Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tout Arrive En France

What luck, I'm back after a very long weekend(thanks to Cyn for the extra night off) and so is Anderson Cooper. Only he has popped up in Paris and I'm sweltering in sizzling Phoenix. The little thermometer thingy in my car topped out at 112 today on my drive home. And it is no longer a dry heat. Sweating is so gauche, but sweat I did. Tomorrow I'm staying indoors with the AC on all day (now there's a lovely thought). And speaking of AC he was enjoying a comfortable 63 degrees when the broadcast began at 4 AM Paris time. I guess CNN found it necessary to put a Paris bug on the screen even though the Arc De Triomphe and the Champs Elysees are in the background. I was hoping for Anderson at the Tour Eiffel, but maybe next time. (Ask Believe, Receive?)AC360 began with another fallen politician. I think, in the name of time management, it might be more efficient to just highlight the politicians who espouse family values and DON'T cheat. It would be a very, very short list.
The story of Governor Sanford of South Carolina was particularly juicy given his cover story of hiking in the Appalachians (code words for doing the horizontal boogie in Argentina).
How totally selfish to sneak out of the country to have an affair and leave the State without anyone in charge. Man that little lady in Argentina must be something special or he's been hitting the Viagra way too hard.
The story was covered (and may I say almost to death) by David Mattingly, Joe Johns, Candy Crowley, Dr. Drew Pinsky, press coverage footage and quotes from the couples emails.Amateur video from Tehran, television confessions and more heavy handedness by The Supreme Leader topped Iran news on Wednesday. Ivan Watson (who is quickly becoming one of my favorites) talked with AC about the possibility of escalating violence in Iran. An audio account of purported crowd beatings was played describing what a woman saw happening to protesters. Reza Sayah then joined AC to talk about his ouster from Iran. He was given an opportunity to stay if he would only report positive stories. If he refused the government could no longer guarantee his safety. He wisely chose to return to the US.After the break Abbas Milani of Stanford joined Reza and Anderson to discuss the crackdown in Iran. The Professor said the opposition is rumored to be trying to organize a nationwide strike. Reza told of plainclothes police who blend in with the masses working normal jobs until a crisis arises. They are called into service by the government and through beatings, shootings, etc they work to stem the movement toward an overthrow. While looking for information I found these pictures of the Basij Reza talked about riding motorcycles in Tehran and aiming guns at unsuspecting citizens. To read the 'Rotten Gods' blog just follow the link.

Erica Hill's 360 News and Business Bulletin:

- A bomb ripped through a market place in eastern Baghdad killing 62 people
- Signaling problems may have caused the subway crash Monday in DC
- Citigroup is boosting salaries
- Italian Prime Minister is denying paying for sex
-Former high school football player shot and killed his coach
-The researcher who found a lump in her breast while living at the South Pole has died at age 57
- Tricky Dickey's audio tapes are the gift that keeps giving. In the newest installment he talks of abortion being justified for interracial pregnancies
- French tennis player Michael Llodra ran head first into a ball girl on the sidelines. Both are OK.
And congratulations to Kay Jones, 360 Producer par excellence who won Wednesday's 'Beat 360'. So Kay you managed to get AC to say 'crap' on air, next time try for 'WTF'!

So there you have it for the Wednesday edition of AC360. Not sure what to expect tomorrow night. I know the Roxana Saberi special is scheduled along with stories of other imprisoned journalists, but is it repeated in the second hour or do we get a live AC360? Stay tuned.~Phebe

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Colby said...

Phebe – you’re so right, talking about the details of someone else’s infidelity for over half the program is bloody ridiculous. I just did not see the point in it. And for AC to do so while anchoring the Program all the way from Paris is absolutely uncalled for. OK the man screwed around for over a year and was unfaithful to his wife and family for over 8 years, in the lies and fibs he kept up, but going in to all the sordid details it just unnecessary IMHO, not with everything else that’s happening around the world.

Austin said...

What a waste of ½ the show to have Anderson and company discuss Gov. Sanford’s indiscretions. I switched the channel while all that crap was being discussed. Sad to say, a real waste of half the show.

The killing of that Coach is extremely sad. What the heck is happening to our school kids in today’s world? Just unbelievable. May his soul rest in Peace. This kind of unjustified violence is just incomprehensible. Why, Why, Why does this continue in our schools!!!

The Iranian Crisis is just mindboggling and devastating to comprehend. The sheer magnitude of the callous way in which human beings are treated, is just heartbreaking to watch. These Basji militia bandits have no value for life, justice and freedom of democracy. It’s just heartbreaking and at the same time it angers me, the thought of these bunch of thugs existing and operating so openly. Ugh!!

Looking forward to the Saberi Interview on Thursday.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

I am extremely disappointed with 360 last nite. Spending 30 minutes talking about the stupid governor is a waste of time. A political figure having a sex scandal is not news and it certainly shouldn't have been the lead story. I think the problems in Iran are a little more important than some stupid governor screwing around.

The last 30 minutes of the program were alot more interesting and relevant than the first 30 minutes. I am glad Reza made it our of Iran safely. Its sad and scar what is going on over there.

I hope the Roxana piece is in the first hour and that we get a live hour but one never knows with 360. I just keep my fingers crossed we get a live hour. Although I'm not sure we want one since most of it will probably be devoted to the governor and his sex scandal.

Usually I am excited when Anderson is back, but last nite not so much. My disappointment in 360 outweighed being happy that AC was back.

Anonymous said...

Of course nobody can be surprised they spent so much time covering Governor Sanford, all the news folks are. Sex-and-politicians scandals are always big stories even though it's unfortunate when they diminish stories such as a foreign country coming apart at the seams and perhaps headed for another revolution.

Anderson looked good in Paris; it's great to see him back on the job.

Right here right now it's 69 degrees, the high for Thursday is predicted to be 90. That's plenty hot, we rarely get into the triple digits. Have some ice cream, Phebe.


aries moon said...

I'm not a fan of blazing hot weather but unfortunately I live in an area where it's the norm, so I sympathize with you Phebe.

It was good to see Anderson again after a few days of subs. Was this the first time 360 has aired from Paris? It certainly looked lovely in the background.

It may be time for the GOP to stop pushing so hard with the whole "family values" message - Democrats aren't immune from bad judgment either, but the hypocrisy is much more stark for conservatives when they become caught up in a scandal the way Governor Sandford has. It was a little funny to listen to the various news anchors reading the "Maria" emails, but of course there's nothing funny about it for Sandford's family.

It may be a little risky to try to get AC to say "WTF" because considering his potty mouth he might slip and say what he shouldn't say on national tv - j/k, he's a total pro.

Looking forward to AC's interview with Roxanna Siberi - AC seemed a little worn out, but it's understandable considering the early hour of the broadcast.

Em said...

I'm in agreement with the wasted 1/2 hour folks on this one. By the time AC360 came on I had been hearing all the sordid little details ad naseum since 9 a.m. If I had to hear it all again, I would rather hear it from Stewart or Colbert. At least they are free to call it what it is! In addition to being a hypocrite and derelict in his duties, IMHO the Gov is a Class A Jackass! The wife should think twice about taking him back...saying he was sorry he hurt the other woman before his wife and son's was the clincher. Anderson, you can say Jackass on air, right?? Do something right Gov, resign and fade away! Then we can get all get back to the important matters affecting our lives and the world.

On the upside, it was wonderful to see Reza. He did his best to give us the news in Iran and should be commended. So glad he made the decision to get out while he could.

Not sure what else to say, I was so OVER all the gov coverage by the middle of the program I think I spaced off a little. I can't even remember the shot...

Coop1223 said...

ITA with the consensus. I actually turned the show off because I was sick of hearing about the sex scandal. As many others have said, this is not news. Just a brief mention of it would have been more than enough.

MediaAngel said...

Reza or Ray as he was known as in Detroit did a great job last night. Add me to the waste of 1/2 an hour of my life I'll never get back.

Anonymous said...

What a complete waste of a program last night was. I once again waited and waited for...what exactly? Some tabloid crap I could most likely see on the E! network. For half the damn show,no less.
Anderson could have done that show from his own living room, and it would not make up for the trashy level that the show sunk to with this clown Sanford and his exploits. They think that this is what people want to see. They are crazy.
Vote with the remote indeed. I shall do so permanently if this continues. I have lost hope of this show ever being saved or coming back to some recognizable form again. Ditto for Anderson himself on that score.
Standing on LA on the roof, or on a Paris one, does not make for *field work* anymore, Anderson. Some may call it that, so be it. I don't.

Viewer in Virginia said...

Huh! I watched the first few minutes of the show just to see AC backgrounded by the Champs Elysee, then went to bed. Glad I did. The gov of SC is a jackass, as Em said.
D'oh!! sometimes you have to love Republicans. All this free entertainment...

Anonymous said...

To all: I agree Reza was the show's highlite and it was misleading to for 360, not to tell us why AC was in Paris.
Reza's story was the only reason I half watched and with that black background AC could have been anywhere.
Terrible about Farrah, but we all knew it was coming. Those of us who grew up in the seventies will always remember her wonderful, naturally white smile and her beautiful head of healthy hair. We all wanted to be her. Those were the days before the Jolie lips.

Anonymous said...

@anon: 5:37 I agree with you. I asked that yesterday, Why was he in Paris, but it failed to get posted.
Having said the above, AC did top a million yesterday, but, and here's the but, he came in third.
Seems like it will be a really big news nite for everyone tonite if the Jackson story is true.
I remember what I said yesterday, that the reason I felt AC anchored from Paris was because of his "low ratings." If there's another reason, we'd all like it shared.

sydney said...

I was so conflicted last night, thrilled that Anderson was back (and looking REALLY good in Paris!), but disappointed that so much time was spent on yet another philandering politician - so what else is new? Big fat YAWN, after 25 minutes not even Anderson could make me hang around and listen to any more.

I guess there's no question now what's going to dominate the show tonight.

Phebe said...

Anderson is on Campbell Brown's program covering the MJ news. Hope it helps HER ratings.

To anonymous 6:58 Anderson was in Paris to do the interview with Roxana Saberi. Roxana is in Paris to participate in events supporting the release of Silva Harotonian, a humanitarian worker with whom Roxana shared a cell while imprisoned in Iran.

Anonymous said...

@Phebe: the buzz from the other day (Tuesday I believe) said that Anderson was working on a Burka story (I guess from somewhere in Europe?, it didn't say)

I do not recall hearing that mentioned again. But one of the later blogs said he was flying in from vacation to do the interview.

Anonymous said...

The death of Michael Jackson did dominate the news. Farrah Fawcett seemed to be more than a lttle over shadowed. It is a shame that both deaths seemed to coincide.
I know MJ is/was an important pop culture icon, but I don't think 360
should have devoted both hours to it. It was overdone on all the media outlets. They were both icons, one of the seventies, the other the eighties, having said that....please let it go now. That's what HLN is for and Show Business Tonite etc. Their deaths are untimely, but neither changed the course of history and both lead personally challenging existences. Enough said.
My guess is AC was reporting from the NY studio...and at least we learned his mother let him go to Studio 54 when he was only ten! He said today Social Services would be after her. He's got that right!

Lori, IL said...

To be fair -- I have a feeling Anderson didn't choose to devote half the show to Gov. Sanford. He was flying into Paris from vacation yesterday to do the Roxana Saberi interview -- per one of the blogs. Have a feeling he was basically reporting what was handed to him once he arrived in Paris. I really enjoyed the second half of the program.

I was really looking forward to the interview tonight -- and Kay Jones said part of it was airing tonight along with new info on Iran and Farrah's death, but once MJ passed all that was apparently out the window. Since Anderson flew in from Paris after the interview today, I'm sure that probably wasn't totally his decision either. Thought he did an amazing job on the two hour program tonight - especially given his schedule the last two days.

That said, I hope that the interview with Roxana airs tomorrow (Friday) night and doesn't get ditched. Since they flew him to Paris to do the interview, I'm guessing it won't.

Think perhaps we all need to start sending feedback to the producers about the content of AC360 -- they seem to be following what other networks are covering instead of the more unique and in-depth stories we have come to expect from AC360. Just my opinion.