Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Were You Expecting Something Different???

Hello everyone. Ms. Phebe and her family have headed out East so I am covering for her tonight. Not gonna lie, I am seriously gonna half ass blog because it is all Michael Jackson again. I understand that this is a major story and most of you are frustrated with the coverage but I don’t see this changing until at least after the funeral.

Nurse Cherilyn Lee spoke with Anderson over the phone. Michael had spoken with her 3 months ago looking for a drug called Diprivan.

Sanjay Gupta and Drew Griffin spoke with Anderson about the newest twists in the Jackson story.

Londell McMillian (Michael’s attorney), Burt Levitch (Katherine Jackson’s attorney) and Diane Goodman(Katherine Jackson's attorney) join Anderson to talk about Michael’s will, his kids and other topics.

Anderson reports on Michael and Katherine Jackson’s relationship.

Randi Kaye reports on who may be the father of Jackson’s kids? Seriously why are we questioning this after the man’s death.

Sanjay Gupta reports on medicating the rich

Michael Jackson’s This Is It Tour – the dancers. A really interesting segment

Erica Hill covers so other news of the day. South Carolina Governor Stanford confession, Plane crash in Yemen one survivor – a toddler, Farrah Fawcett funeral, Palin Vs. Obama in article.

Leaving Iraq – Tom Foreman reports on the raw politics of the Iraq war

Anderson co-hosted Regis & Kelly this morning. I was able to get the host chat and Julie will be sharing more clips with you tomorrow evening. I could not stop giggling as Anderson would say I was at Studio 64….with my mom!!

Julie will be posting more clips from Regis & Kelly in tomorrow night’s post.

That’s it for me tonight. To my fellow Canadians I wish you all a very Happy Canada Day!!! I will see everyone again on Friday ~ Sapphire

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On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

And another crappy nite of 360. I mean surely they know actual news is happening. Any other day Iraq would have been the main story but now if its not Micheal Jackson then its not important. I really hope that once Michael Jackson is buried that 360 can go back to regular news but I won't hold my breath.

AC on R&K was great. Always nice to see him on there. I like to see his lighter side and I love when the andergiggles come out.

aries moon said...

Anderson even seemed bored/tired of the coverage. The only thing that was mildly interesting was when Londell McMillian admonished AC and the rest of the media for putting so much emphasis on rumors. To say the MJ coverage on Tuesday was excessive is an understatement - MSNBC's primetime MJ coverage was minimal and was near the end of their broadcasts. CNN/AC360's saturation reporting on this one subject is irresponsible given what's going on in the world right now. And what exactly was the purpose of Anderson doing the show from L.A.? From what I could tell, there was no reason unless he had some other project to do there.

TheOtherAnne said...

Thank you for putting up the host chat! We don't get R&K where I live. I love it when Anderson guest hosts there, it was very funny, Anderson seemed to be enjoying himself as well. His steadfast refusal to dance is starting to become more amusing to me than if he'd actually do it. I wouldn't dare to dance either, but I'm a really bad dancer. I wonder if Anderson is any good at it?

They've gone really overboard with the Michael Jackson news. I wouldn't necessarily mind hearing about Michael Jackson, though I'd prefer to hear more about Iran and Iraq, if it was real new information, but they're spending way too much time on speculation to get some more coverage out of it. I think discussing the parentage of Jacksons' children was kind of distasteful. I agree I thought Anderson seemed bored with it, though maybe he was tired from his plane trip? (Chatty pilot?)

Just curious, does Anderson have an apartment in LA or does he stay in hotels when he's there?

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

@Aries Moon, 360's biggest problem is not knowing when to move on. They always stay with a story entirely too long. Good for MSNBC for knowing its time to move on. The coverage on 360 is beyond ecxessive and I too can't figure out why Anderson needs to be in LA. Lets just hope maybe tonite we might actually get some real news. I won't hold my breath but it would be nice.

Nebraska Fan said...

I have been noticing the last week or so that Anderson seems to be interupting his guests a lot. He cuts them off at the end of their responses to get to the next question, almost like he doesn't have enough time to ask everything he wants to. Has anyone else noticed this? I'm kind of surprised whenever he does this and I'm starting to get a little annoyed.

Anderson does seem to be in LA a lot. Maybe he has personal reasons or friends there.

Em said...

I was pretty disappointed in the tabloid nature of the program last night. I was so surprised they aired the interview with the nurse even though Anderson tried to point out that it wasn't validated...and CNN quoting TMZ, what's up with that? Then they went into Randy's piece and I almost lost it. As an adoptive parent, those types of questions about children almost always put me over the edge. A sperm and and egg do NOT a parent make. It is obvious that regardless of what you think of him, Michael has been pretty much been the soul "parent" of those children. Poor babies. I honestly expected better of our Mr Cooper...I am so, so disappointed.

From R&K as well as 360, I get the sense that this is one bit of celebrity hoopla that Anderson is really into...I guess we all have our weaknesses. Just wish they would move on but I'm not hopeful. Kay also mentioned on twitter that she was in LA going through the copious notes she had from covering the MJ trial a few years ago. I may be wrong but it sounds like several members of the 360 team are enthralled with the Michael story.

As far as R&K, wow do those of you haven't seen it have a treat coming when we post the whip cream segment...just wonderful and so funny! Some of the experiences Anderson has had and for that matter hasn't had are just so odd!

@Nebraska Fan, One of my huge pet peeves with Larry King is how he cuts off and runs over people he interviews. I hadn't noticed Anderson was doing this but I'm certain I will now. ;0)

Lighting candles, chanting, lighting incense, preparing smudge pots, crossing fingers etc, etc, that MJ will be on the DL tonight!!

aries moon said...

@ACAnderFan, 360's inability to let go has been one of its big problems for years and the fact that the ratings have improved because of the coverage, there's less incentive for them to drop it altogether - if they must cover it every night they should do ONE report and leave it there.

When I first started watching 360 years ago, AC would make me laugh because of his constant interrupting of guests - I thought he was incredibly hyper - it's something he has to be careful of.

Em said...

Oops, almost for got. Happy Birthday Racheal and Happy Canada day to all my friends up North! Would love to be with you today.

Shannon in Virginia said...

Glad I went to bed at 2130 (sick with a cold) sounds like the same old same old.
Gloria took Anderson to Studio 54? Good heavens.
Child abuse... stuff went on there that no child should ever see... shame.

Gillian said...

@ACAnderFan I couldn't agree with you more. It seems that MJ death=ratings bonanza. CNN and AC360 are going to milk it for all its worth. Don't get me wrong I love Michael Jackson but enough all ready. Here's hoping they move on quickly, but I won't hold my breath.

Lori, IL said...

Sapphire -- Thanks for the post -- can't be easy these days, but I do appreciate the effort.

Can't say I was happy with the tabloid nature of 360 last night -- I'm not sure if Anderson was tired from his cross-country flight, or not happy with the content of the show/or both -- but he didn't seem to be too happy.

Thought that it was interesting when Londell McMillian called out AC and the rest of the media for reporting rumors -- and Anderson's only response was that people wanted answers. Kind of indicated to me that maybe he agreed with McMillian -- and was only reporting what he was told to report. Also, I was pretty miffed when Anderson said he didn't like reporting on children then aired the segment "Who's Your Daddy" -- thought that was a totally tasteless segment. Once again, not sure it was his choice to air this report. Think it would be interesting to know who's calling the shots on what's aired these days and why Anderson is in LA -- haven't seen him, personally, doing any interviews -- other than the nice backdrop, he could have done the show from NY just as effectively.

At least Regis & Kelly was funny and here's hoping that MJ will soon be given the peace he so desperately wanted -- and AC360 will get back to reporting the news of the day.