Friday, July 31, 2009

Maybe He Should Have Read Before Going On Air

Greetings everyone. Hope you all have had a swell week. Let’s jump into Friday’s 360

David Mattingly reported on the breaking news of the Billings murder down in Florida. The police are now saying the murder may have been a murder for hire. How terribly said for this couple and all of their small children.

Stacey Honoritz joined Anderson to discuss the latest information on the Billings murder.

Up next was Randi Kaye reporting on the latest MJ news. Main bit of news today is that the autopsy has been delayed indefinitely.

Jami Floyd joined Anderson for Digging Deeper on the newest MJ info.

So is the recession over? Ali Velshi spoke with Anderson about the GDP, the DOW ending on a high and the Cash for Clunkers program

David Gergen then joined Anderson to talk about the Raw Politics of the economy.

Joe Johns filed a report on Pain Clinics or Pill Mills as they are also referred too.

John Zarrell reports on python hunter, Joe Wasilewski who joined Anderson to talk about the large number of pythons in the Florida Everglades.

The Shot…..lightening hit well we are not quiet sure but St. Augustine sure was good for a laugh. I loved how Anderson really caught himself alittle unprepared. Just makes him even cuter!

Everyone at ATA wants to send our warmest wishes to Ms. Em who is celebrating her birthday on Saturday. Enjoy a piece of Andercake on us!!!

Have a fantastic week everyone and I will see you next week ~ Sapphire

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Is It Friday Yet?

Two big stories dominated the first half hour of AC360 on Thursday night, Michael Jackson and the 'beer summit'. Candy Crowley was on the White House beat tonight and Randi Kaye was still in LA on the Jackson story. Prof. Boyce Watkins spoke with AC on the Gates matter, as did Jeffery Toobin. Actually 360 kept the Toob quite busy tonight as he comment on the legal aspects of both top stories. I'll move on....hope no one minds.The protests and violence in Iran continue, as does the government's efforts to suppress it. Today marked the 40 day anniversary since the death of Neda, and the memorial protests had an impressive turn-out. AC spoke with Abbas Milani of Stanford again about the incredible determination of the Iranian people to change in the way their government functions and who governs. Milani also spoke of the people who have been imprisoned or are simply missing, as the government struggles to gain back control.The story of a man who spent years in prison for murder because of an evidence tracking dog and its handler was the last report of the night. Randi Kaye filed this one from Florida and interviewed the innocent man who was finally released from prison 8 months ago. The dog's handler died last year, after being discredited, but never being charged with perjury or falsifying evidence. Toobin again joined Anderson to discuss this case and CSI type cases in general.

Erica Hill did the 360 Bulletins and then shared a conversation with AC about his blunt question to the bachelorette on Wednesday's Live with Regis & Kelly. If you missed it take a look:

I really liked the second half of the program, good mix of news and interesting stories. If this is some kind of compromise 360 has decided on to keep the MJ story in the forefront, so be it. At least they are mixing it up in the second half of the program with stellar stuff.

Anderson Cooper was again co-host of 'Live with Regis & Kelly' on Thursday. As promised we've got the highlights for you.

First the host chat....again thanks to Ms. Sapphire:

Amy Adams (she thinks her brother looks like AC?):

Counting dog part 1:

Counting dog part 2:

Leslie Mann (she was disappointed that Regis wasn't there):

And in response to a request here is yesterday's ugliest dogs part 1:

Yesterday's ugliest dogs part 2:

And lastly a picture that Angel sent ATA from 'Live's' Facebook page:

Whew....that's a lot of clipping. My week is over and I'm ready to start the weekend. Have a good one everybody and stay cool. ~Phebe

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Live with.....Anderson Cooper

Wednesday's AC360 again opened with 'Breaking News' in the Michael Jackson case. Randi Kaye reported from LA that Jackson's doctor is in danger of losing his Las Vegas home. You all know I'm not a fan of all the MJ news but Randi Kaye is really showing what a terrific reporter she is and how well she develops and works her sources. Digging Deeper tonight was with Jamie Floyd and Jeffery Toobin, who were in the studio with AC. I was a bit surprised that AC and the panelists had never heard about Michael's supposed love child. The young man spent a lot of time living at Neverland, as a child, with his mother according to the tabloid programs.In a story related to the MJ case Dr. Gupta did some pharmacy shopping for narcotic prescriptions. As he said, the simple way to solve this problem is a national tracking system. President Bush proposed it but funding was never issued. 360 aired a portion of the press conference given by the 911 caller in the Gates/Crowley case. This led into a report, by Gary Tuchman, of a race war in Paris, Texas, between Whites and members of the New Black Panther Party.Tom Foreman caught us up on the progress of health care reform. It looks like any final compromise will have to wait until September. When Congress heads home in August I'm sure they'll get an earful from their constituents. Candy Crowley then talked with AC about the reality of the health plan and answered a viewer's text question.The tanning bed story was next up, with Dr. Sanjay Gupta. If you watched AC on Regis & Kelly this morning, you know that they discussed it too. Take the time to watch the host chat (posted below) and you'll see they embarrassed Anderson by showing his spray-on tan segment.

Erica Hill was at the 360 Bulletin desk and Beat 360 was back. Maybe we can still hope for the web cam to return too?
All in all it was a much better program than we've been getting, IMO. Still too much Michael Jackson for my taste, but a great bunch of reports followed the MJ updates.

Regis & Kelly: First we'll start with the host chat (tons of gratitude to Sapphire for the upload):

If you don't want to watch the entire 20 minutes here's what I consider to be the highlights: Anderson talks about his recent travels (he was in Rome!), a new 60 Minute piece and some of his childhood shyness & pronunciation problems.

Kelly teases AC about blocking his calls so he doesn't have to talk to fans. (To bad there isn't a *82 on his email account also.)

The only human guests for the program were the Bachelorette and her fiance. Usually it doesn't creep me out when celebrities tell AC they have a crush on him. This time it did, maybe because she was newly engaged and there with her man?

This is a little game to show who knew their partner better, AC & Kelly or the Bachelorette & her fiance. I didn't understand why she called AC a 'momma's boy', did I miss something?

Here are a couple of screencaps from the ugly dog segment:

And the program ended with AC trying mustard for the first time:

A few items of interest to share with you:

• Anderson will host the New Yorkers For Children 10th Annual Fall Gala on September 22. The event will be held at Cipriani 42 in New York City and will honor Mary J. Blige for her work in founding FFAWN, an organization that aims to help all women gain the confidence and skills they need to reach their full individual potential.

• Michael Ware will be a guest on HBO's Bill Maher show Friday night, this week. If you don't subscribe to HBO Cyn will have the highlight's of MW's appearance for you in the coming days.

• A reader sent us a link to an interview AC did with Brad Goldfarb. It's a lengthy q & a that was published by Interview in 2004.Good reading.

That's it for me tonight. Another appearance for Anderson on Regis & Kelly tomorrow, and we'll have it covered for you. Hope to see you back here soon. ~Phebe

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday's AC360

Again AC360 opened with new developments in the Michael Jackson case. Jackson's doctor's home and office were raided on Tuesday in Las Vegas. Ted Rollins was on the scene with the details. Randi Kaye was in LA to fill us in on the scoop from her sources. New information on some of the medical details has surfaced, relating to the paramedics efforts to resuscitate MJ, and the battle on the money front between executors and Katherine Jackson. The follow up discussion (2 segments worth), titled 'Digging Deeper' was with Jeffery Toobin and Lisa Bloom.Dr. Sanjay Gupta did a piece on Propofol, that anesthesia that was used to help Jackson sleep. The segment was filmed at Gupta's hospital in Atlanta.So that was the first 30 minutes or so of 360 and now onto more news of the day. David Mattingly is on the story of the Jihadists from North Carolina. All told 7 men, mostly young, were arrested for plotting terror attacks abroad. The focus of Mattingly's report was on Daniel Boyd, a 39 year old dry wall contractor and seemingly the boy next door. He stands accused of soliciting money to support terrorist activities abroad including helping to pay for the travel of the Jihadists. Also training fellow terrorists in the use of weapons and the personal purchase of weapons to be used for illegal activities.
Peter Bergen joined AC for a follow up discussion and expressed surprise that integrated American Muslims would engage in violent Jihad. But he added in recent months there have been several other home grown Jihadists and he said it could signal a shift among Western Muslims.
This is such a bizarre story and very interesting to me. I hope 360 keeps us posted on Boyd as his case travels through the legal system. And speaking of follow-ups I really appreciated the one tonight on the murderer of Dr. George Tiller, the abortion doctor. Scott Roder looked like such a little weasel of a man sitting in court today between his defense attorneys.
While the hearing was taking place Gary Tuchman spent some time talking with Roder's ex-wife. I found her argument about Roder's need to protect the unborn child while not caring for his own son touching and very poignant. Great job by Gary Tuchman on this piece and I have a feeling that the ex Mrs. Roder will probably turn to Tuchman again to get her side of the story out.
As a personal observation, so often I find that men get caught up in the anti-abortion movement because they have the need to control women, not out of concern for protecting the fetus.Tom Foreman brought us the fascinating facts about texting while driving. The details on 'eyes off the road' times were crazy. Anderson admitted he has texted while driving but after watching Foreman's report he said he will not do it anymore.Sneaky one managed to yet again bring up the Gates arrest, this time tying it to Colin Powell's interview on LKL. I knew we'd be hearing about this through will be interesting to see if 360 finds a way to work this in again on Wednesday night.

So no web cam anymore, no Beat 360 and a lame The Shot. Guess 360 is so busy keeping us up to date on the MJ case that some things are falling through the cracks. That's fine by me, I love being in the know about a dead celebrity.
I know I won't win any friends at CNN for my criticism, but I'm trying to do it with love. If you look at the numbers, this tabloid news stuff only works when it really is breaking news....not news about an event that happened weeks ago. You are so much better than this Anderson Cooper. Please get some passion back in your reporting.

Thanks to Julie for some great finds today. This first picture was posted on Flickr this weekend by rduffy. He explains that he worked briefly with Anderson Cooper at Channel One back in 1995.

This next picture was posted by Chad Brownstein today and I'll use it to serve as your reminder that Anderson is co-hosting 'Live with Regis and Kelly' Wednesday and Thursday. If you forgot to set your VCR/DVR no worries, we've got it covered. And one more that is a follow-up to our mention of Anderson's mother last night. Here's the link to the interview that ABC Nightline did with Ms. Vanderbilt last week. Enjoy.

Have a good hump day and we hope to see you back here soon. ~Phebe

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Monday, July 27, 2009

A Little Sarcasm Makes the Blogging Easier

AC360 opened on Monday night with 'breaking news' in the Michael Jackson story. Randi Kaye is still on the case and she revealed that Jackson's doctor did administer Propofil sometime in the 24 hours leading up to MJ's death. After Kaye's report Jeffery Toobin and Lisa Bloom had a lengthy discussion with Anderson about the legal ramifications. So we're done with the Jackson saga and we can move on to real news, right? Not so fast Bucky...we now need to look at the story from a medical prospective with Dr. Drew Pinsky and Dr. Michael Rodriguez (Prof. UCLA).Finally 360 is done with the Jackson story and now we're going to get to some new news? Maybe in a bit, but we still need to be updated on the 10 day old story of the Harvard professor's arrest. Tom Foreman shared the 911 tapes that were released Monday. The tapes are not particularly extraordinary in any way except to show that the caller did not mention race when reporting the crime. 'Digging Deeper' on the topic was with Jeffery Toobin, Wendy Murphy (attorney for the caller) and Boyce Watkins (finance prof at Syracuse U).
It seems this story will be with us until at least Thursday when Officer Crowley and Professor Gates have a beer with the POTUS. So that's 45 minutes of semi news now we get to the good stuff.....Sarah Palin! Candy Crowley brought us the chronicles of 'Wail'in Palin'. It simply makes my ears bleed to listen to the former governor of Alaska and I pray that she is like a super nova that burns out, as CC so brilliantly described her.

Erica Hill brought us the news of the day in the 360 Bulletins. And then she shared a few laughs with Anderson Cooper during 'The Shot'. Take a look:

Today brought a few odds & ends of AC news to share with you.
First, there was an interesting interview with Anderson's mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, at New York What caught my eye the writer saying Ms. Vanderbilt has one of the full size cut-outs of AC in her art studio.

If you have any kind of Google Alerts you know that NeNe, from The Real Housewives of Atlanta is on a mission to meet AC. Just what Anderson needs, another stalker!

The Insider has named Anderson to its list of 'Top 10 Sexy Actors Over 40'. Actor?

And one last link. Anderson Cooper's chief competition, Greta Von Susteren, is whining about CNN's latest advertisement claiming they are #1. On Friday she wrote, on her blog:

I was clicking my way through my TV to get to the weather channel so that I could see what is in store for the weekend and I saw a surprising ad....the words spoken were "#1 and growing" by a news channel that is clearly NOT #1 and growing in viewers watching. In fact, they have long ago fallen on hard times. They also posted a picture of our competition at 10pm. I assume I missed some cagey words like 'number one among its own employees and/ or rugby players' in an effort to make literally true -- but clearly the network was trying to be slippery. I wonder why the FCC does not "keep them honest" ??? (I guess the viewers are "keeping them honest" by not watching...)

For what it's worth, I don't think CNN would post that commercial without a way to back it up. But I do think that however they are justifying the claim it is a bit of a stretch, especially when it comes to AC360, and I can see how the commercial has Greta's panties in a wad. IMO, CNN diminishes itself by this grandiose bragging, and to what purpose? Does it really influence a cable news watcher to switch the channel to the network claiming the number 1 slot? I don't really think so. The viewing public isn't stupid, don't treat them like they are. ~Phebe

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

Today's blog is dedicated to a small piece of Anderson's Vanderbilt geneaology.

From 1904 to 1910 the Vanderbilts held six auto races on Long Island. These races were dubbed the Vanderbilt Cup and became the first major trophy in American auto racing. An international event, the cup was founded by William Kissam Vanderbilt II and first held at a course set out in Nassau County on Long Island, New York. William was first cousin to Anderson's grandfather Reggie Vanderbilt. These exciting and dangerous races were the greatest sporting events of their day and were the first international automobile road races held in the United States. The races had a far-reaching impact on the development of American automobiles and parkways and are a testament to the Vanderbilt spirit and zest for drama. Today, in honor of the Vanderbilt Cup Races, racing enthusiasts held the 2nd Annual Vanderbilt Autocross and Concours at Roosevelt Field on Long Island.

Here is a picture of William K followed by a picture of William and Reggie attending a Vanderbilt Cup Race. Anderson's grandfather Reggie is the big guy, second from the left.

I thought some of you who are familiar with Long Island might be interested in looking at this little video of Vanderbilt Cup courses, then and now.

I think Anderson may have inherited a little of the Vanderbilt racing spirit. Our puzzle tonight is a picture of Anderson on the race track with Simon Cowell. Anderson seems to have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Click to Mix and Solve

AC & Simon Jigsaw PuzzleAC & Simon Jigsaw Puzzle

For those of you not that into history, I put together a more modern treat. In the spirit of the Vanderbilt Cup, here's a video of Anderson to the tune of "Drive".

Hope you all have a wonderful week and that it isn't as hot where you as it is where I am!

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Who's Taller? Anderson or Tom?

Back in August 2006, during the 360 Bulletin, Anderson and Tom Foreman did an obviously pre-planned skit about the Princeton study that said tall people are smarter. Here is a clip of the 5' 10" Anderson and the self-proclaimed 7' 4" Tom.

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Who's Been Smoking The Pot???

Hello everybody. Long time no blog. Crazy last few weeks and tonight my computer cooperated but my television didn’t so I had to catch the second airing. I do apologize for the shortness of this post but I've got what you all are waiting for at the end of the post

President Obama spoke to the press core in the press room – he said he spoke with Officer Jim Crowley the arresting office who arrested Professor Gates. Honestly I haven't really been following this story but if the guy proved he owned the home the arrest seems stupid to me too.

Roland Martin, David Gergen and Professor Boyce Watkins join Anderson to talk about the president’s comments.

Anderson interviewed Srg. Leon Lashley who was at the scene of the arrest of Professor Gates

Randi Kaye gives the Michael Jackson update

Drew Griffin gives a tour of Michael Jackson possible Vegas home

Michael Ware reports on the kidnapped US soldier and joins Anderson in studio

Permission to get high - Dan Simon reports on a doctor who helps patients get medical marijuana in California

So the best part of the program was the last 5 minutes. I could not stop laughing. Thank you Anderson and Erica!!

Anderson will be co-hosting Regis & Kelly on Wednesday & Thursday. Here's the line-up:
Wed 7/29: "Bachelorette" Jillian Harris,guest co-host Anderson Cooper
Thurs 7/30: Amy Adams, Leslie Mann, guest co-host Anderson Cooper
That’s it for me I will see you back here next week ~ Sapphire

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

War of Words

Breaking News... a look at what was seized by police when they searched the office of Michael Jackson's doctor. Randi Kaye gives us the latest.

War of Words -- Joe Johns reports on the Harvard professor arrested for trying to break into his own home and the controversy that grew even larger when the president weighed in on it last night. Roland Martin and Boyce Watkins, founder of, debate the issue. Tom Foreman uses the Magic Wall to show how many states are looking into racial profiling. Well, all I can say (as a white woman) is that I have lived in three different states in the past two decades, and everywhere I go, the phrase "driving while black" is well known.

Erica Hill gives us 360 Bulletin #1: the president's open house on the health care issue; big arrest in NJ, mayors, assemblymen, rabbis swept up in a trafficking bust; Walter Cronkite's funeral.

Randi is back with details of the search warrants of Conrad Murray's office and storage unit.

After the break, Randi discusses an interview with Dick Gregory, who reveals that at the time of the second molestation trial, Michael Jackson was in need of a lot of help -- he was ill, paranoid, and desperate. (Oh, and Randi ... from 5:30 in the evening to 5:30 the morning of the next day does not constitute 24 hours. Just sayin'.) Anderson then interviews the woman who wrote the current Rolling Stone cover story.

Erica is back to cover the story of the ESPN reporter who was secretly videotaped in her hotel room and then the video uploaded to the internet. Loved his reaction to the idea of a Google Alert:

(Anderson, take it from those of us who have one on your name; it's a lot of email!)

Next up is a clip from Black in America 2, after which Anderson is joined by Soledad O'Brien and Geoffrey Canada to discuss ways to target the obesity epidemic among young blacks.

Erica has the second 360 Bulletin: QB Ben Roethlisberger denies rape charge; Dow goes above 9,000; White Sox pitcher throws a perfect game.

The Shot is a disco-inspired wedding (guess it was a slow day on the internet...):

And here is the promo for tomorrow's special pot flashback:

That's it for me tonight. I will be blogging Monday night's program; see you then!

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