Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Frisky, Monkey, Pony Thing

From June 2006, here's Anderson's interview with Craig Ferguson when Anderson was promoting Dispatches from the Edge...Can you believe Dispatches was released 3 years ago?!

Part 1:

Part 2:

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Great post Quitty. That has always been one of my fave Anderinterviews. I can't believe how dark his hair was then. I Like that the first part of the interview is rather silly and the second part is more serious. I love when he compares living in NYC to living in Mayberry and people are like "hey Andy". He seemed a little embarrassed when Craig was telling him he's a big star now with his own cable news show and a number one best seller book. AC seems to get embarrassed easily.

It is hard to believe that "Dispatches" came out 3 years ago and that it's been two years since I met him. I hope he writes another book sometime. He really is a very talented writer and has his own unique style.

Anonymous said...

Quitty: Thanks for showing that piece. Where did that AC go, the one who was a bit unsure of himself
and had that, "boyish charm," the one who couldn't believe what all the fuss was about, the enthusiastic one who "loved CNN?"
Celebrity changes people and I know some will disagree but it has changed him. He no longer has the "zeal," and the gleam in the eye that first attracted us all to him. That Anderson was interested in telling his story, and hearing the audience's response. This one is just another television personality that would rather play with his blackberry than interact with the audience. JMO

Anonymous said...

I realize Sarah Palin is not popular on this site, and I don't like her or her daughters, but isn't it strange that Matt Lauer, gets the interview with Palin about the Letterman controversy, and AC speaks to Angelina Jolie. Is there something wrong with this picture? Why is HE not getting the "gets?" Is it CNN or AC or both? Something is NOT happening that should be happening and this is a perfect example of why 360's ratings are where they are. Lauer has been at it a long time but he's interested enough to stop promoting HIMSELF in order to get what people are talking about. AC is interviewing another celeb, a big so what!

Phebe said...

Thanks for the look back Quitty.

@anon 1:40, Sometimes we forget that much of the country doesn't have 'basic cable'. The big interviews always go to the big 3 networks. CNN has to stand in line, like Fox and MSNBC, for the leftovers.
Wolf did get a short interview also with Palin this week, but it was not promoted as heavily as the NBC interview.

Em said...

Thanks Quitty, I love the frisky, monkey, pony thing...

I wanted to make an observation in relation to comments last night about Anderson interviewing Angelina Jolie.

Whether Angelina Jolie is your cup of tea or not, she IS recognized by many as one of the top stars when in comes to charitable works. In fact, this past year she was voted top celebrity humanitarian for the second year running in a Reuters AlertNet poll. Rueters reported that the actress received almost a third of the votes. Charitable works that were noted this year included a $100,000 grant to Global Action for Children, a $1 million donation to Human Rights Watch, another $1 million toward working with children who have lost parents and homes in Iraq, $2 million towards a new children’s hospital in Ethiopia, and a trip to Afghanistan to visit poverty-stricken refugees who have returned to their homes.

Second place in the internet poll went to Mia Farrow, who protested for Darfur, visited storm-ravaged Haiti, and called for help in The Congo. Third place was scoped by Bono, who was awarded the Man Of Peace Award by Nobel Peace Prize laureates.

Personal feelings aside, I think this and the fact that she is a Good Will Ambassador for UNHCR explain fairly clearly the reasons CNN would choose to interview her on World Refugee Day.

As for my personal opinion, I have supported UNHCR and worked with refugees for over 25 years and am happy for any attention or aid they receive whether the person giving the support is "famous" or not. There is more than enough work and need to go around to quibble about where it may be coming from or who is the biggest hero. I can guarantee the recipients don't care if it comes for Angelina Jolie or Mzs Em! JMHO!

Anonymous said...

1:40 Angelina Jolie is a huge get. She is an enormous star who gives very few TV interviews, and even fewer interviews of any length. Palin, on the other hand, turns up everywhere like a bad penny so she is not a huge get. Matt Lauer is known for asking really softball questions, especially to women, so that's why Matt gets people like Palin and Carrie Prejean (women who do not have the knowledge, intellect or speaking skills to stand up to hard questioning well or to defend the lies they frequently tell) wanting to be interviewed by him. Palin is also now embroiled in silly nonsense like feuds with David Letterman and public name calling with the family of her daughter's baby, so you might as well be interviewing some trashy reality star.

Not everything should be about ratings, you know, and ratings are not an indication of quality. The major reasons of I would say Jolie has specifically chosen to be interviewed by Anderson and Anderson alone on refugee day for years is that he has genuine interest and experience regarding Africa and also he can be trusted not use the opportunity to ask prying personal questions to drive up his ratings (or to talk about himself, whatever you might be suggesting with that "promoting himself" thing). He has had a number of big "gets" like Clooney, Bono and Affleck, but because he has the integrity to stick to the serious international issues the stars who approached him want to talk about instead of trying to drag things into personal territory and grilling them about their sex lives the ratings gains his show gets from the interviews are minimized. Integrity is rarely rewarded with ratings.

There are lots of sleazy interviewers who would have tried push aside the talk of refugees to ask nosey gossipy personal questions to Jolie about Aniston, her relationship with Pitt and her kids to maximize ratings. Anderson focuses on refugee issues and any few remotely personal questions he asks as are result of following her lead and are very polite and unobtrusive. He's a class act.

olsond said...

@Em - thanks for your post about Angelina Jolie. She has done so much good with her charitable work and money raised and countries visited to help children.

Sometimes I think that people just like to find whatever they can wrong with anything AC does. Nobody knows ANYTHING about what goes on behind the scenes and what he has to do and doesn't have to do.

All I know is that if this is a fan site for him I have no doubt that his ratings are down if this is how people that admire him talk. It really gets old after awhile. Evidently he isn't the AC of years ago, so get over it. He is who is is for right now.

Sorry, but it really irks me reading dismal posts after dismal post. But I do enjoy the few good ones! I think we have also lost alot of people that used to post here and I would imagine it is more the dissing than the fact they have lost interest in AC.

Anonymous said...

While I commend Angelina Jolie for her charitable contributions on behave of the refugees, and recognizing that she makes a TREMENDOUS amount of money, please be reminded that most celebrities that make this amount are charitable because they HAVE TO BE. It is in their best interest, and that is not a pun, to donate as much as possilbe when you reach a certain income bracket. Many relatively unknown donators go unnoticed without the fanfare. While she is entitled to give to whatever cause she wants, her own mother died from ovarian cancer. Wouldn't it behove her to donate a very large portion of her income for more research for this dreaded disease? I know it isn't the "sexy" thing to do, but even for her own well being, it is more than wise.
Lastly, charity begins at home. If she's that interested in the impoverished, let her look at the Chicago school system and then adopt one of those children, who are just as needy, but shall we say, "less attractive," only because they were born HERE and don't warrant the adoration she so yearns.
Having said all this, to me she's a "good actress," both on and off the screen.

Anonymous said...

@ 7:21 p.m. I've always found it odd when a person questions the charitable acts of another. Seems to me you are saying that one group of people is more or less deserving than another. Are you not being less than "charitable" in doing so? As for the quote "charity begins at home" left off the most important line..."but it should not end there!"

Bob Hope once said, "If you haven't any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble."