Friday, May 29, 2009

John King Takes it for the (CNN) Team

Hello everybody. Hope you have had a great week. I came home from work today to see John King hosting Situation Room and my first thought was wow John is gonna pull a double header. He is right up there as one of the hardest working people at CNN. If we cant have Anderson, John is a great substitute for sure.

The show opened with Ed Henry reporting on the latest news on Sotomayor. Maybe it is just me but we are in such tightly PC world now. I don’t take offense by anything Judge Sotomayor said but that is me. There are so many things that the Supreme Court will have to deal with so I hope that the Senate of the Unite States will look at Judge Sotomayor qualifications and not just one statement.

John spoke with Lionel Sosa and Joe Johns about the Latino prospective of the Soyomayor nomination.

Erica Hill did a one-on-one interview with former Secretary of State Madeleline Albright about the North Korea crisis with the firing of test missiles

Hidden underworld under LA freeway. Paul Vercammen reports. This story is insanely scary for the safety of these people who were staying there.

David Mattingly reports on Amanda Knox, an American exchange student on trial for murder of her roommate in Italy.

John spoke with Amanda’s father Curt Knox about the trial.

Erica reports on Prince Harry’s visit to New York City. On Friday Prince Harry visited the Ground Zero, a fire hall & the British Garden….I am sure Princess Diana is looking down so proud of what Harry is doing.

The shot is just to cute for words…..81 years of marriage…God Bless Them!!!!

Julie came across a couple of Anderson related articles. Anderson is now mentioned in a hip hop song WOOT WOOT!!!

Here are some details on the charity auction Anderson was taking part in

Anderson’s piece on Michael Phelps will be re-airing on Sunday….A topless Anderson is a great reward for an Anderless week

Have a great week everyone. Until we meet again ~ Sapphire
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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I thought Erica's interview with Madeleine Albright was good. It was an interesting interview. Nice to see Erica getting to do something like that.

The underworld story is very sad. It was interesting though because it seemed like the people living there had a little bit of everything there.

The couple married 81 years...Wow. That's a really long time. Alot of people don't even live to be that old and they've been married that long. I hope they have many more happy years of marriage. Good for them :)

I hope Anderson enjoyed his week off as he truly deserves a vacation. I do hope he's back monday nite as I miss him when he's gone.

Deborahmei said...

I remember hearing that E-40 song earlier in the week! Maybe now Anderson will go dumb and ghost ride da whip :)

aries moon said...

Well I hope to see Anderson at his desk on Monday night, but we'll see - the show lacks that "certain something" when he's gone - bad ratings or not, 360's just not the same without him - some may think the program improves when he's not anchoring, but I'm certainly not one of them.

Erica seems to be trying to gradually move away from the fluff reports on the show and do some more serious work like her interview with Madeline Albright - she seems to have more of an opportunity to interview politicians or pundits on the Early Show than on 360, but that might be changing.

There was an article in the NY Times about one of the Heroes producers getting married at Anderson's home in the Hamptons - apparently Erica wasn't available to officiate. ;)

Anonymous said...

Anderson hosted a wedding last Saturday at his home in Southampton to a friend of his who was the senior producer for CNN Heros....sounds nice.

ACAnderFan said...

@Aries Moon, I agree 360 does lack a certain something when Anderson isn't there. I hope he's back monday nite too.

How sweet of him to host a wedding at his home.

Anonymous said...

@Aries Moon: The producer probably does not know Erica or not well enough to ask her to officiate, but maybe you were jesting.

Is the wedding today or was it last week?

jasper said...

Aries Moon-I have to agree when Anderson is not on 360 it just doesn't hold my interest. Not because of his looks either. I think John King does a great job on his own show, but to be he comes across stiff when hosting 360.

I read a lot of comments that some people don't like it when Anderson jokes around, but I think this looseness makes him seem that more human. He is serious when he needs to be serious. I think we all have seen that in the past when disasters hit, he knows how to cover these things with the decorm that he needs to.

I too, hope he is back in the anchor chair this week.

That was so nice of him to host that wedding. With this the only information that I have heard about him this week, then maybe he did take an actual vacation and was able to chill out for the week. I hope so.

Thank you

aries moon said...

@anon 1:51, I was just joking about Erica.

@ACAnderFan, I hope he's back - he usually doesn't stay out longer than a week.

@jasper, I agree, Anderson has always been very skillful in striking the right balance between seriousness and humor - he's been that way since the beginnings of 360 and probably on WNN as well.

Anonymous said...

Do we know who the "couple" was, at the wedding AC hosted?

Anonymous said...

I may be wrong, but as far as the bidding goes for the auction, isn't the starting bid going DOWN? I thought it started at $2000 or $2500? Now it's one thousand?

OregonMJW said...

A week of no Anderson; Lots of interesting comments about that: John King's yoeman service in the anchor chair and . . . .well just no personality at all.

I'm sorry, It's Anderson's show for a reason. When he goes away, "there ain't no sun-shine when he's gone." (so to speak)

Anonymous said...

John looked very pale on Friday, having subbed for TSR and then for 360. He also has his own show on Sunday, so we can only hope he gets overtime because he certainly deserves it.
Erica could at least be trusted with Friday's 360. She's been there and done it and really didn't do too badly...but that was a while ago.