Friday, October 16, 2009

Fabulous Friday

Phebe in for Tedi B. who was scheduled to be in for Cyn. I told Tedi B. to take the night off tonight because I had to clip the Regis & Kelly program and I figured while I was at it I'd also do a quick review of Friday's AC360. Little did I know that Friday's AC360 would be the best one of the week and condensing it would be difficult.Uncovering America with Sean Callebs:
Interracial couple Beth and Terrance McKay opened up quite the can of worms when they called Justice of the Peace Keith Bardwell in Louisiana to marry them. Bardwell refused, as he has done before with interracial couples, and now everyone from the Governor to State Senators are calling for him to be removed from office.
Beth McKay and Soledad O'Brien talked with Anderson Cooper about the story.Balloon Boy; Day Two with Erica Hill:
I really didn't want more Balloon Boy but when AC did the interviews with skepticism and snark it actually made the rehash rather enjoyable.
Lisa Bloom talked with AC about the red flags in the family's story and Erica gave details about the family's appearance on the network morning programs. As disgusting as it was to watch the young boy throwing up Anderson's reaction was just so enjoyable.Crime & Punishment with Gary Tuchman:
Authorities have turned the investigation of the sweat lodge deaths into a homicide investigation. What we're hearing locally is the sweat lodge was covered with synthetic tarps instead of the fully natural materials the Native Americans use. These synthetic materials gave off fumes and did not allow for the escape of toxins that the natural materials do.
Jeffery Toobin joined Anderson in the NYC studio to discuss the legalities of the case.Cheating Death with Dr. Sanjay Gupta:
Another woman who came back from the dead was featured in an interview with Dr. Gupta. Laura Garrity was clinically dead for 57 minutes before being brought back to life. She described, in detail, what she saw and experienced in those minutes and how peaceful the experience of dying was for her.

I swore no more clips for me today after the marathon Regis & Kelly clipping, but I couldn't resist capturing the end of Friday's AC360. Call it a TGIF moment or was it just AC's love of the absurd, either way it was a stellar ending to a less than stellar week.

This morning's guest hosting appearance by Anderson Cooper on Live with Regis & Kelly was one of my favorites. Here are the highlights, and a big thanks to Sapphire for grabbing the host chat for us.

I skipped the interview Penn Badgley, mostly because I haven't the slightest idea who is was/is. But I did clip the other highlights of the program.

Kelly's Big Announcement:

Halloween Masks:

The In Box:

Don't forget 60 Minutes will be airing Anderson's interview with Drew Barrymore on Sunday night. Ms. Em is still having computer problems so I'll be back then to bring you the run down of the segment and hopefully a clip or two. Thanks to BA we have a very brief preview:

And this reporter's notebook, thanks to Lori, IL:

Enjoy your weekend. ~Phebe

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Jaanza said...

Wow, yesterday I asked for a full report on the justice of the peace who wouldn't marry an interracial Louisiana couple and today it was the lead story. Anderson covered it very well but it would have been great for Jeffrey Toobin to make some comments about the oath of office these guys take (upholding the laws of the U.S.?) and what mght hapen to the guy.

The rest of the show was pretty good. The balloon-boy story is probably going to stick around for a while.

Beat 360 and the first half of the shot were okay but I didn't need to see balloon-boy throwing up again.

judy said...

Phebe: I agree with you, this was the best 360 of the week, if only because the "balloon boy was possibly a hoax," and that is a good possibility. I did not understand AC's fascination with the child vomiting repeatedly, and he was able to have them delete the caption to do it over and over. This shows that he DOES have some say when it interests him enough.
I was also disappointed with the fact that although he had Jeff Tubin sitting right beside him, an attorney, and it was pre-taped, when AC asked Tubin if he thought the balloon boy was a hoax, Jeff's reply was "No." Lisa Bloom was leaning towards yes, as was AC, so why oh why didn't he say to Jeff, as a "good journalist would," WHY do you think that or WHAT made you think that, contrary to popular opinion??? It was the PERFECT opportunity to "dig deeper," and yet he let it slip away. It was't live, so why not extend the interview??? HE WAS AN ATTORNEY!
The family was shopping for a reality show, and AC let's this pass??
The shot was cute and I'm always glad to see Bo Obama with his little hat. AC really looked broad shouldered with the Halloween masks on. Thanks for the replay.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

The judge refusing to marry the interracial couple is ridiculous. That is just wrong on so many levels. If the judge doesn't want to marry interracial couples then maybe he needs to get out of the business of marrying people. I just think its stupid that he has a problem with interracial couples marrying. I think he's a racist, I mean why else would he have a problem with that.

360 needs to lay off the stupid balloon boy story. The family is nothing but a bunch of publicity whores. Everyone should stop giving them what they want. They only good thing about this piece was Anderson's comments. Clearly he isn't buying that it wasn't a hoax. Its obvious he believes its a hoax and I loved hearing his comments when talking to Lisa Bloom and Erica Hill.

I really enjoyed Anderson's discussion with Sanjay about near death experiences. Fascinating stuff. Anderson seemed to be very intrigued during the discussion.

Happy day the shot returned and it was of him trying on those masks on R&K. Glad to see the shot back. I like seeing Anderson's lighter side every nite.

360 was good last nite. I was surprised. I wasn't expecting it to be good at all. It was the best 360 we got all week. I hope next week continues to be good like last nite. Anderson seemed to be in a really good mood last nite, which always makes the program more enjoyable. I like seeing him in a good mood. He was just so happy last nite. It was nice to see.

I really enjoyed Anderson co-hosting with Kelly yesterday morning. He seems to really enjoy riding his bike. I laughed when he said he felt bad for yelling at that guy who knocked him over once he realized who he knocked over. I really didn't expect Anderson to try on the Halloween masks. I figured he'd just look at them and that Kelly would be begging him to try them on. It was cute that he did try them on and he seemed to have fun doing it too.

v.w said...

Hey guys, just want to say that I really appreciate all of your covers of Anderson on AC360 and Regis & Kelly. Thank you so much for uploading the videos of Anderson co-hosting R&K, since the only part I can watch here in Australia is only the host chat part, which is uploaded on R&K website.. So THANKS A BUNCH!!!

By the way, is there any chance for you to upload the video of Penn Badgley interview? He's actually rather famous now.. You can watch him on a CW TV series, Gossip Girl..

your loyal reader.

aries moon said...

Friday's 360 was great. Anderson was so hilariously blatant in his disbelief, disgust and skepticism with the whole balloon boy saga. Maybe he figured if he HAS to do these kinds of "reports", he's not going to do them without letting his viewers know how ridiculous it all is - take THAT Jon Stewart! He was so sarcastic that it seemed like Erica was trying to get him to dial it back a little to keep everything balanced - but I loved his snarky attitude towards it all. I don't think I've ever heard AC use the word 'vomit' as much he did on Friday (don't say 'closure' around him) and it was just bizarre how he insisted on seeing the clip of the kid throwing up again and again - AC is so crazy. It was good to see Beat 360 and The Shot back - AC may not have wanted Erica to bring us the R&K clip, but I think she knows what we like, so deal AC. ;) I actually got into all of the reports on the program Friday and it certainly didn't hurt that Anderson clearly seemed to be enjoying himself and was letting it all hang out.

Thanks for the R&K clips. Just when my eyes were going to glaze over as AC started to tell the Jeopardy story AGAIN, he gave us the good news that he'll be making a return appearance on it - I can't wait. The Halloween masks were freaky looking and I noticed they didn't show AC and Kelly wearing the President Obama and First Lady masks on the 360 recap and I wonder what the reason for it might have been. Loved AC's bike crash 'n curse out story - he really needs to wear a helmet.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

@Judy, Anderson's fascination with the kid vomiting and wanting all the junk cleared off the screen is classic AC. He has a sick sense of humor and I love when he lets lose with it. It was nice to see that side of him again, its been so long since we've seen it. I thought it was hilarious that after the shot he wanted to see it again.

ff said...

@Judy: What's Jeff Toobin's status as an attorney got to do with his opinion about whether the balloon boy was a hoax?

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

@Aries Moon, I was laughing every time Anderson said vomit. You're right he is crazy. I love when he gets stuck on one thing and won't move on from it. He's like a little kid! 360 was so good last nite and his excellent mood made it all the better

Alice R. Sway said...

Hi. New here. I like your web site. There is so much here!! I kinda like this Anderson Cooper. He seems pretty smitten with Drew Barrymore. Is he pretty close to that Kelly woman, I like how he grabs hur and dances with her like they where the Clintons at some big doo lol. YEY! the mention of vomit too lol. Did we mention vomit? Love the vomit! Vomit and poo..nothing like it in the world, cept babies under trains eeeeeek.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could watch the host chat:( I don't want to be a nuisance but...wouldn't it be possible to upload the video of Andy&Kelly's chat in Adobe Flash Player?

Phebe said...

@judy & anyone, Had a friend in local news tell me that the entire time Shep Smith was covering the balloon boy story he kept yelling 'look under the bed'. If he would have been wrong he would have looked so bad, but he was pretty close to right and funny as hell.

@valencia.wijaya, I probably won't upload the Penn interview, there weren't any good Andermoments in it. Maybe there's a Penn Badgley website out there, since he's become famous and they'll have it uploaded for you? Until you've struggled with videos and Blogger you really can't understand the pain. It's worth it to me for AC moments not so much for Penn Badgley moments. Sorry.

@laura_wish, the host chat is too long to upload into Blogger so the current form is the only way we can post it. Sorry.

Maureen said...

I wished I saw 360 lastnite. I got home at 10 p.m. lastnite and went straight to bed, fighting a double ear/ sinus infection and my temp was 101 lastnite. I still feel warm but I think its because I was baking peanutbutter cookies. I loved A.C. on R&K yesturday. Anderson is so different on R&K then he is on his show. well, I should go I think the cookies are cool enough to be packed up. Everyone have a great weekend. :)

aries moon said...

@ACAnderFan, you never know which way the wind's going to blow with Anderson, next week if he's around he might not be as "on" as he was last night, so we have to enjoy it when we can.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

@Aries Moon, you bring up a very good point. You never know with AC if he's going to be in joking mood or if he's going to be dead serious. There always seems to be a mystery about him which I really like.

judy said...

@ff: It is my understanding that the father has to "lawyer up," as they say, because if it was a hoax, plenty of State money went towards this ridiculous stunt. Jeff had to have had a reason why he thought it wasn't a hoax and I thought as an attorney, it was important to hear it. He also could have shed some lite on the legality of the issues facing the father, if in fact he made up the entire episode.
AC must have thought of the legality issue or Toobin wouldn't have been part of the panel.

judy said...

@aires moon: Very interesting observation about the absence of the Obama and Michelle masks. Hadn't even noticed....possibly political correctness.

Lori, IL said...

Phebe - Love the first picture, but it makes me want to remind him to sit on his jacket. Remember the interview he did with Stephen Colbert (quite some time ago) where he gave Stephen the hint to always sit on your jacket, so it doesn't ride up! Looks like he forgot to take his own advice last night! LOL

I was so happy that the old AC seemed to be in the studio last night. The lead off story was a good selection. Hope that Judge is kicked off the bench. We don't want to believe these things happen in 2009, but I have a feeling they happen more than we know.

Thought I was going to have to change the channel when AC announced the line-up and it included Balloon Boy (Bill Maher says that since he was never in the balloon, he should be called attic boy!), but AC's take on the absurdity of it all, including the child vomitting on TV as the parents continued to talk, just made it fun to watch and reinforced my opinion of the family. I really hope DCFS investigates for the sake of the children. I love it when Anderson makes snarky comments in these type of situations. And his comments about hoping he doesn't have to do another report on Balloon/Attic Boy, reinforces my suspicions that he doesn't have much control over what makes it to air.

Thought Beat 360 was good last night and the "Shot" while I had seen it on R&K was still fun to watch. Anderson's obsession over the boy vomitting and the fact that he wanted the clip replayed totally made me laugh and was a good end to the show.

The only thing that would have made the night better was a report on Pakistan or Mexico - so Michael Ware could have made an appearance - but hey, a girl can't have everything!

Enjoyed AC on R&K yesterday and was surprised he actually put the masks on...even if he did have to run from Kelly on a couple of occassions.

It was a good day for Anderson followers - Morning Anderson & Nighttime Anderson in good humor!

Looking forward to his story on Drew Berrymore on 60 Minutes tomorrow. The 60 Minutes format really seems to play to Anderson's strengths as an interviewer and allows him to "tell a story" -- which seems to be his passion.

Thanks for all your work on the post Phebe. Great job!

P.S. Anderson got another mention on the "Soup" this week - so that should make him happy!

@Judy - when interviews are taped we never know what gets cut to fit in the allotted time/or makes it past the editors. AC may have asked Toobin more and it may have been edited out, or perhaps, being a lawyer, Toobin didn't want to comment any further. We'll never really know.

Lori, IL said...

@aries moon - I think was all know why Anderson hates the word closure. The way he lost his father and then his brother, didn't allow for him to have any type of closure -- and let's face it, for some people that just never comes, no matter what the situation. I think the word closure conjures up a lot of bad memories for him....

ACAnderFan said...

@Lori, IL, god find with the Reporters Notebook for Anderson's 60 Minutes piece :)

v.w said...

Oh, then that's perfectly fine!! Actually the reason why I want to watch the interview with Penn Badgley because I thought maybe there's some good Anderson moments.. However, since you had confirmed that there is none of it, I wouldn't even bother to watch it anyway then.. Thanks!!!!