Sunday, May 31, 2009

"I don't do vacations very well..."

Anderson was once quoted as saying, "I don't do vacations very well, by the second day, I'm bored." I realized last week I don't do Anderson's vacations very well the second day, I'm bored! Hope Anderson enjoyed his vacation and took the opportunity to relax and regroup. I also hope he is back in the anchor chair tomorrow. In the mean time, here's a collage representing Anderson at leisure.

Some of you may have watched a repeat of Anderson's interview with Michael Phelps on 60 Minutes tonight. I couldn't resist using a picture of Anderson in the pool for our Sunday puzzle.

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In the Pool Jigsaw PuzzleIn the Pool Jigsaw Puzzle

In response to a suggestion I received from Phebe, I have created a new Anderson quiz. As most of you know, Anderson has appeared on several magazine covers in the past few years. In this quiz, you will attempt to match the headshot of Anderson with the magazine cover it appeared on. To make it a little more difficult, all the text, background etc has been removed. I think it's a little challenging. When I tested the quiz, I missed one and I created it! Have fun with it and good luck!

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Have a great week!

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I'm not good with Andervacations either. I'm OK for about two days and then I start to miss him. I hope re enjoyed his time off and had fun. Her certainly deserves it.

I got all the questions right on the quiz!!! I really like these quizzes, Em. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Oh Em, that was really hard. I hate to say it, but I just got three right....which gives me a 30% I only got those 3, because I have the magazines so I recognized where it was from. I've failed Anderschool and will be left back..which may not be so bad after all if you think about it.
How creative though. You must be very challenging to work for and with.
Next time maybe something simple, like which tie do you prefer with which shirt? I'm not that bad at polls, but unlike AC, I'm a good looser.

Anonymous said...

I got only three answers right on the Anderquiz and at least two of those answers were lucky guesses.
Great photo for the puzzle. *rowl*

I have a question about the first photo of the Anderson collage - the big one in which he's looking up and off to the side - do you know when that was taken? A while back there was a discussion about whether Anderson's hair was getting thin/near balding on the sides. This photo clearly shows Anderson has a great crop of hair so I'm just hoping it's a recent photo.


aries moon said...

Sometimes it's nice to just explore your own city rather than go through the stress of traveling -- I used to discover so many new things about my hometown just by wandering around for a few days. Anderson may have just hung around NYC when he was off, but wherever he was, I hope he wasn't bored.

100% on the AC magazine cover quiz (it was fun) -- I guessed on one of them though.

Kristien said...

Haha, Em, that was a fun quiz!
I do need to look at Anderson's covers more closely apparantly, cuz I didn't score very well...time to hit the books!

Thanks Em!!!

Anonymous said...

I am one who does not do Anderson 'timeouts' well. Something is missing from his show when he is not in that chair. Then I rarely watch, sorry. I cannot get into the sub anchors at all.

Anderson has his own 'style' ,for lack of a better word, for doing things. The tone changes when someone else comes on, in my opinion,and it does not hold my interest. That is just my views on the whole thing, but I will be glad to see him back. I am certainly not one of those who only tunes in to see what he is wearing or for how he looks, by no means. Some people prefer that reason only-oh well whatever. The guy is about more than that after all,but lately that 'oomph' seems to be missing from the show altogether(and him as well), because we do not get to see Anderson at what he does best- field work. He needs to get out there and give us the news, and those wonderful Reporter's Notebooks again.
Some may not agree with my reasons and ideas for not watching, so be it.

Bonnie said...

I only got a score of 400. Looks like I may have to take some special classes with you Kitzel! Great quiz Em!

Hope AC is back tonight all rested and ready to get those ratings back.

Phebe said...

Great post Ms. Em. I missed a few on the cover quiz, my memory is failing in my old age! No time for the puzzle this morning but I'll give it a go later.

I just got an announcement from CNN that I thought interesting. As you know Campbell Brown is back from maternity leave tonight. Her program will no longer be called 'no basis, no bull' it will simply be titled 'Campbell Brown'. Good first step by her new producer, I hated the NBNB title.

catlewis said...

I didn't do well on the quiz; at least I'm not the only one. Hope AC is back tonight. I watched last week but it wasn't the same without him.

Anonymous said...

That Quiz was TOUGH to say the least. I guessed on ALL the answers and got 4 right!!

Great Job in putting this together EM. We hardly ever see any of the Magazines here, hence the bad score!

aries moon said...

The "No Bias, No Bull" title never really fit for Campbell's show - they are right for getting rid of it.

Let's hope the AC360 team will come up with some new ideas to spark some life back into the program.

Coop1223 said...

Great collage Em! And wow, that was one hard quiz. I did really bad on it haha. Guess I'll just have to force myself to look at more pics of Anderson :).

MichellenLomita said...

I add my voice to those who miss Anderson and hope he is back on the show tonight. I didn't watch 360 last week; it is just a commonplace news show without him; he makes it original. But he has certainly earned time off--hope it was something positive, like vacation!

sydney said...

I managed to get 5 right! That was fun. Maybe tomorrow someone can post the full covers?....(please?) :-)

Anonymous said...

Katie Couric gave a cute speech to the graduating class at Princeton over the weekend, declaring according to TVNewser: "I can see NJ from my house!" Clever, especially after her great coverage of Palin...she recovered her own credibility nicely from that one interview so maybe all is not lost with AC. All it takes is one "good get!"

Anonymous said...

The link for Erica's webcam has not been there for the past week. (maybe more). Is she not doing it anymore?

Anonymous said...

Anderson was on Campbell Brown's show for a "tease," of his upcoming 360. Sad when he has to lower himself to go on her low rated show to advertise his.
I must say, however, she looked well rested and so did he.

Anonymous said...

@Cyn: Just watched Tony Harris' face as he said, "Was a particular group a target of the attack?" And we all wonder why CNN comes in dead last??? That camera man, funny as it was, needs to be fired by The Donald!