Monday, June 22, 2009

Iran battles on; Remembering Neda

John Roberts fills in for Anderson tonight, and begins with Breaking News of the Metro crash in Washington. The Metro runs on a fully digital system, so there will be a lot of questions about this. Right now, six people are dead including the driver of the train that failed to stop. Joe Johns is on the scene as investigators try to unravel the accident.

John spoke to a former director of the NTSB about some of the technicalities of the investigation, such as whether the way the trains ended up gives clues to what happened. Let's hope this isn't another case of the driver texting on the job...

The protests in Iran are up next, and John plays part of an interview that Ivan Watson did earlier today with a 19-year-old woman in Tehran who has been going out to photograph the events. She has been beaten several times (and today witnessed the beating of a 5-year-old boy). Tom Foreman summarizes the latest events, which include crowds in the streets crying "Death to Khamenei" -- an astonishing sound, unthought of even a week ago. Tom also looks at how the video of the death of Neda has inflamed the anger of so many people both in and out of Iran.

David Mattingly has the 360 Bulletin: President Obama cranks up the anti-smoking efforts with a tough new law; Steve Jobs reportedly had a liver transplant two months ago; great white sharks have a lot in common with human serial killers (they stalk their prey, they like them young and alone, and they get stealthier over time -- traits were are pretty much true of any animal that stalks prey, duh); Farrah Fawcett re-hospitalized.

John then tells the story of Neda, a young woman who was watching one of the protests when she was shot by the Basij. If you have been following the events on Twitter, you know her story and how quickly it became an iconic symbol of the events. John talks with the Director of Persian Studies at Stanford University for some insight.

Candy Crowley reports on the Raw Politics of the US response to the Iran uprising. This is a delicate line to walk, because anything we say in support of the protestors feeds into the Iranian government's claims that the uprising is being controlled by the West. David Gergen weighs in the strategy of our public statements. As much as we all instinctively want to help those protestors, this is a fight the Iranians must win. Democracy cannot be imposed by outsiders (as our previous president so painfully showed the world again), but the media has always been vital in getting the story to the outside world, and this time, the social networking outlets have been the leader in giving voice to the people.

David Mattingly is back to report on the missing South Carolina governor, Mark Sanford. He was last seen Thursday, when he told his staff he would be out of touch for a few days. His wife doesn't know where he is, and he was not home for Father's Day. The Lieutenant Governor doesn't know where he is. This is utterly bizarre. Now word is that he is hiking the Appalachian Trail, apparently getting some alone time to clear his head. Uh-huh. Yeah, that doesn't work when you're in a position of power, dude.

David then does the second 360 Bulletin: Chris Brown gets a plea deal; "Craigslist Killer" pleads Not Guilty; Goldman Sachs plans big bonuses; Jon & Kate split, a cautionary tale of the dangers of fame... or something.

The Shot is a cool basketball flip/basket. Take that, LeBron!

No official word yet as to whether we'll have Anderson back tomorrow or are heading into a week of subs. Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen!

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Anonymous said...

Nice to see John Roberts for a change. He did look tired though, anchoring on the morning show as well.
Neda was a beautiful woman and she should become a symbol of all that is wrong with Iran and its unrest. She was out-spoken and lovely. Unfortunately she might have died in vain.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I didn't watch 360 last nite. I have never liked John Roberts filling in on 360. Something about him on there just drives me nuts. I hope it was a one nite thing but we're probably in for an Anderless week. Honestly I probably wouldn't have liked 360 if Anderson was there. I really wasn't in the mood for the show.

Addison said...

I respectfully disagree with David Gergen. President Obama’s speech in Cairo has not been empty words or promises.
President Obama has to certainly balance how he intervenes and/or interferes with the crisis in Iran. Can and should he try to create a collision of World Leaders to speak to the issue of the right to true democracy in Iran, sure, but this is an extremely delicate situation not only in terms of the current events taking place in Iran, but also for future dialogue with the leaders of that Country (whomever they may be). Striking that right balance takes courage, even when conventional wisdom suggests otherwise. The President has denounced the actions taken by the Basij and called for the leaders of this current government to stop this unnecessary violence, but to interfere further, could possibly exacerbate the situation to an even worse outcome then we are currently seeing.

Interesting promo was aired during tonight’s broadcast of AC360 – an interview of formed imprisoned journalists in Iran that will be aired this Thursday. I wonder if it’s Anderson himself conducted the interview and it will certainly be interesting to watch, given the current situation in the Country.

Chantal said...

I happened to catch the 2nd hour of AC360 on Friday night after having returned from a Benefit Event, and was really please to watch a LIVE show of the International Coverage that was aired by CNN International after AC360. I find CNN International has better coverage of World Events then CNN itself. CNN did this all weekend long while CNN domestic was not airing live coverage. It was a great change from the domestic coverage. I wish they would do this more often, instead of airing repeat after repeat of Programs that we seen over and over again. What a welcome change; and it certainly makes for much better and in-depth News Coverage that included Domestic and International programming.

Anonymous said...

Sounded like John Roberts will be back tonight as well, he said to Campbell Monday night he would back in for Erica tonight (she off again too) so probably Anderson off all week.

Cyn said...

FYI, I received several comments that one of the photos CNN (and many others) used of Neda is of the wrong woman, so I have removed it from the post, just in case. Thanks for letting me know.

I was LOVING having the International feed rather than the usual repeats last night! Since I'm a West Coaster, it was primetime for me and it kept me glued to CNN. (Now, if only they'd had Michael Ware on during all that...!)

Tedi B said...

Yeah, I've been watching the International Coverage overnight too. I wish they would continue that.

aries moon said...

Addison, good points. I'm mystified why certain pundits are still expecting a George Bush, "take no prisoners" response from President Obama--his approach to Iran is well thought out and measured, there are even conservatives such as George Will who believe that the President is handling this correctly. Unfortunately, the Lindsay Graham's of the world who call the president "weak" are probably more convincing to many in the electorate that are easily swayed by rhetoric and talking points and those who can't grasp the complexities of the situation in Iran. I'm a little surprised by Gergen's response.

Someone posted on the other thread that it would be nice if AC told us when he was not going to be anchoring, but frankly, I like the fact that he tells us NOTHING and just does what he needs to do, but that's just me. Plus, the decision to tell or not tell may be out of his hands.

Anonymous said...

I only saw the last half of 360, came in right before Candy Crowley's report and the discussion with David Gergen - they're right, the US cannot interfere too much with Iranian politics, why can't more Republican's see that.

Looks like the first half of the show was pretty good, I was hoping to see that part at 1 AM but 360 wasn't on, it was a show about Wimbledon instead.

The Shot of the eight-grader's terrific basketball shot was good to see again even though I saw it on Countdown already (Keith replayed about eight times)

John Roberts did a good job; he was in line to get the CBS News anchor job when Dan Rather left and stupidly CBS went with Katie Couric.

Don't know what the deal with Anderson was on Monday. Maybe he just had a bad cold?


Colby said...

Aries Moon 2.27 pm I too agree with Addison on the way the President has handled this Iranian Crisis thus far.

You know what really ticks me off is the way the Republicans stand in line to criticize the President for his handling of the situation in Iran. Folks like John McCain will be on Larry King Live tonight and disparage the President’s inaction thus far, yet, how quickly the likes of McCain and Lindsay Graham’s selective memory syndrome come in to play. Wasn’t it the Republican’s beloved President Regan who dealt in a similar fashion that contributed to the end of the COLD WAR and the Russian Crisis?

Reagan believed that if he could persuade the Soviets to allow for more democracy and free speech, this would lead to reform and the end of Communism. Speaking at the Berlin Wall, on June 12, 1987, Reagan challenged Gorbachev to go further and said “General Secretary Gorbachev, if you seek peace, if you seek prosperity for the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, if you seek liberalization: Come here to this gate! Mr. Gorbachev, open this gate! Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”, and all of this has been documented in History as one of his greatest achievements. Diplomacy and dialogue!!

It was through this kind of diplomacy and dialogue that this moment in History was possible. Not the kind of rhetoric that McCain & Graham continue to offer as Leaders in the US Government. Imagine the catastrophe we could have been in if McCain were President and he had to handle this. We could have potentially ended up in another War, the way McCain is carrying on, on every Talk Show and Broadcast that will listen to his way of thinking!! God Help Us All is all I would have said.

Thank God for President Obama who has a much better temperament, and grasp of what it takes to handle these kinds of situations and lead this Country in such grave and difficult times!!

aries moon said...

@Colby, if only YOU could be a guest tonight on Larry King to counter the inevitable and inaccurate slant McCain's going to take when it comes to the President and Iran. One of the things I find frustrating is how there aren't enough opportunities for strong voices on the liberal side to immediately point out when a conservative is being hypocritical or misrepresenting the truth - we do have Rachel and Keith for some of that, but we need more people out there, armed with the same kind of FACTS that Colby has insightfully offered.

Anonymous said...

John Roberts' ratings were pretty good last night higher than Anderson himself has been getting.

Bonnie said...

I would imagine the ratings were better last night because they had really breaking news--Iran and DC Metro train.

Anonymous said...

Could it possibly be that the situation in Iran combined with the metro train crash contributed to the ratings last night...yesterday was a pretty heavy news day.