Tuesday, June 23, 2009

TV isn't bad for you?

Hey, it's Cyn again -- Phebe is taking the night off. (I imagine many of you are, too!)

Campbell Brown sits in tonight, and I have to say she annoyed me right put of the box with the cutesy intros. Whatever.

When we get into the news, we start with an update of events in Iran, and thankfully Ivan Watson is there to handle this with some seriousness. Sadly, things seem to be dying out because there is no leader to help focus the protestors. There is some hope that the Shia 40-day mourning period may give a way to reignite the protests, as they did 30 years ago, but that remains to be seen.

Candy Crowley gives a glimpse of the women who have risen up and stood strong in the face of the violence from the state. Campbell then speaks with Fareed Zakaria and Azar Nafisi (author of Reading Lolita in Tehran) about the current situation and the reason so many women are fighting for their rights. Fareed also talks about the people who have been scooped up by the regime (including Newsweek's correspondent) and whether the state will throw out their own rule of law.

Erica Hill has the 360 Bulletin: President Obama sending an ambassador to Syria; investigators continue to look at the DC Metro crash; Swedish ambassador was allowed to visit Laura Ling and Euna Lee; home sales rise as prices drop; Ed McMahon died today at 86 years old.

Two Iranian-American women who have just returned from Iran talked to CNN. One woman has a broken ankle and thumb from being trampled by a crowd trying to escape the beatings by the Basij thugs. Tom Foreman covered Obama's tough statement today, which of course was not enough for the Fox News crowd. But anything we say is fuel for the regime's claim that we are orchestrating the events in the streets.

Campbell talks strategy with Hilary Rosen and Dylan Glenn (Former National Economic Council Member) about whether Obama is being tough enough. I really don't think this is a debate, but I have had it up-to-here with the people on the right who are against anything Obama does. If he personally handed every American a million dollars tax-free and at no cost to the country, they would still find a way to criticize him. Hey, y'all remember when you guys considered it unpatriotic to say anything negative about the president?

South Carolina's governor Mark Sanford is supposedly no longer missing. David Mattingly is at the Columbia, SC airport, where he found the gov's car; inside, he can see a canvas bag, running shoes, and a sleeping bag. Hmm. The governor's wife has not heard from him, the Lieutenant Governor has not heard from him... Dude, seriously, you need to cover your tracks better than this.

Abbie Boudreau reports on the program to built a tunnel to get turtles safely under a busy roadway rather than having then be squished. It sounds like a nice, humane thing to do, but somehow I doubt the turtles will like the new expensive tunnel any more than they do the old one. And the point is that the stimulus funds were not meant for projects like this that will create a handful of short-term jobs. If there was less paperwork involved in getting things "shovel-ready" this whole stimulus thing might be working better.

The second 360 Bulletin: swine flu may have started in Asia rather than Mexico; no prison time for a Chicago cop who viciously beat a female bartender for refusing to serve him; Obama answers another question about his smoking habit; 9-year-old survived in the woods because he learned it on a TV show. Erica points out that he could have learned that from reading Hansel & Gretel. (Or from being a Boy Scout!)

The Shot: a recant from the 18-year-old Belgian girl claims she fell asleep while a tattoo artist put 56 stars on her face... gosh, she lied because her dad was upset? I'm shocked. As are Erica and Campbell, of course.

A sorta-kinda bonus -- Anderson is interviewing Roxana Saberi for Thursday's program. The graphic:

That's it from me this week. No, really, I mean it this time...!

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Anonymous said...

The minute I saw Campbell, I changed the channel.
Does that promotion mean AC is back on Thursday or is it a taped interview?
I know Campbell takes a lot of flak for CNN's declining ratings, but in prime, she really could be the cause...or the reason for not wanting to see more.

Lori, IL said...

Thanks, Cyn -- Campbell is not my favorite fill-in for Anderson. That said, I thought the content of the show was good. It's just not the same for me without Anderson - I miss his style of delivery (personality.) If he's gone, I like to see john King in the anchor chair.

Looking forward to the Thursday night interview.

I've noticed a lot of CNN anchors and producers are taking vacation. Just a thought, but maybe CNN runs on a July 1 - June 30th fiscal year (like my employer) and employees are needing to take vacation days before they loose them. Hope Anderson is enjoying his time off and comes back rested and refreshed.

Anonymous said...

So far this week, I haven't been able to see 360 when it's broadcast in the evening and so I've tuned in at 1 AM only to find CNN International while the info button still tells me it's "Anderson Cooper 360."
Is this what CNN will be airing at this time from now on or just when Anderson isn't anchoring?

Roxana Saberi is a really good get and I'm looking forward to seeing Anderson's interview with her. I wonder if he went all the way to Fargo ND or if she came to NYC. Love Anderson's photo on that graphic advertising the interview.


On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Once again I didn't watch 360. I don't like Campbell Brown. I wish they could have got John King or Erica or Soledad. I like when they fill in. With that said no matter who fills in 360 just isn't the same without Anderson. He has a unique perspective and way of bringing us the news and its that and his personality that make 360. The show is lacking something when he's not there.

The interview with Roxana Saberi is probably going to be really good. Hopefully Anderson is back then. If not I'll just watch with the TV on mute until his piece comes up.

Colby said...

Cyn, I too have had it up to my eyeballs with the right wing naysayers and Obama-bashers who are constantly nagging and nit-picking at President Obama, his Administration and Policies.

The President has taken a stand in the tone and timing on denouncing and condemning the violence from day one. The Iranian Government is already blaming the US for interfering through the illegal video and blog submissions, etc., We can not afford to have the situation exacerbated by these right-wing nut-bars who seem to just be mudding the waters we even more of their rhetoric.

What has ticked me off even more, is in an Interview with Larry King last night, Senator McCain criticized and attached President Obama’s handling of the situation. The gall of this man in his own words I quote McCain said to Larry King “I don’t think the President appreciates the situation in Iran...” What a two-faced insolent individual McCain is. He is still so bitter for having this young President who is 100 times smarter, more articulate, more calculated in his thinking and more deliberate in seeking the kinds of freedoms enjoyed by many of us around the world for a Country where for 30 years simple freedoms, freedoms that have sometimes been taken for granted by so many, like freedom of democracy, freedom of assembly, or freedom of expression have been suppressed for over 3 decades in a Country that treats her citizens like garbage. On the one hand McCain says he wants to work in a bipartisan manner with the Obama Administration, and on the other goes out in public and is totally disingenuous toward the Presidents actions thus far. Why a dang hypocrite McCain is, honestly!!

It just amazes me McCain has gotten to where he is with that kind of mindset and such backward thinking. Having gone through what he went through in his own life, one would have thought he’d be more prudent in ensuring History does not repeat itself over a “war-of-words” with a Country that is only too happy and itching to use it’s trigger-happy finger against the US or the West for interfering in it’s Country.

Not only has President Obama to strike that delicate balance with Iran, but also has to keep an even closer eye on North Korea, who for all intents and purposes, is also itching for a fight with the West, by having a nuclear weapons pointed in our direction. What the hell is the matter with these people? Urrrggh!!!

America is one of the most powerful Countries in the World, but sometimes, due to some people’s ass-backwards way of thinking just amazes me that this Country hasn’t ended up in smithereens over the rhetoric of some of her leaders.

aries moon said...

@Colby, well said again.

John "bomb, bomb, bomb Iran" McCain is the LAST person who should make the claim that the President doesn't "appreciate" what's happening in Iran - what McCain fails to appreciate is the fact that the overly aggressive and belligerent brand of foreign policy that he and some of his fellow conservatives seem to favor has caused immeasurable problems for the US and will only inflame an already precarious situation.

It's always fascinating to watch President Obama's press conferences and how he deftly handles those reporters who *think* they're somehow going to trip him up or have him on the ropes - he's so sharp and cool that most of them end up exactly like that fly he swatted away last week.

Gov. Mark Sandford's behavior was bizarre and completely irresponsible. It's clear that the Lieutenant Governor was pissed.

Anonymous said...

@anon 12:11 AM: are you implying Campbell could be a reason why people don't stick around to watch 360? I don't see how you can place blame on another person/program for not watching 360. Anderson and 360 are responsible for themselves.

Em said...
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Em said...

I tuned in a little late last night and it sounds like that was a good thing from your description of the intro. I'm not even going to go into the whole Campbell thing :( I had to laugh when I read your comment about the right-wing and Obama. After the program last night, I walked upstairs and told my mother basically the same thing. As much as I would love to see peace and prosperity for all human kind, there is only so much our nation can do when you are fighting an ideological battle. I think Obama is taking the right stand. Frankly, with the powder kegs in Pakistan and Iran and a less than stable leader with his finger on the button in North Korea, I am immensely relieved that we do not have a President whose idea of diplomacy and foreign policy is, "Bring'em On"!

Cyn said...

360 Associate Producer Eliza Browning blogged:

Anderson anchors the show from Paris, where he is digging deeper on the growing debate over the burka. French President Nicolas Sarkozy took sides recently, condemning the wearing of this head-to-toe garment worn by some Muslim women as a “sign of subservience.” In a speech before parliament Sarkozy said it was not a religious symbol and that it was not welcome in France. Strong words from the Elysees…what do you think? Did he go too far?

Cyn said...

Also ... I forgot to mention this on the blog last night but Reza Aslan is the guest on The Daily Show tonight.

Lori. IL said...

I agree with all you speaking out against those who are bashing President Obama (pretty much over everything he does) but especially of his handeling of the situation in Iran. I think they are just jealous of his abilities and his popularity. Thought the panel with Hillary Roasen and Dylan Glenn was reflective of this. Hillary nailed Dylan when she asked him what he thinks the president should do -- like most repubs, he had no new ideas, just seemed to want to bash President Obama. (His "get the support of the UN" was so week, given the ability of the UN to do anything with the North Korea situation.)

So Anderson will be anchoring from Paris tonight, yeah!! I know that Roxana Saberi has been in Paris for the last three days to participate in a call for the release of Silva Harotonian (a humanitarian worker) she shared a cell with while imprisoned in Iran. This should be a good interview, and relevant given what's currently happening in Iran. (Roxana is a Northwestern University grad (master's degree) and I was following her story/imprisonment through the local media. She came to Chicago after her release - so I may be more intersted than some people.)

This should be a good "get" for Anderson. While I thought the interview was to air tomorrow night, CNN newsroom mentioned it will air tonight -- so guess we will have to stay tuned... Glad to see Anderson out from behind the anchor desk and doing some investigative reporting. He seems to do his best work in the field -- and it's what he seems to enjoy the most.

Looking forward to tonight's show.

olsond said...

@annon 6:01 - I think there are some real strong statistics out there showing that the placement of lead-in shows to hold the audience for the next show are instrumental in viewing. I'm not saying that is the problem, but lead-in shows are very important.

Anonymous said...

@6:01AM: Not true. If you have a strong line up, people tend to stick around. Just look at Fox in the 8PM hour. O'Reilly leads every night and every nite CNN gets smacked down by every single one of its shows. AC360 is up against Greta and reruns on MSNBC amd HLN, so for the most part AC's had it pretty easy when it comes to competition in his own hour as far as cable news. Put in anyone that's beating him now, and make it a live show, and his numbers will tank even more.

Anonymous said...

Good for Sarkozy to respond in this manner. Shows he's enlightened, and good for all the Iranian women for taking to the streets and contributing to this unrest. If technology has done anything, it has shown that "subservience will no longer be tolerated!"
Looking forward to AC's anchoring from Paris.