Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The King is Back!!!

Raise your hand if you had a feeling we were going to be Andersonless tonight. I think most of the old timers had an inkling. There were huge news stories tonight and if AC couldn't be anchoring then we got the next best thing.....John King. I think even if you didn't predict AC's night off you could have predicted what stories would dominate Tuesday's AC360. The Sotomayor nomination, the gay rights decision in California and the North Korea's nuclear test.

Candy Crowley gave us the back story on the Supreme Court nominee and Joe Johns caught us up on the Raw Politics of her time on the bench. Then White House Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs, talked with King about the selection and his expectations for the confirmation process. The requisite panel discussion was with Jeff Toobin, Charles Olgetree (Harvard Law) and Wendy Long (former clerk to Clarence Thomas). Could AC360 not have found someone less annoying than Wendy Long to be the voice against Sotomayor? I think she actually rolled her eyes at one point when Toobin was talking. The only thing that made her bearable was watching her squirm while Olgetree's strongly disagreed with her.Lt. Dan Choi, the Arabic translator who was dishonorably discharged from the military under 'don't ask, don't tell' was featured in a Randi Kaye 'Up Close' segment. 360 re-aired a portion of his interview with Anderson Cooper and talked with him about the decision in California.
John King then interviewed San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsome. He feels all is not lost and the battle will continue. It seems that the California Supreme Court did leave the door open to civil unions, even though they are not as desirable. Erica Hill did two 360 News and Business Bulletins on Tuesday's program. Her first story was of Mike Tyson's 4 year old daughter who died on Tuesday morning. EH didn't go into detail, just saying she died from her injuries in a treadmill accident. Since Tyson lives in Phoenix this has been the big news here today. His daughter got a cord from the treadmill wrapped around her neck and it strangled her. I tell you this because you might want to consider removing anything like this from your treadmills. I have one on mine that I never use (I think it's an auto shutoff that you're supposed to clip to you, or something) and I plan on discarding it after this tragedy.

• The 13 year old cancer patient is back home and going to undergo court ordered treatment

• OJ's lawyers have filed to have his case reopened (JK said there is always OJ news when he subs for AC)

• 2 more New Yorker's have died of Swine Flu

• Stocks surged on Tuesday

• A Huston police chase that gave John King pause about teaching his son to drive North Korea's actions over the weekend were given a closer look by Tom Foreman. There was Breaking News of more missile testing and the possible reopening of a nuclear plant. Christiane Amanpour sat down with King to discuss North Korea's options and motives.Gary Tuchman's story on the Highway Robbery in Texas continues to grow. This time a county sheriff defends the policy of seizing valuables from citizens to sell at auction to raise money to support the police department. A Texas legislator that was almost a victim too was interview and vows to change the law.
The Shot' was of Susan Boyle's appearance in the semi-finals of Britian's Got Talent. I'm sure if you missed it on 360 it's up on YouTube.
I have an 'ATA Shot' for you that my DH sent to me and I thought you might enjoy. It is a series of pictures taken at the Grand Palace in Brussels last August of a huge carpet made out of begonias. I thought it most spectacular, hope you enjoy. ~ Phebe


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Anonymous said...

Thank you Phebe, for the beautiful carpet of flowers photo from Brussels. How truly amazing, especially if you are weed growing challenged.
I may be in the minority on this blog, but I give the CA. justices credit for upholding the ban on gay rights legislation. The people spoke on the Proposition and it should stand until it is voted upon, by the will of the population for its repeal. I object strongly, as others do, on the word, "marriage." It is a civil union and it should be differenciated as such. CNN took a poll on its website which is considered liberal and 55% of the voters, though not scientific, felt like I do....so I know I'm not alone.
Good to have John King be king.

Anonymous said...

I'm raising my hand; kind of figured that Anderson would take this week off, I thought a lot of people area but was surprised to see Larry King on the job.

John King did a good job, can't think of any problems. You said Wendy Long was a problem, maybe she was the last-ditch desperation choice just to get someone in there to be the anti-Sotomayer person because all the good pundits are on vacation.

The flower rug in Brussels is beautiful. How come Kristien's country gets to do all the cool stuff?

Olsond and ACAnderfan, about Wyatt Cooper's book Families - I know it's out of print but it's still stunning that it costs $90+. If my local library doesn't have it, I just might have to shell out the big bucks to someone on Amazon.


On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I knew Anderson wasn't going to be there and I even told people that on twitter...its like I'm psychic or something...LOL!!! I just a feeling and I wasn't surprised at all to see John King in the anchor chair. If we can't have AC then I'll take John King.

The decision in California is sad. Who is the government to tell people who they can and can't marry. I hope Gavin Newsome is right that all is not lost. People should have the right to marry who ever they want to marry.

Texas seems to have a problem with this "highway robbery" stuff. Gary's piece was very interesting. If Gary doesn't get and award for these pieces then something is wrong. He deserves and award.

Phebe the ATA shot is better than the 360 shot. Its so pretty.

I have a feeling we'll get John again tonite and that's fine. Anderson deserves a vacation. He hasn't had a real one yet this year. Where ever he is and whatever he's doing I hope he's having fun and enjoying himself.

aries moon said...

*Raises hand* - hope he has a nice break, if that in fact is what he's doing.

Sonia Sotomayor is a fine choice for the Supreme Court - although I wish there could be some way that a genuinely unapologetic liberal could be appointed as SCOTUS - why is it ok for die-hard conservatives (like Scalia) to be on the Supreme Court, but a full-fledged liberal is somehow taboo? I've always had a problem with this. Another thing that bugs me about the announcement of Sotomayor is the fact that some on the right have tried to diminish her intelligence, achievements and competence - totally shameful. Sotomayor is supremely qualified for SCOTUS and I hope never to see Wendy Long on 360 again.

I knew that the California Supreme Court would not overturn Prop 8, but it's still very disappointing that it was even on the ballot in the first place - an individual's civil rights should not be up for a vote - the minority should be protected from the sometimes prejudicial opinions of the majority. There is also the factor of separation of church and state - why is it so difficult for religious people to understand that they can believe whatever they choose, but using religion to deny the rights of others is simply unconscionable? I don't believe that this setback will completely derail gay marriage in California - supporters will just have to try to make a stronger and more convincing argument to the people who voted yes - they should emphasize the fact that ANYONE'S rights can be taken away if we keep going down this road.

So sad to hear what happened to Mike Tyson's little girl.

aries moon said...

Oh and those photos of the flower carpet in Brussels are breathtaking.

Anonymous said...

If CNN were to put someone in the weekday lineup to replace anyone, (campbell, and, yes, even Anderson, because of the ratings) John King might be a good choice.

Anonymous said...

@‪Anonymous‬ 1:38: The only problem with that prop 8 is that it shouldn't even been up for debate. Its really ashame that peoples lifes and love are up for a vote. I hope one day you can see (and everyone that is against Gay marriage) that every man and woman are created equally and the rights should equal across the board. I shouldn't be treated any different then you just cause I'm Gay. My love is no different than yours. Its not better, its not worse. Its the same.

I guess some people will never trully understand what its like to have your rights taken away with a vote. It trully is a sad day to many Gay Americans. Yes, we are Americans as well. All I can hope and pray for is that in my lifetime (I'm 25) that this won't even be an issue. I honestly think it will be. And another thing I would love to see and think about often is that everyone that voted against Gay marriage, or that strongly oppose againtst it is that a child of their own turns out to be Gay and that child grows up to resent that parent (or both) for their discrimination and for helping taking away his, or her rights. OR it will open the parent(s) eyes to the whole issue. I hope for the second one.

On another sad note: This has been the first time that I've had a chance to tune into AC360 in a good month or so cause of work and school. And, of course, AC is not in the chair! Haha! I sure could of seen that man with his beautiful smile tonight........

Cindy said...

I have to say that last night's show was awesome with John King! I loved that he gave us an inside/indepth look at Motomayor as I'm sure most of us had no clue as to who she is.

And I also loved that we didn't have any panels at all on the prop 8 thing. And he didn't go crazy with people screaming back and forth over each other. Most of the time Anderson let's that go on too much and it's annoying.

He did a great job and I can't wait to see him tonight. I just wonder how the ratings will be and if he gets better ones than Anderson?

snooks said...

John King always does a great job sittig in for Anderson

The negativity coming from the GOP toward Obama's decision for his supreme court nominee is almost comical - this woman is qualified, was previously named by Bush 1 and Clinton and yet they spew crap about her - get over it already you lost the election and thank god we have Obama to appoint people to the Supremes - better than Bush babies choice - anyone remember Harriet Myers (talk about unqualified)

CA is in for a long fight regarding gay marriage - why is this such a problem for people - let everyone have the right to marry -

Viewer in Virginia said...

Good heavens. Why it matters what bits and pieces you have and how that decides whom you marry is quite beyond my pedestrian comprehension.
This marriage thing is basically a societal construction that serves to protect children-and don't same sex couples do the same thing, raise children? Look at those two male penguins over in Germany who incubated and raised chicks successfully. When are we going to wake up and realize that Nature will take care of itself (survival of the fittest, y'all) no matter what species is at the top of the heap at the moment?
"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". Simple words, but a hard path it seems.
Punted on 360 last night and watched "House".
Red Wings are playing tonight so that will be my choice for this evening. As I'm not a Nielsen family, what I watch affects the numbers not at all.
Rock on, Brussels! Incredible!
Four days until hurricane season starts...

Em said...

John King did a good job and it was nice to see him but Anderson is Anderson and the reason I watch AC360. As for his ability to anchor STOTU, of course Anderson could. The man is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to politics. Call me “delusional” but how a person could truly be informed about who Anderson is and come away thinking he is lacking in education or real life experience is beyond me. It seems to be quite a leap to interpret his poor ratings as a sign that he lacks intelligence or ability. Personally, I think the ratings have more to do with the disease of “negativity” that is plaguing our country. People are struggling and feeling powerless and it appears that the rantings of the likes of Limbaugh and O’Reilly give them some sort of relief. Not unexpected if you study human behavior and understand that stress and the struggle for resources often brings out the lowest common denominator. There were some important decisions in the news today and if I had to guess, I would bet Anderson wishes he was in the studio talking about them.

I can’t believe how threatened the neocons already are by the Supreme Court nomination. Some of the arguments against her make no sense to me. Of course, her experience as a Latino woman affects her opinions. I do not care who you are, your background and experiences always affect your judgment and to say anything else is disingenuous. If this were not the case, why is the court often divided on the “interpretation” of the law? Could it possibly be because life experiences and were they were educated affects their decisions? As my son used to say, “DUH!”

IMHO the only good thing about yesterday's California decision was that it gave me the opportunity to listen to Gavin Newsome. Love that man! Seems so strange that states across the nation are legalizing GL marriage but California is in such a battle. My biggest problem with the whole thing is that the voters in California were bombarded by distorted information and scare tactics from sources outside of their communities who frankly need to clean up their own backyards. I have lived most of my life surrounded by people in my community and often in my church who are eager to legislate morality between consenting adults yet fail to act when it comes to sexual abuse of children by clergy and forced marriages of child brides in their own communities! Here’s to hoping Mayor Newsome was correct in his assessment and rational heads and compassionate hearts will prevail in the end.

olsond said...

No J.K. for me. I want AC back in the chair! Not a J.K. fan at all.

I'm in So CA and it always surprises me that the gay marriage issue gets voted down here. I have always heard CA referred to as kind of crazy and different and I would think that with all that goes here that people would be more accepting here than anywhere. I'm not getting it, but then I don't claim to get a whole lot of how people think. I really think it is a polarizing issue and one that is going to take awhile to get where it is going. We never thought we would see a black President and we now have one - and a darn good one at that!

Kristien said...

Phebe, thanks for the pics from Brussels! I love flower carpets, they always look so beautifull! Good to also see the gorgeous buildings on the Grand Place in those pics, I love the architecture!

@Jaanza: don't be jealous, lol! I mean, I love my country, but it's not as cool as it seems!

I haven't watched AC360 in over a week now...I think something's wrong with me, lol.

Em said...

@Phebe, forgot to say how beautiful the flowers are. How cool is Belgium? First Kristien wins a Beat 360 T-shirt, then we get dancin' in the train station and now the beautiful flowers. Wonderful! The flowers reminded me of the Rose Parade. I am always amazed at what people can create using plants and flowers.

Anonymous said...

@olsond: You are correct: Gay marriage will continues to be a "polarizing issue" and it is not necessarily ALL from the religious right. I do not consider myself religous at all, but I do object to the word "marriage" between two people of the same gender. That does not mean they shouldn't be entitled to the same rights and freedoms as a heterosexual couple.
When people think of CA, they think the largest state in the union consists solely of San Francisco. The largest state in the union has a very diverse culture and population and is very representative of what "most of America thinks."
President Obama's choice of Sonia Sotomayor is an excellent one because she came from humble beginnings and made something of herself. They are both exceptional role models for young people.
@Em: Just because someone is intelligent and knowledgeable, as is AC, does not make him a great "communicator." John King happens to be a much better communicator when it comes to the "political spectrum," than is Anderson. He always was, and he still is. JMO

aries moon said...

John King did a good job and it was nice to see him but Anderson is Anderson and the reason I watch AC360. Amen. There are some folks who act as if watching 360 BECAUSE of Anderson is something to be ashamed of. We get the news and we get AC bringing it, a good deal all around I'd say.

Anonymous said...

@Em "the man is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to politics." Forgive me, Em because I often value your opinion, but I disagree on this point. AC is very knowledgeable about foreign affairs, but John King is the one CNN goes to when it comes to politics and statistics. As much as I like anderson, he could not do what John did as far as the "magic wall map." CNN won an award that was a "team effort." Anderson was one part of that team.
If someone dares to say one objectionable thing, even though it may be true, they are looked upon with distain. Mature adults should realize that all of us have are strengths and weaknesses....and journalists are no different.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

@Aries Moon and Em, couldn't agree with you both more. I don't get why some people think its bad to watch 360 because of Anderson. I enjoy Anderson's reporting style and his sense of humor. I like watching him and I like getting my news from him. How can that be a bad thing??? I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

I miss Anderson already. : (

Don't get me wrong - John King is great. I just miss Anderson. I hope that he is having fun and relaxing, but I just love seeing him. Beautiful beautiful beautiful.

aries moon said...

@ACAnderFan, it's hard to understand why some "fans" of Anderson (I'm assuming they're fans since they're here) seem to have so many issues with him and those of us who watch him.

I'd also love to know what exactly the people praising John King to the skies actually enjoy about Anderson as a reporter? Is there anything he does that's worthwhile? What's odd is how quick these people are to state how vastly superior Anderson's sub is, but they very rarely have anything positive to say about Anderson himself - TONS of complaints about nearly every aspect of his life, but you'd have to search high and low for one of these commentors to say something complimentary about him. Once again it begs the question, why are they even watching AC360 or visiting this website?

Cole said...

@ Aries Moon 12.42 AM – my thoughts exactly. Sometimes, when you and I respond or counter-respond to their messages, it make me wonder - should we really waste our time and energy on such folks, or are they intentionally looking to pick an argument with us?

I agree we are all very different individuals, with varying opinions, but, never have I seen such vitriol being displayed toward Anderson, constantly and consistently by the same individuals...(and you know which ones I’m talking about...)..!!

I’ve often said it many a time, makes you wonder why they even bother with his Program, Blog or this Site. I wish they’d just go find something else to pass their time with, versus having to put us through their disparaging comments of Mr. Cooper.

Em said...

@10:55 guess we will just have to agree to disagree. In my comments, I was responding to the comment that Anderson was not capable of filling in for John. I'm well aware John is a Washington insider with a unique perspective. To me, that does not mean Anderson is not capable of filling in for John (as John is for him). They both come with their own strengths, experience and connections. When I had the opportunity to hear Anderson speak in person and saw how he handled many difficult questions I realized he was no slouch when it comes to understanding politics. The man is obviously well read, well informed. I guess I just don't understand why you can't admire John K or any other reporter or anchor without feeling the need to throw in little passive-agressive comments about another anchor. One person being good at the job does not have to cancel out the other persons abilities. I have felt a bit bombarded by negativity this week and sometimes my patience just runs right out! Then again, tearing one person down to raise another has always been a particular pet peeve of mine. I watch AC360 to appreciate what is unique about Anderson and SOTU to appreciate John at his best and although I don't always like the directions their programs may take, I do not feel the need to disrespect either of them. Of course, this is just all my humble opinion and I can also respect your right to differ.

Anonymous said...

So what if some of use watch to see and would prefer that Anderson be the one to give us the news on 360? He is the one with his name in the title,after all.
We are not watching to see how the floor crew is doing!
Anderson has a unique reporting/anchoring style and way of doing things. He is different from most of the talking heads.Combine that with his occasional snarky humor once in a while, and THAT is why I enjoy seeing him in that chair. That is the reason I first watched. He was different. I enjoy seeing the many sides of this perhaps complex man when he appears on various other programs like R@K or Ellen.
I will always believe that 'field' Anderson is him at his finest. I just wish he still did some.

So anyone who does not like that or thinks we should be ashamed of that, just get over it.
Same goes for all those who just write in when nothing suits them:
the show,Anderson, even what the POTUS does. Do they write just to see their comments out there?
Why bother at all, just stay off the blogs. Does anything or anyone please them?
Find another channel, there are plenty out there.

As for posting as anon,it is still a free country last time I looked. If people prefer that, so be it. They are allowed that choice.
Does anyone use their real name around these parts anyhow? I doubt it.

End of soap box and ranting.