Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Wednesday = Blah

Hey everyone. Filling in for Ms. Phebe again and I am feeling like Blah and my computer is feeling like blah and to be completely honest I was not feeling 360 tonight. Not that it was a bad program but sometime I just don't feel the show and Wednesday was one of those nights.

David Mattingly reports on the newest murder of children in Chicago. This now brings the number of children killed to 36 this year.

Abbie Boudreau spoke with Pam Bosley who lost her son Terelle to violence in Chicago.

Anderson talks with Chicago superintendent Jody Weis about the numerous murders in the Chicago area.

Anderson and Fareed Zakeria discuss the US-Pakistan-Afghanistan meetings. I always do enjoy these one on ones.

Follow up to Gary Tuchman’s piece on the Texas officer who are allegedly pulling over African Americans and Latinos and stealing from these people.

Breaking news on Santa Barbara wildfires. Thoughts and prayers to those effected.

War over weed in California. Gov Schwarzenegger wants to legalize marijuana. Tom Foreman reports.
Jeffrey Miron (for) and John P. Walters (against) join Anderson to debate the legalization of marijuana.

Erica Hill does an up close on Bristol Palin and her stance on abstinence

Bulletin – bank stress test results, Maine legalizes same sex marriage, Madoff secretary is speaking with Vanity Fair and the Today Show.

Miss California Carrie Prejean may lose her crown. Is it wrong that I want her too if only for the reason of I am tired of hearing about her in any form or fashion. Dan Simon reports on the newest drama…topless photos

On to some Ander-related news:
*Anderson is up for auction again. You can win a chance to get a 360 set visit and the chance to meet Anderson. I personally have been to the 360 set on another charity set visit and it was a blast. Anderson was not there but I did make sure I sat in his chair.
You can read over what is included in the prize by clicking here.

*Anderson Cooper will deliver the 7th Annual Daniel Pearl Memorial Lecture at 5 p.m. on Sunday, May 17, at UCLA you can find more details by clicking here.

I will see you all again on my regularly scheduled night...Friday. Until then ~ Sapphire

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Anonymous said...

I thought Wednesday night was a pretty good show. Very sad what's happening in Chicago; it's a little surprising they opened the show with it and spent so much time on it, no other news source seems to be covering it.

Good to hear from Fareed Zakeria and Gary Tuchman.

Two things about Bristol Palin preaching abstinence:
- she was right the first time when you said preaching abstinence to teenagers wasn't realistic.
-her hypocritical approach (I've had my fun but don't think you should) isn't going to work.

Love the picture of Anderson on the CharityBuzz website; if I win the lottery soon I'll bet big for that trip to 360 and meeting Anderson.


On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I liked 360 last nite, I thought it was really good. I think it was the best this week.

Something needs to be done about all the kids being killed in Chicago. It seems like no one is doing anything.

It looks like Gary's story is getting some results. Way to go Gary!

I think marijuana should be legalized. People are going to smoke it no matter what so the government might as well make it legal and make money off the taxes.

aries moon said...

360 should be commended for their coverage of the Chicago child murders. There aren't that many news programs that would lead with this sadly overlooked story.

Gary Tuchman's done a great job on the corrupt Texas cop/D.A. story and I was glad to hear that one of the victims will have his money returned and that the D.A.'s crimes are being looked into.

Drunk drivers killing innocent people infuriate me more than potheads - I don't have a problem with marijuana legalization.

I hope AC goes for a high price at the auction - the poor guy's been depreciating lately. So he'll be back in Southern California again soon? Interesting. I hope we'll get some details about his lecture.

Anonymous said...

Do many people really watch Erica's webcasts? Frankly, I go off and to other things during the commercials. Is 360 the only program that has these webcasts aired during the commercials? (

Anonymous said...

@anon 6:47 - I have stopped watching Erica's webcasts for as long as I can remember. I only watch some of them when they post them here on this site and only if it's interesting and has Anderson in it, like that time when they had that Python...

Em said...

Still dismayed that a child could be viciously and publically pursued and murdered without someone intervening. According to Chicago papers, he was chased, beaten with baseball bats, ran over by the car chasing him and ultimately shot in the head and burned. Police have leads... LEADS?? Where the hell was everyone when this was happening. Brings to mind Kitty Genovese.

Abbie's piece was very sad. Amazing how everyone is doing everything they can and yet 90 children have been murdered in 3 years.

I do agree that we have become somewhat "immune" to the violence. What a sad statement. I never realized we had the highest rate of murder among teenagers for an industrialized, democratic nation. I guess I should have given that we have the highest rate of homocide in general. It just hadn't hit me that this would hold true for our children as well. I read an interesting article about homicide rates. Apparently a recent study by Northeastern University shows a 39% increase in the homicide rate amongst black teenagers in the last 8 years. Officials are downplaying the statistic's by saying the data was flawed because researcher's failed to account for the 15% increase in the population of black teenagers during the same time period. Correct if I'm wrong but that would appear to mean there was a 24% increase in the homicide rate...24% increase! Officials are also claiming this is still a marked decreased from the violence we saw in the 80's and 90's (think Boyz in the Hood). Frankly, other than utilizing lessons we learned during that time and being very sad for the murdered children and their families, I don't care what happened in the 90's. I care about preventing it from happening again in my lifetime. IMHO this is a story that should not be dropped. Seems the only way to get resources and people working on solutions these days is to make sure the issue is being screamed about by the media.

I don't even want to go into Bristol other than saying I wish AC360 would not get sucked into covering the Palin saga again, again. OMG when will their 10 minutes of fame be over! Same goes for Ms California...have a feeling we are going to be seeing her for years to come on reality TV!

You go Gary are one of my personal heroes. Kind eyes and a smiling face accompanied by the tenacity of a pitbull. Gotta love it baby! You are awesome!

So sad about the fires...and so early this year. It is frightening.

End of break, end of rant, now back to "stimulus." Have a good day everybody!

Anonymous said...

I live in Chicago and that piece on 360 didn't even tap into what's really going on. I applaud the excellent piece and for shedding some light on the situation though.

The problem I see is that there is way to many guns, gangs and drugs on these streets. Not a day goes by that I don't turn on the local news and hear about a drug deal gone bad that led to 3 dead, a gang related shooting outside, a nightclub, park, alleyway that led to 4-5 dead.

I'm not a fan of police, but I have to say that I'm not suprised that a lot of these murders have gone unsolved. I really don't see how they can do more (ACAnderFan) when there is close to a million (if not more) gang bangers on these streets. Not to offend anyone, or sound racist, but the suspects all look the same, if they even have a lead on the case. Then you have that whole "no snitching" BS. Snitch = another murder on your hands.

I really hate to say this, but I'm all for having these gang bangers kill eachother off for a few reasons.

1. Gangs will never die. You hear about a new gang every couple of months.

2. Its something that can not be stopped. Its just going to get bigger and bigger.

3. Some of these kids have no intentions of getting out of these gangs and are more then willing to do whatever for their gang, including killing, or dieing for the gang.

4. If you wanna get out, you can't. Oh, you can, but you won't be breathing anymore.

5. Gang bangers are nothing but cowards. They fight, kill over territory that doesn't even belong to them. No point.

Unfortuanly they have guns but no aim. They never shoot who they wanted to. No, there is always an innocent bystanders that will get shot in the mix. Weather its a little girl riding her bike, or a little boy playing ball outside his house, it doesn't matter either way to them.

This is pretty much something that has come second nature to my friends and I over here now. Just a few months ago we were heading over to a Chicago Bulls game when we heard 8 to 10 shots ring out. We looked at eachother after I did 50 down a side street to get away and all we could say is I wonder how many died this time.

This is coming from a 25 year old white male that use to live in the burbs, but moved to the city cause I landed a good job and its close to school. Now there are gangs in the burbs as well, but its not even close to what its like in the city. No one even takes them seriously in the burbs, cause they are rich white kids that are bored and don't get enough attention. In the city though its a way of life the murders, drug dealing and gang banging. I can't help but to wonder if this violence in the city crossed over into the burbs how would people react. I honestly think it would be funny to see the peoples reactions that live in the burbs.

Anonymous said...

I watched the second hour of the rerun.Sorry, but CSI:NY wins for me on Wednesdays first.
Kudos to Gary Tuchman for this awesome reporting.We know why he is one of their best.
When will this endless Miss ***Whatever Give It A Rest Already Because We Don't Give A Crap*** be over? Who really cares about her, her views,or her new boobs? Can we just get rid of her please and talk about someone or something important? Same goes for anyone named Palin and Joe the Idiot No Plumber. Now there is a group that deserve each other! Even the weather report or Anderson reciting the alphabet backwards would be an improvement.

Kristien said...

Yay for Gary for getting results after his story was broadcasted, that must make him feel great!

I plan on winning 123 million € on Friday night and I will gladly spend a large sum of that on that auction, lol!

OregonMJW said...

Kudos to EM and Anon 1:06 for your thoughtful dissertations on the horrors in Chicago. Anon, yours was especially compelling because you hail from that area. what strikes me is, if thre are over a million gang bangers on the street, Chicago and several other metropolitan areas need to do several things, and immediately:

(1) Begin treating gangs like a well-armed insurgency; because they are. Get the Army involved if necessary, at least for training purposes for local police. Find federal dollars if necessary to combat this plague.

(2) Find a way to account for everyone in each school all the time. This may mean closed campuses at all area schools. It may mean uniforms (which have been proven to fight gang sign violence in schools). Actively recruit parents to work at schools as volunteers: hall monitors, playground monitors, truancy investigators and give them a little power - at least "tickets" good for an appointment with school administrators, etc. Make excellence the standard expectation, and at least try to make it stick.

(3) Get rid of apologists like Mayor Daily, whose excuses for his miserable record in this area are not only laughable - they aren't funny either!

(4) Put Gary Tuchman on the story!

Gary, Gary, Gary! Get that suit pressed, son you are heading for Emmy territory. Dog with a bone it until that DA is out of office! This is the kind of story we love. Hard core investigation, good guys, bad guys, and AC360 Keepin' um Honest. Yesss!

Creepy news about Pakistan. What else can one say.

This whole holier-than-thou morality play starting with Palin and ending (probably not) with Prejean is just so predictable. Pure as the driven snow little Tarts-At-Heart on parade. Baloney!

@Aires Moon: Terribly sorry about getting there first......not! (hee! Hee!)

aries moon said...

I can't watch the webcasts during the show (stupid computer), but sometimes Erica or AC or one of the bloggers will post something on the Live Blog about how we should all be checking it out because something funny is happening - that is frustrating to hear when you can't watch. My favorite webcasts are the ones that feature Anderson and I'm grateful to Sherry (I hope she's feeling better) and Tedi B for their efforts in bringing them to us - but I can understand it too if some people think the webcasts are a waste of time.

Anonymous said...

This is 1:07/1:05 AM: I posted last nite about my feelings towards the gang problems. I will not reiterate it here. But let me say I taught school in an inner city for many years, in a different state, and there were gangs and there might have been killings, but it was NOT out of control as it is in Chicago. Daley is a liar and Obama's slilence on this issue says it all. I am surprised at him. Expected more.
I do hope Gary Tuchman wins an emmy because he deserves this recognition. Good old fashioned Woodstein investigative journalism is really lacking now and must preserved.

Anonymous said...

Both Greta and Olberman beat AC on Monday and Tuesday in totals, according to TVNewser.
Who cares about Ms CA? Not anyone I know, so why keep reporting on her? I don't care what she does with her crown, but I do have a few suggestions that are not printable.
I did listen to Elizabeth Edward's sad tale on Oprah, or at least I tried, and I don't think Oprah asked her what really bothered most of us about Edward's affair. It is not our business if she still loves him and I don't care when he told her or how she found out. He lied to the American people while he was running for the Presidency and Ms. Edwards HELPED HIM. She knew he was an untruthful loathsome soul and she "stood by her man so she could become First Lady." That was wrong.
What does this say about BOTH their characters???

aries moon said...

@M in Oregon, haha! Congrats on being quicker on the draw than me. Ya snooze, ya lose and I lost!

Nebraska Fan said...

I would like to know, maybe from anon 1:06, when you talk about gangs and drugs, does any of that have to do with marijuana or is it the harder drugs? I don't know how I feel about legalizing marijuana, but that might take a little of the power away from the gangs if people can get it legally. Does anyone have any idea about the stats?

Anonymous said...

@Nebraska Fan: As far as I've seen and heard its marijuana, crack and cocaine in the city. And in the burbs its meth, acid and extacy that are popular. Legalizing marijuana wouldn't make a bit of difference to be honest with you.

Anonymous said...

That baby that Anderson is cuddling in that TMZ story. Is that his son? Secret son? He looks like him. Plus why would TMZ post a teaser like that?

Anonymous said...

@‪Anonymous‬ 12:24 AM: Did you not see the babys father to the left of Anderson? Many sites are reporting that he's a friend of AC's. I wouldn't read to much into that picture.

Anonymous said...

You mean to the right? Some sites are reporting that it's Anderson's bodyguard. There is one site that's saying its his baby son. He sort of looks like Anderson so I was just wondering...

Anonymous said...

on one of the proof pictures, Anderson is even kissing the child on the cheeck and he seems over protective, that definitely screams he is the daddy. well it shouldn't be very surprising, we all know Anderson wanted to be a father and he did seem very broody these past couple of months.

Anonymous said...

Its his left, our right. But why would Anderson hide the fact that he has a son? I doubt he would do that. And I really doubt a bodyguard would bring his baby out with him to protect someone. Why have a bodyguard in LA, but all the pics of him in NY and elsewhere that man is no where to be seen? My guess its just a friend of Anderson's out in LA that he doesn't see all that often.

Anonymous said...

Why would AC leave "his so-called son," in CA? Why wouldn't he bring him to NYC, where he is most of the time? No reputable site is reporting this nonesense. AC likes kids.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, it doesn't make any sense at all, but I wouldn't be very suprised either if it turned out to be his son.
I heard some things some people who know people who know him personally have said about this which make me think that the baby could be his son, but again maybe it's just pure speculation.
There are other pertinent things some people have pointed out on other blogs that are eye opening, and not just 'mindless chatter'.

But I did think a lot of the comments about those pictures on TMZ were out of order and disrespectful.

Some people have said the baby resembles him as a baby. Just google "blond baby" or "blue eyed baby" and you'll see a tons of AC lookalike babies pop up. At this age, most babies look similar anyways. And most importantly, this is none of our business.
The only thing that I feel after watching those pics is that I want a baby of my own soon !

Good for Anderson if that's his son, if it's not...then I hope he makes a baby soon because he deserves some happiness.

Happy Sunday and happy mother's day !!!