Monday, September 28, 2009

Is It Monday Already?

AC360 opened on Monday night with standing's been a while since we've seen that. From the looks of things he managed a full suit and dress shoes, must be an indicator that Fall has arrived in NYC.The opening story, by Erica Hill, gave us the history and the current on Roman Polanski. This is one of those stories that if you are familiar with the facts you've probably already made up your mind on what the outcome should be. The panel was with Lisa Bloom, Jeffery Toobin and Chicago attorney Joel Brodsky. Brodsky waged a fair argument in Polanski's favor but nothing will sway my opinion. If you commit the crime you do the time. What message does it send to the world about our justice system if someone can drug, rape and sodomize a child, flee the country and then get a slap on the wrist when finally rearrested? Keep in mind he already pleaded guilty so there is no right of presumed innocence. Lisa Bloom got this one totally right. Iran tested more missiles in the last few days making Western countries and Israel very nervous. AC spoke with Paul Begala and Rich Galen (Republican strategist) Paul made a good point that if nothing else these launches by Iran have brought the world closer together to oppose Iran and their nuclear program. Also he stressed that sanctions need to be put in place. Anderson Cooper brought up a point about Chicago's Olympic bid that had been on my mind today. Why would the Olympic Committee consider bringing the games to a city that is powerless to protect its youth? Joe Johns filed a report on the victim and the violence in the city. He also did a one on one with Cooper to discuss how the situation in Chicago can be improved.
Eric Holt, whose was on 360 two years ago, after his own son was killed and Pete Carroll, USC head football coach joined AC for further discussion on the topic. Both men agreed that most of these kids have no family support system and structure in their lives. Drew Griffin did a 'Special Investigations' on the environmentalists who take activism to the extreme. We've had several of these type of fires by ELF in Phoenix. They targeted mansions being built on the edge of the desert because ELF theorizes that human encroachment on pristine deserts is wrong.
I did find it a little odd that the man who committed many of these crimes, and turned in his own cohorts, seemed to have no shame as he sat on a park bench and told his story to Griffin.Erica Hill's 360 Bulletin talked of the typhoon in the Philippines that killed at least 240 people,possible accomplices turning up for the alleged bomber who bought his components at a beauty supply store, stocks soaring today on the Dow, and the Obamas going to Denmark to personally pitch the Olympics for Chicago.
In the second half hour the poll on Facebook about killing the President was taken down, more news of the Travolta trial in the Bahamas, US Airways promotion of the pilot who landed a plane on the Hudson River and Palin's book is done and titled 'Going Rouge' (I don't get it, but then I don't get Palin either).
And then there was the Beat 360 Shot combo, I'm over the whole Beat 360 thing and The Shot has been subpar for months so I won't bore myself with the details.

Ms. Quitty celebrated her birthday this past weekend and we'd like to wish her a very happy belated birthday. Hope it was wonderful!

In the hard to believe category Mike Watkiss reported last week that now you too can have the 'Polygamy Experience' for only $70 per person. Two ex-polygamists have begun a bus tour that takes tourists through the communities of Hilldale, Utah and Colorado City, Arizona...the largest complex of practicing polygamists in the United States. You will pass by large multi-family homes, the religious center, birthing center and the baby cemetery. Also included is a lunch in a restaurant run by polygamist wives from a neighboring community. To see the videos of the tour that Watkiss took follow this link.

I just had to acknowledge the almost wearing of my favorite tie by Mr. Cooper tonight. Right dots, wrong background color, but at least he's trying?

If we were still rating 360 I'd give Monday's effort a B+. It was a pretty good way to start the week. ~Phebe

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judy said...

Phebe: You are absolutely right. Why would the Olympic Committee pick Chicago if they can't protect their young people on a daily basis? Could this be because Barack is now the President? Yes, I was and still am a supporter, but really, as President can't he send someone to oversee what's happening in his own city as violence takes hold? As AC noted, this has been going on for years and continues at an alarming rate.
Barack Obama has a responsiblity to his OWN city. I know he has " a lot on his plate," but don't even consider Chicago, until this lack of security and street violence is addressed.
I wouldn't have lead with the Roman Polanski story. It's old and tedious and Iran was more important. Lisa Bloom needs to learn self control and she's just irritating.
My grade, sorry, would have been a B-, although I did like the shot of the "Swine Flu." Now that was clever.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

The piece about Roman Polanski was interesting. I've only seen two of his movies and only liked one of them. I think he needs to be in jail. Sex with a 13 year old is wrong on so many levels.

The kid in Chicago was sad. Chicago needs to do something about all these kids getting killed. Its sad hearing about all these kids being killed.

Drew Griffin's piece was interesting. That group of people are insane. Besides nothing says environmentalism like setting fire to something. The things some people do are totally insane and ridiculous.

Very cool that Anderson began the program standing up. When was the last time that happened??? I always thought his butt was glued to that chair. Nice to see him wearing the whole suit. Usually he just wears the jacket with jeans.
360 was good last nie and more than made up for last week that wasn't all that good.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Phebe, thank you for all the work you do here. I appreciate it :) Keep up the good work!

Jaanza said...

Echoing Judy, I don't understand why they started with the Roman Polanski story. Although there must be some people out there who find it fascinating and worthy of topping news about Iranian missles, health care debate or Chicago crime, I thought it definitely should have come later in the show.

Drew Griffin's report on the ELF was interesting but someone has to tell these people that their tactics aren't helping them win converts.

Beat 360 and The Shot were pretty good. If you can't have goofy dogs, diving pigs will do.

Anderson looked great at the start of the show, very sharp suit and tie.

aries moon said...

The President really does look bad petitioning for Chicago as the host of the Olympics while parts of his city are overwhelmed by horrifying violence. It makes me sick to see a promising young man like Derrion Albert losing his life in the most senseless way. Eric Holt's assertion that a lack of values for themselves and others and insufficient or non-existent parental guidance as the trigger for the type of violence taking place is correct. Add to that a sense of hopelessness and you've got a recipe for disaster. AC360 has done a good job of following this sad story and hopefully will continue - I was struck by Anderson's remark to Eric Holt about how he was thinking about Blair Holt when he saw the video - it's one of those moments where you get the sense of how genuinely moved he is by certain reports on the program.

I do appreciate how fired up and passionate Lisa Bloom gets when it comes to violence against women and violent crime in general.

Would Republican strategists like Rich Galen and reporters like AC prefer that we return to the swaggering, bullying foreign policy style of George Bush when we haven't even given the President's strategies enough time to work? W didn't win us many friends either, so we know that approach didn't work. I think they need to drop the "Obama is weak" talk.

I was glad to see that they re-aired AC's interview about "Modern Day Slavery" with E. Benjamin Skinner and Julia Ormond in the second hour--it was disturbing to say the least.

The whole "going rogue" thing with Palin had to do with her going off the McCain campaign script and becoming less of a team player during the primaries.

The Beat 360 caption by Joey, "Swine Flew" actually made me LOL (I know, gag) - it was pretty funny. Loved AC's bright red tie and the program opening stand up.

I hope Quitty had a fantastic b-day.

Quitty said...

You know a lot of times when people get excited about something they stand up. Maybe Anderson stood up as a subconscious gesture of how proud he was of the show being produced. Just a thought.

Thanks for the B-day shout out. I did have a good one.

ff said...

Didn't anyone watch the second hour? This was postponed from last week (per the Blog):

"And don’t miss a special interview about human trafficking with Julia Ormond and E. Benjamin Skinner, the winner of the Dayton Literary Peace Prize for a book he wrote about modern-day slavery. Anderson will speak to Ormond and Skinner about the harsh realities of human trafficking and why it persists in the world today."

Very well done, too bad it was buried.

Em said...

@Judy and Jaanza interesting comments on leading with the Iran story.

Yesterday conservative columnist Hugh Hewitt wrote an article directed at Jon Klien basically saying if he was smart he would stay away from the taloid stories and put his resources into covering Iran. Although he called CNN the "most busted name in news" he said it's programming still has a vast reach. In addition, he said CNN continues to be the go to place for the center-left viewers in lieu of MSNBC and even conservatives continue to check in with Wolf, AC and a few others. As you can imagine, the article wasn't particular kind to Klien but interesting none-the-less. He ended by saying,

"CNN could lead the way to serious sustained coverage of the menace that an Iranian nuke poses...There isn't a bigger story or a more important one. Good luck in getting it right this time. Your choice very likely to be the only thing you will ever be remembered for."

Not sure if he is correct or if anyone at CNN (Klien) will pay much attention. I do know that I have been a long time viewer because of CNN's broad ranging international coverage and inspite of the more recent trends toward sensational stories. Somehow I think CNN has taken the wrong approach by trying to compete with for the lowest common denominator. I get frustrated when it seems CNN interprets "fair and unbiased" to mean their guests should be polar opposites and often consist of those from the fringe elements on any topic.

@ff I did watch the second hour, often miss the first hour because it is on so early here. The human trafficking story was good. Don't remember the name of the man with Julia but he was an excellent guest. I was impressed by his knowledge and style of communication. He told some very horrible stories without being over the top and sensational. I did find it ironic that we began by listening to Polanski and pretty much ended with a story about sex slavery and children...

Overall, other than too much Polanski, I did appreciate the pace and variety of last nights program.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

@ff, 360 needs to let people know when something new is in the 2nd hour. I never watch the 2nd hour. Maybe I should since it appears I may have missed a good piece.

Em said...

Oh dang, almost forgot again. Quitty, sorry I missed your birthday. Hope you had a beautiful day!

MichellenLomita said...

Hi Phebe, I thought last night's show was very good, with lots of energy and new topics--better than Friday's which had a stale format and was a little too slow. They should scrap Beat 360. It's not an attention-grabber,and they rarely choose funny winners. The Shot is also not interesting or funny,nor is the banter connected with it, which has grown old. A human interest short would be better. And I agree with Judy about Lisa Bloom. I thought she ruined a good discussion. She runs on an annoying excess of emotion with no analytical value. But the show overall was good, and Anderson was upbeat and over-the-top.

judy said...

Hate to bring bad news to our blog, but I am only the messenger.
According to TVNewser AC360 is down
in total viewers 64%, more than any other cable news program. If AC was "standing," in wasn't because he was "proud" of the way the show was produced.

MichellenLomita said...

Judy, thank you for the comment about low ratings. At this point, I'm glad to hear it because AC360 posts so few of my comments on the blog. I emailed them about it, and phoned CNN, and one of my comments is still awaiting moderation while the same few people have their comments posted all the time. They deserve low ratings for not listening to viewers who love the show and treating them like dirt.

judy said...

Sorry for the wrong info. 360 was down 64% in the demo and 56% in total viewers. Still not good.

olsond said...

Well at least AC topped MSNBC at 10:00 so he's not dead last. I looked way back at ratings and it seems that each show takes its turn in low ratings and then high, depending on what is happening. Somehow I don't understand how focusing constantly on low ratings helps anyone - unless people think it might raise them? He is either on and you watch him, or he goes off and you don't. I don't think he would have trouble finding another home. I don't think the show sits and tries to figure out how they can come in with low ratings and produces only with the thought of how they can get the best of low. It just gets old reading after awhile.

I guess it falls under "no one knows what goes on behind closed doors." And until they do...................

Leigh said...

I can't believe they are giving tours... wow! how about a trip up north hahaha!

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

@Osland, I guess it falls under "no one knows what goes on behind closed doors." And until they do...................

Sounds like something Mary-Alice Young on Desperate Housewives would say as she talks about her neighbors as she narrates the show. What you said is very true though.