – “ignoring the action is the best response” – not sure if I agree with you on this at all. Why are you sparing the rod to save the child? And secondly, what does your statement have to do with ‘stalkers’. Are you suggesting that those of us who were stalked have brought it up on ourselves, and are looking for “negative attention”? I sincerely hope not, but if it is, it’s the most despicable statement I’ve heard anyone utter, it’s like saying women who were raped were asking for it. That’s utter nonsense.