Friday, June 26, 2009

Time For a Change

Dear Readers,
I have found no pleasure in blogging lately, mostly because of the negativity of some of our commenters. I'm not talking about our regulars, they are with us day in and day out and are entitled to call it like they see it. I'm talking about those that hide behind anonymous. When I looked back through the posts one thing stands out, the bulk of the negativity comes from these anonymous people who never like anything AC360 does and feel they have the right to tell Anderson Cooper how to live his life and run his career.
So it is time for a change. Beginning immediately you will have to have a Google account in order to comment on any post. We've done this in the past and it has helped. I hope many of you will take the time to establish this account and Blogger identity because we really do want to hear you opinions and constructive comments. ~Phebe

PS: If you are having trouble establishing an account just ask us for help. ATA's blog address is on the sidebar.

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TheOtherAnne said...


I think this is a good idea, Phebe. I hope helps you to enjoy blogging more in the future. I really love reading your recaps.

Kristien said...

OMG, Phebe, I thought you were announcing that ATA would stop...I was about to cry, I swear!

shanderson said...

I'm behind you all the way!

OregonMJW said...

Wow! I've been away too long. I've gotten wo wrapped up in the immediacy of Twitter, I forgot where my "roots" were.

I don't disagree with your decision, Phebe. You're the one who has to dredge through this muck on a daily basis and, as much as it is tiresome to keep reading it the doom and gloom on the site, it must be even less charming to decide which ones are the "best" of the worst in order to post.

Looking forward to the "new" ATA, and I'll be a little more attentive, I promise.

Lori, IL said...

Okay -- not trying to hide -- just didn't think I needed another "account" to keep track of, but sign up is really very simple, so thanks for the push. I truly understand your reason behind this and appreciate all you do for the site. I only found the site about 6 months ago, but have had fun going back and reading past posts from time to time. Thank you to you and the team for all the work you put into this site.

Just want to let you know that I received a reply today that the Roxana Saberi interview will air, but not until next week. Looking forward to tonight's show and seeing what AC and Team 360 has in store for us.

sydney said...

Whew, what a relief. When I read your first sentence I thought you were shutting down. I may not comment often anymore, but I do visit almost daily and appreciate the recaps and comments. Thank you.

Phebe said...

Thank you all for the support, I feel better already.

@Anne...appreciate your kind words
@Kristien...believe me it has crossed my mind in the past few weeks.
@Shanderson....hey girl, good to see you stopping by!
@M in Oregon...good to have you back
@Lori,IL...glad to hear that it was simple. If others hear you say that, maybe they'll give it a go too.
@Sydney...comment more, we miss you

My hope is for the fun, sane readers to take back comments. Seems we're off to a good start.

Molly said...

Thanks to all of you who make this blog happen and who put so much work and dedication into it. I'm sorry there were a few (?) people who were nasty and negative, but I'm glad all of you decided to start afresh rather than just giving up.

AC Fan in CA/IL said...

AWESOME PHEBE!! I just don't understand why people feel the need to spread their negativity. This is supposed to be a group of people who appreciate Anderson and the show, not ones who want to bring him down! Like sydney, I don't comment everyday, but I do religiously read this blog, and sincerely appreciate it.
Thank you so much for all of your hard work :)

jasper said...

Phebe, I too, thought that you were going to close down. I am sure glad that you are not doing so.

I got an account a month or so ago just so that I would not post as annoymously any longer.

I like your reasoning behind it.

aries moon said...

Good call Phebe - the incessant negativity was really becoming tiresome and it's something that I began to notice creeping in months ago.

pebschua said...

Like the others, I thought you were going to stop ATA when I was reading the first sentence. I agree with you a 100%. I often skip the Anon comments because like you said, its the same thing over and over again. I'm getting sick and tired of it. I love ATA, I never miss a day without visiting your site. Thank you!

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Phebe I am releived you're not closing down. I'm with Kristien I was about to cry. I love coming here everyday and reading the commesnts by the regulars.

Pixiedust said...

Finally, I have wanted this for years!! I begged for this several years ago because of exactly what you said, they (if there is more than one) say mean and negative comments and then hide behind the annon.

And for those who made constructive and great comments, but didn't elect to sign up, it was confusing to respond to them because you had to keep going back to check the time they posted.

I hope mr/ms negativity decides to haunt another blog. I have to admit I've stopped reading the comments because of what appears to be one or two commenters that just bring me down.

I'll be back on to reading the comments if this works!


I'm giving you a standing ovation!

Pixiedust said...

BTW, does anyone remember the name of the song that Michael said (in an interview) was his most autobiographical song he ever recorded?

Tedi B said...

Thanks for the people signing up for an account. It's always a few people that spoil everything.

Besides, I think it's nice to know regulars or semi-regulars by a name (fake or real). I always enjoy knowing who's coming around and getting know people.

I totally encourage people to sign up so we can all get to know people.


Anonymous said...

Good job

Deborahmei said...

I think this is a great idea, Phebe!

And like others I had a bit of anxiety and thought that you were canceling ATA when I first saw the post too.

And I don't think you hear this enough, but thank you so much to you and the ATA team for being our one stop fix on all things Anderson!

Didi said...

I am a regular daily reader of ATA but don't often comment but today after I read the changes I was very pleased.

I enjoy this blog and enjoy AC360. It's my favorite place to get my news. I know it isn't always perfect but I don't want to read negative comments on the blog either. The news is usually bad enough on its own without the added contentious comments from bloggers.

Thanks to everyone that puts so much work into this site.

Mila said...

It's a right decision Phebe.Thanks.

Colby said...

Phebe – I agree this step of censorship is a necessity of two evils. I believe you’ve made the right decision. Good for you. Thank you for taking a stance.

Parker said...

Phebe - it's been a long time coming. Good move.

Cheryl K. said...

I agree with you Phebe. I'm glad this site is still here. Now with summerr holidays, I'll need the recaps more as access to AC360 will be limited when I'm not at home. All the work put into this site is appreciated.

sydney said...

@pixiedust: The MJ song was "Childhood".

Laurie Beth said...

Fantastic decision. I'm very happy about this. Good for you, Phebe!

Cherisa said...

I read daily but rarely comment. You guys do a fantastic job with ATA, and this change will only make it better. Thanks for sticking with it!

Hiroko said...

What a relief! I also thought like others, you were going to stop.
I love visiting here though I rarely leave comments.
I just want to say thank you, Phebe. You and all the ATA members give me happiness everyday! I can't live without ATA!

Shannon in Virginia said...

Good on ya, Phebe. Part of the First Amendment right of free speech is taking responsibility for what you say and not ducking out by claiming anonymity. So I am signing my real name, Shannon, instead of Viewer in Virginia. I've started working day shift and staying up until 10 pm is getting to be really difficult. But I will continue to read the blog for the recaps, pictures and the Puzzle (yay puzzle!) on Sundays.
I applaud your courage in taking a bit more control of your site. This site has the more thoughtful commenters in the morass of the internet and I think the majority of us want it to stay that way.
And like the others, I too wondered if you were tossing in the towel and closing the site. That would be awful and we'd be lonely without this place.
Keep up the good work, all of the staff.

Nebraska Fan said...

Phebe -

Way to take control! I love looking at everyone's names on here today. I also don't write often, but never miss reading and would be heartbroken if I couldn't come here everyday.

Thanks for everyone's unbelievably hard work.